jund gene function

The longer isoform (JunD-FL) is derived from an upstream AUG (S1 ORF, PMID:12105216), while the shorter isoform (deltaJunD) is derived from a downstream AUG (S3 ORF, PMID:12105216). Example: +cell +stem Tip 3. Moreover, transgenic mice overexpressing either Fra1, or ΔfosB, a splice variant of FosB, display a severe osteosclerotic phenotype caused by increased osteoblast differentiation and function (Jochum et al., 2000; Sabatakos et al., 2000). Gene: JUND; JunD proto-oncogene, AP-1 transcription factor subunit: Aliases: AP-1 : Location: 19p13.11: Summary: The protein encoded by this intronless gene is a member of the JUN family, and a functional component of the AP1 transcription factor complex. It is thought to protect cells from p53-dependent senescence and apoptosis, through an antagonist action on ΔFosB transcript. These sequences represent the protein coding region of the JUND cDNA ORF which is encoded by the open reading frame (ORF) sequence. Its expression is induced in response to stress signals such as reactive oxygen species and inflammatory mediators with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive consequences for the host. Under the early Caliphates, jund (Arabic: جند ‎; plural ajnad, اجناد) was a term for a military division, which became applied to Arab military colonies in the conquered lands and, most notably, to the provinces into which Greater Syria (the Levant) was divided.The term … The majority of transcription factors reported in the context of injury – c-Jun, JunD, ATF3, P311, Sox11, c-EBPβ, and STAT3 – go up. Fos/Jun form heterodimers with high affinity and are the predominant form of AP-1 in most cells, whereas Jun/Jun homodimers bind with low affinity and are less abundant [32]. development and specific functions for JunD in male reproductive function. Interestingly, it has recently been demonstrated that the osteosarcoma development of c-Fos transgenic mice is dramatically decreased in an Rsk2-deficient genetic background (David et al., 2005). Although the JunD gene has no introns and produces a single transcript, the JUND mRNA translates two JUND protein isoforms, JUND-L and JUND-S. By using a different in-frame translational initiation site, the third AUG codon in JUND mRNA, the short version of JUND, JUND-S, was generated that lacks the N-terminal 43 … The quantitative PCR result also showed that the c-Jun mRNA level in injured spinal cord was significantly lower in c-Jun siRNA-treated rats compared to RNase-free water-treated and nonsilencing siRNA-treated rats. It acts through specific receptors as GABAA (ligand-gated ion channel) and GABAB (G-protein coupled receptors). Transcription factor binding AP-1 sites. While JunD is induced by RANKL in osteoclast precursors, mice in which JunD is genetically deleted show no overt skeletal phenotype (Takayanagi et al., 2002; Thepot et al., 2000). The majority of transcription factors reported in the context of injury – c-Jun, Transcriptional Control of Osteoblast Differentiation and Function, Principles of Bone Biology (Third Edition), ). 0 users want this gene increased, 0 users want it decreased. Thus, Rsk2 is apparently not only involved in the physiological regulation of bone formation via phosphorylation of ATF4, but may also have an influence on the development of osteosarcomas via phosphorylation of c-Fos. Taken together, these data provide evidence for a crucial role of AP1-transcription factors in the regulation of bone formation, although their connection to the other transcriptional regulators described earlier still needs to be further investigated. Although it is still not clear whether upregulation of c-Jun represents an important step in protecting motoneurons from death, our results have demonstrated that silencing of c-Jun by siRNA aggravates the death of injured motoneurons, which may suggest that injury-induced c-Jun expression plays a positive role in the survival signaling cascades modeling spinal motoneuron protection.

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