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The Certificate is made up of two modules which are designed to be studied together. Catalogue Description: This course will explore the concepts, principles, and state-of- the-art methods in enterprise architectures, including architectural styles, architecture description languages (ADL), software connectors, dynamism in architectures, and architecture-based testing and analysis. Course Syllabus. Study Enterprise Architecture (EA) with our award-winning and fully-accredited online courses. EA is viewed as a program management discipline, with analysis and documentation processes used in a lifecycle. E-mail: Philip.Barnett@memphis.edu . (This textbook can be purchased from Barnes and Noble at Boston University. Enterprise Architecture for systems is being expanded and augmented to use Internet of Things communication network and aggregate data from wearable devices into Big Data collection and analytics frameworks. Virtual Classroom Live. Required Textbooks Vivek Kale, Digital Transformation of Enterprise Architecture, Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2020. Course Overview: This is an Association for Information Systems model curriculum course, which introduces the fundamentals of enterprise architecture concepts and frameworks. Syllabus on the course “Enterprise Architecture Perfecting” Approved by Programme Academic Council Process-verbal 2 from April 10, 2018 Author Gromoff A., agromov@hse.ru Credits 3 Academic Hours 114 Year of study 1 M ode of study Full-time 1. 2. Our TOGAF and ArchiMate training courses emphasize retention and practical knowledge, preparing students for exams and using their training in real-world organizations. Using Strategy Analysis (SA).Governance Analysis Using EA. Course Website: CANVAS A1 and CANVAS Z1 Course Description: 95-831 Enterprise Architectures intends to be an initial exposure to enterprise architectures, EA concepts, and foundations and to develop an understanding of how EA can be the difference between successful and scalable business … International Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management; Course syllabus; Course syllabus . Introduction to enterprise architecture, the system for relating business needs to IT structures, tools, guiding principles, and … This course provides models and mechanisms of creation of Enterprise and IT architectures that are used in Russian industry companies. Topics include but are not limited to healthcare information systems infrastructure, enterprise architecture, applications, data management, information security, telehealth, project management, and emerging technologies. In this course, you will learn; Clarify the skeleton of Enterprise like taking an X-Ray. The Course coordinators are listed on the course listing for undergraduate courses and graduate courses. Enterprise Architecture Foundation I explored the “What”, “Why”, and “Who” of Enterprise Architecture and this course will explore the “How” of Enterprise Architecture. Enterprise Architecture (EA) involves the analysis and design of an enterprise in its current and future states from strategy, business, information, and technology perspectives. ISBN: 13: 978-1-138-55378-1 This course uses The Open Group’s TOGAF Ò 9.2. Virtual Classroom Live. Syllabus and Course Information . Phone: 901.678.4880 . The second part of the course focusses on foundations and design of business and IS architecture. 57m Enterprise Architecture Foundations Course 25,585 viewers. Syllabus Information Fall 2012 Nov 06, 2020. Popular Enterprise Architecture Courses ... Syllabus. 95-831 Enterprise Architectures Syllabus Heinz College of Information Systems and Management. The on-campus session is scheduled for the weekend of February 10-12, starting at 5pm on Friday and ending Sunday at 1pm. Learning Objectives. Foundations of Enterprise Architecture . The course will include hands-on projects using cloud-based tools. Course Syllabus . Syllabus Information; DSCI 61010 - ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE; Associated Term: Fall 2012 Learning Objectives: 3~History and Overview of Enterprise Architecture*3~Enterprise architecture frameworks and emerging … CS 548 Enterprise Software Architecture and Design Syllabus The syllabus below describes a recent offering of the course, but it may not be completely up to date. There are no specific prerequisites for this course. Strategic Alignment, Activity and Workflow Modeling, and … in Landscape Architecture: Top Institutes In India, there are a large number of colleges offering a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, but some of them are considered to be good for the pursuance of the course. Class Schedule. BCS Intermediate Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture Syllabus Version 4.4 December 2016 This qualification is not regulated by the following United Kingdom Regulators - Ofqual, Jump to Today CAPSTONE SEMINAR IN DIGITAL ENTERPRISE Instructor: Zoya Kinstler. Course Syllabus Summer 2013. Category. Catalogue Description: This course will explore the concepts, principles, and state-of- the-art methods in enterprise architectures, including architectural styles, architecture description languages (ADL), software connectors, dynamism in architectures, and architecture-based testing and analysis. Text is abbreviated as “EAAS” below.) Suggestions from students are also appreciated (please email them to the instructor). In this course we review aspects of wearable technologies, including the software, architecture, UX design, communication networks, and data analytics. Course Syllabus: Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Enterprise Engineering (EE). ISBM: 978-1-59139-839-4. Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps (BSSM). An Introduction to TOGAF® Business Architecture. FA1 2019 ; Section All; 3 Credits; 07/05/2019 to 10/26/2019; Modified 08/06/2019; Course Description. FCBE 3790 M50 – Enterprise Architecture . Contact us today to find out more. Enterprise Architecture (6) Business Architecture (6) Filter By . This course sets the stage for the other courses in the certification program by introducing the history, derivations, basic concepts, theories, methods, parts and documentation frameworks upon which enterprise architecture (EA) is based. We will do this exploration by utilizing a semester long case analysis where you will get introduced to various tools and processes that have been found to be effective for enterprise architecture. Design Organization or Business clarifying responsibility or commitment relation. Spring 2020 (Last updated: 1/13/2020) Instructor: Philip Barnett . For current details about this course, please contact the course coordinator. COURSE SYLLABUS Name of Program/ Degree Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT) Course Number & Title ITSM 609 Enterprise Architecture Quarter Offered Spring 2018 Weekly Schedule Friday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Instructor(s) Dr. Mark O. Afolabi Cell: 607-368-3605 Strategic Modeling for Rapid Delivery of EA. The aim of the English-language Master"s in Big Data Systems is to train specialists who are able to assess the impact of big data technologies on large enterprises and to suggest effective applications of these technologies, to use large volumes of saved information to create profit, and to compensate for costs associated with information storage. Effective modeling is crucial requirement for successful EA. Students will familiarize with contemporary enterprise architecture frameworks, such as the Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architectures or The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF). The MPS in EABT program offers you a comprehensive education in the principles and practice of enterprise architecture by integrating strategic, business, and technology planning methods. 3. Delivery Format. The course «Enterprise Architecture Excellence» is aimed on acquiring the advanced level of knowledge in the field of Enterprise Architecture, business processing modelling and improvement. Get the training you need to stay ahead with expert-led courses on Enterprise Architecture Trending courses. 1. Credit: This is a 5-credit course. Course Description: Explore the building blocks needed to implement a life-cycle security system. Browse By. Global Knowledge offers interactive methodology and framework training to prepare you for the TOGAF 9.1 certification and gain skills to analyze and apply the technology, structure and concepts. Learning in module 1 explores elements of the risk management process, while module 2 explains how organisational culture and appetite for risk may affect the implementation of such processes. It also offers a syllabus, a diagram pack, refresher materials, a glossary and a document with links for further reading. Teaching Assistant: Takayuki Iida. A detailed class schedule … It helps to integrate and manage IT resources from a strategic and business-driven viewpoint. This course provides you with an understanding of what Enterprise Systems (also commonly termed as Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, ERPs) are. M. Arch. The second part of the course focusses on enterprise architecture models and frameworks. After learning about what these systems are, we would touch upon why these systems are useful to companies, through which you would get to see the various jobs and positions that are associated with the use … We review current and … Offered by University of Minnesota. Provide the basis for Information System Development of a given enterprise. READINGS: Suggestions for (optional) reading material will be posted on the course website as the course progresses. This course is taught as a "hybrid" via web conference plus a mandatory on-campus session. Information Systems IS420 Enterprise Architecture IS-420. Course Syllabus Summer Hybrid 2018. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2002. Prerequisites: This course is open to all students in the Masters in Computer Science and Systems program. An introduction to the design, development and operation of enterprise architecture. Use this page to maintain syllabus information, learning objectives, required materials, and technical requirements for the course. Enterprise architecture (EA) is an important enabler for strategic change as organizations seek to become more agile. Enterprise Architecture Methods.Using Business-Driven Data Mapping for Integrated Data. Course Syllabus – Enterprise Architecture Instructor: Marcia M. Nizzari (email: nizzari@bu.edu ) Text: Enterprise Architecture as Strategy by Jeanne W. Ross, Peter Weill, and David C. Robertson, Harvard Business Press 2006. The course’ syllabus integrates practical and theoretical components of the study. This module introduces you to the course’s main features, including the learning plan, course aims and objectives, and structure. Modern Enterprise Systems Course (ISE 517) offers these modern managerial methodologies so that the students can use them immediately in any function and any business, and then gradually expand their application as broader professional responsibilities are gained, all the way to the strategic leadership level of executive management. Our enterprise architecture courses provide practitioners opportunities to learn from experts with real-world experience to design capabilities that support and sustain your organizational transformation efforts. The course is structured in three parts: The first part will provide a motivation for architecture thinking in digital transformation based on an introductory case study. Learn more. Fred A. Cummins, Enterprise Integration: An Architecture for Enterprise Applications and Systems Integration.

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