as i am curl enhancing smoothie vs shea moisture

Shea moisture … According to the label, it contains Agave Nectar and Flax Seed oil, and is an anti-frizz formulation and helps moisturize the hair. As I Am - Long & Luxe - Curl Enhancing Smoothie With Pomegranate and Passion Fruit Hi-Def Twists and Twist Outs. ( Log Out /  After a few disasters I decided to do the big chop and start over natural. Thanks for reading! The SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie is more of a moisturizing styler. Bridal Makeup; Celebrity Makeup; Eye Make Up; Face Makeup; LIP MAKE UP; Makeup Ideas I am loving Lady Fro today! Many have regarded it as a staple in their natural hair regimines, so I decided to give it a go as well. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Devoted to the beauty and care of our luscious and uniquely textured, kinky-curly Ethnic hair. I am so glad I tried this product! Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie works wonders for me. and Why It's Important, The two products. I use perm rods for a curlier effect and I immediately noticed the dryness when I took out my twists in the back. and I hope you found these reviews helpful on your hunt for the perfect moisturizer for those curls! A cult favorite with nearly perfect ratings, Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie does the trick for conditioning and defining thick, unruly curls. ... Best Volumizing Curl Cream: 12. Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie, 16 Ounce Family Size & Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-In Conditioner 16 Ounce SheaMoisture Hold and Shine Moisture … Shea hair products that combine nutritive Jamaican Black Castor Oil and certified organic Shea Butter are great for strengthening and conditioning hair follicles and strands, restoring healthy moisture back into damaged, brittle hair. I started out with very damaged relaxed hair. I prefer the wet look over the white, visibly tacky, hard to camouflage residue that the 'Holy Grail' Enhancing Smoothie left me with. As I Am Long & Luxe Curl Enhancing Smoothie 16oz"Pack of 2" As I Am Curling Jelly, 8 Ounce Aunt Jackie's Curl La La, Lightweight Curl Defining Custard, Creates Long Lasting Curly Hair with Mega-moisture Humectants, Enriched with Shea … Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It's a good product, but not a great one. If we take a close look at the Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie… Change ). Enjoy using this strengthening smoothie … Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is one of my staple products. Sorry it's been a minute, but I am back this time with a product review of Shea Moisture's Coconut and Hibiscus line, featuring the Curling Gel Souffle and the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Curl Enhancing Smoothie, $11, Amazon. Enriched with certified organic Shea Butter, this conditioning enhancing smoothie … Shea Moisture's cult-favorite Curl Enhancing Smoothie is the dry hair cure-all. I want to try the As I Am … Most of the hair charts on the internet can be confusing and sometimes downright frustrating. I tried pure shea butter and I even tried whipping it with a bit of oils added. So here's the diddy: ~Gel Souffle (Duration of use: 1 month)  Cons: Is tacky and sticky Sits on top of the hair Can be ha, Hair types come in a variety of shapes, spirals, curls, and textures. As I Am … The Curling Gel Souffle gave me more bang for my buck. The Curling Gel Souffle, although very sticky, was both better at defining my curls and more aesthetically pleasing for my dark, 1b hair. ... lauryl sulfate-free Sulfate-free Target Clean Vegan Vitamin C curl enhancers hair gels Hair Treatments Alikay Naturals As I Am Aunt Jackie's Botanika Camille Rose Cantu Carol's Daughter Creme of Nature Curl … I have been using it for a few weeks now and I liked my twist outs. So the travel size is perfect! A cousin of mine told me that the Cantu dried her hair out. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Ladies, i am in LOVE. My name is Danielle and I've been suffering from damaged hair my entire life. ( Log Out /  I know everyone’s hair is different so it could work out just fine for me. Ugh!!!! As you know I am currently using the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream for my twist outs. I actually stumbled upon it while trying to find another product for curls in my local drugstore, and decided to give it a shot. Lets see how this goes!!!! Keep in mind I had never used any other type of curl cream so I didn’t really have anything to compare the Cantu with. Smooth, Soft, and Shiny. Co-Wash: As I Am Cleansing Co-Wash Conditioner: Shea Moisture Tahitian Masque, Aubrey Organics GPB, Shea Moisture Leave-In: Coffee Coco Curl Creme, Coffee Coco Curl Creme Lite Stylers: Mop Top Curl Custard, Shea Moisture Curl … They commonly do not take on oils and heavy creams very well, and "overnight oil treatments" and thick curl enhancing creams can weigh the hair down and even promote dirt and oil build up. I must say that I am highly impressed and I will definitely purchase the full size! My hair loves Shea Moisture! The other night when I was at work at Walgreens, I was stalking the hair product aisle (as always) and I saw a travel size Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Right now I’m using Eco styler gel but it isn’t doing anything for me. For … I used the cantu to twist the back of my hair and the Shea Moisture to twist the front. Any suggestions?!?!?!?! This is the first time I’ve gone out without my headband! I have used the Coconut & Hibiscus shampoo and conditioner alone but now using this curl enhancer afterwards, my hair looks AMAZING! I also use Aloe vera gel with the edge control. As I Am products are overpriced to me so I have never touched any of them. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Not to worry; Here's a simple, more to the point rundown of the most common curl patterns and hair textures, and how to care for them. I wanted to buy the full size but that would be a lot of money wasted if it didn’t work for me. 😗, *This review is non-sponsored. Personal feelings concerning the Shea Moisture line are varied, however I decided that an honest review of these products is still necessary for those beginning or just searching for a staple curling moisturizer to just use and go about their day. I apply it after I shampoo and condition, and also use it before styling to go out. The curl enhancing smoothie … Another product may be needed to moisturize or prior to adding this lastly as your styler depending on … I tried using Eden Bodyworks Curl … I love it. Feel free to toggle these key points and generalizations to your liking for your own personal hair type. In my siggy, you can see a few of the Shea Moisture products I use. Nobody really taught me how to keep a healthy hair regimen so I'm hoping to educated myself and start this healthy hair journey. Welcome to Part 2 and my final verdict for both the Shea Moisture Curling Gel Souffle and the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I also use the curl enhancing smoothie and it really defines my curls when I do my wash and gos. Shea Moisture Shea is a CG go to product range, possibly because it includes several Shampoos which are sulfate and silicone-free which is great if you’re not ready to go “no poo”. So, when I heard that SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie was now being sold in a family size jar, I … This morning I took them down and my hair was super soft again! Thank You*, Hey you guys! Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie . It was not that great of a product, and I think this is why I don't like to buy into the hype of beauty or hair care products, because once you hype me up, you. ( Log Out /  Shea Moisture's Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie smells light and fresh. As well as their handy hair … This product is a must for me. Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, I only used the Shea Moisture last night as I twisted my hair. They tend to be light and wavy, both in texture and feel of the hair, and curl shape. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie: I've been bouncing back and forth between a lot of different curl creams, milks, and other things of similar texture, trying to find something similar … It was $3.99 so I decided to buy it. Product Review on As I Am Twist Defining Cream vs. Shea Mositure Curl Enhancing Smoothie I want to start off by saying I absolutely LOVE these 2 products. Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie is a product of the Shea Moisture brand and is available in 12-oz, 340 g peach-colored containers. The other night when I was at work at Walgreens, I was stalking the hair product aisle (as always) and I saw a travel size Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. ( Log Out /  Sorry it's been a minute, but I am back this time with a product review of Shea Moisture's Coconut and Hibiscus line, featuring the Curling Gel Souffle and the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I had heard both pros and cons about the product but I wanted to try it out for myself. When it was all done and pulled apart, my curls in the front were so soft but the curls in the back were so darn dry! It was … I went home and did an experiment. Cantu Coconut Curling Cream vs Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. I Let My Boyfriend Deep Condition My Hair... First Impressions: Shea Moisture African Black Soap Dandruff Control Hair Masque. I still have a lot of product left, especially with the Curl, Not really light as a "smoothie"/ thick and a little dense with formulation. I use ORS (Olive Oil) Edge Control. Shop for shea curl enhancing smoothie online at Target. SheaMoisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie is enriched with natural ingredients to give you soft, silky and defined curls! $24.99 ... Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Curl Defining Creme . Someone told me about shea moisture and i tried the curl enhancing smoothie … It will be tough but I am confident that I can do this! SheaMoisture's Cocunut Hibiscus Smoothie with its nutrient rich vegetable butters condition hair, restoring moisture, body and shine. MAKEUP. SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie vs SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie? SheaMoisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie is enriched with natural ingredients to give you soft, silky and defined curls! However,  I did not like how dry my hair felt after using it. Honestly, the very first product I have used in defining my curls on this hair care journey has been the Coconut and Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle. When I got to the front I was AMAZED at how moisturizing and soft my curls felt! … Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Products should be used that are very light weight serums or hairspray, and s, Cherished Curls: A Beauty and Haircare blog, Product Review: Shea Moisture Curling Gel Souffle vs. Curl Enhancing Smoothie, What is Your Hair Type? I may try their cowash and smoothing gel since they're not over 10 bucks. 2A, 2B, and 2C These are the wavy hair categories, and they are most common in those whose hair is primarily of European descent. I heard of the Curl Enhancing Smoothie by word of mouth, and it was said to be good for curl definition. One product they have is almost 30 bucks so no. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Finding your hair type is key to your success in this epic hair journey you've embarked on. Either way, it dries my hair up like crazy, even when I would spray my hair with water before putting it in my hair. I was about to give in and get a perm, because I was walking around looking like either a poodle or like i had a BAD 80’s curl. I'm not gonna lie, the Curl Enhancing Smoothie let me down. While not fragrance-free, it may be suitable for people who can't stand strongly-scented … My hair was extremely damaged before using Shea Moisture products and this curl enhancing smoothie … I continued to use the product. Curl Defining Creme Delivers high definition twists and twist … Now I am on the search for a good edge control. Enriched with certified organic Shea Butter, this conditioning enhancing smoothie … Enhances curls, minimizes frizz and provides curl control.

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