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… When Is Granite Remnant a Good Choice? We have a full selection of slabs for marble, granite, quartz, onyx, soapstone, limestone and travertine. We have more than 1,000 remnants in excellent condition at our Everett warehouse. Big blocks of stone are taken from quarries and each block is sliced by diamond … Granite Remnant Outlet is a marketplace for stone and quartz remnants to be bought and sold to fabricators, builders, designers, architects and consumers. A granite remnant is a piece of stone that is a left over from a larger granite countertop project. While leftover granite remnants are usually too small to use for a kitchen countertop, it’s possible to create coffee tables, backsplash, desk tops, windowsills and more. Big blocks of granite are taken from quarries and each block of granite is sliced by diamond gang saw … Our remnants are priced for immediate liquidation and are a great choice for many projects with prices starting as low as $20/sqft! Remnants can be used to create smaller versions of kitchen countertops and other house renovation projects … You can choose from Quartz, Marble, Soapstone, and Granite. REMNANTS Jerry's Floor Store has a vast array of Granite, Marble and quartz remnants and partial slabs available for your next project. Cut rectangular pieces to form a subway-tile-style backsplash around the bathroom sink or kitchen counters -- square pieces work too. Some of the tops on the … Remnants can save you money on a small project … It's one of the most attractive stones for homes and commercial spaces. Granite currently dominates the countertop world in terms of installed square footage but here in Austin, granite plays an extra special role in our city’s history. Add granite details when tiling a shower surround or use granite squares … Granite Remnants can give you the best bang for your buck. – A “remnant” (also known as; left overs, granite remnants, scrap, or partial stone) refers to the material fabricators are left with after cutting slabs for larger projects such as a kitchen … The first way you can use smaller pieces of granite you have laying around, is coasters. For example, we often are able to help our clients find stunning granite … Granite itself is well worth the investment. Remnants are much smaller pieces of granite, quartz, and marble that are left behind from larger restoration projects. A remnant is a small portion of a larger slab left from a previous project. What is a remnant? Since the remnants were already paid for by that customer, the retailer can resell the remnants at a highly reduced cost. Remnants are an excellent choice for smaller projects such as: Save money by using remnants instead of paying for a whole slab for those smaller projects. If you’re wanting to add Granite to your home, but worried about the price, check out our remnant pieces. Almost everyone has some type of coaster in … Remnants and How They Are Used. It's amazing how just a little sparkle can change a space. They can also be made into coasters, cheese trays, whiskey stones, granite wet bars, serving tray, lamp base, and … With over 500 remnants, Denver Granite may have the stone remnant you are looking for that will meet your needs and save you money. Consider using remnants as an add on project to a full kitchen remodel or for smaller natural stone … Remnants are left over pieces of granite, marble, travertine or quartz from various bundles and slabs. GRANITE AND QUARTZ REMNANTS SALE STARTS FROM $24 PER sq.ft We are a local company offering you granite and quartz remnants that are perfect for your small projects. If you have a small project, remnants work well. REMNANTS If you have a small project like vanity tops, fireplace surrounds, custom shelves, shower seat or window seals, remnants are a great way to complete these projects. It is possible to find larger remnants that could complete your project, especially if you are adding granite to a smaller kitchen or bathroom. These smaller, unique granite … A remnant is a piece of stone that is a left over from a larger granite countertops project.. Slabs come in bundles of 6 or 7. Customers have been satisfied with our custom remnant slabs. Many of the remnants are too small for kitchens but are ideal for smaller projects. This is a great place to start looking at stones for islands, vanities and any smaller to medium size projects.

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