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We greatly appreciate the understanding and patience that our families and school community have shown over the past several months. Please understand that there is not one measurement/benchmark that KASD will use to make a decision. The health, safety and well-being of students and staff members remains our highest priority as we navigate this public health crisis. All News MaxPreps Articles. (KCN) — Because graduating ceremonies for area high school seniors have been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are finding creative ways to celebrate their students’ accomplishment. The first days brought out some strong emotions and positive energy focused on making the school year work for all. Articles. Kaukauna High School - Home of the "Galloping Ghosts" A voiceover presentation is also available on the Stronger Together web page. The website and pages within are regularly monitored and updated to provide an accessible and friendly user experience. Thank you for your perseverance and partnership. A new CNC machine has entered the building. As challenging as the past 12 weeks have been, I am very grateful that we have followed our reopening plan and have developed a consistent process to keep our schools open. Kaukauna High is the only high school in the Kaukauna Area School District. Be well,  Unless you have been contacted prior to this communication, your child has not been identified as a close contact. If you have additional questions, please view our, Galloping Ghost Story November Newsletter, https://www.kaukauna.k12.wi.us/family/reopening-task-force.cfm, Electa Quinney Elementary School/New Directions Learning Community: 10:25-10:55, Park Community Charter School: 10:40-11:10, Victor Haen Elementary School: 10-45-11:15, Tanner Early Learning Center: 10:55-11:25. The high school football regular season wrapped up Friday with multiple teams claiming conference titles in Northeast Wisconsin. I am not sharing this information to alarm you, but to help you be more aware and to be better prepared. As the plan highlights, we believe that this is a responsible pathway to reopen Kaukauna Area School District on September 1, 2020. 1.2K likes. Thank you for your attention to this information and for your continued support. The website and pages within are regularly monitored and updated to provide an … September 14, 2020 - Virtual Student Lunch Information. Pictured above: ‘06 Leif Larson, of Oshkosh, designed and painted a mural on the side of a building in downtown Oshkosh. Be well. We urge you to connect with Kaukauna Area School District and our schools on social media. As we begin the planning process for re-opening our school buildings for learning in September, we will continue to meet with local/regional health, county and school officials to understand the changes that continue to take place and to help in our decision-making process. Dear Park Community Charter School Families. I am writing to keep you updated on several important school matters. We continue to follow protocols aligned with guidance and support from local health officials to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect the health of our students and staff members. The Times-Villager is your Heart of the Valley connection for city and village news, school news, and sports coverage. The District will continue in our current instructional model in the weeks following these holidays. We all share a strong desire to return to 5-day-per-week, in-person instruction at all schools as soon as possible. While I would truly like to share a final plan with you now, we have not yet finalized any decisions. I hope that this letter finds you and your family doing well. With that common desire in mind, I would like to close with a rather matter of fact statement: in order to keep our schools open in their current instructional models, and to return to our traditional in-person model as soon as possible, as a school community, we must follow recommendations and engage in practices that reduce the spread of COVID-19. If someone in your household is getting tested, everybody in the home should stay home until that person receives the results. The Superior High School football team has enjoyed a pretty wild and crazy playoff run so far and Saturday’s game with the Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts should be no different. The more we are able to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the greater ability we have to continue offering in-person instruction to our students. The discussion centered around decision-making in the event a district-wide change from our current instructional model into another model is necessary; any change would be data driven based on community burden rate, school burden rate and age group data, along with student and staff absenteeism rates. The financial assets of the foundation are will established and handled by the community foundation under the direction of the board of directors. (KCN) -- Because graduating ceremonies for area high school seniors have been pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are finding creative ways to celebrate their students' accomplishment. We hope you're soaking up every moment of summer that you can, enjoying the moments, the days, the warmer weather, and all of the great things that summer holds. To view the most recent FAQ document, please click here. Additionally, Kaukauna Area School District has created a "School Opening" task force to help us develop a safe and prudent plan for the opening of school buildings for the 2020-2021 school year. While not all of our schools participate on all platforms, you can keep up to date with some of the latest happenings within the school, along with pictures and stories, by checking out these schools and platforms: The Kaukauna Area School District is committed to meeting accessibility requirements and making information available in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508. As we continue to wrap up the 2019-2020 school year and move into planning for next school year, we wanted to share a few things with you. They are rising to the new conditions and successfully navigating the many new routines and practices. Understanding the technical nature, expectations, and at times the competing values of COVID-19 makes it even more difficult. With two holidays in the next 6 weeks, the anxiety of how school will look is likely weighing on your mind. I wish you and your family a safe and peaceful holiday. Through contact tracing we have also learned that the majority of the spread of the virus is not occurring in schools. Please, let's continue to work together for the best interest of our students and staff. Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts Football Articles Page. Most popular basketball team in … Enter the title for your article and all the details that explain what is happening. As always, thank you for your patience and understanding during this decision-making and planning process. Do your best to avoid becoming a close contact, wear your face coverings, watch your distance and wash your hands. As a reminder, the primary symptoms of COVID-19 include shortness of breath, coughing, and fever or chills. In your own way, please take the time to share your appreciation for our staff; they are doing incredible work during very challenging times. The website and pages within are regularly monitored and updated to provide an … Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts Football 20-21 Team News Page. For emergencies, password resets, or software issues you can also reach our KASD Help Desk by phone at (920) 759-6115, please press 0 at the prompt. Read them here! High School Football: Little Chute vs Winneconne 11/19/20 In the final game of the 2020 high school football season, Little Chute took on Winneconne. Click to share HERE. For additional information on this program and our pickup locations, please visit the KASD website. Wear a face covering. The Kaukauna Area School District is committed to meeting accessibility requirements and making information available in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508. Meal Services Mark P. Duerwaechter Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts Softball Articles Page. Click to share HERE. 79 Kaukauna High School students earned a total of 191 certifications in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) series. The first day of virtual learning instruction will begin on Friday, November 20 for grades K-4 and 4K will begin on Monday, November 23, 2020. Kaukauna, Wis. (WFRV) The Electric City did something on Saturday, that’s not too shocking more or less reflective of the good-natured people in the Fox Valley. Kaukauna has won the most titles of any existing school with nine. Click the video for a … We WILL develop models that provide flexibility so that we are able to quickly respond to conditions, should they change during the school year; we may ask for additional input on specific models as these plans evolve as well. Top 25 Rankings. I am very pleased and grateful to share that a few of the prominent summer concerns such as transportation, lunch, recess, virtual learning, blended learning and face coverings seem to be settling into the school days with a sense of normalcy. School meals will be available for pickup for all of our virtual students at designated schools at their main (front) entrances. Kaukauna High School, Kaukauna, Wisconsin. KASD has developed a Contact Tracing Team process to provide a quick response to potential cases and notification of close contacts. We appreciate the patience that parents have shown as we work through this together. I understand that, depending on your personal viewpoint, this brings about different responses. Kaukauna's graduation ceremony, We expect that in-person learning will resume for our students on Monday, December 7, 2020. If you’d like additional information about the work that our Reopening Task Force is doing, you can visit the KASD website: https://www.kaukauna.k12.wi.us/family/reopening-task-force.cfm. Here is what I can tell you: the 2020-2021 school year will be different than any other school year; the expectations and practices for learning will be revised or new, and it will take flexibility, understanding, compassion, and a Kaukauna Strong mindset to work through it together. KASD truly hopes to open next school year in a traditional, in-person environment, with careful risk mitigation and safety procedures in place, however, right now, we do not have any specific information to share about what this will mean in our classrooms and buildings. The 2020-2021 school year is underway, and on behalf of the Board of Education and the District staff, I would like to sincerely thank you for your patience, understanding and support during the past six months. Kaukauna's graduation ceremony, Another important topic I’d like to cover is the importance of being ready to transition between instructional models. Find news that MaxPreps staff has written, user have linked, or the coach has posted. The website and pages within are regularly monitored and updated to provide an accessible and friendly user experience. Check out the latest movement in our Top 25 high school … The Galloping Ghost Story November Newsletter has been sent; please take the time to review it, as it has more details on important KASD matters. MaxPreps has a staff of writers and editors that have featured the Galloping Ghosts in 13 articles. In my family, Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday. Any students or families who need technical assistance during distance learning should work directly with your child(ren)’s teacher. I hope this communication finds you and your family doing well. In your own way, please take a few moments to recognize their noble efforts. I’m grateful for the parents who are reporting this, and who are telling their stories of success during what has been a difficult and sometimes stressful start to the school year.

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