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After a manual factory reset, you'll need to set up and sync your eReader again. The price difference is 20$, but I was really wondering about the reactivity of the interface. I'm having difficulty deciding between the two. The Nia’s screen is a bit nicer but not a huge amount compared to the 2011 Kobo Touch. The biggest difference that I can see is that the Clara has a 300ppi resolution where the NIA is a 212 ppi. Kobo's flagship and new entry-level eReaders, the Forma and Nia. In terms of book storage the Nia has 8GB (roughly 6000 books) while the Touch has 2GB of which I’ve used 1.3GB. MoKo Kobo Clara HD Case, Premium Ultra Compact Protective Sleep Wake Up Slim Lightweight Cover Case for Kobo Clara HD 6" Tablet/e-Reader, Denim Gray $9.99 Get the deal It’s one of the more popular models from the brand, and it’s priced at the mid-end of most people’s budgets for an eReader. The Nia has a 6-inch display with reasonably-sized bezels to make it the most diminutive eReader available. The Nia launch makes more sense when you compare it with the base model Kindle because while now even the base models for both companies have built-in lights you can use, the Nia has a nicer screen resolution at 212ppi compared to Kindle’s 167ppi. Ora che abbiamo analizzato tutti i punti dovreste avere le idee chiare ma se così non fosse, ecco un paio di consigli: Kobo Nia è la scelta giusta per chi si avvicina per la prima volta al mondo degli eReader e vuole qualcosa di valido ad un prezzo molto contenuto. When you consider how much mobile phones, computers and tablets have improved during the 2nd decade of this century it’s fair to say that Kobo and Amazon have been very slow to improve in comparison. Kobo eReaders are designed with one thing in mind - to deliver a superior reading experience. Compared to clara, besides the comfort light nia has slower CPU and half the ammount of ram (256mb) . The Kobo Nia is a bargain basement e-reader that is basically the lowest priced SKU in their portfolio. What the Kobo Nia feels like. Read the full review: Kobo Nia The Touch has a padded back feel while the Nia has a dotted pattern. (From all of the reviews this isn't a huge difference...but there is a difference.). Legal Documents. I have both. Kobo went bigger with the Forma and Libra H2O, where 8-inch and 7-inch displays made for larger models.It’s not fair to compare the Nia to those larger models, but doing so with the Clara HD is appropriate. Fintie Stand Case for Kobo Nia 6” 2020 eReader - Premium PU Leather Protective Cover with Card Slot, Hand Strap and Auto Sleep/Wake Compatible with Kobo Clara … From here, you can step up to the Clara HD ($119.99), which is lighter and has a color-changing backlight. If you’re willing to pay for the Nia and a sleep case, then for a similar total price you’d get a substantially enhanced low light and night time reading experience by buying the Kobo Clara HD without a case instead. In Australia we only have two choices of ebook reader manufacturers: Rakuten’s Kobo and Amazon’s Kindle. Because I think 4 GB alone can hold up to 3000 books haha. Battery life for both is still several weeks if Wi-Fi is off and lighting is off. Interested in getting a new ereader? Over the course of the past few months, Kobo and their various retail partners have been putting the Clara HD on sale. For…, And still no support for Family Link accounts in YTM…, I’m still waiting to be able to delete the app from my phone…. The Tolino Page 2 (Kobo Nia) has a 6″ Carta E-ink screen with a capacitive touchscreen and a frontlight. Unfortunately I can't return mine otherwise I would have bought the Clara instead. The next step up from Kobo is the Clara HD, and it’s one of their more recent releases, initially launched in 2018. However, the Nia lacks a blue light filter, so if you read a lot at night, we think the Kobo Clara HD is a better option – with a sharper 300ppi screen – if you can spare the extra cash for it. Brand new, unopened box on EBAY was 30$ cheaper than the NIA. Compare the display, resolution, dimensions, weight and features of our Kobo eReaders, including waterproofing, ComfortLight PRO and more. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Oasis are sold out or at least many versions of them : https://goodereader.com/blog/kindle/amazon-kindle-paperwhite-and-oasis-are-sold-out, The 300 ppi of the Clara hd makes it worth spending the extra $. He has never bought an Apple product :-) His dream phone would have stock Android OS, fast high-res camera and swappable 4000mAh battery. And what we have now is an entire family of Kobos all with different names (there is nothing as confusing as calling every single Kobo an Aura), sitting at good price points both relative to themselves and their competing Kindle models. Obviously the Nia battery will fall a lot faster if you keep it connected to Wi-Fi and use the light a lot. Learn more. The thing is that the touch screen is fine on the Clara, Forma and the Libra so I expect that the Nia will have a good touch screen unlike the Aura 2. While it’s certainly a lot less tiring on your eyes to read a book on an e-ink ebook reader, most people decide to use the Kindle or Kobo apps on their iPhone or Android phone/tablet instead. Read in the sun on a glare-free 6" touchscreen, or read at night with built-in, adjustable ComfortLight. Find the eReader that’s perfect for you. The ultimate in readability. The screen quality and sharpness difference is quite noticeable. I thought it was 8GB and non-removable? The software is quite similar because to their credit Kobo still send updates to my ancient Kobo device. D-Link’s Weather…, Review: Amazon Echo Dot with Clock — the smaller Echo just…, Ausdroid Review: Vivo X50 Lite – is it more OPPO-tunistic than…, NBN Co has re-launched its Technology Choice program with ‘instant’ quotes,…, Speetest data shows that Australia’s mobile broadband speeds are world leading,…. For starters Wi-Fi support is still only 2.4Ghz wifi. Declaration of Conformity. Clara is better (speed, dpi; blue light filter) but Nia gets the job done. Kobo's website is now listing the Nia for 130$. The reason? It runs on a 1GHz single-core CPU with 512MB RAM and 8GB internal storage. If you only read during the day then Kobo Nia is a fine choice and will save you a few dollars, it’s available from July 21 for RRP $149.95 at the Kobo Australia website and select retailers. I've decided to go with the Clara :)). Thanks!! I’m still using my 2011 Kobo Touch, and the only real incentive for me to upgrade is front lighting. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Kobo clara HD is better clearly and 20 bucks is not much more. Kobo Clara HD User Guide; Kobo Clara HD Quick Start Guide (PDF) Not sure which eReader you have? 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