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The Moldy Apartment Blues – Who Is Liable? Humidity sets up prime growing conditions for mold. Sometimes I see tenants who notify the landlord or property manager that their apartment contains mold, but the tenants do not provide written notice. Contact the nearest office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or your local health department to learn about the laws regarding mold and landlord/tenant responsibilities in your area. These states include New Jersey, Indiana, California, Maryland, and Texas. By knowing the rights of tenants and landlords based on the law, it’s much easier to understand how to move forward if you detect mold’s distinctive presence. We practice almost exclusively in mold cases and have developed a niche representing tenants from Northern California who have had mold in their apartments. Please reference the Terms of Use and the Supplemental Terms for specific information related to your state. Tenants are generally responsible for mold remediation if mold results from something they do. Contact your insurance agent if you have questions. You and your landlord are both required to take certain action to prevent mold growth and remedy the causes of mold growth. Mold on the living room ceiling could spread and end up damaging your living room furniture. Mold in rentals is a joint issue of tenant-landlord liability, responsibility, and prevention. The law in Georgia isn’t clear, but case law suggests that the presence of black mold may make an apartment unfit. Assuming a mold insurgence has been confirmed, your rights and degree of responsibility for remediation will vary according to your side of the rental agreement. We represent adults and children who have been subjected to, and injured by, toxic mold exposure and other types of indoor contamination. Attorney James Regan has been practicing law in San Francisco for thirteen years. Mold growth in apartments and other rental units poses some unique problems, though. It takes an expert to know whether a particular mold is harmful or just annoying. Per this law, it shall be unlawful for any contractor, tradesman, consultant, home inspector, or other to engage in mold assessment, evaluation, remediation, or abatement on a project, or to advertise or hold themselves out as a mold contractor or assessor in the State of New York, unless minimum requirements are met and none of the below exemptions apply. If the landlord doesn't take care of leaks and mold grows as a result, you might be able to hold the landlord responsible if you can convince a judge or jury that the mold has caused a health problem. In some states, the information on this website may be considered a lawyer referral service. Black Mold and Your Landlord's Responsibilities Landlords are required by law to provide proper living conditions for their tenants, free from health or safety hazards, often referred to as an " implied warranty of habitability." Unfortunately, no federal laws for mold have been declared in any country throughout the globe. Mold in Apartment & Tenant Rights. Tenants have some duties to maintain their rental unit, so when a tenant's own negligence is the sole cause of injury, the landlord is not liable. At least one court (in Tennessee) has refused to enforce such a clause, ruling that to do so would be against public policy. If you have renters insurance - and we recommend all renters purchase insurance for their own protection - it may cover the cost of some of your belongings if they are ruined by mold. Exposure to mold can lead to a wide range of health problems and mold in apartments can damage your furnishings and other personal belongings. The liability picture changes when mold grows as the result of your own behavior, such as keeping the apartment tightly shut, creating high humidity, or failing to maintain necessary cleanliness. Mold and its associated health risks are a concern for renters everywhere. Mold is an environmental hazard that can cause concern among renters. Dehumidifiers, Hygrometers, Leak Detectors and More. For instance, if a leaky roof leads to mold growth, the landlord would probably be responsible for removing the mold as well as repairing the roof. It often grows quickly in damp places like basements, attics and other parts of a building that have poor ventilation and high humidity. How To Waterproof Your Basement - Step-by-step Guide & Products to Use, Cleaning Mold Naturally …..Compare Options, Effectiveness. The first, known as "rent withholding," is when tenants decide to stop paying rent, claiming the mold has made their apartment uninhabitable. The federal government has no nationwide standard for mold in residential or commercial properties, and most state and city governments also do not address mold issues directly. Some molds look and smell disgusting; others are barely seen—hidden between walls, under floors and ceilings, or in less accessible spots, such as basements and attics. Let your landlord know where in the apartment you’ve seen mold and encourage him or her to come inspect the situation in person. There are a variety of mold strains that can cause any number of health problems. Some states require landlords to disclose information about mold to tenants. The attorney listings on this site are paid attorney advertising. For local mold-related rules, contact your city manager, mayor’s office or other local government department. Depending on the state, this can be done orally or in writing. They are about to pass a mold licnesing law . N.C. law requires that landlords keep rental properties in a “fit and habitable condition.” Federal law has no codes about landlord responsibilities about mold. It’s a common question that comes in to 12 On Your Side. New York - Landlords of buildings with three or more apartments — or buildings of any size where a tenant has asthma — are required to keep tenants’ homes free of mold and pests. If you’re dealing with apartment mold, you may be wondering how to best deal with it and what your options are. The liability picture changes when mold grows as the result of your own behavior, such as keeping the apartment tightly shut, creating high humidity, or failing to maintain necessary cleanliness. Exposure to household mold has been linked to all kinds of health problems, including allergic reactions, respiratory infections, asthma, and even bleeding in the lungs. Landlords may not want tenants to do the work themselves, either. In a rental property, it can occur following a faulty plumbing or an unattended spill. As of 2013, only a few states have laws regarding what amounts of mold are considered safe. Under State Laws . No federal law sets permissible exposure limits or building tolerance standards for mold in residential buildings, and only a few states (including California, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, and Texas), and a few cities (including New York and San Francisco), have taken steps toward establishing permissible mold standards or guidelines and regulations for mold in indoor air. Copyright © 2020 MH Sub I, LLC dba Nolo ® Self-help services may not be permitted in all states. However, even if tenants are responsible for the cost of mold removal, landlords may be required by law to have the work done in order to make the apartment habitable. Mold on the living room ceiling could spread and end up damaging your living room furniture. The first, known as "rent withholding," is when tenants decide to stop paying rent, claiming the mold has made their apartment … Can I just remove the mold myself and reduce the amount I pay my landlord in rent that month? The good news is that some states have taken this issue seriously and have passed laws aimed at regulating the mold in the indoor air. Landlord/tenant law is not typically covered by federal law, either, but by state laws, which vary from state to state. State law provides two options if a landlord chooses not to make a repair: Either move or take the owner to court. So, does the presence of toxic black mold render an apartment unfit for its intended use? If you find mold in your apartment, inform your landlord right away. In California, a verbal warning from the landlord about the presence of mold in the dwelling is not sufficient; the mold disclosure must be made in writing. If you suspect there is mold in your rental unit, learn what to look for and when your landlord might be liable. It’s a problem for all the reasons mold in houses is a problem. An experienced professional will identify all areas of mold in the apartment and provide written documentation of his or her findings. The last thing any Florida landlord wants to hear from their tenant is, “Listen, I think there is black mold in my apartment,” because preventing and removing mold is costly, complicated, and dangerous. In Florida, there are mold laws in place in case of any problems. How much time does a landlord have to remove mold from my apartment or house? Tenants are not typically responsible for roof repair and therefore they aren’t usually responsible for removing mold that results from a leaky roof. You should consult an attorney if you need legal advice about a specific situation. A few states have laws related to this subject, including California, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey and Texas. In many circumstances, the North Carolina General Statutes require written notice. A smart landlord will try to prevent the conditions that lead to the growth of mold—and tenants should be the landlord's partner in this effort. To avoid causing any mold problems, practice good housekeeping, such as ventilating your apartment. New tests that measure the presence of a particular mold's DNA in a blood sample are the only way to know for sure whether the mold is present in the body. Apartment leases often prohibit tenants from doing things like removing and replacing carpet, which may be necessary in order to remove mold. In SC, renters with mold problems can either move or … While mold is typically associated with buildings in humid, musty, damp conditions, no rental property is safe from mold contamination. Don’t sign anything agreeing to pay for mold remediation, though, unless you are prepared to cover the cost yourself. Check the “Indoor Air Quality—Mold” box in the “Topics” column, and check the box next to your state. There is no debate, however, among tenants who have suffered the consequences of living amidst (and inhaling) mold spores. Even if your state or city doesn't have specific mold laws, your landlord could still be liable for a mold problem in your rental, as a result of landlords’ responsibility to provide safe and livable housing. Mold is also among the most controversial of environmental hazards. Mold laws are designed to protect tenants from living in infected homes and becoming seriously sick. Courts in Michigan have recognized two common legal self-help strategies that some tenants choose to pursue following a mold outbreak in their apartment or rental home. It’s a complex issue but we’ll tell you what you should be able to expect from your landlord, as well as let you know what to do if you find mold in your apartment. Mold is a serious environmental hazard, and it is not something that landlords can just ignore or sweep under the rug. There is no explicit mention of mold. No building tolerance or limits have been placed within federal laws. Landlords in all states but Arkansas are responsible for maintaining fit and habitable housing and repairing rental property, and this extends to fixing leaking pipes, windows, and roofs—the causes of most mold. View the Mold Guide. If you have renter’s insurance - and we recommend all renters purchase insurance for their own protection - it may cover the cost of some of your belongings if they are ruined by mold. Some are powdery, others shiny. And it's very tricky to find out whether a person who has been exposed to mold has actually inhaled or ingested it. What is considered a reasonable amount of time to make a repair or remedy a problem? Perhaps of greater concern, however, is the risk to your health. If your landlord doesn’t address the mold problem in a timely manner, we suggest putting your request in writing. Our firm is one of Northern California's leading mold law firms. This law applies to both houses and apartment units. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Every Landlord's Guide to Finding Great Tenants, Every Landlord's Guide to Managing Property, state department of environmental protection, Environmental Health State Bill Tracking Database, responsibility to provide safe and livable housing, Tenants have some duties to maintain their rental unit, require landlords to disclose information, Collecting and Returning Security Deposits, Rent Rules: Rent Control, Increases, & More. Identifying toxic mold is not easy as there are many types of mold and not all are toxic. We're the Lawyers that other Lawyers call when they have a mold problem. Tenants are required to notify their landlord of mold problems or of the latter’s failure to comply with mold-related responsibilities. It is extremely important that you provide your landlord with written notice of the existence of mold. Courts in New York have recognized two common legal self-help strategies that some tenants choose to pursue following a mold outbreak in their apartment or rental home. For more information on mold, including what it looks like, how to test for mold, the health effects of mold exposure, and how to clean up mold, check out the Mold section of the EPA website. Landlords can then charge tenants for the work. You can forward a copy of this to your landlord along with your request for him or her to arrange for mold removal. Mold often grows on water-soaked materials, such as wall paneling, paint, fabric, ceiling tiles, newspapers, or cardboard boxes. As always, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park is ready to serve you, whether you rent or own your property. The information provided on this site is not legal advice, does not constitute a lawyer referral service, and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site. For more information and a free inspection for apartment mold, you can schedule an in-home consultation with a mold remediation professional. HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - There’s mold in your apartment, what are your rights? With a few exceptions, landlord responsibilities regarding mold have not been clearly spelled out in building codes, ordinances, statutes, or regulations. To find qualified mold removal professionals offering free in-home consultations and inspections in your area, just follow the link. If you find mold lurking and seeping in from the corners of your walls, you are living in an environmentally hazardous situation. Here is a list of Local HUD Offices. The first, known as "rent withholding," is when tenants decide to stop paying rent, claiming the mold has made their apartment uninhabitable. But whatever the climate, mold can grow as long as moisture is present. For information on mold rules and regulations in your state, check with your state department of environmental protection or your state department of public health. Privacy Policy    Disclaimer    Contact Us, Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved. If you want your landlord to pay for the mold removal, just forward the information. However, most states only allow for requests to be made in writing. One of these states is Maryland (the others being California, Indiana, Texas, and New Jersey). Unfortunately, not all landlords adhere to these laws and continue to rent apartments despite the presence of toxic mold. You can see a sample letter to a landlord requesting mold removal. However, landlords in Florida still are responsible for keeping their properties free of mold. You can read more about mold-related health problems. Depending on the situation, state law might give you options such as rent withholding if your landlord fails to fix a serious mold problem, or you might be able to file a lawsuit for mold-related health problems. To see whether your state is considering mold-related legislation that might affect residential rentals, you can search the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Environmental Health State Bill Tracking Database. New Mexico - New Mexico does not have laws or state agencies that regulate mold or have jurisdiction to enforce abatement. (But, as explained below, landlords can be held responsible for mold problems even absent specific laws governing mold.). However, a few states have finally stated laws on landlord obligations to fix the mold. The bad news is that there is no federal law regarding the exposure limits to mold. It will depend on the specific coverage your p… Buildings in naturally humid climates of Texas, California, and the Southern U.S. have experienced more mold problems than residences in drier climates. If mold is making your apartment unsafe to live in, your landlord is responsible for fixing the problem. They refer to the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, which requires a landlord to inform a prospective tenant about any condition that may influence their decision to rent the property. The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (commonly known as HUD) may be able to assist you, as well, particularly if you live in rent-subsidized housing or if you are a senior citizen or disabled. There is no cost and no obligation to you. Mold comes in various colors and shapes. For instance, if you forget to close a window and it rains and the carpet gets wet and then gets moldy, you’ll probably be responsible for the cost of replacing the carpet and removing any other mold that has resulted from your negligence. Additionally, the law applies if the mold is a threat to the tenant’s health. Keep in mind, however, that most mold is not harmful to your health—for example, the mold that grows on shower tiles is not dangerous. Discuss the situation with your landlord and ask if it’s possible to be relocated until the mold issue is resolved. Courts have recognized two common legal self-help strategies that some tenants choose to pursue following a mold outbreak in their apartment or rental home. This approach requires maintaining the structural integrity of the property (the roof, plumbing, and windows), which is the landlord's job.

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