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Field boss timers are 12-18h. So this was the easiest way to create a basic bdo timer boss for my team what is boring with it is when the boss timers change for now it's up to date. This website aims to provide a simple overview of the the world boss spawn schedule in Black Desert Online, across all the various regions. Katzvariak. Introduction World bosses spawn at set times during the week and drop rare items. RNG+ Kzarka ~ 22-26h. ‎An unofficial app providing timers, calculators, databases and other tools for Black Desert Online. #boss-timer - Souffle Bot automatically updates this once per minute with current boss windows. Possible war servers are: B1, S1, C1, M1, VA1. It might help if people know when field bosses are going to spawn to get them to be taken down more often. Updates every 5 minutes (all times are +03:00 UTC) [bosstimer mena] Links Disclaimer and Information on Boss Spawns How to: Field/World Boss - Full Guide about Field/World Bosses IHA MENA - International Hunting Association MENA (free Community (no Guild)) Get -Watch real time countdown for the next bosses. Field bosses spawn within a specific time frame. Ancient Kutum, World Boss, Black Desert Online (image by @MotherOfHarlots) Kutum is in my opinion the hardest of the 4 ‘normal’ world bosses in BDO it is an ultimate skill check on yourself and your reaction times. Dark Rift bosses that haven’t been killed in 24 hours will loose levels and AP/DP. This means that when you are hunting field bosses, you can switch channel after the boss has been killed, and go and kill it again. Regions supported: EU, NA, SA, SEA, MENA, TH, TW, RU, KR, JP, XBOX-EU, XBOX-NA, PS4-EU, PS4-NA and PS4-ASIA. A total of 5 levels of casting speed is available. Kzarka does not spawn when a Channel is at war. The Field Bosses also drop exclusive rare loot. level 2. By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, An unofficial helper for Black Desert Online, This app is an unofficial tool for playing black desert online, Market Calculator, Enhance Simulator and other tools for Black Desert Online. You can join the BDO Boss Discord and they have a timer for them there. Add more strategies and tips here! 3.4. ID Title Build type Class Level Views Rating Comments Date User name Stat that allows faster movement in general. After that, it goes into an open window where the boss can spawn at some random time within that window. The following is previous suggestions: 1x TRI: Red Coral Earring, along with Bhegâ s Gloves, and Kzarka Staff is generally recommended to reach an optimal level of accuracy for PvP. Red Nose, Dim Tree Spirit and Dastard Bheg have a chance to drop their respective yellow grade armor. You can join the BDO Boss Discord and they have a timer for them there. 3.1. Track and get notified of world bosses in Black Desert Online using our boss timer. Welcome to the BDO Boss Timer! Field Bosses. Level Ranges: I, II, III, IV, and V. 1 level is lost every 24 hours. There are some more of less working Boss Timer Sites out there but this is something you have to look up for yourself. People who do the most damage the better rewards. The boss timer supports both PC and console schedules, this can be changed within the app's settings. This site is _not_ a boss kill tracker, please use the excellent BDO Boss Discords (NA | EU) for that! Whilst world bosses are spawned, open world PVP is disabled. World + field boss timers and status for the Black Desert Online PC North America region, + events, hunting, and more. Credit . General. BDO Kzarka Spawn Times for EU: Kzarka on War Channels/Servers. Field Bosses (Dim Tree Spirit, Red Nose, Dhastard Bheg & Giant Mudster) will respawn 10-19 hours after their spawn and Kzarka will respawn after 25-35 hours after his spawn. Download Companion for BDO and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This bot sends you a warning when a specific boss spawn, imperial is reset, fever buffs are up or when it is day or night. To find out when a field boss spawns you can use this discord channel. BDO Timers is a Discord Bot for servers/guilds dedicated to Black Desert Online game! 3.3. Dim Tree Spirit. BDO Boss Timer - … Dastard Bheg. I've seen posts about getting/not getting Liverto bundles, and people say they farm many Field Bosses a day, upwards of 10-15. Firstly create a webhook on your server on discord. BDO world bosses timer: track and get notified, spawn schedule, the current world bosses and locations The current field bosses in the game are Red Nose, Dim Tree Spirit, Dastard Bheg, Mudster and Katzvariak. Difference Between World Bosses and Field Bosses. 07/11/2019 - PS4 and XBOX Schedules updated. For those who are still missing world bosses I created a website that announces world bosses 15, 5 and 1 minute before. The spawn time of the field bosses is somewhat random. They have a fixed spawn location but function with a timer schedule. Go in Server-Settigns -> Webhooks -> Create a webhook 3.5. You can join the BDO Boss Discord and they have a timer for them there. Credit for screenshots goes to /u/Xilear from Reddit! Black Desert Online on the PS4 fighting the world boss Kzarka as a Sorceress and getting the boss weapon box for the first time. Supports EU & NA servers. (Bheg, Mudster, RedNose, Dim Tree, Katzvariak) Respawn timers are based on when the boss was last all-cleared. Permissions to "ping" everyone that a boss has spawned in this channel is based upon participation and reputation. Location A field boss is a high level boss designed to be fought by a large number of players. -Set up Notifications for individual bosses. BDO Where To Find Elk (Elk Location) … Red Nose. golden info, thanks a ton! Post-maintenance timers are different from respawn timers. You can also type !w in #general to see that same information. Server maintenance may interfere with or reset the boss timers. For additional help knowing when world or field bosses might spawn and which channels they are currently alive on, visit the World Boss Discord. World Boss Discord helps keep track of this. #boss-notifications - Where everyone will be notified when a boss spawns. Boss spawn schedule available for EU, JP, KR, MENA, NA, RU, SA, SEA, TW AND TW servers. BDO Timer helps you keep on track with the next World Bosses on schedule. Before I used to see people spam in chat "X boss is up at Z% on channel Y" but I haven't seen any of those messages in probably over a week. Have Fun. Field Bosses: spawn randomly, but within a window if they are trained. There are two types of bosses in the game, world bosses and field bosses. After you initiate combat with a Dark Rift boss, other players will not be able to see or PVP you. The boss attacks quick and deadly but once you have control over its movements it’ll be a lot of fun. World bosses share HP across all the servers, while field bosses do not. golden info, thanks a ton! 3.2. Field bosses spawn within a specific time frame. Field bosses spawn within a specific time frame. If a Field Boss spawns on your server, assemble a team and head out to claim your reward! 3rd March 2017 in Black Desert Online - News: Black Desert Online – One Year BDO Census 23rd February 2017 in Albion Online - News: Albion Online – Next Wipe and Official Release Date 17th February 2017 in News: Path of Exile – Legacy League (2.6.0) 31st January 2017 in News: Humble Bundle – X-COM: UFO Defense For Free! Yianaros (Yianaros's Field Node Manager) Lonamin (Western Valtarra Mountains) Merindora (The Oldest Spirit in Kamasylvia) Krogdalo's Trace (Krogdalo's Trace Node Manager) Klaruss Mushroom (Polly's Forest Node Manager) Moyamo (Okiara River Node Manager) Bahdrond (White Wood Forest Node Manager) Looney (Spirit Living in Weenie Looney Cabin) For this reason, it is a good idea to come up with a strategy before you fight them. Field Bosses have significantly higher AP and HP compared to the regular monsters you see roaming the fields. Bosses cannot be attacked during Conquest/Node War, so switch channels if this is the case. Giant Mudster. Hey any one cann tell me where i can get boss timer bot for discord for my guild i seen some guilds have the bot but it name is changed so don't know its true name to look for it Showing 1 - … After the boss is killed or despawned, it enters a closed window that lasts for 13 hours. | 72,753 members Bdo Boss timer.

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