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Early Generation Trex Decking (Trex Accents® & Origins®), Trex Designer® & Traditional Railing. A: You are correct. Complete the job by applying a top quality latex floor and deck paint in a satin or semi-gloss finish (higher gloss levels have better mildew resistance and are easier to clean). Trex is the world's #1 decking brand! Yes, you can paint or stain early generation decking … What's more, Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials: That's an eco-friendly decking … bottle covers up to 250 end cuts. The matte oomph of Clam Shell, on the other hand, grounds shakes in a deep sea of modern grey—perfect for a clean, streamlined look. The solution, colour match the polymer cap and paint all the ends to match the decking colour. (Getty Images), Coronavirus daily news updates, Dec. 3: What to know today about COVID-19 in the Seattle area, Washington state and the world, Tire dust killing coho salmon returning to Puget Sound, new research shows, Hawaii police arrest couple who boarded flight despite testing positive for coronavirus, Finding a new path in a pandemic: How one Seattle architect went from mansions to tiny homes, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says there's no longer any doubt — Bobby Wagner is headed to the Hall of Fame. By choosing your country, you acknowledge that you have read Trex's Privacy's Policy, Trex Go-Togethers: Your Siding + Our Deck Boards, California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. Difficult as it was, our stylists chose two frontrunners: Trex Transcend® in Havana Gold and Island Mist, two tropical-style composites that mimic stone’s interesting ebbs and flows of color. To tease out its range of burnished red and brown shades, our design team recommends Trex Transcend in Lava Rock, a durable composite that boasts the hardy, striated appearance of redwood. This special formulation provides a durable, weatherproof coating for the end cuts of the full line of TimberTech products. Ames Safe-T-Deck is a pure, water-based, environmentally friendly, Ames Safe-T-Deck is a pure, water-based, environmentally friendly, adhesive acrylic latex safety paint that comes in a granulated non-skid formula perfect for decks … The gray textured paint perfectly matches the Elevations components, and one can is typically enough to cover end cuts for 200 square feet of deck … This story was originally published at For its products, Trex specifically recommends Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner ($9.98 per gallon at Home Depot) and Expert Chemical’s Composite Deck Cleaner & Enhancer ($19.98 a gallon at When considering the type of deck that would complement stucco’s painterly, midcentury allure, our design team went with a pristine, stony grey—Trex Transcend in Gravel Path—to keep the palette airy, elevated and chic. Rinse thoroughly with a hose, and let the decking dry. Usually, the trex or composite decking is supposed to last forever, so you will not actually need to paint it. While composite decks like Trex aren’t designed or required to be paintable or stainable, like their natural wood counterparts, they can and will accept paint under certain circumstances – if properly cleaned, … Apply the paint or stain when the boards are not in direct sunlight, which would cause the coating to dry too fast. From the sweeping center hall colonials of Charleston to the charming craftsman bungalows of Portland, brick homes of every size and style have endless curbside appeal. Q: Our vacation house has vintage Trex decking. Maintenance: re-stain depending on exposure or wear every 2 to 4 years. If you have an original-style composite deck and want to paint or stain it, pick a product intended for decks or porches, not walls or trim. Clam Shell brings a not-like-the-Jones modernity to an exterior often found in suburban developments, while Woodland Brown’s umber depths add a luxe, reading-room feel that evokes stately heritage. She said standard brands, such as Behr and Valspar, work well. Try Trex's Colour Selector to find the perfect stain for your outdoor decking. Painting or staining vintage composite decking isn’t necessary to make the material last longer, but it can give the deck a new look — changing the color, eliminating stains from mildew or leaves, and evening out the color on decks where rugs or planters kept sunlight from reaching some areas. Have a read and then start sampling. Vinyl provides homeowners with a durable, low-maintenance option that keeps both heating and cooling costs down. Building a deck is an investment, so you’ll want to get it right from go. For homes with horizontal vinyl panels in a classic tan, our design team recommends Trex Enhance® in Clam Shell as well as Trex Select® in Woodland Brown. Use the color chart to determine which End Coating color is a match … Let us match you with one of our highly-skilled TimberTech Pros. Photos © 2020 Scripps Networks, LLC. Not only is brick a clean, natural material, but it also absorbs sound and resists fire, serving as a terrific form-meets-function choice. Close your eyes and imagine the sprawling ranchers of Southern California and O’Keefe’s Southwest; a sunny stucco likely springs to mind. Work your way toward the steps or door so you have a way to exit without stepping on wet finish. PAINTING TECHNICAL BULLETIN Can standard Trex composite. Gray composite decking is a great choice if you’re looking for a subtle decking color that complements more coastal, cottage colors. Deck Paint Colors Ideas 2015 Designs & Pictures . Tiki Torch tugs on the sun-dappled tones of weathered shakes, with its hints of nutmeg and ginger. Composite decking is often touted as a maintenance-free alternative to lumber, yet over time its original color will fade, and some individual boards can become stained by spills. It is easy to apply with a brush or roller, and one 8 oz. Do not use a pressure washer on non-capped composite decks. To avoid creating lap marks, plan your work so you can complete entire boards while the coating is still wet. Bob Harris, one of the owners, acknowledged that the price seems steep, but he said it’s worth it for folks who want a coating that lasts for many years. See which hue says you with our free online tool today! How to fix up vintage Trex decking: Paint or stain it May 27, 2020 at 6:06 am Updated May 27, 2020 at 8:17 am Uncapped composite decking can be painted or stained to restore its former … If you didn’t prime the surfaces, you can apply a quality acrylic latex solid color deck stain recommended for use on composite decking. Decking > Long-lasting, low-maintenance polymer and composite decking backed by the industry's best … Paints and stains that adhere well to wood will work as well or better with Trex products. Yes - you can Stain Composite Decking, but only for certain types of composite decking. Zip Code. Glued on veneer cap. You want a deck paint to be versatile in its … Yes, you can paint or stain Trex decking or railing to achieve a custom color, but it is not necessary for protection. When cutting beams, joists and tracks to fit your deck's dimensions, a coat of paint is needed to ensure the integrity of the steel frame. Trex decking that has been faded can be painted … Purchase Trex® Signature™ touch up pens online today. The Fiberon Deck Cost Calculator provides a ballpark estimate of what your beautiful new composite decking and railing will cost. 4. style to your deck and should be chosen to match the . Versacryl, however, is not cheap. A standard deck stain might need to be redone each year, he said. Difficult as it was, our stylists chose two frontrunners: Trex Transcend® in Havana Gold and Island Mist, two tropical-style … Terrible idea! An important part of customizing your Trex Elevations steel framing system is this color-match spray paint. You can see this by inspecting the ends of boards. After a few years, it became horribly ugly, and no amount of cleaning or brightening ever did more than just lighten the stains. Can you pass on this suggestion? Rather, we focus on discussions related to local stories by our own staff. Trex decking resists termites, won't rot, warp, or splinter-and never needs staining or painting. Stain runs between $20 and $35 per gallon, while exterior paint suitable for decking ranges from $30 to as much as $60 per gallon. It’s hard to find a deck that doesn’t look great against a quarried palette of grey, taupe and caramel. The paint still looks beautiful with no peeling. More than five years ago, the painter we hired to do our house took it upon himself to paint the Trex decking — the only time I have ever applauded a contractor’s initiative of doing something without consulting us first. You May Also Like. Paint the Composite Decking Ends. The Seattle Times does not append comment threads to stories from wire services such as the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post or Bloomberg News. Attach a thin veneer from the decking … Likewise, Trex Enhance in Beach Dune—a timeless, everyman’s brown—goes hand-in-hand with classic brick. Follow instructions on the label about whether to apply one or two coats. You can read more about our, Uncapped composite decking can be painted or stained to restore its former beauty. Several years ago we were called out to a Raleigh home that had an expansive multi-level trex composite deck. Since I was painting the (wood) back porch, thought I'd paint the (Trex) side steps to match. In many cases, this means painting only three or four boards at a time. The manufacturer sells it directly to customers in three-gallon kits that cost $1,085 each and provide the recommended two coats for 400 square feet of decking. In complement to their old-Americana patina, our design team recommends sampling both Trex Transcend in Tiki Torch and Trex Enhance in Clam Shell. Whether you want to compliment the trim or siding of your home, BEHR ® has the right solution to refresh or change the color of your composite deck.. For Best Results: Prepare your surface by cleaning it with … Simply enter your deck dimensions and select your preferred … The amount of flexibility you have with your deck colors depends on … The honeyed tones of Havana Gold complement its warmer streaks, while the silvery, driftwood-inspired allure of Island Mist puts a contemporary, dune-side spin on stone’s bluish slates and sandy ivories. Starborn offers a complete line of composite deck screws and screws for use with hardwood decks, including Headcote stainless steel deck screws with color coated heads, Cap-Tor capstock and composite deck screws, Deckfast epoxy coated deck screws, and Deckfast Metal for use with Trex … The product is one “we have done extensive tests with and found to work great with our early generation boards,” Thurston said, noting that it has a 10-year warranty on color hold and a high resistance to mold and mildew. After scrubbing and rinsing the steps … Making the composite decking ends consistent with the deck. Trex® Deck Board Color Simpson Strong-Tie® Screw Color; Beach Dune: Brown 05: Chateau Grey: Gray: Clam Shell: Gray: Coastal Bluff: Brown 01: Firepit: Red 01: Foggy Wharf: Gray: Gravel Path: Gray 01: … Most deck coatings are self-priming, but use a primer first if the label of the final finish calls for that. Used with permission; all rights reserved. Trex decking that has been faded can be painted or stained at any time, even years after it has been. … “Paints and stains that adhere well to wood and are meant for walking surfaces will work as well or better with early generation products,” Rochelle Thurston, a customer care representative for Trex, said in an email. Before you paint or stain, check to make sure the decking isn’t one of the capped styles. Helping you find the best deck paint to color wood and . On a deck (horizontal surface), one coat is good. Can early generation Trex composite decking and railing be painted? Consider Your Deck Material. composite decking colors that are .... [ … Fortunately, our design team—the very same stylish crew who introduced Decking & Railing Duos—chose the best decks to go with all kinds of homes. Use a deck cleaner that doesn’t have a warning on the label against use on non-capped composite decking, because some cleaners for capped decks are too harsh for original-style composite decking. Copyright © 2020 Trex Company, Inc. All rights reserved. In contrast, Trex Transcend in Spiced Rum, is a rich, tropical-inspired umber that adds soul and gravitas.

TimberTech End Coating is the ultimate finishing touch for your TimberTech deck. Stains tend to work better than paints, but they might not last as long, she said — as is true for coatings on wooden decks. KILZ L377711 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Interior/Exterior Paint. Paint or stain won’t stick properly to the shell and could ruin its color, Thurston said. Gray, subtle tones pair nicely without drawing away from … It’s hard to find a deck that doesn’t look great against a quarried palette of grey, taupe and caramel. Thurston suggested also considering Versacryl, a coating made by Versacryl Restoration Solutions (877-977-6545; specifically for wood-plastic composite decking and vinyl surfaces. (There is no online order form; customers need to call or email.) Trex products offer superior durability and performance that you can't get from wood. Yes, you can paint or stain Trex decking or railing to achieve a custom color, but it is not necessary for. Vintage Trex decking and other brands of composite decking made of a uniform mixture of wood fibers and plastic can be painted or even stained. You can often get some old composite decking that should be returned for a bad patch, but in reality … Similar to painting, the decking boards ends but taking it to a whole new level. Newer styles of composite decking capped with a shell of different material on the top and sides of boards cannot. The deck had the black mold spots everywhere, which seems to be a very common problem with the older trex composite decks. Composites aren't designed to be as paintable as natural wood planks, but they can accept paint if the deck … Whichever paint or stain you pick, clean the deck thoroughly first. (Yes, the Trex is several years old, so that wasn't a problem). Dating back to Colonial times, shakes have a handsomely rugged and rustic appearance that recall summers spent on New England shores. HGTV, HGTV Smart Home, HGTV Smart Home Giveaway and their associated logos are trademarks of Scripps Networks, LLC. Over 32% of new homes in the U.S. feature some form of vinyl siding, and it’s easy to understand why. Composite decks should be weathered at least 6 months before staining. match for your existing decking.

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