big data landscape 2020

As a result, hundreds of millions of financial transactions occur in the financial world each day. The summary report takes stock of the contributions and presents preliminary trends that emerge from them, focusing on quantitative aspects. As data continues to grow, the shift will harness those data to get the business insights. This will also enable them to decision making easier. Home » Big Data » 2020 Trends in Big Data: The Integration Agenda. Landscape of big dataRate this post ! Big Data Landscape, 2015-2020 Brian C. Moyer, Director Global Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics October 20, 2015 Maybe it’s not a new technology, but it’s still a real trend, clearly visible in thousands of companies, especially in Europe. The first two analysis is widely practiced with Big data. Data volumes will continue to increase and migrate to the cloud. Ultimately, these devices generate a massive amount of data that will reach up to 44 zettabytes by 2020.