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You can use a PVC cap to cover the top of the feed and the connector opening to keep away rain and vermin. Try not to make your feed too heavy on any particular grain. This basic 5-ingredient recipe is packed full of the nutrients your birds need. It may take a few weeks for your chickens to adjust to the change, so don’t be alarmed if egg production drops off a bit. 1/4 lb per day * 365 days/year * 2 years = 182.5 lb feed per chicken during their productive life 182.5 * $0.47 = $85.78 to feed each chicken for 2 years 2 years * 200 eggs/year = 400 eggs ($85.78 to feed each chicken while laying + $11.75 to raise each chicken to laying age )/ 200 eggs = $0.48 per egg for feed costs = $5.85 per dozen My homemade chicken feed actually costs the same as the commercial poultry feed at my local feed store. free choice of granite grit One, how long does 8 1/2 lbs. Hoping for a cheaper alternative to the expensive chicken feed bags from our local food co-op, we scoured through recipes, local feed availability, and protein ratios. 1 part quinoa. The ingredients are all human grade and mostly organic, and the fact that they can feed the whole household makes buying 10- or 25-pound bags of grains more feasible. If you want to feed this recipe to your chicks, I’d suggest using cracked corn or corn meal in place of whole corn (easier to eat). When I refer to greens, I usually mean green things, like lettuce, kale, collards, broccoli, etc. 1 part hulled barley i so rarely see anything new on the blogosphere anymore. Just stumbled upon your site- really loving it!! If you’re just starting your chickens on this diet, you should order small quantities first to see what they like before ordering bags in bulk (and by then you’ll probably figure out how quickly they go through their food). The real value to me is knowing exactly what goes into my feed. Just make sure your chickens have access to grit. The baby chick of course! Is this feed safe for baby chicks? Hi i was wondering can beans be interchangeable with the split peas and lentils they all are pretty high in protein. This recipe makes 13.84 lbs, 16% protein. BOSS is high in protein (averaging 17 percent), rich in minerals and vitamins, and the high oil content gives feathers a beautiful gloss. Also I was planning on premixing this feed and storing it in a plastic trashcan (new;not used) in my garage, would this be okay, or would it be better to store it the way you do? This will likely vary in your area, but the formula for figuring out how much your homemade chicken layer feed will cost will be the same. Make this chicken treat. I love this post! Homemade suet cakes are made out of very natural ingredients that are easily accessible. . After all, the secret to a good life is... Read more ». have a terrific summer, samantha. I know I will need to increase the protein, what is your suggestion for the easiest way to meet my chicks diet needs. Thanks! Best Homemade Chicken Feed Recipes – Broilers and Layers So the question that is probably asked the most when you are starting out as a chicken farmer is how to make your own chicken feed. These ingredients are also easy to source, which is essential for rural homesteads. I have 5 birds so I did go with a 50-pound bag on the wheat but rather than the lentils I went with a 25-pound bag of whole peas ($10.30). It’s all about balance. bag of non-gmo chicken feed from my farmer’s co-op for $16. So overall, yes — this is a complete diet. You’re welcome! Do you think you could still ferment this feed but maybe leave out the brewer’s yeast? I will let you know how my chickens like it! They produce their own nutrients from the sprouted grains…amazing creations! i really look forward to your postings. But you should crack or grind larger grains for them, or substitute grain meals for the whole grains, e.g. Best of all, your birds get all the nutrients they need to lay gorgeous, golden-yolked eggs all year lo… Keep reading for lots of suggestions and alternatives so you can create the best homemade chicken feed for your flock! Homemade chicken feed is easy to mix together, will last longer (since you’ll be using whole grains, not crushed), and is quite easy to increase and decrease supplements and minerals as you see fit. Nevermind I just read the answer: WinCo, is it organic? 1/2 part kelp granules Other good sources of protein include triticale, field peas, and split peas (or any peas in general — many soy-free commercial feeds rely on peas to provide sufficient protein). (Azure does carry the latter two, but I found them cheaper at WinCo.). The No-Waste Vegetable Cookbook is my latest book. How long your food lasts depends on how much your chickens eat. While there was a lot of legwork in the beginning to make my own recipe, the payoff is learning more about nutrition than I ever thought I would and knowing what goes into my chickens’ food (and ultimately, what goes into me). Because of its cheapness, availability, and high amount of protein, soy is a large part of a commercial chicken’s diet. (This is advantageous if you have a mixed flock of chicks, pullets, and/or layers with varying protein needs, or want to alter their diet in winter or summer. I grow pasture for them along with black soldier fly larvae they are happy birds! My savings is .10/hen or .50/day total. Mealworms. Thank you . Fill your feeder with the mixed-grain feed, or store the feed in a pet food container or a galvanized steel bucket with a lid. Azure does not carry them, thanks! I’m having a hard time finding whole corn in bulk. It’s an important source of B vitamins and protein (around 35 percent) for chickens.

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