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PriceMe will notify you when the price for Nikon Z6 drops below S$2,849.00. This option utilizes a nearly straight tone curve, which allows you to acquire as much information as possible — including subject colors, brightness and texture. Not available in 120p, 100p or slow-motion movie. The Z 6 incorporates a range of auto controls to help you obtain optimum results, using the Advanced Scene Recognition System. Creative Picture Controls are available in all exposure modes, as well as movie recording. *2 Requires Mount Adapter FTZ. The Z6 II uses a brand-new Nikon Z mount optimized for Nikon's new Z-mount mirrorless S lenses. With an external recorder*, the Z 6 is capable of capturing raw 12-bit, 4K UHD video in full-frame utilising full-pixel readout equivalent to 6K.Firmware ver. To facilitate the capture of moving subjects, it features wide AF coverage, and a focus prediction algorithm that Nikon has refined over years of D-SLR camera development. The Atomos Ninja V is required to be upgraded with firmware Ver. It will also support CFexpress (Type B) cards via a forthcoming firmware update, for use in a broader variety of professional applications. Singapore - English Sri Lanka - English Taiwan - 中文 Thailand - ภาษาไทย Vietnam - Tiếng Việt Others Oceania Australia - English New Caledonia - English French Polynesia (Tahiti) – English New Zealand - … What’s more, Active D-Lighting is now available in 4K UHD, preserving details in highlights and shadows even when shooting under harsh sunlight. The highest degree of saturation is applied to produce more colorful tones and textures. 2100k-dot high-resolution display. Some photographers prefer to use manual focusing instead of AF depending on the subject, and the Z 6 provides four confirming functions to realize maximum focus precision. UURig Selfie Vlog Mirror Bracket for Sony A7 III II Flip Screen for Fujifilm XT3 XT20 Canon Panasonic GX85 Nikon Z7 Z6 w Cleaning Cloth, Microphone/Fill Light Extension Bracket for Mirror-Less Camera Best offer: S$ 66.67 Sold by Amazon Singapore Go To Store 100% frame coverage and approx. You can create pictures to impress your followers, as well as experiment with the creative potential of this unique image area. This means the Nikon Z6 II has a virtually identical launch price to its Z6 predecessor, but the Z7 II is actually quite a bit cheaper than its predecessor at launch, in the US and UK. If you select “Off” for “Apply settings to live view,” the EVF and monitor will display a similar color, brightness and contrast to what you would get with an optical viewfinder, allowing you to confirm the subject easily. The employment of two ED glass elements effectively compensates for axial chromatic aberration, while three aspherical lens elements effectively suppress sagittal coma flare for superb point-image reproduction of point light sources even in the peripheral areas of the frame. Their newly developed stepping motor enables quiet drive operation, while the new control ring also allows users to reduce the operational sound of designated functions such as focus, aperture or exposure compensation, achieving smoother control. Meanwhile, the sensor’s copper-wiring circuits enable rapid read-out of AF information and the data from its 24.5 effective megapixels, while realizing continuous shooting at up to 12 fps. And the metallic rings around the Z mount and the root of NIKKOR Z lenses have the same look and feel, to provide a sense of unity as a system. *1 Limited functions only. Nikon Z6 II and Nikon Z7 II | Hands-on Review Nikon Z6 II and Nikon Z7 II Live Panel Discussion More speed, more versatility, more performance, the Nikon Z 6II is an updated take on the all-rounder mirrorless camera designed for high-end photo and video applications. 1 : 4), normal (approx. If you have any other Z6 II and Z7 II related videos or links, please post them in thehere. Nikon Z6 II New; Nikon Z7; Nikon Z7 II New; View All. Even when filming under harsh lighting, the electronic viewfinder lets you clearly confirm your subjects across the entire frame. --Z6ii Key Features-- 24.5MP FX-Format BSI CMOS Sensor Dual EXPEED 6 Image Processors UHD 4K30 Vide . The Z 6 allows simultaneous recording of uncompressed 8-bit 4K UHD movie files onto such devices. Sony. A handy top display panel enables users to confirm various information at a glance. When you want to release the shutter wirelessly to prevent camera shake caused by button operation, or release multiple cameras to shoot your subject from various angles, you need the WR-1 and WR-R10/WR-T10 Wireless Remote Controllers. With two tones only, crisp monochrome images are created. The Z 6 employs a highly accurate shutter unit capable of speeds of 1/8000 s. To ensure durability, it uses the same brake mechanism and shutter blade material adopted by the D850, and has been tested for 200,000 cycles while actually loaded in the camera. * When using 12-bit RAW, JPEG or TIFF in high-speed continuous shooting (extended). The Z 6’s large, high-resolution tilting monitor offers touch-panel functionality. Sort by: Best Sellers. 100% Brand New, 1 Year Nikon SG Warranty. The price of the Refurbished Nikkor Z 35mm f/1.8 S lens also dropped by another $100 to $629 (was $726). 866.7 Mbps(*2), over distances of up to approx. Nikon Z6 II New; Nikon Z7; Nikon Z7 II New; View All. — Carousell Admin, Z6 ii + FTZ Adaptor is 2931 ; Z6 ii Body is 2799 (PM Best Price) When using NIKKOR F lenses, the optical VR effect is lower compared to using NIKKOR Z lenses. Hold the future in the palm of your hands. 2.5 offers direct connection via built-in Wi-Fi. Click through to find out about their relative size and key specifications. We use analytic cookies and marketing cookies to learn from user information, personalise advertisements and measure their effectiveness. Select a higher sensitivity if you want to switch focus quickly to the next subject, and a lower sensitivity for maintaining focus on the current subject for longer. This makes the Z 6 the fastest in continuous shooting frame-rate among mirrorless cameras equipped with full-frame image sensors(*4). Gives a serious impression with a metallic feel. Images like cyanotypes can be obtained depending on the subject. Advanced Wireless Lighting with optical-controlled units such as the SB-910 is also possible with the Z 6. Detailed comparison of the Nikon Z6 II and the Panasonic GF7. Hybrid AF — developed specifically for the Z system — utilizes a new AF algorithm and provides focus performance that’s optimized for movies, while reducing wobbling(*2). You can choose to display highlights in red, yellow, blue or white, according to your subject’s own coloration, and adjust between three levels of detection sensitivity. The price of the refurbished Nikon Z7 + 24-70mm f/4 lens kit dropped by another $200 and it’s now $2,499 (was $2,699 before). Current price: S$ 2,849.00. It lets you intuitively change settings while looking through the EVF, using the main command dial and sub-command dial. Sagittal coma flare is effectively reduced to ensure exquisite point-image reproduction of point light sources despite being a zoom lens. Approx. It sits between the existing clarity parameter, which adjusts overall sharpness, and sharpening, which adjusts the appearance of details and patterns. The Z 6 supports Nikon Creative Lighting System*, which makes it easy to produce striking images by adding lights to your shooting scenes. Outstanding optical performance is realized by employing one aspherical ED glass, one ED glass and three aspherical lens elements. The Nikon Z6 is perhaps one of the most adaptable cameras yet with the advantages of a lightweight mirrorless design, a revolutionary new full-frame lens mount with matched lenses and seamless integration with Nikon’s DSLR We have shop, receipt provided. While the cameras have been unveiled, a sale-date has not yet been announced by Nikon, though they say the cameras will be available by the end of the year. 90% of the frame both horizontally and vertically with 273 focus points(*1). New. The new Nikon Z6 II camera is now in stock at BuyDig: Nikon Z6 II body only Nikon Z6 II + Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/4 S lens kit BuyDig is an authorized Nikon USA dealer and … Compared to the expression obtained with an actual toy camera, a deeper and calmer impression can be realized. Provides gentle expression, offering lightness and warmth. The Z 6 was designed based on stringent principles of reliability inherited from Nikon D-SLRs, which have earned the trust of a wide range of users including professionals. In developing a mirrorless camera system, Nikon didn’t just aim for impressive specifications. If the information transmitted by light can be conveyed to a camera’s image sensor in the purist possible form, could this be the next stage in the evolution of image expression? 26 Reviews. It takes full advantage of NIKKOR Z lenses’ unparalleled optical performance, bringing a new level of sharpness to your images. are supported. Unless otherwise stated, all measurements are performed in conformity with Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA) standards or guidelines. The Z 6 resolves this issue by offering a convenient, in-camera RAW batch-processing feature, which enables you to quickly apply the same adjustments to selected images. A soft and pure image can be attained, as if viewed from behind a veil. With the Z 6, built-in Wi-Fi® isn’t just for connection with your smart device: you can also use it to directly connect the camera to your computer(*1). The operational controls, including a sub-selector, AF-ON button, ISO button and exposure compensation button, are carefully arranged to allow quick operation using the right hand in a shooting posture. The camera also introduces Full HD 120p/100p(*1) recording, including audio capture, providing more options in post-production. *4 May not be available in certain countries. Eye-Detection AF can be activated using the custom settings menu. Multiple exposure photography lets you expand your creative options, and produce striking, one-of-a-kind images without using a computer. *1 Approx. By choosing the “Sport” VR mode, vibration that might occur during movie recording can be effectively suppressed. And when shooting stills of dark scenes, activating the camera’s low-light AF function offers AF down to -6 EV(*2). 0.8× magnification*, with an approx. Camera control mode enables wireless remote operation from a computer using the optional Camera Control Pro 2 software, while HTTP server mode lets you control the camera remotely using the web browser on a computer or smart device. Interested can Developed in response to user feedback, the latest firmware update for the Z 6 significantly enhances the camera’s capabilities. Featuring a larger mount diameter, full-frame CMOS sensor, new image-processing engine and a whole suite of new features, the Z 6 delivers a new standard of colour, clarity and sharpness. Search Within Results. The available outputs from the Z 6 are in full-frame FX-format 4K UHD resolution at 30p/25p/24p or Full HD resolution at 60p/50p/30p/25p/24p, as well as DX-format 4K UHD resolution of 30p/25p/24p or Full HD resolution in 60p/50p/30p/25p/24p. It can also work together as a hybrid VR system with electronic vibration reduction(*1), available in 4K UHD and Full HD, whether you use NIKKOR Z lenses or NIKKOR F lenses(*2). *3 Requires Mount Adapter FTZ. You can also flexibly customize the functions assigned on the i menu and their layout. The Z 6 utilizes a highly accurate gyro sensor and original algorithm that Nikon has refined for conventional lens VR. Click through to find out about their relative size and key – Photography & Imaging Resources Please check Nikon’s website for further information. Many videographers shoot movies using more than one camera and combine the footage after shooting. The Z 6’s focus peaking display — now available in 4K UHD, as well as Full HD — allows precise confirmation of focus in manual mode. At the heart of the Z 6 is a new FX-format backside illumination CMOS sensor, featuring 24.5 effective megapixels and focal-plane phase-detection AF pixels. 675 g ( 1 lb. By increasing contrast, highlights are largely blown out. Amp up your craft with the complete multimedia experience of the Z 6II. Overwhelmingly sharp resolution that reproduces every minute detail accurately, lens aberrations suppressed to the utmost, superior reproduction of point light sources, natural and beautiful bokeh: all of these factors flow forth from this one simple concept. The Z 6 newly offers AF-C as a movie focus mode. height of 1.2 m/3.9 ft; may vary depending on weather, presence of obstacles and radio communication conditions. At lower levels, focus is achieved slowly, making scenes look more cinematic. Nikon Z6 & Z7 II 1-2 of 2. Suitable for capturing crisp images. Sort by: Best Sellers. Enjoy Extended Returns thru Feb … 433 Mbps(*3) for editing on computer., THIS SITE IS OPERATED BY NIKON SINGAPORE PTE LTD, Playback zoom out button/Thumbnail button/Help button, AF-assist illuminator/Red-eye reduction lamp/Self-timer lamp. Overall 45 Imaging 19 Features 47 Value 61 Size 97. New Release. The Nikon Z6 II is manufactured by Nikon and was added in October 2020 in the Digital Cameras section The best price of the Nikon Z6 II in Australia is $3,399.00 at Digidirect In Australia this product is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane; You can find this product at Camera Warehouse, Digidirect, Georges; Selection of Nikon products. Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, the SB-5000 Speedlight gives you complete mastery over your lighting. We have shop, receipt provided. Axial chromatic aberration is effectively reduced through the employment of two ED glass elements, while three aspherical lens elements effectively compensate sagittal coma flare for superb point-image reproduction of point light sources even at the maximum aperture. *1 Available when AF-S is selected for still images. ), Approx. Camera control mode allows wireless remote operation from a computer using the optional Camera Control Pro 2 software, while HTTP server mode lets you control the camera remotely using the web browser on a computer or smart device. This achieves a refreshing image. For the respective product avaliability and price, kindly contact the local Nikon office or Nikon authorised dealers for more information. The Z 6 incorporates a range of auto controls to help you achieve optimum results, using the Advanced Scene Recognition System. by Andy Day. Convenient tool for shooting portrait especially in close up, with wide aperture, when hands partially cover the subject’s face, and with constantly changing poses. * Supported features differ according to each lens. Add to Compare. Continuous shooting speed varies depending on image quality, image size and silent photography settings. What’s more, by increasing the volume of signal accumulated in the photodiodes as much as possible, the Z 6 achieves a standard sensitivity range of ISO 100-51200 (expandable to ISO 50-204800 equivalent) with advanced image processing by EXPEED 6. In addition to connection via Bluetooth®, the new SnapBridge ver. It makes it easier to transfer images (JPEG) and videos to a smart device and to shoot remotely. As a tool for next-generation image-makers, the Z system gives equal importance to movie and still photography. Nikon Z5 VS Z6 – From the back, you probably won’t even notice the difference! Nikon Coolpix P1000. The Nikon Z6 is one of the best full frame mirrorless cameras for content creators and multimedia professionals that money can buy. Furthermore, it lets you select a RAW file stored in the memory card to use as the first image of the overlay. Buy PM Best Price: Nikon Z6 II Mirrorless Digital Camera with 24-70mm f/4 Lens (Free 64GB XQD, XQD Card Reader, Screen Protector and Manfrotto Bag) in Singapore,Singapore. There's tons of options for shooting different effects, and the Z6 expands to include many additional filter effects I've not seen on prior high-end DSLRs (you can find these under the "Set Picture Control" option, most easily reached by pressing the "i" button on the back. By further emphasizing pink, an even softer atmosphere can also be created. Experience phenomenal image quality with colour and sharpness that will bring your artistic vision to life. And with the introduction of Creative Picture Controls, it enables you to create your own look more easily than ever before. This is also available in Full HD, as well as silent in-camera time-lapse photography. Its body incorporates magnesium alloy in its front, back and top covers to offer reliable robustness, with a rigorously conceived design based on impact and drop simulations and quality tests conducted repeatedly throughout the development process. Creative Picture Control Dream/Morning/Pop/Sunday/Somber/Dramatic/Silence/Bleached/Melancholic/Pure/Denim/Toy/Sepia/Blue/Red/Pink/Charcoal/Graphite/Binary/Carbon. 100% Brand New, 1 Year Nikon SG Warranty. There are two modes available: camera access point mode, which supports direct connection between computer and camera; and station (STA) mode, which allows connection via a router. When shooting in FX-based movie format, it can output sharper 4K UHD video employing rich information equivalent to 6K, thanks to its full-pixel readout. ARCREST Filter. Nikon reserves the right to change the appearance and specifications of the hardware and software described in these specifications at any time and without prior notice. The Z 6’s focus shift photography function enables you to shoot sequences of up to 300 frames, while gradually and automatically shifting focus position from the start point to infinity. Ask Price 11/11 Promo: Nikon Z6 ii Body (Z6ii Body) + Z 14-24mm F2.8 S S$6,398 Available Now, check with me the promo price and free gifts. with battery and memory card but without body cap; approx. If you want to control sharpening, clarity and mid-range sharpening in a simpler way, “quick sharp” is available to adjust them with a single slider. The Z 6’s electronic viewfinder boasts an organic EL panel, approx. This mechanism also makes it possible to avoid even the tiniest alteration in composition during time-lapse and interval timer photography. *3 When using 12-bit RAW, JPEG or TIFF. The Nikon Z6 II sits below the Z7 II as the flagship 'multimedia' model in the Z-series mirrorless lineup. Photographers can enjoy shooting star movements from midnight until dawn, when brightness changes significantly, in one continuous sequence. Okay, now that we’ve gone in-depth about the two most important things about a camera, (for many, though not everybody) …let’s talk about the You can adjust the level of brightness, to be indicated between 180-255 depending on your needs. *2 Maximum logical data rates according to IEEE standard. 1000 Mbps(*2), while wireless LAN supports IEEE802.11ac and allows transmission at up to approx. The toning level can be adjusted according to shooting intentions. This delivers an even more apparent effect. The engine now supports a mid-range sharpening parameter* for Picture Control, Nikon’s unique image creation system, which works together with the existing sharpening and clarity parameters to effectively enhance sharpness for both stills and videos. It has 231 AF points(*1) that cover a wide area of the frame, giving you greater creative freedom in your compositions. 3.2" 2.1m-Dot Tilting Touchscreen LCD. 2.5 offers direct connection via built-in Wi-Fi®. In this case, please connect it to the camera without attaching it, for example by putting it in a bag and hanging it from a tripod. *2 Based on CIPA Standards. In addition, a powerful, newly developed stepping motor enables outstandingly quiet and accurate AF control for both still and movie shooting. I've always thought Nikon's colors were a standout, and the Z6 continues in this tradition. Change Canon S200. Target price: ... Nikon D7500 + 18-55/3.5-5.6 G VR II ★★★★★ 4.6. 1000 Mbps(*2), while wireless LAN supports IEEE802.11ac and enables transmission at up to approx. The Z 6’s newly employed diffraction compensation function automatically reduces the effects of diffraction when a small aperture is used. *2 When using SONY XQD card (G series R440 MB/s W400 MB/s 128 GB). *3 With large antenna at wireless LAN access point. *2 Radio-controlled AWL with the Z 6 and SB-5000 requires WR-R10 Wireless Remote Controller. NIKKOR Z lenses open up new possibilities for image-makers, letting them create movies that will amaze viewers both today and in a future dominated by increasingly high-megapixel displays. With raw videos, colour grading and HDR post production with the truest of details from a high volume of information is made possible. Nikon Coolpix W300 ★★★★ ★ 4.1. Nikon Z6 II release date and price The Nikon Z6 II launched on October 14, 2020 It costs $2,600 / £2,549 / AU$4,399 with the 24-70mm f/4 lens You can also buy the Nikon Z6 II body-only 4. In a much-anticipated improvement, Eye-Detection AF is now available in still shooting with the Z 6, offering a powerful tool for capturing portraits and snapshots. Interested can pm me @ 85359903 Nick. As for pricing, the Nikon Z6 II will cost $1,999 / £1,999 / AU$3,399 (body only), while the Nikon Z7 II's body-only price will be $2,999 / £2,999 / AU$5,499. With the Z 6’s silent photography function*, you can shoot outdoors for hours at night without worrying about the shutter release sound. Fujifilm X-E3; Fujifilm X-S10 New; Fujifilm X-T200; Fujifilm X-T20; Fujifilm X-T30; Fujifilm X-T3; Fujifilm X-T4; Fujifilm X-Pro3; Fujifilm X-H1 ; Fujifilm GFX 50R; Fujifilm GFX 50S; Fujifilm GFX 100; View All. Available Now, check with me the promo price and free gifts. * Except AF-assist illumination for multi-point AF. The monitor allows you to shoot from both high and low angles, giving greater flexibility and creativity in your shooting. By pressing the AF-ON button during movie recording, you can flexibly control when AF starts and stops. Click through to find out about their relative size and key specifications. *3 Maximum logical data rates according to IEEE standard. 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1, or 2 EV (ISO 204800 equivalent) above ISO 51200; auto ISO sensitivity control available, Can be selected from Auto, Extra high, High, Normal, Low, or Off, HDR (high dynamic range), photo mode flicker reduction, Hybrid phase-detection/contrast AF with AF assist, Detection range (ISO 100, f/2.0 lens, 20 °C/68 °F), -2 to +19 EV (-4 to +19 EV with low-light AF), Single-servo AF (AF-S), Continuous-servo AF (AF-C), full-time AF (AF-F; available only in movie mode) ; predictive focus tracking Manual focus (M): Electronic rangefinder can be used, Focus points (single-point AF, photo shooting mode, FX image area), Pinpoint, single-point, and dynamic-area AF (pinpoint and dynamic-area AF available in photo mode only); wide-area AF (S); wide-area AF (L); auto-area AF, Focus can be locked by pressing shutter-release button halfway (single-servo AF) or by pressing center of sub-selector, TTL: i-TTL flash control; i-TTL balanced fill-flash is used with matrix, center-weighted, and highlight-weighted metering, standard i-TTL fill-flash with spot metering, Front-curtain sync, slow sync, rear-curtain sync, red-eye reduction, red-eye reduction with slow sync, slow rear-curtain sync, off, -3 to +1 EV in increments of 1/3 or 1/2 EV available in modes P, S, A, and M, Lights when optional flash unit is fully charged; flashes as underexposure warning after flash is fired at full output, ISO 518 hot-shoe with sync and data contacts and safety lock, i-TTL flash control, radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting, optical Advanced Wireless Lighting, modeling illumination, FV lock, Color Information Communication, Auto FP High-Speed Sync, unified flash control, Auto (3 types), natural light auto, direct sunlight, cloudy, shade, incandescent, fluorescent (7 types), flash, choose color temperature (2500 K–10,000 K), preset manual (up to 6 values can be stored), all except choose color temperature with fine-tuning, TTL exposure metering using main image sensor, Matrix, center-weighted, or highlight-weighted, 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD); 30p (progressive), 25p, 24p 1920 x 1080; 120p, 100p, 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, 24p 1920×1080 (slow-mo); 30p ×4, 25p ×4, 24p ×5 Actual frame rates for 120p, 100p, 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, and 24p are 119.88, 100, 59.94, 50, 29.97, 25, and 23.976 fps respectively; quality selection available at all sizes except 3840 x 2160, 1920 x 1080 120p/100p, and 1920 x 1080 slow-mo, when quality is fixed at high, Built-in stereo or external microphone with attenuator option; sensitivity adjustable, Auto: Auto ISO sensitivity control (ISO 100 to 51200) P, S, A: Auto ISO sensitivity control (ISO 100 to Hi 2) with selectable upper limit M: Auto ISO sensitivity control (ISO 100 to Hi 2) available with selectable upper limit; manual selection (ISO 100 to 51200 in steps of 1/3 or 1/2 EV) with additional options available equivalent to approximately 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1, or 2 EV (ISO 204800 equivalent) above ISO 51200, Can be selected from Same as photo settings, Extra high, High, Normal, Low, or Off, Time-lapse movies, electronic vibration reduction, time codes, movie log output (N-Log), Tilting TFT touch-sensitive LCD with 170° viewing angle, approximately 100% frame coverage, and color balance and 11-level manual brightness controls, Full-frame and thumbnail (4, 9, or 72 images) playback with playback zoom, playback zoom cropping, movie playback, photo and/or movie slide shows, histogram display, highlights, photo information, location data display, picture rating, and auto image rotation, Type C connector (SuperSpeed USB) ; connection to built-in USB port is recommended, Stereo mini-pin jack (3.5 mm diameter; plug-in power supported), Can be used with MC-DC2 and other optional accessories, IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2412 to 2462 MHz (channel 11) 2.4 GHz band: 7.4 dBm Open system, WPA2-PSK, Bluetooth Specification Version 4.2 Bluetooth: 2402 to 2480 MHz Bluetooth Low Energy: 2402 to 2480 MHz Bluetooth: 1.9 dBm Bluetooth Low Energy: 0.4 dBm, Approximately 10 m (32 ft) without interference; range may vary with signal strength and presence or absence of obstacles, One EN-EL15b rechargeable Li-ion battery; EN-EL15a/EN-EL15 can also be used, but note that you may not be able to take as many pictures on a single charge and that charging AC adapter can be used to charge EN-EL15b batteries only, EH-5c/EH-5b AC adapter (requires EP-5B power connector, which is available separately), Approx. PM Best Price: Nikon Z6 ii Body + Z 24-70mm F2.8 S + MB-N11 Battery Grip. For added convenience, this peaking information will not be recorded on external devices connected via HDMI. What’s more, the quieter AF of NIKKOR Z lenses prevents noise being recorded. Fujifilm. SnapBridge enriches your image experience by connecting your camera and smart device* seamlessly. This makes wireless lighting possible even in bright situations, as well as letting you render your subjects more impressively and flexibly — for example, by illuminating from the side or adding backlight. PM Best Price Nikon Z6 ii Body + Z 14-30mm F4 S with Freebies. *1 When converting 14-bit lossless compressed RAW into JPEG fine★, Large. Z6 ii + FTZ Adaptor is 2931 ; Z6 ii Body is 2799 (PM Best Price) ; Z6 ii + Z 14-30mm F4 S is $4222 (PM Best Price) ; Z 14-30 F4 S is $1423 Available Now, check with me the promo price and free gifts. Customer Rating. Actual rates may differ. 0.8x (50 mm lens at infinity, -1.0 m(*1)), 21 mm (-1.0 m(*1); from center surface of viewfinder eyepiece lens), Automatically switches between monitor and viewfinder displays, Z mount NIKKOR lenses F mount NIKKOR lenses with mount adapter; restrictions may apply, Electronically-controlled vertical-travel focal-plane mechanical shutter; electronic front-curtain shutter; electronic shutter, 1/8000 to 30 s in steps of 1/3 or 1/2 EV, bulb, time, X200, X=1/200 s; synchronizes with shutter at 1/200 s or slower; Auto FP High-Speed sync supported, Single frame, low-speed continuous, high-speed continuous, high-speed continuous (extended), self-timer, Approximate maximum frame advance rate(measured under Nikon-specified test conditions), Up to 12 fps Low-speed continuous: 1 to 5 fps High-speed continuous: 5.5 fps High-speed continuous (extended): 12 fps (14-bit NEF/RAW: 9 fps), 2 s, 5 s, 10 s, 20 s; 1 to 9 exposures at intervals of 0.5, 1, 2, or 3 s, Matrix metering Center-weighted metering: Weight of 75% given to 12 mm circle in center of frame; weighting can instead be based on average of entire frame Spot metering: Meters 4 mm circle (about 1.5% of frame) centered on selected focus point Highlight-weighted metering, (ISO 100, f/2.0 lens, 20 °C/68 °F) –4 to +17 EV, Auto; programmed auto with flexible program (P); shutter-priority auto (S); aperture-priority auto (A); manual (M); user settings (U1, U2, U3), –5 to +5 EV in increments of 1/3 or 1/2 EV available in modes P, S, A, and M, ISO sensitivity (Recommended Exposure Index), ISO 100 to 51200 Can also be set to approx.

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