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To ensure that it’s completely dry, you should defrost the fridge for a week before you transport the fridge into storage. Would baking soda suffice? Beer like other things have a use by date. Corey's articles have appeared in Garden Guides, Travels and other websites. What I use for desiccant is a large bowl with a mixture of rice, salt, and baking soda in it. Access over 55,000 pro writers and editors. Clean the refrigerator with warm water and a soapy sponge. This means that an unplugged refrigerator can provide a suitable habitat for mold growth. Mold can grow in the fridge if the condition is ideal. It worked fine before, but now it's been plugged in for - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The first step in the mold and mildew removal process is clear out your refrigerator upon discovering any mold and/or mildew deposits. It's been unused and unplugged for about 6 months I've cleaned up with warm soapy water, warm Water and soda crystals, disinfection spray, left it unplugged still with doors open several hours. To help you out, the team at RestoPros has created a list of ways to prevent mold in your fridge. Fortunately, it is not difficult to get rid of mold and mildew in your refrigerator. When storing a refrigerator (fridge) one of the greatest concerns is mold. The moisture and lack of ventilation in a refrigerator provide ideal conditions for mold growth, and some of the types that grow on food can be harmful; they produce toxins that cause allergic reactions and even cancer. I haven't had any problems with mold or mildew. Leave the door closed. If odors remain, leave the fridge door open for several days or as long as possible to provide air circulation. Only pay if you’re 100% satisfied! While refrigerator mold can be very annoying to deal with, it is also very easy to avoid. This tray can also be a mold magnet if you do not clean it regularly. Mold grows easily in dark, damp areas. There is a risk it will be in such a state when removed from your storage that it can no longer be used. Corey specializes in writing about pets, interior decorating, health care, gardening, fashion, relationships, home improvement and forensic science. Stir the solution until the baking soda appears completely dissolved in the water. This prevents mold and mildew growth even when unplugged. how to clean mold out of a fridge how to clean a fridge that has been unplugged The following article will show you how to clean refrigerator properly, but do not forget to familiarize yourself with the instructions given by the producer. Step 7: Plug the fridge back in. Repeat as needed and be sure to throw away any paper towels and wash all rags that come into contact with the mold (use hot water and detergent!). No setup fees. I am a college student, and I unplugged my fridge to defrost it when I went home for winter break like I was told to, but I shut the door before I left and forgot about an open jar of mayo in there. It is easier to keep mold out of an unplugged refrigerator before it starts to grow than it is to clean it up after the mold has had a chance to grow. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Winner of HubSpot’s App of the Year Award. Prop the door open by wedging a chair or other heavy object in the way to keep it from closing. 2. I would have just let the fridge on during break, but if you need to leave it unplugged, use something in the hinge to block the door from shutting, or tape a plastic cup or something so the door can't close. A small saucer of baking soda will help remove any remaining smell. A great environment for mold to grow has been created- no air circulating, mild temperature and plenty of moisture so mold can grow on plastic or residual food. Mold grows easily in dark, damp areas. Also the potential odor could be a problem. I don't see any more mold and I opened windows and aired it out. To get rid of odors from the mold and mildew you can mix 1/4 cup baking soda with 1 qt. 2. Mold will easily grow in an unplugged refrigerator. Let us assume that you are preparing to go for a long vacation (3 weeks and above) vacation, and you want to leave your fringe unplugged. You’ve unplugged the computer and entertainment center, just in case of electrical surges. Cover the bottom of a small bowl with a layer of oil and place the bowl in the fridge. Remove all the shelves, drawers and covers you can from the refrigerator and freezer. Cleaning a refrigerator with mold and mildew is never pleasant, but for your own safety it is essential. Before you get started cleaning the mold out of your freezer, be sure the appliance is unplugged. Mould can be caused by food debris and can spread throughout your fridge. When items are warm and then cold and then warm again they will start to taste different or go flat. It becomes worse, especially when the door of the refrigerator is closed. Turn off a refrigerator. Put on rubber gloves and mix 1 cup of laundry bleach with 1 gallon of warm water in a bucket. A few times a day, use a hairdryer on high-hot to heat the oil and diffuse it throughout the inside of the fridge while the fridge is running. Besides, when the fridge is unplugged, the temperature starts rising, and the moisture is retained. Check the fridge over on the inside, checking the fridge and the freezer areas of it to find out where the mold is growing. Mold growth will give the interior of a refrigerator an offensive odor and may leave stains that require a lot of effort to remove. RV Lifestyle Consultant Randy Murray offers a helpful suggestion for when your camper refrigerator is not in use. I accidentally unplugged our fridge/freezer for two weeks while we were gone for Christmas, and when we came back, the entire interior was coated in mold. is to buy an ounce of pure cinnamon oil. Under this situation, there is a recommended step to follow. We’re talking … Before you clean your fridge, remove all food and unplug it. All our experts are also professional writers in the Zerys network! How long was the fridge unplugged? Re-wet and wring out the rag as needed. Plug the refrigerator back in when you’re done – if you unplugged … Mix a solution … No monthly fees. Today I see that the smell is still very strong. Some molds are an integral part of the food on which they grow, like the mold that makes blue cheese or the white mold that forms a thin layer on the outside of hard salami. If you already have mold growing in your fridge that's been unplugged for a while, it will have that musty smell which is hard to ignore. Submerge a clean rag into the mixture and wring it out. Mold growth will give the interior of a refrigerator an offensive odor and may leave stains that require a lot of effort to remove. She received a B.A. If there’s mold, you can remove it with 1 tablespoon of … When you close the door to your refrigerator and allow the temperature inside to rise, it becomes a mold-producing machine. This will kill any dormant mold spores that might begin to grow when the power is off and the refrigerator's interior warms. I keep seeds and other stuff in there and mice and bugs can't get into it. 1. Rinse the surfaces afterward with a wet towel. It's a good idea to turn the power off at the circuit breaker just to avoid any potential hazards. Dry the refrigerator and freezer with clean paper towels. How do I clean a messy room that seems out of control. Food sat in there for five weeks in a unplugged fridge. The trick for mold inside of the insulation, etc. But mold in the refrigerator can be dangerous; such molds ruin food and can cause negative health effects ranging from allergic reactions to cancer. Add 1 quart of warm water to the container. I have a refrigerator that I thoroughly cleaned out and washed with soap/baking soda, and let thoroughly dry. Take particular care with the door seals and any small crevices in the fridge. This provides air circulation and will further aid in preventing mold from growing in an unplugged refrigerator. This environment is suitable for bacteria and microorganisms. That being said, if you're confident that you could completely clean out and deodorize a used fridge… Leave the refrigerator open for a few days, if possible. Use this guide to prevent mold from growing in your refrigerator. How to get rid of musty smell from unused fridge freezer? How To Prepare To Unplug A Fridge. How long was the mold present. See the attached photos. warm water. I got lysol multipurpose and scrubbed out the interior as best I could. Since some mold is dangerous to human health, with a few exceptions, you should discard any food in the refrigerator wit… About once every couple of months, do a thorough cleaning of your fridge. Thoroughly airing out the interior prevents the formation of mold and mildew over the long term. I have an unplugged fridge that I use for storage on the porch. If you notice mold starting again , wipe it out again . Do not store the refrigerator around children or pets. If the fridge is not thoroughly cleaned and dried before being stored. This is to remove any remaining particles of food that could provide extra fuel for mold growth. They always recommend to keep Doors Open for long term refrigerator storage. Old foods can also spread mold in fridge, especially things like bread, fruits, and vegetables. Not only can mold cause an allergic reaction in some individuals, but it can also cause illness. with honors from Wichita State University. Corey M. Mackenzie has been a professional freelance writer for more than two decades. When this happens how do I fix it? Remove it from underneath the fridge, throw the water out and wash the try with warm soapy water before drying it and putting it back. 3. When you see where the mold is, you can then clean it using natural cleaners. Soak a soft wash cloth in the baking solution in the bucket. All you need to get started are a couple of ingredients from your pantry and a few cleaning items. This means that an unplugged refrigerator can provide a suitable habitat for mold growth. They may crawl into the space. If the door closes on them, they may not be able to get out, and could suffocate. The most certain method is to replace the refrigerator. Keeping the fridge clean and cool is important to prevent mold. The normal fridge temperature will stop any mold growth if there are spores remaining. Use a sponge to wipe down the interior surfaces with this bleach solution. Zerys is a comprehensive content marketing platform that makes it easy to plan, produce, edit, and publish extraordinary content your readers will love. If you'll be moving the freezer at all during the cleaning process, get help from another able-bodied adult to ensure you don't injure yourself. Clean your fridge thoroughly. Wait a few weeks. I had my freezer/refrigerator unplugged for 5 months. Mold will easily grow in an unplugged refrigerator. Thus, bacteria start reproducing. What Makes YoExpert Different? Leave the fridge door open for at least 15 minutes to dry. 1. Wipe the entire refrigerator and freezer out with the baking soda cleanser. With proper maintenance and cleanliness, you can ensure mold doesn’t even come near your fridge. Also, be sure to check the rubber seal around the door. This, in turn leads to a very bad odor in the fridge. When I got back, there was black mold spotting the inside door and the bottom two racks. Consistently Clean It Out . A moldy refrigerator can be cleaned easily with the use of baking soda, paper towels, a sponge and a mild cleaner mixed from your household dish detergent. Primarily, I'd be concerned about potential mold/fungal growth due to stray food particles that might remain hidden in cracks/crevices. I asked my roommate to clean out the fridge before we left for winter break and she didn't. Ensure you dump the ice tray, and wipe out any moisture. We cleaned the fridge in and out with bleach and warm water, then left it open (keeping our food outside) for a week. If the mold comes back, get some concrobium from the hardware store, it kills mold.

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