curology tretinoin review

I’ve had success with Curology, starting with tretinoin, azelaic acid, and clindamycin. I’ll still be making in-person visits for skin cancer screenings and in-office treatments, but for seeking guidance on choosing skincare ingredients that work for my specific concerns, I’ve now found my new solution, and I’m finally sticking to it. You will not find it on Amazon, GNC or Walmart. They custom mix a skin care product based on your specific concerns. Another customer tried Curology for 3 months and had his skin issues even worsened. He went through five different formulas and each of these formulas made his face break out even more. So who is the person you’re working with? ... At first I was super wowed because they sent me tretinoin, niacinamide and an antibiotic in my cream. The real bottom should not be even an inch from the bottle top. It’s even regarded by dermatologists as the “gold-standard” of topical treatments. Over the counter store remedies can remove around 30% of acne. No. ... Write Review. I’ll spare you 60 days-worth of details (you can scroll through the pictures for the play-by-play), and skip to the final thoughts: Overall, lots of pros and very few cons. Curology Review – Final Verdict. I suppose that they trick their clients with sponsoring their ads. Your Curology cream is made with a lightly moisturizing base, but your skin might crave a bit more hydration, especially if you have tretinoin in your formula. Most of the reviews for both Curology & Proactiv are positive but Proactiv covers a good mass by providing a wide range of quality products. Dr. Lortscher says although the time it takes to see results varies from 2 to 12 weeks, depending on your custom mix/skin concerns, you should start to see some effects within six weeks. Your Face Wash Might Be Causing Your Breakouts, The Laziest, Easiest Acne Routine You'll Ever Try, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Curology | People with clogged pores are also claimed to get help, as Curology blends are said to relieve these drawbacks, as well as plugs due to the topical prescription acne treatment - a mix of tretinoin, azelaic acid, niacinamide, clindamycin, and zinc pyrithione. As I’ve discovered from telling all my friends about it, Curology is harder to explain than it is to use—mainly because it’s legit just easy to use. Learn about their experiences and see progress photos in these reviews: Curology Skincare Box Review + Free Trial Coupon - October 2017. By the end of the month, I've switched to my old tretinoin routine (every other day), using Curology on the off days. It contains vitamin C and tretinoin. When I responded well to the initial dose, my Curology provider, Jasmin Chang, RN, AGNP-C (essentially: nurse practitioner with a specialization in aging, how appropriate), agreed to up my tret concentration. The formulae did nothing to his enlarged pores and his existing issues, but only created new ones. Curology is a legitimate option for those wanting tretinoin since it’s prescription only (in the US anyways). And, as if my skin knew I’d be taking a photo of it to blast it on the internet, it ended up looking uncharacteristically good on the day I took my “before” photo at the start of the experiment. Overall I think Curology is a GREAT option to topically treat your acne while you manage the underlying source of your acne internally. The manufacturer of Curology claims this product may help with acne-prone skin, signs of aging, such as dark spots and wrinkles, and create a firmer texture.

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