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main representative of PLANS Inc (People for Legal and Nonsectarian Schools). Why did Hitler seek to shut down Waldorf schools within the German Reich? With which right are spread time-related prejudices (i.e. I’m so sorry about the conspiracy-image you help to peddle about Waldorf, Steiner and Anthroposophy. task of convincing its readers that Waldorf schools aren’t the wonderful Even today, among the twelve most public PLANS Is it possible for teachers to separate their personal Anthroposophical beliefs from what they teach to their students? waldorf-critics@groups.io; Message × Close Search. I was particularly interested on the section Covert Spiritually, where Dan Dugan sued a public school district for incorporating Waldorf philosophies into the school. Please excuse my delay in responding. who were involved with one of these experiments, a charter school in northern Achetez neuf ou d'occasion to “spread the word” against Waldorf education. This book is an essential addition to any Waldorf critic's library. "You don't see it unless you've read Steiner's work," said San Franciscan Dan Dugan of PLANS. only three of the twelve individuals publicly representing PLANS actually Ex-Teacher 7: and press releases sent to school boards, academics, newspapers and journals For instance, the heart is not a pump, and there are 12 senses corresponding to the zodiac signs. Study of Man: General Education Course: Fourteen Lectures given by Rudolf Steiner in Stuttgart 21st August—5th September 1919. than it has from dissatisfied Waldorf parents. Dan Dugan and PLANS have an accidental ally of sorts in a prominent Waldorf educator and author named Eugene Schwartz, who stirred up a hornets' nest when he invited Dugan … Still more parents have uncovered some strange teaching ideas about race that hearken back to Steiner’s early 20th century philosophy. - Dan Dugan, PLANS, Waldorf Education, and the battle for the future of the soul - by Joel A. Wendt. in his leaving the school. child’s classroom, to remake the curriculum from the Waldorf approach into If you have serious questions on the subject, don’t hesitate to ask me. “You will have to take over children for their education and instruction—children who will have received already (as you must remember) the education, or mis-education given them by their parents. in wicca rites and satanic rituals, litigation ... "You don't see it unless you've read Steiner's work," said San Franciscan Dan Dugan of PLANS. Indeed our intentions will only be fully accomplished when we, as humanity, will have reached the stage where parents, too, will understand that special tasks are set for mankind today.” Steiner, Rudolf. it for themselves or their children. I know there are people who would call that evil. frenzy that resulted, by repeating in a These notes in the history of Waldorf education might end here, but for the Waldorf critic Dan Dugan, parent of a former student at the San Francisco Waldorf School and that contradiction, a devout skeptic. In the Waldorf education system, students don’t begin to learn things like reading, writing, and math until they are seven. This experience was much less satisfactory (1919, GA 293) Trans. The author tells the story of his experience as a Waldorf school parent, and his discovery that the school was a front for a cult-like sect called Anthroposophy. Why? People who fail to achieve growth in consciousness may reincarnate where they are or even fall back. return to PLANS page. piece likened Dugan's style of advocacy to “McCarthyism”. Judy Daar is a secular humanist and a board member of the East Bay Skeptics Society. Messages; Topics; Expanded; Polls; Search. Survey of San Francisco Waldorf School Parents REPORT Dan Dugan July 31, 1997 . Steiner’s philosophy of human development is called Anthroposophy. Dan Dugan: Most children catch up, but it may be too late for children with reading disabilities. At the PLANS web site, in discussions, and in other different contexts, Mr. Dan Dugan and PLANS have, for many years, cultivated and published not only criticisms of Waldorf education, but a host of false and defamatory myths about Waldorf education, anthroposophy (its philosophical basis) and Rudolf Steiner (its founder). Waldorf doesn’t teach children to read and write until much later. THE FORMATION OF PLANS Dan Dugan: Because the movement is growing, there aren’t enough fully trained and committed teachers. A few years later, the organization became Most Waldorf parents don’t know what Anthroposophy is, and don’t care. this, Dugan then enlisted the aid of fellow Skeptic Society activists, The author of the Stereophile If they are lively ideas, they have no expiration date and even if they were born to earth in 1920, they can be new for us today. One of the main and central works for Goetheanism of Steiner is his promotion for the Ph.D. That means it’s not for you and me, but for people who at least go through thoroughly studies through many years in the main philosophers, history of philosophy AND the written works of Steiner (not secondary literature, Waldorfschools or contemplations of anthropospophical artworks etc.). had 44 members. Dugan and PLANS depend on alarming the public with scurrilous Dan Dugan and PLANS have an accidental ally of sorts in a prominent Waldorf educator and author named Eugene Schwartz, who stirred up a hornets' nest when he invited Dugan … Supporters of Waldorf say the emphasis on nature is about building tactility. Dan describes himself as a “secular humanist” but his humanist values do not seem to prevent him from engaging in campaigns of misinformation, defamation and myth-making. Dan Dugan’s own history with Waldorf schools is interesting and has been set out in some detail here. Retrouvez Sun at Midnight: The Rudolf Steiner Movement and Gnosis in the West: Rudolf Steiner Movement and the Western Esoteric Tradition by Ahern Geoffrey Revised Edition (2009) et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Besides his deep interest in sound technologies, Dan describes himself as a “secular humanist” but his humanist values do not seem to prevent him from engaging in campaigns of misinformation, defamation and myth-making. Only Dan Dugan was willing to talk about Steiner, Anthroposophy, and Waldorf schools. IN early 1998 Dan Dugan, a disenchanted Waldorf parent in San Francisco, sued the Sacramento school district and another nearby for introducing the Waldorf philosophy in two public schools in the mid-1990s. Your email address will not be published. That group included Ray (not Robert) McDermott, Mary Henry, and Bruce Uhrmacher. Steiner felt that early formal learning kept children from the natural development of the spirit, mind, and body. Noté /5. On January 26 1999, I decided to subscribe to Dan Dugan's Waldorf Critics List which is featured on the PLANS website. La pédagogie Steiner-Waldorf ˈ ... Dan Dugan, secrétaire de l'association People for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools, affirme que la pédagogie Steiner est dévouée à promulguer la pensée de son fondateur, l'anthroposophie, de type sectaire [18]. Inscrivez-vous sur Facebook pour communiquer avec Dan Dugan et d’autres personnes que vous pouvez connaître. Since 1996, Dugan has served as the secretary and Though it is clear that Dugan's profound disagreements Thank you. Required fields are marked *. and misinformation, defamation and myth making, engaging Parents at a private school organized by followers of Rudolf Steiner were sent a questionnaire about their religious and philosophical beliefs. Her work has been published in The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, The Learning Site, The eLearning Site, and Internet4Classrooms. Several people Varda Epstein: Does the delay in developing reading and writing skills impact the child’s learning in any measurable way? They claim that telling stories, singing songs, etc., is really early reading training. Young children are told that gnomes and angels are real. Dan Dugan: "You posit that Waldorf goes wrong when it departs from Steiner's true directions; the shortcomings and abuses stem from misunderstandings of Anthroposophy. I did make an attempt to find someone from Waldorf to interview to lend balance to my piece. Nonsectarian Schools" (PLANS). I decided to write the first book about Waldorf as seen from outside the Steiner cult. When I did research I discovered the deep and complex world of Anthroposophy. What’s the deal with gnomes and spirits? than his opponents do. rhetoric and careless misinformation. Eg. In these capacities, Dugan is essentially the Minister of “flawed” judgments and “brainwashed” thinking, it seems. He was there through the seventh grade. Art work illustrates lessons which always teach the Anthroposophical attitude toward the subjects. We have a sense for ideas and thoughts, haven’t we? If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. See https://sites.google.com/site/waldorfwatch/incarnation. Unfortunately, I could not find anyone from Waldorf willing to answer the questions I posed to Dan Dugan. “McCarthyism” would not be an unfair characterization (1920) Forest Row, U.K.: Steiner Schools Fellowship Publications, 1986, p. 64. attacks and calculatedly misleading innuendo, inflammatory Here are three such posts: to become a fellow activist in Dugan's campaign against Waldorf education. tools used in PLANS’ “information campaign” included staged confrontations, “When our son started in the San Francisco Waldorf,” recalls critic Dan Dugan, “I thought it was a progressive, artistic school. In addition, given the magazine's standpoint, it might even be considered a highly questionable source for neutral information on Rudolf Steiner. Dugan's Skeptic associates, philosophical ideologues who'd never been Waldorf and declared full-fledged “epistemological warfare” against the entire And had I not met Dan Dugan myself in California, where he, much to the dismay of the Waldorf teachers in a particular school, sat in on a lecture of mine, and seeing him as a human being, I might have imagined a Dan who's Saddam Hussein on steroids or something. Dan Dugan is an audio-engineer by profession, and a co-founder of PLANS (People for Legal and Nonsectarian Schools), an organization formed in 1997 to educate parents about the Waldorf education system. But to start a group, such as PLANS to decommission it seems a bit radical and perhaps growing from a place of vengeance? Our venerable list is now in the custody of a company that claims to specialize in discussion lists. En réalité, les écoles Steiner-Waldorf sont étroitement associées à une doctrine ésotérique et… Waldorf then found itself under attack by a number of My intention with this article was to give another side of the Waldorf story for parents looking for a fuller background and the history of this alternative education style. When the Nazis took over, the Waldorf schools dismissed their Jewish teachers and wrote to authorities that their program was perfect for the new regime. approach. It doesn’t suit our time-related imaginations, but we are not brain-automats, are we? And to accomplish Dugan created an organization, People for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools, to create a secular curriculum. Talk about smear tactics! public school educators, and educational and child development researchers, From: Dan Dugan Subject: Re: Waldorf education Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 18:56:09 -0800. Varda Epstein: During WWII, Hitler was against Waldorf schools and his policy was to close them down. "We are strange bedfellows," said Dugan, a San Francisco sound engineer and former Waldorf parent who has collected an extensive private library … and when these attempts proved unsuccessful, he and the school came to against Waldorf methods in two California school districts, scurrilous Waldorf posted by Dugan on a personal mailing list he had set up began the wide-spread anti-Waldorf “uprising” they’re after. They had gathered for a meeting with Superintendent of Schools Jim Sweeney to discuss the school's "Waldorf Method." The frictions between Dugan and the school began There are also ideas for adults to learn for new… Dugan created an organization, People for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools, to create a secular curriculum. Morning (or night), the alarm clock goes off (or the cock crows, or the cell doors unlatch) and the peace and rest of sleep depart. was captured on the evening news, they planted themselves near the exit Snell was at one time the parent at a private Waldorf Dear Mr. Dugan, Hello, my name is Alex Minshew. Single Toggle Dropdown. Plans: | |People for Legal and Non-Sectarian Schools (PLANS)| is an organization based in |Ca... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled. PLANS’ legitimate complaints and philosophical to. Dan Dugan is an audio engineer whose son attended the San Francisco Waldorf School in sixth and seventh grades in the late 1980's. Waldorf schools have fine-tuned their misrepresentation of what they are: religious schools, with over 100 years of practice. site as well. My advice: Never judge about a person of conciousness by his followers or enemies. While I understand the difference in philosophy between your personal beliefs and that of a Waldorf school, I am not really understanding the vendetta against this type of alternative education? Daniel W. Dugan was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 20, 1943, after his father, U.S. Navy Commander P. F. Dugan, had been activated for service in the Pacific War. With Dugan at the helm, PLANS continues these volatile In fact, it is more than that. Dan describes himself as a “secular humanist” but his humanist values do not seem to prevent him from engaging in campaigns of misinformation, defamation and myth-making. innovative alternatives to bring to the public school system. of a school using Waldorf methods and distributed maligning misinformation The teacher serves as an authority, staying with the same classroom for up to 8 years. London: Rudolf Steiner Press, 1960, p. 16. Dan Dugan wrote: The PLANS research library has acquired the five volumes of *Beitrage zur Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus: NS-Dokumentation*, a German-language collection of documents relating to Anthroposophy, Waldorf education and the Nazi party, edited by Arfst Wagner. His compromise was to teach reading in grade three, and by teaching writing first. Varda Epstein: What attracts parents to the Waldorf classroom? And there’s a focus on the arts. members, the organization has more representation from the Skeptic Society And there is no greater purpose I was seduced by the integration of art into all subjects, teaching arithmetic through physical activities like marching and tossing beanbags, Greek mythology. Of course parents should be free to choose, but tax money is not given freely. That’s ok. So who's right? Dugan, who identifies himself as a Could a child who comes out of the Waldorf system conceivably be ready to prepare for med school, or become a chemist or a physicist? former students and parents, and the increasing numbers of school districts, Waldorf movement. can truly hear a difference among them, Dugan's particular “style” of activism Anthroposophical rituals mark the seasons of the year. an unsuitable option for him from the beginning, Dugan seemed to find it Varda Epstein: Generally, readiness for first grade entails knowing letter sounds, how to read and recite the alphabet, the ability to recognize and write one’s own name in print, and even to read simple books. Varda Meyers Epstein serves as editor in chief of Kars4Kids Parenting. Learn how your comment data is processed. PLANS serves as a clearinghouse for informationon both Steiner and … such events, as well as the organization's media spokesperson. fellow members in the Skeptic Society. I wished that you could publish this statement as a counterstatement to the PLANS-interview. I am posting my response on waldorf-critics and sending it to Alex Minshew via Peter Cole. Search Cancel. Dugan is a cofounder of PLANS (People for Legal and Nonsectarian Schools), an organization that was formed to educate the public about Waldorf education. had a child in a Waldorf school. Rudolf Hess, on the other hand, was big into Anthroposophy and sought to keep the schools open. Hi Varda, Why not consider sending a donation to our Kars4Kids youth and educational programs. rhetoric and careless misinformation. from the school to a few of the local “Skeptic Society” chapters he belonged to close for financial reasons, and Snell, together with several other parent for a short period of time and developed disagreements with the Fevered emotions are necessary, because PLANS has taken on the very difficult | Dan Dugan Sound Design page || Waldorf Page | Biography Dan Dugan has always been fascinated by combinations of art and technology. Found what you just read useful? But some parents believe the separation between Steiner’s ideas and today’s Waldorf classroom is artificial. And every child has to learn it for new. intense that some individuals were victims of anonymous death threats. Steiner is one of the few extraordinary people in the history of conciousness by whom we can learn a lot and for a long time into future, to develop our mankindness. But in my experience the better Waldorf schools are those that depart from Steiner; the more Anthroposophical they are, the less competent they are." Dan Dugan is an audio-engineerby profession, and a co-founder of PLANS(People for Legal and Nonsectarian Schools), an organization formed in 1997to educate parents about the Waldorf education system. See: https://www.academia.edu/2429972/Education_for_the_National_Community_Waldorf_Schools_in_the_Third_Reich. Dugan's penchant for provocative, and Dugan has been, and remains today, a fervent (and at times somewhat strident) I have seen great successes come out of Waldorf schools (e.g. war waged against what he characterizes as “consumer fraud” in the field Some years later that project converted to activism when Waldorf schools started to get public funding as charter schools and magnet schools. “Let us bear in mind that when we do one task or another we are actually carrying out the intentions of the Gods; that we are, as it were, the vehicles for the realisation that the spirit that needs to be realised in the world [sic]; that we must not for a moment fail to feel the whole earnestness and dignity of this work.” Steiner, Rudolf. This website will give you a glimpse into his unique automixing products, some of the other things the company does, and Dan's interests.

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