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I don’t know, I’m partial to the wood hangboards, I guess. It works a bunch of things. Perfect. I think that’s true for me, too. It was amazing. Yeah. I’d say campusing on big rungs, like I was saying, you don’t want it to be finger strength limited and I don’t want to go around saying, ‘V2 climbers should be campusing 1, 5, 8,’ but trying to throw in some campusing, even it’s on climbs, is not a bad idea. They were setting pretty hard climbs and because it was so overhanging, I had to develop a pretty jumpy style for being small and not having the big muscles, being an 11 year old girl. It’s annoying but it’s not at all debilitating. I’ve been climbing for about 10 years, competitively climbing for that entire time. A pound you barely notice so if you’re at 15 pounds you make it 16 pounds. Are you still training like this? It seems like a lot of people just get an unhealthy obsession with it and it seems like that’d be pretty easy to have that happen if you are always checking it and always noticing, ‘Oh, I’m climbing pretty hard right now but I’m five pounds lighter than I normally am.’ That just seems like a dangerous road to go down. Basically because the growth plates in your fingers and stuff are still open and campusing can be really rough on growth plates. Okay,’ but I try to not think about it too much. The reason why is that I don’t want campusing to be limited by finger strength. Kyra Condie: Yeah, it’s been working pretty well. That’s just going up skipping one rung the entire time and not matching any. You do bouldering and sport climbing. I’m sure there are a lot of vegetarians listening to this. I like incut holds, ones that you can actually feel like you get something out of. Right. It’s 22 centimeters, I think. Neely Quinn: It sounds great. That’s one thing that I’ve done a lot. Kyra Condie: I agree with it. Kyra Condie: I probably do that, if I only boulder and do not do campusing or hangboarding, it’s maybe twice a week I would say. Basically my training would be leading up to going to try and climb something. I don’t like getting thwarted by a move, you know? Kyra Condie: Well, once in every three-day cycle so it’s kind of in every three or four days. Usually after I do this I climb for at least two and a half hours. I used to think that I couldn’t do some of the core exercises, like the classic endurance core. I tell so many people that this is, if you’re going to do something, train this. Would you ever do this on a day when you climb outside? I think that has something to do with not being able to engage that part of my back so all of the pressure and force lands on just the lumbar vertebrae because that’s the spot where I can actually bend. Yeah, I think it takes about 40, usually. It’s in Germany somewhere. Neely Quinn: Yeah, it will be cool to see what you do outside. Kyra Condie: Yeah, for sure, and strangely toeing into things I’m quite good at, too. Since whenever I got back from traveling last summer. Yeah, so I’ve tried to explain campusing by talking before and it was kind of difficult, but basically for anybody who doesn’t know, you have the numbers on the campus rungs and they are standard spacing apart. It’s shame but it’s try hard. I try to get outside as much as possible as well but my focus is definitely on bouldering competitions. Kyra Condie: Yeah, and it’s kind of crazy to be like, ‘Wow, this climb felt so hard before but now I can repeat it daily, easily.’. I just work in a vet clinic here to get those 400 hours done. Alright, I hope you enjoyed that interview with Kyra Condie. That comes with the hangboarding. Neely Quinn: So, a couple questions about body weight and diet. Kyra Condie: No, I’m not injured. I really like making coconut milk curry and I have it with cauliflower, spinach, broccoli, coconut milk and kind of that’s it and I’ll put it on rice with curry. Kyra Condie: It’s shame but it’s try hard. Up to two women per country can make the U.S. Olympic team. I have to think about that for a sec. When I came back from Africa, that’s when I was finally able to hang on the hangboard with one hand without taking weight off. Yeah, and it’s kind of crazy to be like, ‘Wow, this climb felt so hard before but now I can repeat it daily, easily.’. They do not pay me. I feel like I’ve seen a lot of improvement, even just this year, so I think it’s been really good. When we were commentating last year, we were like, ‘She’s so fast! I went to the Red when I was like 12, before I got back surgery, and other than that I’ve climbed a couple days here and there at a place that we have near where I live in Minnesota and a couple of days out here in Utah. Not my home wall but it has a similar feel to the wall that I was climbing on in Minnesota and so I’ve spent a lot of time there. No big deal. There’s probably more hard climbs there than there are in Minnesota at the gym. Neely Quinn: Welcome to the TrainingBeta podcast where I talk with climbers and trainers about how we can get a little better at our favorite sport. I tell so many people that this is, if you’re going to do something, train this. Okay.’ [laughs]. They’re like eggs and almond butter or something? Neely Quinn: Welcome to the show, Kyra. Kyra Condie: Let’s see. I think everyone wanted a chance to fight on our finals route and get a chance to win but the way that they did it, they just counted back to semi-finals which is too bad. If you start climbing a lot and focused-climbing a lot, focused-ly, if that makes sense [laughs] and not just going into the gym and kind of talking to your friends and occasionally climbing, which is what a lot of people do. What about abilities of climbers? [laughs]. I’d been to Nationals by that point and so it was pretty devastating when I heard I had to get the surgery because I had no idea what that would mean for my climbing. When Condie asked if she could return to climbing, a nurse practitioner told her there were other things in life. I personally prefer when the climb is much harder. I’ve done those cardio classes occasionally with friends and that’s kind of fun, like miserable but fun because you’re with people, but I find it hard to get motivated to do by myself. Yeah, I’ve had a lot of people be like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to campus because I don’t want to get injured.’ It’s like, ‘If you do it right you might not get injured.’. It should be okay. The next week I would try and make it seven pounds. Quinoa jambalaya is one of the things I make the most. It kind of depends on skin and I try to listen to the body. I really want to go to the Red maybe this fall and I’m maybe going to Spain in the fall. I’ve definitely done that outside where I’m like, ‘Okay, I need to rest seven minutes,’ and sometimes you get too excited around minute three and you get back on the wall and have just a terrible attempt [laughs] so I’ve had to set a timer and do that before, but I don’t usually do that in a gym. It used to be that if I could hear how people were doing I’d get freaked out so I’d listen to music super loud and not know how anyone was doing and I just decided that was probably not the best way of going about it, so I stopped listening to music while I was waiting. It’s just hard to get enough, as a vegetarian especially. It’s really admirable, too. How do you feel when you feel like you’re completely rested? So I’ve been focusing on trying to get more protein and so I supplement. That’s really smart, actually, and I’ve never talked about that with anybody. It says, “You suck. Other than that I haven’t really climbed outside sport climbing much at all. Sometimes if you don’t grab it as well, if your fingers are a little stacked or something, you can only match the hold, you know? Climbing things like – if I don’t like a climb, I’ll try to re-climb it anyway, even if I hate it, which is so hard to get myself to do sometimes because I feel like I must hate it for a reason, you know? I joined a team at our local gym and that’s really how I got my start. No excuses. Yeah, they’re kind of gross and restaurants kind of undercook them, in my opinion, a lot of times and it freaks me out. Yeah, you’re pretty good at jumping. Today begins the qualifying round of the 2014 SCS (Sport Climbing Series) Open National Championship at Sender One Climbing, Chris Sharma’s gym located in Santa Ana, CA.. Once again from Minnesota, Kyra Condie will be competing against the best women sport climbers in the country for the title of Open National Champion. Kind of the famous one is 1, 5, 9 and that would be a life goal but that’s a ways away. Question: how did you come across three days on, one day off, three days on? Do you have an 8.5? Neely Quinn: With how much rest in between? Sometimes it has to vary, like today is actually – I did two days on and today is the one day off. That’s another reason why I like the one-handed ones. That’s a cool plan. Yeah, so I finished with classes for my undergrad degree and I’m getting my undergrad degree in animal science, which is a pre-vet degree. TrainingBeta is a site dedicated to training for rock climbing. Yeah, let’s see. We take you through cycles of power and strength and finger strength and everything you need to be a great climber. Every time, everyone is like, ‘What the heck?’, Neely Quinn: [laughs] ‘You did what?’, Kyra Condie: Yeah, like, ‘That’s your back? Yeah, it sounds like you’ve kind of made your way around certain things. Kyra Condie: Yeah, I think basically that’s kind of how it works. We’ll talk all about that and this interview, honestly, was one of the most detailed, concise descriptions of any pro climber’s training program that I’ve ever had. Neely Quinn: As a vegetarian, what kinds of foods do you eat? I still have the muscle memory but not nearly as much as the people who do it all the time and practice it. That requires a lot of hours. Then, the second boulder which was the hardest boulder of the entire round and only Alex and Ashima did it, I should have been able to get to my high point on my second try but I think I was frazzled from that first climb and it just got to me.

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