catching mullet on rod and reel

Thank you very much for yalls replies. SO the idea is to chum in a small kind of enclosed area?? I hung around hoping for a bigger predator but there was nothing showing on the sounder after dark. The types of float I use vary, depending on where I am fishing, but for the harbour in Lyme, a clear waggler float rated for 5BB shot will be perfect. The rod has sat unused until last year when I moved to France and started fishing for barbel. anyway, regarding mullet fishing...if they are already scavenging on waste food (bread etc) then that's half the battle, if not hand feeding them really helps, chum em up till they're in a feeding frenzy and they're pretty much a no brainer, use light line and a small hook - say 4 to 6# line and a size 2 to 6 hook - bread flake works ok but the little ones tend to remove it too quickly , tough bait like … At 11' and about 2lb TC it seemed too powerful for my idea of a mullet rod! I cut my losses and headed back in the Seaway which was still a bit heart in mouth as it was now dark. lol. Cheers, River Sessions Volume 3 . Thus, you may use a different approach to catch this type of fish. In a 13ft tinny i would rather have an EPIRB going anywhere offshore so after a hasty trip to Whitworths, packing the boat and rigging rods i was off down the highway. Rod and reel: Logged off and made my way back to Brisbane by bed time. Tried a few times but no success in the past couple of weeks! Using fine line, small weights and ultralight rods/reels improves you chances of catching more of these fun, fighting fish. Cast nets are also ideal when it comes to catching mullet. You need to look for mullet but once you find them then we would anchor up and begin chumming. If they would readily take hooks they would defiantely be a game fish. to 8-lb. You see, a mullet does not bite in a usual way which fishes gnaw the hook. i hugged the southern wall and was heading SE in no time on an oily but wobbly ocean. Your standard inshore rig of a medium/light action rod paired with a lightweight saltwater spinning or baitcasting reel spooled with 10-20 pound braided line will work well for catching flounder. ?. What bait or methods are used to master this dark art. 2-lb. Pensacola Fishing Community and Forum Featuring Helpful Forums, Links, News, and other Resources. I never though mullet fishing with a rod and reel would be very popular or as popular as I have herd from my post. Since mullet do not bite in the conventional matter, mullet anglers have perfected techniques and rigs suited for these frantic fighters. Mullet are fish that live in warm waters throughout the world. Question, has anyone worked out how to catch mullet on a hook? There was a large thread about this in the freshwater section, gave lots of how to methods. Appreciate any wisdom that may be out there I'm there: Heard them caught on cain poles and bread balls....but i have also seen one caught on a gold spoon before too. Can anybody suggest a beach in the area that's renowned for beachworms? 3 members, Copyright Australian Fishing Online Where you find mullet will vary depending on … i used to fish for them regular in excambia river, 10 hook very small piece of worm threaded on, in south carolina they put a small piece of red cloth on hook, in blackwater by the bar on water they chum them with rabbit food, the secret is the small hook and small bait. The bait grounds start around 1km south of the seaway and are just outside the 0.5nm (~1km) from shore limit for requiring an EPIRB. They prefer shallow waters, and do not limit themselves to sea water, as they are also common to freshwater. Because they feed primarily on algae, detritus and other tiny marine invertebrates, catching mullet is typically done with a cast net. it really passes the time XD and they really do fight hard lol its insane. I bought a Fox Imprezza mullet rod about 12 years ago. Type of rig, hook size bait any information you got. Hey guys, been a bit quiet on the fishing fronts. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. ... We used to catch mullet on the lower Oconee River, using the green moss that grows on the side of the well for bait. What do you need to catch poddy mullet? The mullet are concentrated together and sent into a feeding … To do this, you need is a light spinning outfit or little handline with around 4-5lb line and a little hook (No 11-12) with a little float about 6 – 10 cm away from the hook. Get hold of a container with cover big enough to hold at least 10 mullets of average size. hello all, 2 questions: 1. what is the best bait for mullet catching them of a rod and fell what pound line and size hook becuase me and my cousin have found a spot with ALOT of mullet and there probley only 4inches so hopefully yous will be able to tell me how to catch … Murray likes to fish live mullet on a 7-foot, light- to medium-action spinning rod with a 4000-size reel spooled with 20-pound braided line. However, when you use a cast net when catching mullet, you may just find the small mullets used as baits. Jerking the rod in my experience have resulted to more missed fish. Rod, Reel, and Line for Flounder Most flounder you catch inshore weigh between 1 and 5 pounds, so you don't need a heavy outfit to get the job done. Mullet are vegetarians so you won't catch them with any bait that has an eye including your trout and snook lures. They are an oily fish with a strong flavor when cooked, and their roe is considered a delicacy. For easier handling, take a light spinner rod with a click-drag reel on a long leader line with a 6lb test strength. Mullet (Mugil cephalus) also known as striped mullet are found throughout the state of Florida in coastal rivers, tidal creeks, bays, estuaries and along sandy beaches. Come see me at our store below. i sit for 45 minutes reading stuff on here and it makes the whole school day just fly by. Bream On 2lb Fc Leader, Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Carbon Drag Washer For My Shimano Stradic Fl 1000. You can leger for them but when you’re fishing from rocks in shallow water it’s far more exciting to use the float. Berley is the most important ingredient to catching Mullet on a line. Like a Penn 6500 or something in case u hook up on more than one? I was doing about 12 knots comfortably and reached the spot quickly. Looking to catch those bigger kg+ mullet that jump all around my boat and seem to escape the net as it is sinking. Spinning tackle is the most preferred rods and reels used for catching sea mullet. Ive herd of people catching mullet in brackish water on rod and reels, i cant quit remember what they used for bait and such but any tips or ideas as where to go and what to use would be nice. For Mullet fishing I use a 12-13ft freshwater match rod with a soft to medium through action, and a light fixed spool, rear drag reel loaded with 6lb monofilament line straight through to the hook. Standard seven foot rods work for inlet, jetty and inshore work and for fishing the first trough along the beach. Thanks. Thanks. The rod has held up well through testing although the reel seat has since shown some corrosion, and there are further traces of rust on some of the rings. The guy who started it was catching over 100 per day. hahaha i can only get on in 3d period and at work sometimes. This is another method to catch a Mullet. I bought a Fox Imprezza mullet rod about 12 years ago. JavaScript is disabled. I have heard the bread ball thing too, and heard of them using chicken feed and or wet dog food...I have also heard they are really good fighters.. We used ot snatch hook them in BlackWater bay. My mother used to fish for them too, on the mobile bay causeway years ago. Searching for the mullet shoals. The bar was flat but being the last of the run out there were a few small pressure waves to negotiate made harder by the wake from some large prawn trawlers exiting to start their nights work. My LOX was bent, and not in the right way......?! On 01/10/2018 at 6:40 PM, Rob@Lauchy said: Please login or register to view this image. Firstly, put aside the heavy gear and enter the subtle world of estuary mullet. she would tear them up and they were fun to catch. While mullet can be caught with either a pole or a net, the net is easier. Very Friendly. Just do a search in that section you will find it. Rods that have the ability to handle 2-3oz’s of lead and reels that can hold 125-150yds of 12lb to 17lb mono are the best fit for these saltwater pan fish. We used cane poles 40 lb mono and a treble hook. Follow Us on Facebook; Follow Us on Twitter; Follow Us on Instagram I remember the first time I saw her catch one. Mission successful! Powered by Invision Community. I couldn't believe it because I didnt know they would bite a hook. DeFuniak Springs resident, member of the Bent Rod Fishing Club. The technique generally involves fishing from road side areas that allow access to shallow waters where mullet loiter. Handline Or Rod And Reel. If you want to target sharks and tarpon up your line to 30 to 50 pound test and choose a reel that can hold 300 yards or more. A flooding tide will often push shoals of mullet up an estuary in search of food and your job is to work out the places to ambush them. Scientists tell us that mullet migrate (at least, some do) by working their way seaward to spawn offshore – and ultimately, southward. It … A typical setup for mullet run fishing is a 4000 sized reel spooled with 20 pound test braid. 4 lead split shot weight; 6 Aberdeen hook; I have a 3 day weekend and need to find something to occupy my time with monday. So the Bears are planning to head to Fraser island. I've dragged the stinker at various places along Airforce Beach but there doesn't seem to be any around. It’s only then, while he remains oblivious to several dumbfounded gawkers, that K.C. Berley, being a vital element is necessary for getting Mullet in a line. I have a 3 day weekend and need to find something to occupy my time with monday. It also had a slightly too long handle and a small butt ring, probably set up for a centrepin reel. Docks, bridges, pilings, and channel markers are great places to find pinfish. All you need is a small handline or light spinning outfit with 4-6lb line and a very small hook (No 10-12) with a small float (Piece of polystyrene) around 5 – 10 cm from the hook. You can also use a fly rod with a small yellow or white puff of marabou on it. My grandmother used to fish for them on the mobile bay causeway with a small bream type hook with a piece of worm. Hell yea it passes time. Most hook and line mullet guys won't tell you much about their spots and techniques, but the info here in other posts is pretty much the same as here. She died two years ago and that brought back some great memories. Made A New Friend Today, Found A Young short billed corrella. By far the best method for bagging a grey mullet is to fish a light float rig set-up in conjunction with plenty of groundbait. sunshineeee you on the computer im class again like me. Tackle for mullet… However, I’ve managed to catch mullet on a year-round basis by chumming occasionally and watching the water. It is not easy to catch a mullet with a fishing rod and they are typically caught with a cast net. It was my first time catching a fish on gear this heavy. The rod has sat unused until last year when I moved to France and started fishing for barbel. One surefire way of catching a mullet is through a mullet trap and here is how to make one. Got one small GT and lost 3 others. The run takes place in the fall. Make sure it has fine diameter lines to make it as invisible as possible since mullet fish tend to have excellent eyesight. Plan is to get there next Mon - Fri and camp at Teebing Spit at Wathumba. Reily and Lachie patiently waiting for that bite. Trying a Hook and Line Find a prime spot for mullet.,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. you can catch them on corn or just get a big trouble hook and snatch the hell out of them. Cut a hole in the center of the cover big enough for the mullet to fit. if your using the 10 hook carolina rig set up you would want to use a big rod right? You could also use a rod and reel outfit. Will someone tell me how to catch them with rod and reel? the only ones ive caught is by snaggin them and they did put me up for a nice fight. Uusually people will chum an area of a creek or estuary with corn or bread and then use a small piece on a small hook. Old Time Outlaw Swamper A single shot rifle and the memory of a 3 toe`d dog. Items you will need. Saw the wind drop out at the Goldy yesterday and with the bar pretty flat decided to get Yewgary out to the bait grounds for a bait collection mission. They do put up a great fight. Get a pinch from the bread and impale it in your hook, when you see the mullet, cast it ahead of the fish and reel it slowly towards the the tip of your rod and when it bend a quick reel should do the job. They both fought like all hell- after I snagged the second one I quit fishing because they are a pain in the a$$ to reel in when they are foul hooked... Over here in Walton County mullet fishing with hook and line is very popular, but it takes a bit of practice to get the knack. Today looked good, threw around a 100g microjig on a new GT popping combo (Penn slammer + Penn ocean assassin rod PE6-8). This is another way to catch a Mullet. I like to use a 2-4 inch chunk of mullet on a circle hook and toss it onto a sandy pothole on a grass flat, although ladyfish and pinfish around other structure such as passes, inlets, bridges, docks and jetties work as well. If not, you can always catch your own on rod and reel by using a very small hook, a split shot weight attached just above the hook, and rigged with small pieces of shrimp or cut up pieces of Gulp soft plastics. Handline or Rod and Reel. Success at mullet fishing will often come to legwork. Just to state the obvious, not a square hook and yes I can cast a net. Depending on … A quick sound around saw a fair bit of bait so i dropped the bait jig and jigged up some pike and yakkas. But, they are fun and efficient to use. You’ll need to use a light spinning rod or even a 13ft match rod like the coarse guys use. You don’t really need a lot to catch poddy mullet, it can be done with just a handline, small number 12 long shanked hook and some white bread. Ive herd of people catching mullet in brackish water on rod and reels, i cant quit remember what they used for bait and such but any tips or ideas as where to go and what to use would be nice. I arrived at the boat ramp to see the Broadwater flat so i logged on with the Seaway tower, donned the life jacket and went. Get Social Follow 13 Fishing to keep up on giveaways, new products and our weekly contests. Ultralight spinning rod-and-reel combo. There was a sh-tload of mullet at Johnson's Beach tonight- I accidentally snagged two while casting a spoon- you could probably limit out if it is legal to snatch them or if you had a bait they would eat. The tackle of choice is a medium to medium light spinning rod 6' to 7' matched with a spin cast reel spooled with line no heavier than 10 … There is one place in Mitchell River that is known as "the mullet hole" and it's not unusual to see several boats ganged up when they are biting. When you feel anything just yank. While drifting and jigging i put a yakka out live and had a number of tails bitten off, a couple of runs and landed 2 undersize tailor and a small hammerhead which released itself next to the boat. For this technique, you need is a light rotating suit or handline with a line which is 4-5lb and a tiny hook (No 11-12) with a small float which stays 6 – 10 cm away from the hook. Likes: Shawn Holcombe. It also had a slightly too long handle and a small butt ring, probably set up for a centrepin reel. 1-inch weighted round foam float. Dolphin With Deformed Tail. test line. She said a number 8, or 10 hook, baited with either redworms, or dough ball was the ticket. Currently staying at Evans Head and wanting to get some beachworms. Using cut bait is one of my favorite tactics to catch bull redfish. Catching mullet on a hook however, can be a lot of fun as well as productive. That is crazy. Once in the seaway i opened the throttle and was back to the ramp in a flash. Mullet are vegetarians. There have been some instances when a fisherman has caught a mullet with a fishing rod and reel, fishing lure or other bait, however, they are rare. Its a tussle! At 11' and about 2lb TC it seemed too powerful for my idea of a mullet rod! K.C.’s little rod bends, line slips through his fingers, his reel screeches and the mullet jumps. Baiting is a standard procedure.

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