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FYI: In the light the filter looks filthy but it's a metallic mesh that doesn't reflect light well. around ceiling boxes. Sounds like your HVAC mix flaps are coming apart and the foam is coming out. What causes the Air conditioner to blow black greasy foam out of the vents? I would be suprised if someone with an older car had not seen this. It degrades over time and will either come shooting out through your vents or it will fall into the fan wheel in the same housing making a … I figure it is foam from the air ducts but was curious if anyone had tried to get into the air duct and remove what was left of the foam to keep it from blowing it out all over the place? The steam or vapor collected during the process of condensation could have made its way out when the air hit it. The link referenced above has disappeared from it's original website, and is only online in PDF format here: I'm glad there's a write up for this. Dis-assembling and re-assembling these joints may aggravate the problem. In may case, the problem was likely due in part to me taking the dash apart a couple of times for various reasons. Not sure what could be causing the odor. Dad marched them all out to the backyard on that hot afternoon to see if the air conditioner was running. I opened the front where you can remove the filter but it doesn't not allow access to where I see the styrofoam, which is right under the air vents on the top. I just use my pocket kife to get the pieces out of the vents. Turn off the power and double-check with a voltage sniffer. After +/- 20 years, that foam deteriorates and delaminates from the adhesive tape, eventually getting pulled into the ductwork via vacuum and ultimately out of the dash vents onto your seats and center console. I have this problem. It could be frost or water or styrofoam from the inside case. Jul 27, 2018 at 4:16 AM #2 #2. For a long time it was nothing, and then lots of foam (which I picked out from behind the vents) and now it is back to nothing. What causes this and is it worth fixing? dumb question, i know where the air filter is, but where's the cabin filter? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts ... Take it in to the dealership...if you got vermin in there...let them fix it Just let em know that you put the ac on and crap starting coming out of the vent. Its been coming out of my vents for like 5 years now. Looks good, no evidence of critters and the material of the cabin filter doesn't look like the foam strips coming out of the vents. For example, an air conditioning unit could be leaking because of torn insulation foam on the refrigerant feeding line. 986 Forum - for Porsche Boxster & Cayman Owners,, why did this happen? What to do: The best thing to do is to trace the leak and find where it … This is premium Porsche engineering. 1 reply Report. That was it! I 'm finally ready to fix this puppy! Holy crap Batman. When the sponge material gets old and begins to dry out, some of it may separate and get blown out of the vents. I agree. I tried activating the footwell vents (together with the main vents) which seem to reduce the air coming out of the top vents to a … 15 years of experience. My 2001 626 v6 has started blowing black stuff out of the registers either when using my AC or when it sits idle for any length of time. The odorless, white steam or smoke coming out of your air conditioner is probably excess water stored in the heater box. So I'm not going to mess with it. Member Meir Schwartz did an excellent write up on replacing the foam. The foam has disintegrated to the point that the flaps which direct the airflow are no longer covered making the dash controls useless. I noticed that there is styrofoam inside the air conditioner where I cannot get at it to remove it. If it really bothers you, you could have the sponge material replaced, but some disassembly of the dashboard is required to do this. Install the new air conditioner foam. When I picked up a piece of it and crushed it in my hand, it would disintegrate into almost a powder-like substance. Cut the insulation to fit using a utility knife. Sprayed ant killer around vent and seemed to solve the problem but when we got back home they came out again. I am most interested in this fix, and will see if I can tackle it! What year/model Camry are we talking about? I checked the cabin filter just now. There are foam pieces (called as padding) inside the blower assembly, for preventing rattles and also for improving cooling efficiency. Repairing Dash Heater/AC Vent Problem: First, the dash air conditioner and heater fan starts blowing pieces of foam out the ducts. Once the glued ends touch, you can’t get them apart again. >> >> Spraying through the front grill is probably not doing a very good job. So far, I can't find a link that shows how to take the dash apart. My 95 Camry has done this some in the past. These joints are "sealed" with a sponge type material. I "clean" it out occasionally, but I'm wondering if this is an indicator of something failing, perfectly normal, something that can be fixed, etc. Come to think of it, not a single person in the happy family could remember the last time that they had actually noticed air coming out of the vents. The joints, in my perspective, are designed well and shouldn't leak much even if the sponge material comes out. Car was Texas car. Over time[15 years] the foam was falling apart and would crumble when you touch it. Mar 06, 2015 | 1998 Honda Accord. some times they use pieces of foam to seal plastic duct joints. you can check your cabin filter and area for rotting seal material. It's not as dirty as it looks. unless you really lose a lot of volume of air dont worry about it. I can visually see some of it "clogged" in the end of the vents. OOOH! Think the problem has been solved. 2002 Cadillac Seville. 92 400E is shooting out tiny pieces of deteriorating foam foam from the A/C and defrost vents when you turn AC or heater or defrost on. Second, the dash air conditioning is no longer very cold. Automotive Network, Inc., Copyright ©2020. Foam pieces coming out of vent! June 10, 2013. Here is a DIY fix: That will be a job for the next owner of this car. Several stress points are located in an air conditioning system, including weld points along the copper lines leading into and out of the home. Pro tip: Intumescent foam works best to seal large gaps (larger than 1/8 in.) TorRed 2007 Charger R/T, … Just wanted to make sure this foam wasn't some kinda air filter. Dealing With the Black Dust Surrounding your Air Vents Black Dust Around Air Vents - Have you ever wondered what the black dust is on the ducts and ceiling or the black stuff pouring out of your air conditioner vents is? The motor is in the center of the truck inside attached to the heater and has arms on it to move the heater and ac doors. I don't think Germany gets warm and moist very often. Looks like the foam surround that goes around the blower motors and AC doors is deteriorating and blowing out the vents. BartMaster1234 American Auto Horns. I had another piece of foam appear in mine the other day, but the AC still works great (the Camry AC has to be the coldest I've ever experienced). My car is shooting foam, but the AC still works good and so does the heat. oh yes... Camry AC is just outta this planet! I think most of it was caused by dust and the fact that the people smoked. It is bad or the vacuum line has come off or is broken. Help I have foam coming out of my a/c vents Anyone know why or how to fix Dlm0369, Jul 27, 2018 #1. toothpicks are good to have handy as well. At what intervals should the Air filter(s) be replaced/cleaned? Re: Foam pieces coming out of A/C vents! My Texas car shoots copious amounts of nasty stuff formerly identified as foam. The joints fit together pretty tightly, so I don't think this would ever become a problem. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); One or two small piece(s) of brown colored sponge collect once in a few days on the inside of the AC vent(s) (esp. I guess when the foam ages out it does it all at once. Wrap insulating foam pipe sleeves around the exposed areas of the pipe. No way do I have patience to do that! Asked by JMike in Mount Pleasant, SC on . I wasn't too worried about the foam, just concerned about the odor emanating from the vents when the fan is on but the AC off. What is the Black Dust Around Air Vents? And not only that, but are you wondering if it is hygienic But the foam drips out as it expands and is difficult to remove after it cures. I try to turn it on full blast like once a month to keep stuff from building up, so when i do use it, me or my passenger doesnt get an eyeful of it. Although being in FL I rarely turn it on. The A/C works fine except that it now blows black greasy foam out of the vents everytime it is in use. Disintegrating Foam Coming Out of Air Vents MKIV Jetta TDI I have a MKIV Jetta TDI and it has started to spew disintegrating foam from the air vents. Just behind the vents, the ductwork joins in with the vents. They used foam tape during factory assembly to seal the joints on the ductwork. Foam shooting out of AC vents occasionally at startup, when the AC kicks in real hard, it'll blow that foamy stuff out of the AC vents. Well, it's like one small piece a week. So far, I can't find a link that shows how to take the dash apart. foam filter coming apart. I can visually see … I wouldn't be concerned with it unless you notice a decrease in air coming out of the vents. Yup, I've got the same problem.... foam coming out of the vents and air coming out of the top vents blowing at the windscreen, even though those vents were not selected. WHY IS FOAM BLOWING OUT A/C VENTS - 1971 beetle type 1, just had the 1600cc engine rebuilt, picked it up yesterday was driving today and a spark plug shot out of its mount stripping the threads on the engine. Not only will this dirty the room, it allows impurities to flow freely through the AC's components, opening the unit up to clogged components and eventual repairs. While at a campground we had ants coming out of the rear AC roof vent by our 1/2 bath. Slip the new air conditioner foam over the tubing and on top of the cork tape. Commonly, it is a sign of a restricted drain hole that needs cleaning. occasionally at startup, when the AC kicks in real hard, it'll blow that foamy stuff out of the AC vents. >> You have to take it out of the case so you can flood the coil and >> possible the … Most of the time, rats enter the car from Fresh Air intake vent, and end up chewing these foams. Be careful. Then remove the light fixture, spread a drop cloth to protect the floor below and inject the foam. when I turn up the air real high) inside the car. Seems like mine occasionally develops an odor when the weather is cool and damp. When the air is turned on, foam comes shooting out of the vents. Regarding the odor from the Air Vents... should I get the Air system checked, the inlet, the air filter, etc.? I think I'll suffer with the foam shooting out. When the ac unit was running the seal was loose and air would seep back into the attic around the vent. Replacing the foam looks about as easy as replacing the piston rings. I took it out of the box and removed exterior styro foam, etc. The joints fit together pretty tightly, so I don't think this would ever become a problem. Purchased room bombs and sprayed directly into AC intake and then placed on the floor. I purchased a brand new Haier air conditioner yesterday. When your car was put together the A/C ducts and blend doors had a small foam strip attached to them to seal them better. when im not using the air for a while.. Then I don't worry about it and just go on with life. There isn't much freon in the unit to begin with so if it was freon it would not be cooling anymore. Personally I wouldn't recommend taking the dash apart to fix it, unless you are noticing a decrease in air delivery. I have a 2003 vw bug and it's blowing black pieces of foam out the defroster as well as the actual vents on the dash. As the vehicle ages, the foam strips’ glue will dry out and they will start to fall off and blow out small pieces out the vents. It seems that this problem is more common with cars in warm, moist areas: Texas, Florida, Louisiana etc. I had another piece of foam appear in mine the other day, but the AC still works great (the Camry AC has to be the coldest I've ever experienced). So I'm not going to mess with it. OTOH, if it s 4tarted in the 2nd year, another reason to think Ed is right. Remove the adhesive liner, align the edges and press the seam together as you go. When the fan blows after the unit is turned on for the first time in years, parts of the rotted air filter blow out of the cooling vents. Puddles can cause slipping hazards, mold buildup, and other problems. If you go to all the trouble of taking the dash apart I would check this door also... Bob. Its the foam insulation that surrounds the recirculation flap (which is located in the housing underneath your cabin filter in the rain tray).

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