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Hops have been plagued by drought. At a Glance. Real Time Emissions Data Is Finally Coming, Thanks to Al Gore's New Coalition, EPA Relaxes Environmental Laws for Fossil Fuel Industry Due to Coronavirus, Resources and Activities for Teaching Children About the Environment During Quarantine, humankind's negative effect on the environment, "Cold-Stunned" Turtles Flown in From Cape Cod for Thanksgiving Rescue Mission, Why Was There a Ring Around the Moon? [73][74][75] McKibben promotes the organization on speaking tours and by writing articles about it for many major newspapers and media, such as the Los Angeles Times[76] and The Guardian. The most recent Global Day of Action event, entitled Kyoto Now!, occurred on December 8, 2007 to coincide with the UNFCCC's conference, otherwise known as … [81] It crossed 415 ppm in May 2019 and the amount continues to rise.[82]. There's no denying that we appreciate our climate action activists 365 days of the year, but we especially commemorate their findings on International Day of Climate Action. Trees and other plants suck up carbon dioxide, so we might think planting forests will halt global warming. Created by the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in 1988, the IPCC has 195 Member countries. These include 410 municipal bans for fracking in Brazil and two state bans: Santa Catarina and Paraná. The State Department estimated that ultimately the pipeline will create 35 permanent jobs. [63] In December 2009, the group petitioned the United States Environmental Protection Agency to set national limits for greenhouse gases using the Clean Air Act, asking the agency to cap atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide at 350 parts per million. [14][15] This was the first global campaign ever organized around a scientific data point. However, Callendar kept researching what he called the "Callendar effect," looking at small increases in temperature, which he thought would postpone the return of the ice age. The fossil fuel divestment campaign, also known as "Fossil Free", borrows activist tactics from other social movements, notably the successful movement against apartheid in South Africa. On Earth Day 1994, Gore proceeded to launch the GLOBE program to educate students on environmental awareness. Campaigns for divestment are active and growing around the world. They noted the industrial age had "put dust and smog into the atmosphere," which could block the Earth's sunlight, thus inching closer to what climate change really is. The slogan that was used for the Summer Heat campaign was: As The Temperature Rises, So Do We. The Future is Disabled: Planning for Climate Change Must Include People with Disabilities Today is International Day of Disabled Persons. 9-12 October 2017. [7] PO BOX 167, 4020. These activities include tree plantings (350 trees in each instance) for biosequestration,[46][47][48][49][50][51] promoting the term "350",[52][53][54][55][56] publishing adverts in major newspapers calling for the target level of carbon dioxide to be lowered to 350ppm,[57] conducting polls on the subject of climate change,[58][59] educating youth leaders,[60][61] lobbying governments on the issue of carbon targets,[62] and joining a campaign to establish a .eco top-level domain or "tld". Flood, drought and rising sea levels are threatening sanitation systems – from toilets to septic tanks to treatment plants. Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 12:00 AM – 11:30 PM UTC+10. is one of the leading organizers of the Global Climate Strike, September 20–27, 2019. This Saturday, October 24, is the International Day of Climate Action. Climate change is a 'threat multiplier' in many parts of the world, leading to internal security challenges. Saturday, Oct. 24 is an incredibly important holiday for environmental activists across the globe, International Day of Climate Action. Rajendra Pachauri, the UN's "top climate scientist" and leader of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has come out, as have others, in favor of reducing atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide to 350 ppm. In 2006, he premiered An Inconvenient Truth, which became a monumental documentary regarding the effects of climate change. The aim of the Global Climate Strike is to draw attention to the emergency climate crisis and to create pressure on politics, the media and the fossil fuel industry. "Oil and Honey". EU GCCA+ and CCCCC. The strikes are intended as a prelude to a permanent mass mobilization. October 24th, 2009 is a very important day -- has organized an international day of climate action, to show the world's leaders that there is a global movement for them to come to an agreement on a carbon emissions treaty at the UN Climate talks in Copenhagen in December. In order to stay below a 2˚C increase, scientists have estimated that humans can pour roughly 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. runs a variety of campaigns, from the local to the global scale. 6-17 November 2017. “With 99 percent confidence we can state that the warming during this time period is a real warming trend,” he said at the panel. Hosted by Redcliffe Environmental Forum. Nonprofit Organization +61 427 483 412. It’s a hoax that governments have played on us since the 1990s.”. ", "Rockefellers' 1Sky Unveils the New More $ – More Delusion", Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, Illustrative model of greenhouse effect on climate change,, International environmental organizations, Climate change organizations based in the United States, International climate change organizations, Articles with dead external links from June 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from October 2010, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 13:34. Also supported is the digital climate strike, which calls for a shutdown or 'go green' of websites with redirection to coverage of the physical mobilizations. 2 °C (3.6 °F) was agreed upon during the 2009 Copenhagen Accord as a limit for global temperature rise. "[8] states their demand as the following "We want institutions to immediately freeze any new investment in fossil fuel companies, and divest from direct ownership and any commingled funds that include fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds.”. Its stated goal is to end the use of fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy by building a global, grassroots movement. STORY HIGHLIGHTS World day for Disaster Reduction. At the time, environmentalist Senator Tim Wirth backed him up, and scheduled a hearing on the hottest day on record to prove his point. [70] Some media have indicated that Pachauri's endorsement of the 350 ppm target was a victory for's activism. N/A. "[79] Carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, rose by 2.6 parts per million to 396 ppm in 2013 from the previous year (annual global averages). McKibben credits these activities with making Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama change their energy policies during the 2008 United States presidential campaign. On Earth Day 2020, we seized all the tools and actions that we have, big and small, to change our lives and change our world, not for one day, but forever. He published his book, Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit in 1992, and shortly after the election, started pushing for the establishment of a carbon tax to reduce fossil fuel consumption, according to The Guardian. Redcliffe Environmental Forum. We called for a Global Day of Climate Action on September 25th, and more than 3,500 towns and cities in 154 countries followed! Worn by a broad coalition of NGOs, unions and social movements, the strikes were inspired by the school strikes of the Fridays For Future movement. pin. Henry Holt and Company. International Tea Day 2020 | Addressing climate change challenges through tea. Lo and behold, we've compiled an extensive historical recount of our of global climate action over the years, to celebrate (and simultaneously mourn) the international holiday. The group reports that they organised the world's "most widespread day of political action" on Saturday October 24, 2009, reporting 5,245 actions in 181 countries. Consultation on the 2015 International Climate Change Agreement: Shaping international climate policy beyond 2020 01/02/2010 Public consultation in preparation of an analytical report on the impact of the international climate negotiations on the situation of energy intensive sectors While the coronavirus may force us to keep our distance, it did not force us to keep our voices down. explains that the reasoning behind this campaign is simple: "If it is wrong to wreck the climate, then it is wrong to profit from that wreckage. On Earth Day, 22 April 2016, 175 world leaders signed the Paris Agreement at United Nations Headquarters in New York. Sadly, he died in 1964, with not much progress under his belt. claims alliance with 300 organizations around the world[84][85] Many notable figures have publicly allied themselves with the organization or its goal to spread the movement,[21][86] including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Alex Steffen,[87][88] Bianca Jagger, David Suzuki, and Colin Beavan. The math revolves around these three numbers: to stay below 2 degrees Celsius of global warming we can emit only 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide versus the 2,795 gigatons held in proven reserves by fossil fuel corporations. We live in the midst of a pandemic, but climate change is just as much of a crisis as it was before. After losing in the 2000 presidential election, Gore continued advocating for environmental awareness, and started touring across the globe with a slideshow to educate the masses. [67][68][69] McKibben called news of Pachauri's embrace of the 350ppm target "amazing". Target atmospheric CO2: Where should humanity aim? The assessment reports are a key input into the international negotiations to tackle climate change. Starting in 2008, built upon the "Step It Up" campaign and made it into a global organization. In the 2015 Paris Agreement, 1.5˚C of warming was introduced as a limit, reflecting the significant difference in impacts between 2˚C and 1.5˚C, especially for climate-vulnerable areas. Barley crops have been damaged by heavy rains. Global challenges like climate change don’t disappear with the Corona crisis. International day of demonstrations on climate change The Wanaka Wastebusters gather at a local ski mountain in New Zealand to call for 350 to protect their snow. Since its inception in 2012, over 1110 institutions with more than US$11 trillion in assets under management have committed to divest from fossil fuels. Speaking on the decision, Bill McKibben said, “President Obama is the first world leader to reject a project because of its effect on the climate. He started collecting measurements of atmospheric gases, looking at the affects of fossil fuels, and making notes about the ocean's currents, temperature, and rainfall worldwide. If we’re going to properly address the climate crisis, we must prioritize the needs and uplift the voices of disabled people in global climate action plans and spaces, writes Marlena Chertock. was founded by American environmentalist Bill McKibben and a group of students from Middlebury College in Vermont. Climate change is threatening three key ingredients needed to make beer: Water, barley and hops.

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