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The process took 4 weeks. ‍ Wake up every Sunday morning to the week’s most noteworthy stories in Tech waiting in your inbox. Here’s what we cover in this article: Why interviewers ask this question, how to answer it, and a list of variations of the question. How similar is it to other roles at FB (e.g. Give such, you will be doing a lot of project management for which a technical background can be really useful for more effectively conversing with engineers and estimating engineering timelines. Interview Questions and Answers. And a friendly reminder, the Facebook RPM application closes tomorrow (8/10) at 5 PM PST so apply ASAP if you haven’t already ! To help you prepare for your Facebook interview I’ve put together a few tips about what you can expect, how to study and tips for each type of interview. Facebook Interview Process The FB interview process, which I understand to be similar regardless of whether you are applying as a PM or RPM, is: First Round (Phone): Recruiter screen (15 minutes) The typical APM program consists of 2 one year rotations as an associate product manager. FACEBOOK RPM PROGRAM. I think having experienced PMs who are calibrated interviewers at their companies mock interview you is the best practice experience. I think it’s because in many APM programs at other companies, you are more of a project manager than a Product Manager. I am also the co-author of Swipe to Unlock, which is a bestselling book on technology and business strategy in half a dozen languages. Who is the RPM program for?The program is meant for relatively early career stage PMs. View discussions in 1 other community. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. How did you recommend preparing for PM interviews such as Facebook’s execution and product sense rounds? I know the debrief happened the same day though so I’m just confused about how it could be delayed so much, Just means someone was lazy with interview feedback. Thank you for your interest in our program! Here’s how I prepared for these interviews, Giri Nathan. Also known as the “Past Work” interview within Facebook, you will be asked to go over 2–3 projects in detail. Manager continuity lets you have a single point of contact who you can work with to achieve professional growth and development goals. Before getting in that, let me tell you a bit about myself: My name is Parth Detroja and I have been a PM at Facebook for about 3 years now. Portfolio Review. Facebook Product Manager Interview: What to Expect and How to Prepare. Here’s how I prepped for my interviews.I just finished seven on-site interviews at Silicon Valley tech companies. Successful industry hires have previously done everything from consulting to Teach for America so don’… What’s the coolest thing about the RPM Program? You are given a very scoped out project and it’s your job to handle the execution. Product Sense: This interview will test if you can turn a big ambiguous problem space into a great product. 37K likes. Facebook RPM interview? I interviewed at Facebook (Menlo Park, CA). Photo: Chris Gardner/Getty Images. Create an account or log into Facebook. And when you’re relaxed, your interview won’t be a chore but maybe it’ll be fun! If you look on sites like Glassdoor, you can find tons of previously asked Facebook PM interview questions for both execution and product sense rounds. Every six months you will be on a different product team, solving an entirely new product challenge! Some job interview questions go far beyond the expected, "Why do you want to work here?" There’s a reason Facebook named it’s program RPM rather than APM. So I would strongly recommend playing around with the Facebook family of apps (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Oculus, Workplace) to first become familiar with our product suite. The one with the same interviewers got an offer but others in my batch got rejected already. What is the RPM program? product vision and leadership) rather than particular previous experience. LOG IN or SIGN UP. Interview. Flexport The RPM is one of several ways Facebook is trying to expand its pool of potential employees. This trip is usually comprised of three countries of your choice. Mitch McConnell, an Emperor Without Clothes? Facebook has an RPM program to help open doors to people with or without a technical degree; prior PM experience is not required. How do you recommend prepping for Facebook interviews? A well structured answer that clearly explains your thinking can help separate you from other candidates. At Facebook, PMs are given much broader scope and have strong engineering managers who they can lean on if they lack a technical background. Be the first to share what you think! Background Interview; These interviews will be spread throughout the overall process, with some repeated twice with different interviewers. An Interview With The Creators Of A Bot That Spits Out A Random NBA Play Every Three Hours. I ultimately accepted an offer for a software engineering job from Facebook. January 27, 2017 • facebook product manager interview • facebook product manager interview preparation • facebook product manager interview process • facebook product manager onsite interview • facebook product sense interview • facebook rpm interview process Candidates get hands-on experience working on projects across different products areas, and they're part of a strong internal PM community to learn how to … The good news is that the right preparation can make a big difference and help you land a Product Manager job at Facebook. Facebook, Does anyone have insight into how the Facebook RPM post-interview process works? The short answer is yes. If you don’t have experienced PMs in your network who can extensively mock interview you, I think the next best thing, or perhaps even better, is watching senior PMs from top companies be mock interviewed and then evaluated by other senior PMs to break down exactly what a 10/10 answer looks like. Why doesn’t Facebook require a computer science background like all the other top rotational programs? Best of all, what you decide to research is entirely up to you and then you get to present the findings of your research trip to all the PMs in the company during a PM all-hands! George Clooney recently sat down for a virtual interview with GQ - and in typical 2020 fashion, the interview was interrupted by his three-year-old son Alexander. The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has released the list of candidates who have been shortlisted for the interview which will be held for selection to the post of Assistant Professor. People on Reddit shared the toughest questions they've ever had to answer in an interview, from "Can you tell me a joke?" It’s because you’re not an “associate” PM. Can someone with absolutely no tech background get hired as an RPM? The questions are difficult, specific to Facebook, and cover a wide range of topics. Execution: This interview will put you in the shoes of a Facebook PM and force you to evaluate different trade-offs, figure out the right metric to track, remove roadblocks for your team etc. Some handled the questions well, while others floundered. I think something really unique about the program is after your second rotation, you get to go on a two week long research trip around the world with the other RPMs of your start date cohort. Sample interview questions and recruitment tips for job seekers. However, I think having a strong understanding of high level technical concepts and business strategy are very useful for leading engineering and crafting product strategies that solve user needs while delivering business value. A Letter to Trump Voters on Your Recent Loss, Can America’s broken politics be fixed? Facebook Important PSA: If someone on Reddit sends you a message or chat saying they can help get your account back, and will want your login information, this is a SCAM. This usually takes the form of either fresh university grads or industry hires with a couple years of previous work experience. It will typically be in the form of one very deep hypothetical “what would you build for x” with a series of follow-up questions to understand your thought process. Read the Noteworthy in Tech newsletter. All our interviewers have worked for Microsoft, Google or Amazon, you know you'll get a true-to-life experience. is there debrief, CR, or other additional rounds? However, all RPMs do their first rotation in Menlo Park regardless of their home/permanent office. At Facebook, when we get trained as product interviewers, we are specifically taught that you should never issue a HIRE decision unless that candidate is someone you’d be willing to fly across the country to convince to join your team. It’s a rotational product manager program consisting of 3 six month rotations. All of the above information are facts to the best of my knowledge. Facebook’s RPM program also lets you retain a single manager across all your rotations rather than switching managers with each rotation like in most other programs. This interview... youtu.be/G-Q9ql... 0 comments. Facebook is a company that is known for often asking interview questions that pertain to Facebook products. They are made by a collective of PMs from top companies including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and more and blow books like Cracking the PM Interview and Decode and Conquer out of the water! #7. As an active Facebook employee, I might be a little biased in my opinions but it’s worth noting I turned down offers from both Google and Microsoft to join Facebook. Zillow Group / Eng LQLM01 Apr 6, 2018 6 Comments Bookmark ... facebook twitter reddit hacker news link. Still waiting too. hide. A lot of companies have Associate Product Manager (APM) programs for new grad PMs out of undergrad. I had two onsite screening interviews. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit … This interview is meant to access if you can tactically get things done on a daily basis to build your product vision. PM interviews are really challenging. When Jasmine Xu graduated from Dartmouth in 2016, she never thought she'd have a career in tech. no comments yet. Go to company page I went to an RPM info session in late July and passed my resume off to recruiters. Someone with the exact same interviewers as me heard back already but i haven’t, and a bunch of other people in my batch day also heard back already so could there be another reason? Take a screenshot and report it to the reddit admins and send a modmail to us. Standard behavioural questions. It’s definitely been done before. This takes place in an online collaborative editor shared between you and the interviewer (or on the whiteboard if you do the initial interview in person). Successful industry hires have previously done everything from consulting to Teach for America so don’t let your lack of previous PM/tech experience deter you from applying! Facebook Interview Questions ... Our Mock Interviews will be conducted "in character" just like a real interview, and can focus on whatever topics you want. If you are short on time or just looking for a summary of all the key company info ranging from company financials to the latest publicly known product strategy roadmap, Product Alliance has great company specific study guides featuring all the must know information for all the top tech companies. Dealing with Missing Data: Practical Imputation Methods. I think a pretty big difference at Facebook is you do 3 six month rotations instead. This book is recommended to all interviewing PMs as a preparatory read at several top companies including Google, Uber and Microsoft. What could this mean and could there be a valid reason why others heard back and I haven’t?I’m a new grad, 0 TC 0 YOE, Go to company page Prepare for your Facebook RPM interview at https://candor.co/interviews. 100% Upvoted. 1/1. However, seeing exactly what a perfect answer looks like, from body language to whiteboarding structure and everything in between is an absolute gamechanger. I was contacted a week later for a 30 min phone screen with the recruiter. Does anyone have insight into how the Facebook RPM post-interview process works? Happy Halloween - sharing my experience from applying to the interviewing onsite for Facebook's Rotational Product Manager (RPM) role today! My understanding is Facebook typically hires fresh university grads for the MPK office and looks for industry hires for the Seattle, New York, and London offices. Head to Facebook Careers and search RPM to apply for the London office! FAQ. Now, time for the fun stuff —opinions. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Sort by. This is true for PMs at all companies. share. to "Why do you exist?" Facebook interview details: 7,690 interview questions and 6,552 interview reviews posted anonymously by Facebook interview candidates. The program is looking for people with the skills to be successful (eg. Some big news last week: Facebook (FB) announced that they're now accepting applications for their 2018 RPM program.There's a reason why aspiring PMs are buzzing about this: FB is one of the most coveted employers today.Here's more context from my latest book, Secrets of the Product Manager Interview: Being a Facebook employee is like graduating from Harvard. Facebook-Sign-Punch-12-08-2019-0039-1200. Locations. Temporary relocation benefits are provided for those coming to California from somewhere else. It’s a rotational product manager program consisting of 3 six month rotations. report. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. The RPM Program takes place in Facebook’s Menlo Park (MPK), NYC, Seattle and London offices. How is Facebook’s RPM Program different from APM programs? Every six months you will be on a different product team, solving an entirely new product challenge! Retail, Go to company page I applied in-person. Who is the RPM program for? It is very easy to communicate in person than over the phone and FB recruiters prefer that you pick this option if you are local. Then I would recommend reading our product release updates and watching our F8 annual product conference and just generally researching 3rd party news publishers like TechCrunch for updates on what products Facebook Inc. might be releasing in the future. Medium or message: who’s gonna be the one that saves you? This usually takes the form of either fresh university grads or industry hires with a couple years of previous work experience. Before you walk into your interview, say to yourself “I’m a boss” in the mirror. The answer is no. save. Having watched some of their videos, I was blown away by the quality of their answers. best. You are a full fledged PM tackling ambiguous hard problems! Check out our first installment of “Hole Nation Shorts.” Today’s interview is with Kaleb Hurt at the ACO Cincinnati Major. When you’re confident, you’ll be relaxed. Please note that the applications for our North American offices are now closed. )I interviewed on a batch day and some people heard back with an offer in 1 business day and others were rejected a week later but I haven’t heard anything and its been 2 weeks. Product. comments. Every six months you will be on a different product team, solving an entirely new product challenge! Apply. If you have friends or family in the PM world who are willing to mock interview you, I would recommend practicing with questions similar to those you will get in the actual interview. Facebook RPM Program is a rotational product manager program consisting of 3 six month rotations. I did my phone screen onsite , in-person. I know “high level technical concepts and business strategy” is extremely vague and not very helpful. The program is meant for relatively early career stage PMs. That’s why I teamed with two other PMs from Google and Microsoft to write the book Swipe to Unlock on the core concepts and case studies every PM should be familiar with. How similar is it to other roles at FB (e.g. During my interview, I ordered a large coffee, and then I got all jittery and sweaty. To get the latest official info and apply, follow the links below. Want to comment? As per Facebook’s official page, below are coding expections.. Where is the RPM Program? This means you get to spend more of your time figuring out the bigger picture product vision and business strategy! December 2, 2020 10:54 am. What twist of … “What’s your favorite product and why?” is a common question in PM interviews. What is the RPM program? Understanding both our current and future products as well as how they fit into the greater Facebook mission is critical for all aspiring Facebook PMs. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Market – Demand to Rise on the Back of Growing Need to Meet the Requirements of Geriatric Population November 30th, 2020 TMR Research Releases Facebook Facebook interview details: 7,688 interview questions and 6,549 interview reviews posted anonymously by Facebook interview candidates. Data, Go to company page That level of conviction leads to a pretty low offer rate so I highly recommend studying and practicing as much as possible! Several top companies including Google, Microsoft and Uber all recommend Swipe to Unlock as a preparatory read to all their PM interview candidates. Trust me when I say they blow Cracking the PM Interview and Decode and Conquer out of the water. During the PM or RPM interview, Facebook's execution questions are the most mysterious question type.It's not a surprise that failing the execution interview is the reason why many do not get the job offer. Reading good answers in those books have become tables stakes. Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/fbrpms/, — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —. Product Alliance provides just that in their Hacking the PM Interview course. This lets you get exposed to a lot more diverse product challenges on a faster time horizon. Leadership and Drive: This interview is usually comprised of 4–5 behavioral questions and is meant to help access if you can effectively lead and inspire a product team, deal with conflict, facilitate communication, etc. You can check it out here if you’d like. So don’t do that, though. by Andyy Hope I just got a developer job at Facebook. As an interviewee for an engineering position at Facebook, you’re going to have 4 or 5 interviews over the course of the day. These PMs can analyze how you interview and provide tons of useful tips, tricks, and advice from the perspective of an actual interviewer. SEE ALSO: How to Ace the Facebook Product Manager Interview (Second Edition) Introduction to Facebook's Execution Interview. Did your batch group hear back via phone or email? is there debrief, CR, or other additional rounds? All opinions below are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of Facebook or the RPM Program as a whole.

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