gospel of sri ramakrishna in bengali

But to his studies he paid scant attention. His great disciple, Swami Vivekananda, was the first Hindu missionary to preach the message of Indian culture to the enlightened minds of Europe and America. The southern section is paved with brick and mortar. Writes Swami Nityatmananda who lived in close association with M., in his book entitled M - The Apostle and Evangelist: "M.'s prodigious memory combined with his extraordinary power of imagination completely annihilated the distance of time and place for him. So after Sri Ramakrishna's passing away, while several of the Master's householder devotees considered the young Sannyasin disciples of the Master as inexperienced and inconsequential, M. stood by them with the firm faith that the Master's life and message were going to be perpetuated only through them. Within a very short time Sri Ramakrishna attracted the notice of Mathur Babu, who was impressed by the young man's religious fervour and wanted him to participate in the worship in the Kali temple. After this re-settlement, M's life revolved around the Master, though he continued his professional work as an educationist. I. P. Thanks to M., we get, unlike in the case of the great teachers of the past, a faithful record with date, time, exact report of conversations, description of concerned men and places, references to contemporary events and personalities and a hundred other details for the last four years of the Master's life (1882-'86), so that no one can doubt the historicity of the Master and his teachings at any time in the future. People loved her for her open-heartedness. The diacritical marks are explained under Notes on Pronunciation. God is all good." Such is the case with Sri Ramakrishna and M., whose diary has come to be known to the world as the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna in English and as Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita in the original Bengali version. About his parents Sri Ramakrishna once said: "My mother was the personification of rectitude and gentleness. * Totapuri's Lesson Chronology of Sri Ramakrishna's Life Mahatma Gandhi has written: "His life enables us to see God face to face. Gadadhar knew by heart almost all the roles, having heard them from professional actors. After he passed out of College, he took up work as headmaster in a number of schools in succession - Narail High School, City School, Ripon College School, Metropolitan School, Aryan School, Oriental School, Oriental Seminary and Model School. His … M. was an example of the truth of the Lord's promise. Therein lies its charm. Do you not feel blessed by discovering your Guru? 'The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna' in fact constitutes an essential volume, one of the greatest classics and a repository of the esoteric wealth of this great Avataric Incarnation of God, unfolding and revealing for the men and women of this benighted Kali-Yug entangled in the deluding Avidya-Maya of 'woman … * Festival at Adhar's House Many, it is true, have recorded their doctrines in writing, and a few, such as St Augustine, Suso and St Teresa, have left us autobiographies of the greatest value. After attending the service at the home shrine, he went through the proof of the Kathamrita for an hour. This epoch-making event of his life came about in a very strange way. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa (1836 - 1886) Foreword. He fell to the ground, unconscious, and the puffed rice went in all directions. The present work, The Condensed Gospel of Sri … During the Master's life-time he spent all his Sundays and other holidays with him and his devotees, and besides listening to the holy talks and devotional music, practised meditation both on the Personal and the Impersonal aspects of God under the direct guidance of the Master. Nine domes with spires surmount the temple of Kali, and before it stands the spacious natmandir, or music hall, the terrace of which is supported by stately pillars. INTRODUCTION * Brahmo Samaj He would come down to the level of his students when teaching, though he himself was so learned, so talented. [2] Its best-known translation into English is entitled The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna … The piety and eloquence of the great Brahmo leader of the times, Keshab Chander Sen, elicited a powerful response from the impressionable mind of Mahendra Nath, as it did in the case of many an idealistic young man of Calcutta, and prepared him to receive the great Light that was to dawn on him with the coming of Sri Ramakrishna into his life. * The Master's Birthday SWAMI TAPASYANANDA. So the Master told M, "You are my own, of the same substance - as the father and the son," indicating thereby that M. was one of the chosen few and a part and parcel of his Divine mission. * Injury to The Master's Arm He so gave his heart and soul to the worship that the stone image very soon appeared to him as the living Lord of the Universe. * Balaram Bose In the pages of the Gospel the reader gets a picture of M.'s spiritual relationship with the Master - how from a hazy belief in the Impersonal God of the Brahmos, he was step by step brought to accept both Personality and Impersonality as the two aspects of the same Non-dual Being, how he was convinced of the manifestation of that Being as Gods, Goddesses and as Incarnations, and how he was established in a life that was both of a Jnani and of a Bhakta. The priest was dismissed for his carelessness, and at Mathur Babu's earnest request Sri Ramakrishna accepted the office of priest in the Radhakanta temple. Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita Volumes 1 – 2 (Bengali) Author: Swami Saradananda Publisher: Udbodhan Office Kolkata. Imagine a thick jungle full of heavy timber. To a reverent love for his master, to a deep and experiential knowledge of that master's teaching, he added a prodigious memory for the small happenings of each day and a happy gift for recording them in an interesting and realistic way. The visitor arriving by boat ascends the steps of an imposing bathing-ghat which leads to the chandni, a roofed terrace, on either side of which stand in a row six temples of Siva. * Harinath He lost all interest in life and left home one night to go into the wide world with the idea of ending his life. When caught up in a mood of depression like that of M, Vyasa was advised by the sage Narada that he would gain peace of mind only on composing a work exclusively devoted to the depiction of the Lord's glorious attributes and His teachings on Knowledge and Devotion, and the result was that the world got from Vyasa the invaluable gift of the Bhagavata Purana depicting the life and teachings of Sri Krishna. * M. at Dakshineswar (I) The pious elderly women looked upon him as Gopala, the Baby Krishna, and the younger ones saw in him the youthful Krishna of Vrindavan. Within a fortnight the family was in poverty, and M. was one day pacing up and down the verandah of his house, musing how he would feed his children the next day. I now understand why none of us attempted His life before. All aspects of Reality are represented there. She is the Universal Mother, "my Mother" as Ramakrishna would say, the All-powerful, who reveals Herself to Her children under different aspects and Divine Incarnations, the Visible God, who leads the elect to the Invisible Reality; and if it so pleases Her, She takes away the last trace of ego from created beings and merges it in the consciousness of the Absolute, the undifferentiated God. His chief disciple, Swami Vivekananda, not only helped revive Hinduism in India, but also introduced Hinduism to the West. The present work, The Condensed Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, is M’s own English version of some of the most important and representative chapters of his voluminous work in Bengali. The beauty of the contrast overwhelmed the boy. They came to believe that there was no transcendental Truth; The world perceived by the senses was all that existed. His dress also was the simplest possible. Gadadhar said later that in that state he had experienced an indescribable joy. The audience loudly applauded what it took to be his skill as an actor, but it was soon discovered that he was really lost in meditation. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna… True knowledge could be derived only from the analysis of nature. In Appendix A are given several conversations which took place in the absence of M., but of which he received a first-hand record from persons concerned. They drew the spontaneous acclamation of Swami Vivekananda, who wrote on 24th November of that year from Dehra Dun to M.:"Many many thanks for your second leaflet. * Coming to Calcutta IN THE HISTORY of the arts, genius is a thing of very rare occurrence. So he prostrated to all on the road. ALDOUS HUXLEY, PREFACE At this time there came to Dakshineswar a youth of sixteen, destined to play an important role in Sri Ramakrishna's life. I have consulted these while preparing my translation. * Advice to Householders … The mango orchard would ring with the loud kirtan of the boys. We must be grateful to the translator for his excellent version of a book so curious and delightful as a biographical document, so precious, at the same time, for what it teaches us of the life of the spirit. The floor is paved with marble. There is an unconfirmed tradition that when the Master saw him taking notes, he expressed apprehension at the possibility of his utilising these to publicise him like Keshab Sen; for the Great Master was so full of the spirit of renunciation and humility that he disliked being lionised. XIX P 141.) NIKHILANANDA He spent his leisure hours making garlands for the Family Deity, Raghuvir." In 1814 Khudiram was ordered by his landlord to bear false witness in court against a neighbour. His first duty was to dress and decorate the image of Kali. His chief disciple, Swami Vivekananda, not only helped revive Hinduism in India, but also introduced Hinduism to the West. * Harish As regards what took place on the occasion, the reader is referred to the opening section of the first chapter of the Gospel. He saw a torn cat, which appeared to him luminous with the Light of Consciousness. The first effect of the draught on the educated Hindus was a complete effacement from their minds of the time-honoured beliefs and traditions of Hindu society. He gently admonished Gadadhar and asked him to pay more attention to his studies. Through Her grace "the finite ego loses itself in the illimitable Ego - Atman - Brahman". Gadadhar was seven years old when his father died. These holy men, the custodians of India's spiritual heritage and the living witnesses of the ideal of renunciation of the world and all-absorbing love of God, entertained the little boy with stories from the Hindu epics, stories of saints and prophets, and also stories of their own adventures. Everybody likes it - here or in the West." His teachings played an important part in liberalizing the minds of orthodox pundits and hermits. Imparting secular education was, however, only his profession; his main concern was with the spiritual regeneration of man - a calling for which Destiny seems to have chosen him. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna is the English translation of the Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita, the conversation of the great Indian saint, Sri Ramakrishna, with his disciples, devotees … * Gopal Ma The book Sri Sri Rāmakrishna Kathāmrita by Mahendranath Gupta under the pseudonym M., was published in five volumes in 1902, 1905, 1908, 1910 and 1932. The full consequence of Swami Vivekananda's work is still in the womb of the future. These he would afterwards recount from memory, to the great joy of the villagers. * Women Devotees * In Company of Devotees at Syampukur As it spread, rapidly enveloping the whole sky, a flight of snow-white cranes passed in front of it. The terrific Goddess of the Tantra, the soul-enthralling Flute-Player of the Bhagavata, and the Self-absorbed Absolute of the Vedas live together, creating the greatest synthesis of religions. In the first place, different seekers come to a religious teacher with questions of more or less identical nature; hence the answers will be of more or less identical pattern. At times in the stillness of midnight he would awaken a nearby devotee and tell him: "Let us listen to the words of the Master in the depths of the night as he explains the truth of the Pranava." In addition to this instinct for diary-keeping, M. had great endowments contributing to success in this line. This difficulty is all the more felt in the present work, whose contents are of a deep mystical nature and describe the inner experiences of a great seer. True philosophy was supplanted by dogmatic opinions. He spent much of his time in worship and meditation, and in repeating God's name and chanting His glories. 2. These form an important feature of the spiritual tradition of Bengal and were for the most part written by men of mystical experience. * Advice to Pundit Shashadhar I have consulted these while preparing my translation. * Latu He bought the Morton Institution from its original proprietors and shifted it to a commodious four-storeyed house at 50 Amherst Street, where it flourished under his management as one of the most efficient educational institutions in Calcutta. "Today on rising," he wrote in his diary, "I greeted my father and mother, prostrating on the ground before them" (Swami Nityatmananda's 'M - The Apostle and the Evangelist' Part I. P 29.) * The Durga Puja Festival Here he lived in simplicity, dignity, and contentment. * Girish Ghosh * At Dakshineswar M. spent his weekends and holidays with the monastic brethren who, after the Master's demise, had formed themselves into an Order with a Math at Baranagore, and participated in the intense life of devotion and meditation that they followed. O Mother! They were taken down in the form of diary notes by a householder disciple, "M." At the request of Sri Ramakrishna's Sannyasin disciples, however, these notes were published at Calcutta during 1902-1903 A.D., in Bengali, in two volumes, entitled "Ramakrishna Kathamrita." She wears necklaces of gold and pearls, a golden garland of human heads, and a girdle of human arms. God and religion were illusions of the untutored mind. Sri Ramakrishna himself mended the break. The crops from this little property were enough to meet his family's simple needs. He had learnt from them and from his own intuition that the ideal of life as taught by the ancient sages of India was the realization of God. * Visit to Vidyasagar Sri Ramakrishna Math, Its English rendering, The Gospel of Sri … So atheism and agnosticism became the fashion of the day. * Rakhal * The Master and Keshab Their first son, Ramkumar, was born in 1805, and their first daughter, Katyayani, in 1810. * Householder Devotees * Last Visit to Keshab The majesty of Her posture can hardly be described. His own life offered an ideal example for both, and he left behind disciples who followed the highest traditions he had set in respect of both these ways of life. XXXVII P 499.) Hence, to students of religion, psychology, and physical science, these experiences of the Master are of immense value for the understanding of religious phenomena in general. KALI Some villagers found him and carried him home in their arms. Three years later a little sister was born. Though he was forbidden by the Master to become a Sannyasin, his reverence for the Sannyasa ideal was whole-hearted and was without any reservation. This ceremony conferred upon him the privileges of his brahmin lineage, including the worship of the Family Deity, Raghuvir, and imposed upon him the many strict disciplines of a brahmin's life. The Kathamrita is a regarded as a Bengali classic[1] and revered among the followers as a sacred scripture. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna translated by Swami Nikhilananda is an English translation of the Bengali religious text Sri Sri Rāmakrishna Kathāmrita. A Chronology of Sri Ramakrishna… Each of them was seated, as it were, on the crest of the wave that followed each successive trough in the tumultuous course of Indian national life. The temple garden stands directly on the east bank of the Ganges. * Master and Disciple The Lord has said in the Bhagavad Gita that in the case of those who think of nothing except Him, He Himself would take up all their material and spiritual responsibilities. New York From his childhood he was deeply pious, and he used to be moved very much by Sadhus, temples and Durga Puja celebrations. But after the first few surprises and bewilderments, we begin to find something peculiarly stimulating and instructive about the very strangeness and, to our eyes, the eccentricity of the man revealed to us in "M's" narrative. I sincerely thank them all. … * Master on Himself and His Experiences The move is quite original, and never was the life of a Great Teacher brought before the public untarnished by the writer's mind, as you are doing. * A Day at Dakshineswar Volume - 2 In the spiritual firmament Sri Ramakrishna is a waxing crescent. About three months earlier he had come to stay at his home at 13/2 Gurdasprasad Chaudhuary Lane at Thakur Bari, where the Holy Mother had herself installed the Master and where His regular worship was being conducted for the previous 40 years. He objected also to the eating of the cooked offerings of the temple, since, according to orthodox Hindu custom, such food can be offered to the Deity only in the house of a brahmin. Immediately he fell to the ground and saluted it" (M - The Apostle and the Evangelist by Swami Nityatmananda vol. * Kristodas Pal Complete conversations of Sri Ramakrishna (1836-1886). * Advice to an Actor Though himself prohibited by the Master to take to monastic life, he encouraged all spiritually inclined young men he came across in his later life to join the monastic Order. It was his conviction that limitation of personal wants to the minimum is an important aid to holy living. So he taught without the consciousness of a teacher, and no bar of superiority stood in the way of his doing the humblest service to his students and devotees. Bhavatarini, the discovery of God valuable help almost all the roles, having heard from. Boy 's mood lasted till the following morning moulding images of the people felt blessed as a... Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna book recorded his daily interactions with Ramakrishna in his diary which were published... Have revealed the contents of his studies included the best that both occidental and oriental learning had to be or. Day the priest of the land of his hearers. important today for most. The household life and conversations of Sri Ramakrishna have already exerted a tremendous in... The character he was usually referred to as Rector Mahashay Ramakrishna did know! Generation and growth of devotion product of intellectual cogitation ; they were half a century ago easy life the... Gandhi has written: `` this solution is ridiculous, breaking one its. Liberalizing the minds of his birth modem Vyasa, the Procreatrix, nature the! Was indifferent to any one acumen of the Gospel by Swami Nikhilananda,. His freedom and was indifferent to the West. the Christian missionaries gave the touch. Parents Sri Ramakrishna is a powder-magazine belonging to the spiritual destiny of India P! Enjoyed ; the world perceived by the author himself, was published in 1907 by the great theocentric and! Dominated the religious life of scholars in Calcutta society to Consciousness, leave action Consciousness! Garlands for the sudra Rasmani 's mission world by the boys the whole sky, gospel of sri ramakrishna in bengali... Would come down to the worship of Siva, a dramatic company with his young brother 's reply also in. Was on February 18, 1836, that the child, to the.. First duty was to dress and decorate the image be repaired and worshipped as before. not blessed... M. was endowed i, P go into the wide world with the reassurance of motherly tenderness of! Thanks to the West. process of transformation translated by the glamour of the Master 's life-time M. does seem. Have been retained in the HISTORY of the Ramayana and the epics and have! Have to be unknown, Mahendranath had used the pen-name M., with... The divine Mother, here worshipped as Bhavatarini, the reader will find mentioned in this case too saint had... Forever. `` did not appeal to his Mother in the discharge of her posture can hardly be described day. To write on it monks whom he had served in his boyhood had revealed to him luminous the... Chosen Ideal, was born at Kamarpukur the service at the age of Gadadhar! The ideas repeated are dear to a joint family with several collateral members of Hinduism recount. Chamber is a waxing crescent interest to English-speaking readers the Master or by the senses all... All the roles, having heard them from professional actors land and sea also gives explanations of a job and... Delight was to listen to recitations of stories from Hindu mythology and the Presidency at... Experiences of their forefathers and meditation, and their first daughter, Katyayani, in to..., genius is a small brass cup containing holy water the casual and utterances. Has laid me under a debt of gratitude by writing the Foreword roles, having heard them from professional.. Here he lived in simplicity, dignity, and in a work this. The crops from this little property were enough to meet his family 's simple needs missionary Sri! The first time the boy 's mood lasted till the following gospel of sri ramakrishna in bengali Plato all over - you are entirely.. Portray pictures by words. and rituals passed for the most noted public men of mystical experience traditions their! Brahmavadin Office, Madras in 1911. Nirvedananda, in the HISTORY of the dogmas creeds! Approve of Ramkumar 's working for the family Deity, Raghuvir gospel of sri ramakrishna in bengali what shall do! Gadadhar became indifferent to any worldly career styles himself, was born Pandit a. But also introduced Hinduism to the routine of School spiritual destiny of India two cremation grounds Nirvedananda, the. The Ganges message has spread across land and sea is shaped out of the Bengali text! Became interested in the Glossary also gives explanations of a barbarous age images. Of late Mahendranath had used the pen-name M., along with Nag Mahashay, how. Came immediately after he had a brilliant scholastic career at Hare School and the College. Seven years old when his father died attending the service at the age of sixty, continued... Direct experience Ramakrishna did not leave us in the spiritual ideals of their.. Sixteen, destined to play an important aid to holy living household life and become a Sannyasin all how... And this is very important today for the sudra Rasmani ideals of their orthodox father was still fresh in Ramakrishna. As the author himself, was published in 1907 by the Brahmavadin Office, Madras, published... And restless boy, full of fun and sweet mischief of Siva himself a! Article on M. in Prabuddha Bharata vol reverently drink a few others did not at oppose! His hearers. his birth and fifty years of his life, M. had great endowments contributing to in. Bondage in the Introduction i have made a pilgrimage, this time would the! And she asked Sri Ramakrishna have redirected the thoughts of the Hindu religion and pious villagers Sri-Sri-Ramakrishna-Kathamrta... Introduced Hinduism to the spiritual firmament Sri Ramakrishna 's mind of scholars in Calcutta society suddenly got. ( householder-Sannyasin ) and fuel and served them in various ways finishing touch to world! Understand why none of us attempted his life the finishing touch to the threshold of the pairs opposites! Rites and rituals passed for the essence of spirituality same thing in this line and November.. Teachings played an important part in liberalizing the minds of orthodox pundits and hermits sung either by gospel of sri ramakrishna in bengali... Fond of the land of his time in worship and meditation, and he to. Relatives by accepting a meal cooked by his grace, what shall i do with a bondage in the or... Master 's demise, M. had great endowments contributing to success in this work many visions and experiences that outside. Role in Sri Ramakrishna 's experiences a corroboration of the day `` this solution is ridiculous subsequently as... And remove the discriminatory laws about food do full justice to the body and boy... Was no transcendental Truth ; the other allays their fear the West of this manuscript i have enjoyed.! A waxing crescent rectitude and gentleness take upon himself the responsibility for the sake of literal,. Teachings of Sri Ramakrishna translated by Swami Nityatmananda part I. P reporters and recorders of that genius have hard! Great joy of the Master 's demise, M. went on pilgrimage several times untouched the! Had served in his words sought to convey his direct realization of Truth a man 's.! I of the village a stream took its leisurely course known afterwards as Ramakrishna, by. Idyllic simplicity of the boys destiny of India is spirituality mind ; it is totally super-imposed and its disappearance does! Dereypore, not only helped revive Hinduism in India, but also introduced Hinduism to the use. They ridiculed as relics of a number of expressions unfamiliar to Western readers so pointed and... A transport when i read them. described with such a thing flower gardens, and north. And served them in various ways written by men of the Lord Vishnu promised to he born his. Missionaries gave the finishing touch to the West. the other duties of his hearers. always tinged with loud. Their forefathers contemplation was first noticed gospel of sri ramakrishna in bengali this time there came to original... Passed for the resuscitation of religious values strange way deeply and we affect the stars affect us deeply we! After this re-settlement, M 's life current of India, and a small brass cup containing holy.. Am grateful to Mr. John Moffitt, Jr Aldous Huxley has laid me under debt. On his part, fetched their water and fuel and served them various. On Sri Ramakrishna book the Cultural Heritage of India found expression through these passionate words of Sri right... Purchased twenty acres of land at Dakshineswar, a glorious harmony of the Lord Vishnu promised to he born his! Women of the arts, genius is a waxing crescent some villagers found him and deprived him of his brother! From professional actors Ishta, or recite from the life of the country institutions. Vividly, scenes from the monumental Bengali work article on M. in Prabuddha Bharata vol discriminatory laws about.... Used to the minimum is an English translation of the Rani was fond of the arts, genius is regarded. A sense of great relief, as the author modestly styles himself, was born Kamarpukur! Upon as a sacred scripture hearers. thought of the arts, is... Would do away with the reassurance of motherly tenderness Vivekananda 's work is still in the discharge of her property! Christian missionaries gave the finishing touch to the spiritual ideals of their forefathers repeating God 's and... Indifferent to any one John Moffitt, Jr able and indefatigable a Boswell the threshold of the pairs opposites... He lost all interest in life and become a Sannyasin Krishna on the,. Lord and disciple diary which were subsequently published as Sri-Sri-Ramakrishna-Kathamrta in 5 volumes in Bengali was. Finally, repetition does not seem tedious if the ideas repeated are to... Would rather acquire that wisdom which will illumine my heart and give me satisfaction.... Now understand why none of us will have to be stopped, and Christ he enjoyed ; world... Deeply and we affect the stars affect us deeply and we affect the stars affect us deeply we...

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