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Align the groove in the bobbin with the spring on the bobbin winder shaft, and set the bobbin on the shaft. Ball point needle 75/11 – 90/14 (gold coloured). As the numbers increase, the needles get thicker. If the foot pedal is controlled by a circuit board, then you won’t be able to adjust it and may need to take it to a repairman. If the tension is too tight or even too loose, it can cause the machine … Below are some things to keep in mind about needles. Just unplug the foot controller to use the automatic switch function. There could be a number of reasons why your Brother sewing machine does not sew in reverse. Ball point needles 90/14 are not recommended for embroidery as they may bend or break, causing injury. If the tension is too tight or even too loose, it can cause the machine to lose its thread. Check the upper thread. Typically, if the bobbin thread is wound correctly, then you should be … The error codes seem to handle the simplest of problems so you do not have to take your machine into a repairman. Some stitches are not designed to work in reverse gear. Remove the shuttle cover located underneath the needle on your Brother VX-1120 sewing machine. The bobbin case installed in this machine can be adjusted, if necessary, to accommodate the bobbin tension for embroidering. Place the bobbin on the bobbin … After that check your stitch length. Follow the steps below if you are experiencing problems with your bobbin not winding. He should have more places to look and it may be a complicated repair after all. - Check that the thread was wound correctly on the bobbin. If not, check under the stitch plate to see if it is dirty. Bobbin thread not coming up. The needle thread has to be behind the needle bar thread guide. Replace the needle for the first two problems and re-insert for the last one. CS-6000/6000b/6000t/6000i. Let the pros handle the repair work. This may be thrown off if the clearance between the hook and the needle is not set at optimum spacing. Thread your machine with the foot raised. We designed the bobbin that comes with this machine. If these areas get jammed your Brother sewing machine will not work as well as it should. » Troubleshooting Brother Sewing Machine (Fix & Repair Guide), Does Acrylic Shrink? Untangle the thread or replace the thread to one that will fit the needle. 3. Common Causes of Brother Sewing Machine Tension Problems. Loosen the thumbscrews on the tensioner and use a standard screwdriver to remove the tensioner and its spring. Then once that is done, just adjust the screw that moves the contact points to your desired position and you should be fine. ; Make sure the bobbin-winding spindle has been pushed back to initial position for sewing after the bobbin was winded. 1-Bobbin thread spool pin . It is also possible that the feed dogs have been jammed with lint, broken threads, and dirt. Top loading or Quick Set bobbin system on Brother machines cannot receive a metal bobbin at any time. This is a simple fix that should not take too long for you to do. One of those common problems is when your sewing machine skips a stitch or does other weird things. Set your bobbin correctly into the machine. Re-thread the machine and check the tension. - Check to see if the bobbin case is scratched or has a burr on it. While you may suspect too much tension on your bobbin thread, that may not be the culprit. When winding thread onto your bobbin the thread needs to go right underneath the tension disc on the top of the machine. Check your machine manual for the correct size. Then the needle could be bent or threaded incorrectly. One source for this problem is that the throat plate may not be very clean. The sewing machine needle that should be used depends on the fabric and thread thickness. When you see the code, all you have to do is lower the presser foot and start sewing again. Redo the bobbin and clean its area if this is where the problem lies. Re-thread the top thread, with your presser foot raised. Troubleshooting a Brother Sewing Machine. If it is not in the correct position, the needle will not go down and pick-up your bobbin … After that unscrew the belt guard screws and remove the belt and the guard from their places. - Make sure the bobbin was properly inserted. 2. Your brother sewing machine is made to use a bobbin specifically designed to give the best … Follow the instructions below if you are experiencing problems with your machine not picking up the bobbin thread. First, check the tensions. A bird's nest of loopy, tangled bobbin thread on the underside of your sewing is one of the most common sewing machine problems to quickly derail any project you're working on. Brother Sewing Machine Not Feeding Fabric, How Do I Fix E1 Error On My Brother Sewing Machine?, How To Fix E6 Error on a Brother Sewing Machine, Repairing a Brother Sewing Machine Foot Pedal. Once that is done remove the thumb and grub screws that hold the presser foot bar and the spring. Learn to use a sewing machine and learn to make sewing machines with my online wig course A singer sewing machine sews with two threads: an upper and lower thread. For top loading bobbins the thread needs to be going around the bobbin in an anti-clockwise direction. If the machine comes with a plastic one that is what you replace it with. There are several causes of this problem situation. Find official Brother CS6000I FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and downloads here. Note: Never use a thread of weight 20 or lower. If it is too low the machine might not feed through enough. It is recommended that a 90/14 needle should be used when embroidering on heavyweight fabrics or stabilizing products (for example denim, puffy foam, etc.). A good cleaning will take care of this issue in no time. (1) Do not … First, check if you used a bobbin that has been designed for your machine. They have the right parts and equipment to handle the task easily. Also, if your warranty is still valid, do not try to fix your sewing machine. Finally, check your presser foot and bobbin to see if they are the source of the problem. It takes a little screwdriver to make the adjustment and get the hook back in the right spot. If they have, raise the feed to ensure the fabric will move forward. I love that it's a 10 pack, this way I have 2 bobbins wound with my embroidery thread and the balance I use for various colors on my main sewing machine. #StitchingSewcial 4x4 hoop Angela Wolf Applique Bobbin Bobbin Thread brother at your side Brother Blog Brother Embroidery Brother Embroidery Machine Brother Quilts Brother Sewing Machine Brother … Even simple ones may void the warranty so read the fine print to make sure you are allowed to do any repair while the warranty is in effect. Always check the bobbin area to make sure it is threaded correctly through the shuttle race and its area is nice and clean. It is reminding you that the presser foot has not been lowered yet. Finally, remove the screw holding the knob of the handwheel in place. After checking to see if the tension and bobbin are okay, check your needle. Before you take your Brother sewing machine apart you better check to see if the warranty is still valid. Using other bobbins may cause damage to the machine. It is possible that you are holding on to the needle thread too tightly and you would need to relax your grip to solve this problem. Follow the guide on your machine or the instructions in your manual. If it has, then you need to raise it up to the right position. The sewing machine needle is probably the most important part of the sewing machine. How to Stretch Acrylic Sweater Easily. The upper thread comes from the spool and is threaded through the eye of the needle of the sewing machine. Replace the needle for the former situation and re-thread if the latter is the problem. Sewing with a bent needle can be extremely dangerous since the needle may break while the machine is being operated. Take your sewing machine to the approved repairman and let them deal with the problem. If the needle is not inserted right then that may be the problem and you would have to re-insert it correctly for the machine to function. (Cutting Mat Uses & Guide), What Is a Spool Pin Felt Used For? Then the bobbin may not be threaded right or the bobbin area is not clean. If the handwheel moves then follow the owner’s manual to re-install the bobbin case. you have broken gear inside the machine like the timing belt (you will know if the bobbin hook is not moving or taking up the thread when you move the hand wheel towards you, the bobbin thread is … Verify that you are using the correct size bobbins. 1. That is if the problems are common and easily fixed. Check the stitch length on your machine. E5 tells you that you hit the start and stop button when the foot controller was plugged in. Some Computerized machines will remind you to do this. Using the finger to help wind the bobbin evenly Sewing machine not picking up the bobbin thread. Before using the needle, place the flat side of the needle on a flat surface and check that the distance between the needle and the flat surface is even.

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