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Old Ford lion crests/logo. It’s not surprising that lion emblem is often selected by car brands that focus on production of heavy-duty vehicles. Peugeot and Saab are the most iconic car brands with a lion logo, while lesser-known car brand Holden also uses a lion. The Roewe shield comes with a black and chess red pattern of the background with the monogram and gold image on it. The lion holds a sword and is ready to protect both the car and the car owner under any circumstances. The Proton Waja, which was launched in 2000, comes with a new Proton logo which featured a stylish lion head on a green roundel embossed on a dark blue shield, with a white “PROTON” capital lettering in Frutiger font. Established in 1903, Büssing is a truck and bus manufacturer. It rapidly developed into the largest European manufacturers whose utility vehicles were widely distributed. Source(s): While it may be simple, the logo has persevered throughout the company’s history as a simple but effective symbol of their success in the field of racing. Discover over 167 of our best selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands. Buy Logos Sell Logos ≡ More. Holden Mass-Market Cars … 4522 Parker Avenue, McClellan Park, Suite 350, Sacramento, CA, 95652 833-512-5466 We have dozens of lion sticker designs and … Viewer discretion is advised. The INKAS car logo comes with a lion to emphasize the reliability, safety, strength and bullet-proof protection of INKAS vehicles. Copyright © 2017 Indian Auto. Hummer. SAIC claimed that the name was derived from Löwe which means lion in Germany. Lion is a ruler and fearless animal. The logo alludes to an ancient tale, wherein perceptions of lions moving stones prompted the creation of the wheel. From the very start, the company implemented the Brunswick Lion emblem – a very popular logotype for companies in Braunschweig. In the late nineties, the updated car with lion symbol was present: there is a head of a lion (some say it’s a tiger head) and an inscription with the brand name. Lion Logo Vector Free vector. We are working on an upload feature to allow everyone to upload logos! Since it started to operate in 1996, INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has been supplying armed vehicles to financial institutions including corporate clients, law enforcement agencies and financial institutions. Find lion logo stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. The lion logo made its debut on Peugeot cars in 1905. The logo represents confidence and power as well as carrying a symbolic designation of new ways (new markets) search. In the previous article, we have presented to you five car logos with snake, in the article below, we will provide you with seven car logos with lion. The name Roewe was a result of SAIC’s failure to acquire the Rover brand name from BMW c. 2005. This is a German truck manufacturer that was established in 1903. Heraldic shield. Lion Car Logo. The logo looks dynamic and aesthetically pleasing. 01. of 11. In 1955, Peugeot for the first time with the Italian Turin designer Pininfarina co-design car body, and launched the Peugeot 403. All rights reserved. NÁHRADNÉ DIELY. It’s a logo instantly recognisable to most Australians, a proud lion rolling a stone, its stoic and regal posture adorning millions of cars made by General Motors Holden. Search. The lion holding a stone could be seen on the earliest Holden logo introduced in 1928. Would you like to receive notifications with latest news and car deals from IndianAuto. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. The image of the lion has undergone numerous alterations, growing more and more abstract. 0 0. gromit. Since 1996, INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has been providing armored vehicles for law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, corporate and individual clients around the world. Bulls, horses, tridents, coats of arms, wheels, and propellers -- what are all these exotic car logos, anyway? All Proton cars which were launched after 2000 featured the new logo. Sepia Toned Lion Face with Text Card Banner. Honda. Loewe, articulated much like Roewe by Chinese speakers, is likewise the name of a Spanish producer of luxury leather goods. This design is suitable for any industry related to automobiles. The Holden logo is known as “Holden lion and stone” and has played a great role in creating Holden’s character. The bravest beautiful wild animal with the sword has been one of the most popular heraldic symbols. Safari object set with fox,giraffe,zebra,lion,leaves,car. At find thousands of logos categorized into thousands of categories. The first brand to have car logo with lion is a German carmaker, Büssing. LogoGround logo search results for Lion Logos for Sale.

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