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BunsenLabs isn’t just built and intended for ancient machines (some revival projects), it is indeed a very capable and potential to be used in modern machines. Like most great ideas, ArchLabs was not created in a vacuum. The latest RC1 version of the 8.2 edition is a polished and functional OS. BunsenLabs actually is a play on Dr. Bunsen that pays homage to CrunchBang, the last 2 #! What we should appreciate about it is the low hardware requirements, makes it “usable” on an ancient hardware with only 256 MB of RAM and single core processor (2 GB RAM is “luxurious” for BunsenLabs). It’s still point-and-click simple, and ultra light! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. At first, it felt like installing Debian with a depressing theme and fewer features. The last time I tested this software was back in 2013, with my Linux office comparison, so it's time for a fresh test. @2020 - www.linuxandubuntu.com. The result was a simple, but powerful distro that took few resources and could run on lower powered computers. BunsenLabs Linux It may be the first time you have heard about this distribution, but we can assure you that it’s a good distribution for old hardware nonetheless. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. For Graphics you have Mirage image viewer and a screenshot app installed with GIMP, Blender, Inkscape, and some others only a click away. December 13, 2019. ​You can also move the top panel to the bottom by going to the thing menu. It uses Openbox as its default desktop environment. It is not given the credit it deserves. (Image credit: LinuxLite) 4. The current release is derived from Debian 10. How was your experience with BunsenLabs Linux I’ve been looking for a new distro to switch to, and someone brought up BunsenLabs so I looked into it and it seemed interesting enough, but I had never heard of it before so I was a bit curious if it’s worth trying out or not. releases were named Statler and then Waldorf. You can choose from other pre-installed themes or install other themes and further customize your desktop. Largely negative review of BunsenLabs Linux Deuterium, a Debian-based distro with Openbox, tested on a laptop with Nvidia card and a dual-boot configuration, covering separate live session and installation, and post install use, including look & feel, network support - Wireless, Bluetooth, Samba sharing, Samba printing, multimedia support - MP3 playback and HD video, convoluted install wizard, first-use … DistroWatch Review: BunsenLabs Linux image/svg+xml. June 13, 2016 6:41 PM. It is a community based distro as a continuation of the CrunchBang project. BunsenLabs Linux is a distribution offering a light-weight and easily customizable Openbox desktop. It runs of slow machine and pretty much customizable. Back in the early 2000s, Philip Newborough, also known as corenominal, released a distro named Crunchbang. Upon bootup, you will have the option of booting into the live environment and trialing the distro or you can go ahead and install if you are sure you want to install it. He also loves to write how-to articles, applications reviews and loves to use new Linux distributions. It is a more “efficient” approach and make things runs faster without the bloat or unnecessary things. Some “lightweight” (claimed) distro like Lubuntu or Linux Lite are light but somehow “bloated” and still feels heavy, especially on much older system. In a world of feature-packed operating systems and bloated Linux distros, he felt his CrunchBang alternative served no further purpose. BunsenLabs (formerly known as CrunchBang) is based on a Debian stable branch. I love photography, automotives, & cooking. Firefox is the default web browser but you can also install Chromium, Google Chrome or Opera with just a click. BunsenLabs Linux is a successful reinvention of the defunct CrunchBang Linux distro. BunsenLabs Linux is a successful reinvention of the defunct CrunchBang Linux distro. You have Gnumeric and Google Docs available by default which I think is pretty cool. Its gray and black theme background images leave much to be desired. Impress, Calc or the entire suite can be installed, once again my just a click. You can use lower resources if you do not intend to run a graphical desktop with low resource-intensive applications. My old Toshiba C655 starting to run almost quickly again without a desktop manager. Your installed applications, recent files, places, and system settings or preferences are just a right click away. My problems are the same as they were on this computer 10 years after I bought it. That's pretty much that. To get the theme see "Related -> More from this developer". It is available as 32-bit (for ancient 32-bit hardware/processor) and 64-bit (designed for modern 64-bit machine at least comes from a decade ago). BunsenLabs has made me wonder why I have not used the Openbox desktop environment that much.

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