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If you cant, then you shouldn’t be AoEing or you’re killing monsters that are too high. Baruna sets can be upgraded to +20 for additional defense and effects. Asalraalaikum (Billposter Skill): Attack reduced by about 30% when used in PvP. More Guides: Jester Guide Ranger Guide Blade Guide. Giant Grr (Level 92 Electric) Giant Dump (Level 95 Water) Giant Antiquery [Does not drop often] (Level 93 Earth) Giant luia (Level 95 Fire) Giant Gongury [Occasionally gets stuck underneath floor and you cannot access it] (Level 98 electric) General Chimeradon (Level 98 Electric) Lv. Pink/Green Cake as well as Gold Pills are available at the Emporium. Remember, I will just be posting the builds that I have tried in playing Flyff and also discuss a few PROs and CONs for it. DCT – Formerly known as DMMT(Which stands for Decreasing of Magic Motion Time), DCT is an acronym that stands for Decreasing of Casting Time. – Spam killing is fine, you will be spam killed whether you like it or not. Dex is only ever added for hit rate and attack speed (mostly for hit rate though, because everyone can get attack speed shields now)…. These monsters attack from afar and run away everytime they need to attack. I was doing them at under 3 seconds, but I stayed there anyway, stick it out, its great exp and they’re easy to kill. When Ringmasters aren't available, higher levels will probably look for a BP to powerlevel, because of their buffs. FlyFF - Assist & Billposter 1v1 Full Guide These guides are viable and updated for the v19 version of FlyFF! At level 50 you can go farm Rockepellers (Near tranfogmas in Darken 2), which are a flying Mob, they drop +9 plugs which can sell for 30-60m depending on your server. These are also known as NPC weapons/armors. – Repeated sneaker/satanology without intent of killing is bannable, however. Apro – Short for A. Also, go 63 dex XXX str instead of 43 dex. If they don’t have lgaxes, you’ll probably win. The HP and MP sunglasses are useful for PvP though, and some of them look pretty nice too. There are also items that spawn in certain areas which are also questitems, but they cannot be traded/dropped/put in private shop/mailed in most cases, and can’t make petfeed. If you can’t kill under 10 seconds, go to a different mob. I’d imagine a lot more than 20b. Rings dropped from ordinary monsters will always be +0. You should use (In order of importance) after level 90: Critical-> ADOCH -> STR -> Attack Speed -> DEX -> Attack. All classes may use previous class weapons. You can survive without stone hand in most leveling areas, with 15 stam, a +3 set and no heals. Flyff Ringmaster Armor Source(s): 0 0 ImranF Lv 4 1 decade ago Depending on your stat build, you could go either way. Any good awakened NPC set, level 30 set or level 15 set is better to use than this set for 1v1 leveling. At 77 or 78, I reccomend you go to pinkies in dekane mine. Go to bangs or go to the Mars Mines. It doesn’t. Crit – Short for “Critical”, this is the most important awakening and bonus gained from items. There are many types of rings, the ones that people only use are Stam Rings, Intelli rings, Vigor rings and Arek rings. 6:58. Because a historic knuckle will provide slightly faster kill times, and is a lot cheaper than an a glove. This means 50k+ crits with over 60% critical. Knights. They have 32% critical and do something like 40-70k crits, not sure if that’s with a red scroll or not. This page was last modified 12:04, 19 October 2018. Then those two stats are not factors. Mobs to skip: Ivliness mobs Wheelems (The ones in Garden of Rhisis) Scorpicons (Also in Rhisis) Any mobs that use Ranged attacks Burcrows. Max mental, quick step, cats reflex and prevention. Which can make it useful for leveling. This is because it may spawn too close to the building. At around 64/65, go to sylicas, these guys hit hard so element your suit as well as your knuckle with electric. Suits go up to 4/4 and Weapons/Shields go up to 10/10. Reward: Experience NOTE: Many people can’t pick up the book. Same method of killing as above. They level slower than AoE BillPosters, 2. Flyff - HERO Billposter vs. Clockworks Teil 1 von 2 - Duration: 6:58. They also make you look good. It doesn’t do very well, it kills the slowest, just over BJs and 1v1 BRMs. Asalraalaikum (Billposter Skill): Attack reduced by about 30% when used in PvP. If there’s one thing billposters excell at, that is PvP. They’re ridiculously bad in PvP versus most classes. Unknow Error 2. But the spawn at places like Gonguries and Luias are disgusting, even for 1v1. Especially in the arena. You can also get cloaks from most event boxes, events and you can get useless ones that are just for looks from a guild. Register Instead of going through all the green sticks, here are the ones that might be considered useful: A good stick, awakened stick is still better though. This is basically to set up for the second part of the quest at level 60. Prevention for giants is when they reach a certain HP, they will use what looks and acts like the assist skill “Prevention” being activated, and will have half its HP recovered. Chances are, if you don’t have good HP or block, they will one hit you if they’re level 90+. Sonic Hand (You can max sonic before you max asal if you want), Quickstep (You can max quickstep before you max mental if you want). After you have those, do whatever you want with your points really. It is also very important you have a leech as a 1v1er (See FAQ), otherwise leveling will be really slow and boring. Level 30/15/1 set? These are affected by attack piercings, as it is “Additional Damage” and not just raw attack which a dragon gives you. Armor is the equipment that a person can wear, it is generally preferred by the players to use 'sets' which are special pieces of equipment that can add statistics. For a Suit, you can use Lighning, Vacuum, Ocean, Volcano or Earthquake cards. These can be upgraded using moonstones and Aprotects up to +20. Don’t get it, it isn’t worth the price tag and the Bloody Knuckle is good enough for PvP. These add +100 hp and +10% speed, which helps you in the arena and when you’re leveling. The duel arena is no longer used, and will most likely be empty. Billposters are an elite class of melee fighters which use all their skills to deal maximum damage. That kind of equipment is hideously expensive. MP set, for Asal (Any set awakened with MP on each part and pierced with mp cards), 3. But that’s assuming everyone in the test has average equipment. 3. They drop +9 from flying mobs, and are pretty cheap (20m-50m each depending on server). Stamina is not usually added to “1v1” Billposter builds, as it is not necessary since you don’t do a lot of tanking. Sell all element 1-20 cards for 100k each in an AFK shop, and all D, C, 2%, 3% and 4% cards at whatever price you like. 8% in 1 hr is my EoT, which means I get roughly 8% exp after every hour of leveling). A style of leveling that requires you to “gather” or “lure” a bunch of monsters, and then kill them all at once. Whether you want, or don’t want to play a 1v1 BillPoster is entirely your choice. Continue AoEing mobs 0-3 levels higher, go further if you have good equips and can manage over 1.5k burstcracks and tank at least 8 mobs. There are a couple of quests you can do, to get to 62, but whatever, I’ll assume you don’t do them. For suit piercings, I recommend at least using 4% cards, which can range from 1-10mill depending on the server. Watch out for the ones with maxed stonehand though, they may get a lucky stun in. Masks include sunglasses, and masks (orly). At level 86 stay at mutant augus, till around 87-88, then to princes till level 90. Sell all +0 jewelry for 100k each. So you’ll need some decent HP, at least 5k, they’re not that hard. Because those are the only sets that provide bonuses that significantly increase your kill time. In a stick, we look for(in order of importance) Intelligence (Which adds to buff timers), DMMT (Faster buffs) and Decreasing of MP usage (Cannot be awakened, but helps for lower levels). Shaduwar has terrible spawns, but asuras can get crowded sometimes. Picking your fights – “Knowing is Half the Battle”. Too low, and you get bad exp per monster, resulting in lower exp over time. 1. The block you get from dexterity is negligible, as is the critical % you receive. Alext/Ales. 20% experience, especially at higher levels, is a lot of time saved. The other being an RM, which is mostly a Support or AoE class, but does have [inferior] 1v1 capabilities. It refers to a Billposter with Blade-like damage. Simple as so.== Introduction ==Merk-Only Rms are f… These give no special stats, and can usually be bought from the NPC. Captains should still be okay, but I still prefer young sylicas. At that level, I personally recommend you keep C and 3% cards (no FP or MP cards please) to turn them into B cards, if you’re lucky it’ll work and you could sell the B card for around 5m. Billposter / Force Master Removed the INT from Arezzo's Soulreaver and Netherbane sets Ringmaster / Seraph Decreased Auto-Attack's modifier Other changes The following dungeons have been moved to level 160 and have had You can use either set for AoEing if you wish (It gives a lot of defense), but it is inferior for 1v1 as compared to an awakened set, talin/sayram set or sardine/curus set. Also known as face items. The person leeching also receives a free Plvl which is good too. It looks a treat though. This set is also known as the ClockWorks set, because it drops from ClockWorks. Should I use a Hknuckle or LGGlove? Queen Popcrank (Level 105 No element) Giant Glaphan (Level 107 Wind) Giant Dantalian (Level 110 No Element) Giant Battle Toadrin (Level 110 Fire) Troglodon Warlord (Level 113 Wind) Great White Bolo (Level 116 Fire) Giant Araknoid (Level 119 Water) Colonel Club-tailed Reptilion (Level 120 Wind). If you wish, you can continue farming questies at Irens (81-83), Watangka’s (84-86), Antiqueries (87-89), Luias (90-93) and Gonguries (93-95). Ringmasters are best at buffing and healing, and make the best “leeches” or partners. RHISIS SERVER: Purchase at least 10,000 worth of Cash in FlyFF … Hey there! This set is also good for low-leveled PvP in the arena or guildwars or something. Most LG weapons aren’t worth over 30mill, with the only exception being Lgaxes, which sell for over 600mill on most servers. Piercing is done via any weapon NPC in a town. Mobs that run away at low health aren’t too much of a bother as a 1v1er. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help Much worse, they will sneaker and use position lag to their advantage (If they look like they’re doing it intentionally, and they look like they’re using a slash+keenwheel combo from far away, then you may be able to report them) Most of the time, they can tank your asal, so MP gear will help most in these fights. 5. There’s a giant Jack Hammer (Level 33) that drops +3 jewelry fairly often, which you can sell for 3-5m, I recommend you start farming them (If you want to) at level 30. If you don’t have maxed hit rate, then this knuckle is not worth buying. Chances are they won’t have good HP in asal/DMMT gear. For giants, you will be mainly farming them for LGAxes, which is definitely worth it. They have dark illusion, and if you don’t have much HP you will get owned by a charged shot or HoP. Giant Glaphan (Level 107 Wind) Queen Popcrank (Level 105 No Element). Flyff Online เร องการต บวกช ด อาว ธ ปล กความสามารถไอเท ม (อ พใหม ) - Duration: 9:09. – You will be killed for no reason. Two of these +3 will give you 20% block, which can help a lot when versing blades, bowjesters and rangers. You stand to gain much, much more from 10 str than you do 10 dex. Alext/Billist set, highly upgraded and pierced for more HP/Block, 6. A BillPoster is one of the second class you can choose when you get to level 60 as an Assist. Spawn can also be used as a verb, as in “To Spawn” where you force monsters to appear. CS – An acronym that stands for Cash Shop. Unless of course you plan to go master/hero, in which case you have one last quest to do at 120. This set also adds +10% MP which can increase the damage of asal. Fly for Fun Cheapest Classes Guide by ace [#1 Strength AoE BP] Male and Female in Level 71 NPC Billposter Armor. After you become too high for Giant Jack Hammers and Vice Veduques, At level 44 you can begin farming the Tomb Stone Bearer Giant, which drops +5 gore necklaces and +11 mental necklaces/Peisoin necklaces. Earings dropped from ordinary, non-flying monsters are always +0. Alext set, shurand set and all of those are useless. A party can choose to become advanced at level 10, once you make it into an advanced party you can change the exp distribution to “Contri” and change the name of the party. Armour will be sorted from lowest level to highest, Bonuses include: 1/4: No effect 2/4: Def+15, DEX+3 3/4: Def+33, DEX+3, FP+10%, MP+10% 4/4: Def+33, DEX+3, FP+10%, MP+10%, Atk Speed+10%. •Armor Set Tenshi Set (Lvl300) -> Titan Set (Lvl300) -> Celestial Champion Set (Lv300) (Be it Tenshi or Titan or Celes , Asal DMG only gets increased from Str / Mp% and Flat MP , Increased Attack or PvP% Doesnt Affect Asal, keep in mind) Most 1v1 BRMs will also choose to use the sardine set instead of the talin set. Mobs – In FlyFF, Mobs are also known as Masquerpets or Monsters. Sonic helps here. … 1-15_Guide. It is better for PvP and “Giant” hunting. In every case, how much HP you have is dependent on whether you will win or not. Versus much higher leveled knights, I’d recommend you stun them or asal them first, since they will be able to kill you. Mp and DMMT gear won’t make you look very good though, CS clothes might help here if you have spare money. Giants are special mobs that have a high rate of dropping “Blue” or NPC weapons/armor/shields, jewelry and sometimes even greens. You can also try and be a jerk, where you stick to the sidelines and go asal them when they least expect it. On the other hand, an AoE (Area of Effect) BillPoster gathers a large amount of mobs (masquerpets/monsters) and then tanks their damage and kills them all simultaneously. These aren’t really useful for leveling, but they help in the arena if you don’t want to fight with someone because it shows that you’re rich. I prefer critical, then attack speed, then attack. I recommend you invest in attack speed awakened gear for them. If they don’t have good block, you can just melee otherwise spam sonic. – Make sure you have maxed hit rate/over 90% a.speed. File:Alextset.gif Level Defense Alext Set (Male) Ales Set (Female) File:Alesset.gif; Icon Name Icon Name 75: 227 - 228 File:Alext Helmet.gif: Alext Helmet File:Ales Helmet.gif: Ales Helmet 283 - 285 File:Alext Boots.gif: Alext Boots File:Ales Boots.gif: Ales Boots 368 - … Leveling Jewelry. Shields are pieces of armour that are equipped on your off-hand, or the hand that you aren’t using your knuckle with. Then click your cluster forum. 1)Tears of mother Talk to Porgo. Only if you have funds though. 1 Common Armor Sets 1.1 Henen/Heintis 1.2 Rokai/Rokhantia 1.3 Spacon/Spimel 1.4 Decasron/Merian 1.5 Claien/Violin 2 Rare Armor Sets 2.1 Katria/Kanarin … Saying that someone can’t use a skill in the arena is arrogant and just makes you seem stupid. It’s always best to just change a party to advanced, because “Contri” is always better than a level party. Want to talk about something cluster related? You could probably sell Shuhamma questies for over 500k each as well, but they would take longer to sell. 9. These monsters will attack you when you go close to them. Getting an FS assist partner with maxed GT is also a good idea. You should be killing under 10 seconds.Try and buy a steel knuckle (See Knuckle Section) and a good attack speed shield. View individual skill pages for detailed information and skill animations After Azria, you’ll eventually need to move to the Tower or Shaduwar. A 1v1 BP has no need for any of these things, therefore you should not add any points to this. As soon as you reach level 30, Start fighting mobs 4-8 levels higher. The Popcrank Giant doesn’t have “prevention” or doesn’t “food”, in that it doesn’t recover it’s HP. Every time you level, you receive two points that you can put towards any stat. This is useful for PvP and somewhat useful for leveling, as it reduces the time it takes to walk between each mob. I prefer ADOCH. 3)Facts of Mia Talk to the Mayor of SaintMorning. Sometimes called accessories. Cash Shop Clothing can be blessed, however. By now you should at least have vigors+9 and demols+12, if you have trouble making money, look to the money making section. Armor. Please Note Upgrading jewelry should be one of your last priorities. The best or second best choice, depending. Each pet has 5 levels, these are: D, C, B, A and S. D being the starting level and S being the highest. Money Making – A level by level guide on making money without buying gpotatoes. Keep your pet out when your active, always feeding it, making sure the pet and yourself doesn’t die, 2. Good for AoE, good for gianting, good for PvP. Billposters are one of the few classes in the game able to equip Shields for an added defense bonus. You will also do your last non-quest office quests in these levels. Not enough defense! Please note, that if you find that you keep dying, you may consider buying an alext set to use…I didn’t need it, you shouldn’t either, but some people have trouble. If they follow you to another server and spam kill you there as well, then you can report them. Just if you feel like AoEing, they’re good to use. Only kill young sylicas, captains run away and normals use ranged attacks. There are three types of necklace. What to use: Speed gear, DMMT, 1v1 stuff or HP gear. 4. RM – Short for Ringmaster, RMs are the one of the two second class option for an assist. +9 rings, +12 earrings and +6/+19 necklaces should be the highest you ever go for a LONG time. I never recommend reducing anything except the LGGlove if you plan to use it. If you choose to use the Talin set, then I still recommend using this from level 15 to level 30, it speeds up leveling. And whilst you are leveling there, try and get a fighting partner (instead of an FS/RM), and make sure you don’t open ANY eggs at all, they spawn aggro pinkylarvae, which give less exp and do lots of damage as well. When upgrading an element higher than +3 you need to use a spro to prevent it from breaking when it fails. If you continue to do so, the punishments will become far worse. Usually depends on who’s better in pvp, who has a better connection/computer and who has better equips/build. Houses are useless, absolutely useless. So it’s up to you. I personally define a Bladeposter as anyone with over 80% adoch and over 55% critical, as these are the stats that any blade can achieve with a clean, unawakened and un-pierced Dayst/Dest set and Lgaxes. Why didn’t you mention anything about Houses? They drop well, so it’s definitely worth it. If they don’t use satan: Use either HP or DMMT gear. These armors and weapons are usually the best armors and weapons to equip, but not all of them are. Builds – 1v1 BillPoster Stat Builds and an explanation of Stats, 3. The tower has very large spawns, which is great because it means less walking. – Do not gloat, do not brag, do not put other people down. 6. [GUILD SIEGE] Guilds are only able to win twice in a row. For piercings, always use Electric Cards B or A. Baruna sets can be upgraded to +20 for additional defense and effects. The dex is also helpful for hit rate and attack speed. The bonuses furniture provides is mediocre at best and the furniture is timed, which means it will disappear after 15 or 30 days. Good at gianting, ClockWorks, and perhaps even Meteo [Therefore a good source of income], 3. For piercings, continue using Electric cards B or A. At level 45, you can also start leveling in the Ivliss Dungeon, at Red Otems. The word BillPoster comes from the “posters” or enchanted scrolls they use to cast a number of their skills. Dex should never be added in order to get more dodge. 1/4: No effect 2/4: Def+19, INT+5 3/4: Def+47, INT+5, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15% 4/4: Def+47, INT+5, FP Consumption-15%, MP Consumption-15%, Crit Rate+10%. In case someone attacks you, you’ll be quick to respond. Boo [Guardian weapons] (Level 77 Electric) Carrierbomb (Level 77 Fire) Hoppre (Level 80 Water) Mushpoie (Level 83 Electric) Iren (Level 86 Fire) Watangka [no Prevention] (Level 89 Earth) Level 85 Rangda (Level 85 Water). You only add dexterity for more hit rate and attackspeed. Attack adds directly to your damage, and is not affected by piercings of any sort. CW sets are the only sets that have different bonuses for Male and Female, each class has a CW set of its own. Darkon is by far the largest continent in Madrigal.It houses almost all endgame content. 1. For 1v1, it’s good if you don’t have maxed hit rate, and is worth buying if you don’t, but it’s a lot more expensive than the Historic Knuckle, so chances are if you can afford this, you can afford a 20dex awakened talin helm, a 2/2 shield and a 3/3 knuckle (This will put you at maxed hit rate with 40 base dex and maxed cannonball/accuracy), 322-324 Additional Damage of Critical Hits+38%, Atk Speed+10%. The billposter on the other hand, is arguably the best tanker in the game, the best PvPer and one of the fastest levelers. At level 60 after job change you should have: Haste, beef, heap, stone (level 19), burst crack, prevention (18) and amsodeus maxed or at the specified level. (Taken From Flyff Wiki) So here is your build: STR:XXX STA:120 INT:15 DEX:15. If they have high damage and decent crits as well as HP, you can use your HP gear and try and tank, then stun…Or use DMMT gear and try and get in an asal. Why should I use a Yakadain Knuckle instead of a Guardian Knuckle. Demols, vigor rings and Gore Necklaces are also commonly used for BPs. In the last case, RMs would most likely just restat from a FS build, since a lot of partners end up cheating their FSes out of CW drops. Obviously use hknuckle before that. You should use (In order of importance) before level 90: Attack Speed -> Critical -> ADOCH -> Dex -> STR -> Attack. Block Rate – How much you block. If you choose to AoE, go back to Jack the Hammers or Redmantis ‘A’s (Near giggle boxes) and use your AoE on them (More information on AoE in the FAQ). Maybe with some nice DMMT gear you’ll be able to asal them before they kill you since Asal will almost always range a little even if you don’t want it to. Unicorn and/or behemoth (Unicorn is better in my opinion, but Behemoth helps with leveling as well), 4.

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