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My surface chum pot is a five gallon bucket with holes drilled in it. It is good to have a network of fellow anglers that communicate with each other as to where they are seeing fish. Beyond these three tips, of course, always remember that cobia will often be found near large floating objects. A good pair of polarized sunglasses is a must. Chumming for Cobia consists of anchoring near structure, over the ledge of a shoal or on the edges of deep channels and valleys. One technique is to anchor in good location and deploy a chum slick to bring the fish to you. Cobia feed at or near bottom, and most of the time when you see one up top it’s not actively feeding. Chumming for Cobia | Mini Clips #1| Controlled Chaos - YouTube ChumSlick sinking feeding stimulant attracts all varieties of fish. Sight fishing is best when there is a cloudless sky with bright sunshine, the water is clear and there is not too much wind. When you spot a cobia, cast your bait out in front of it. They fight hard with a combination of strong runs down deep and surface head shakes with some airing out of the water completely. They will mix in extra menhaden oil prior to freezing it. This is not the technique to use on a rainy, windy day. The oceanic whitetip is a true creature of the open ocean and have been the victim of relentless long lining for their large fins which are popular in markets in Asia. Cobia are considered good table fare and a single nice fish can feed you and all of your neighbors. And second, try using these three cobia-catching tips. Cobia typically arrive in the lower Chesapeake Bay sometime in May and will hang around through the month of September. By John Brownlee. A quick rundown on other cobia baits: Old-timers favored using hardhead catfish for cobia bait, though I’ve never tried it. My bottom chum pot is a minnow trap with a diver’s weight in it to get it to the bottom. The best way to keep your live baits alive and well is after hooking them place them into a live well or a bucket of saltwater. They can offer a challenge to get a bite while at other times, they can be ridiculously easy to find and will attack anything you put in front of them. The color of the chum bucket is important to some with black being the favored color. Thanks, Oceans East Bait and Tackle! Her father completely redesigned and rebuilt the boat I currently fish, the Formula 233. Chum Bucket Teams Up with Re/Max Crown Realty to Deliver 83 Bags of Thanksgiving Dinner Fixings . This weekend is a special weekend for my family. Anchor up on the edge of the hill in a location that has the current flowing your chum down the slope of the hill. The cobia, arguably. Boats that have a raised driving station have an advantage with this technique. Items you will need Fish 4-gallon plastic bucket with lid 5-gallon plastic bucket with lid Meat grinder Drill with 1/2 -inch bit Large freezer Nylon cable Metal carabiner For whatever reason (we don’t know why, and the fish aren’t talking!) A while back we published an article on general tips for how to catch more cobia, but truth be told, … Cobia do not react nearly as aggressively to a dead bait as a live one. It would certainly seem so – and we don’t blame him. A third technique to target Chesapeake cobia is “running the buoys”. Thinking that this might actually be the cobia they had just spotted, Bubba dove for the second rod, the one with an orange balloon float. It is a simple technique consisting of slowly cruising around looking for cobia swimming near the surface. Mix mayo and blue cheese salad dressing, 50-50, Bake at 350 until the fish is almost cooked through, Pull from the oven and serve as the topping begins to brown and bubble. Cobia Fishing: Never Give Up. When chumming for cobia, Simpson recommends using a Chum Churn filled with pogies, ready-to-go Killer Bee Bait Chum Bags, and kick it up a notch by adding an IV-type drip filled with pogie oil. Ste 200-408 I Spring, TX 77386. 1st you need a bag of frozen bunker chum, We typically use two 1 gallon chum buckets, they last about 2 good hours each. Of course you do! Sight-fishing has become the most popular technique to target cobia. A bucket (I prefer one with a lid) to put the powder in; A chum bucket (for the mixture) Menhaden oil; Water; Cast net; Notes on this Purina Tropical Fish Food Chum Recipe: When you throw the chum in the water it falls apart and spreads out so the bait can smell it. I chum top and bottom. It also becomes the most productive technique when weather conditions interfere with sight-fishing. They get big, with some weighing in at over 100 pounds. Other times, you do not see them at all but they may be there down deeper and a jig worked past the buoy or an eel dropped down beside it will bring them up to the top. They can be caught using several techniques each of which may be the most productive depending on weather conditions and when in the season you are fishing. Very good bait bucket. Sometimes, a jig can present the cobia with more action than live bait, and this can trigger a strike by the cobia.” Cobia Fishing Tips: The DON’TS When asked to relate the biggest boo-boos that anglers make when going after cobia, our panel of experts—all of whom are professional fishing guides who have seen a lot of mistakes made on cobia trips—gives us a lot of advice on what not to do. {"cart_token":"","hash":"","cart_data":""}. Try chumming with your chum bucket dead on bottom, on a the down-current side of a drop-off. My girlfriend Katie lost her dad several years ago and Fathers Day is a very important time for her. The line out the rear of the boat will go off with a zing most of the time, and you know the drill on that. Cobia like to stage around the buoys of the main channels entering the Chesapeake Bay. Often you will come up on a buoy and see one or maybe a dozen cobia circling the buoy on the surface. Popular locations are various hills in the lower Chesapeake. Chumming is often the most effective way to load up on cobia, since you’re drawing in active fish and truth be told, cobia will eat just about anything. ... cobia, sheepshead, triggerfish, redfish, mahi, and all other fish. Or so say anglers from back in the 1950s and 60s. They will mix in extra menhaden oil prior to freezing it. The set-up is easy, the cost savings are huge and just about anyone with a boat, a rod, and a bucket of chum has a chance. Jorj thinks of it a different way. Guess who got a bucket delivery yesterday?! That’s why we’ve talked about them before, in Galveston Cobia,  and Tuesday Tip: Lures/Baits for Ling (Cobia). If you want to go after this savory species, we have two bits of advice: first off, don’t jump overboard to swim with them. As a result, they often reject baits or lures until they’re teased into attaching. Some anglers will just have a weighted chum bucket down near the bottom while others will deploy an additional chum bucket on the surface. Chumming is often the most effective way to load up on cobia, since you’re drawing in active fish and truth be told, cobia will eat just about anything. square bucket (with or without chum bag) and the new 25lb block. i do the same when on my buddys boat. Fishability Test: Scout 330 LXF. They will also hold on the pilings of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. This huge trigger fish came off a wreck as the boat hovered above, thanks to the joystick system. If you are going cobia fishing, then go cobia fishing. i put a bucket of chum on the bottom with a couple small bricks inside of it and wrap the fozen chum into several chum bags to slow it down so i do not burn through so much when cobia fishing i also put a bag on top of the water then drip menhaden oil and milk mixed with quaker oats from top of pier, works really well. These are hard-fighting, awesome-tasting fish. Sure, it makes for a cool pic, but that time you spend swimming could b better used hunting for more cobia. Tournament Master® "Green" Chum Our 5/8″ grind Green Tournament Master® Chum is packaged in 7 lb. Use fairly heavy tackle for these fish that can push 100 pounds. York Spit Light, The Hump, Latimer Shoal, the Inner Middle Ground and numerous hills on the bay bottom are all good spots to chum up a cobia. Updated: October 23, 2019. The lines beside the pot are another story, as the cobia in most cases will just pick up the bait, and stay in the area of the chum… As with most things, it is not quite as simple as it seems. Chumming is effective throughout the season but is typically most productive earlier in the season. One technique is to anchor in good location and deploy a chum slick to bring the fish to you.

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