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Valve Parts → Filter Valve Position Labels → Filter Valve Position Label. If flow is poor on those settings, and also Filter and Backwash, the problem is not the filter, but something before or after the filter. When in backwash position, it’s really the filter position, and vice-versa. Water is directed through the pool filter either by a simple valve type setup or more commonly, a multi-port-valve (mpv). Which explains the DE inside of the grids and also explains the cloudy water, from your other comment. Water is pulled from the pool by your pool pump and pushed into the “PUMP” port of the multiport valve where it enters the filter tank. Hope that helps. Winter or Winterize will raise the rotor up slightly, from the base of the valve body, to allow room for any water to expand into ice, inside the valve ports. The valve may be leaky, either one, or the plug on the skimmer may be leaky. And sometimes, it’s just a small stick or sand stuck on the gasket in the waste port area, which can often be flushed out without removing the key assy, by pushing down on the handle, and letting water wash over the gasket. Australia wide delivery. It should return to both the pool and the spa. . It could also be hard to move from the weight of the water from the pool, close shut-off valves if you have them, or plug the lines at the pool to remove the pressure. Have you ever vacuumed your pool on the “Filter” setting only to notice a few hours later that a fine, almost sand-like sediment has collected at the bottom of your pool? RECIRCULATE - Water is recirculated through the valve, by-passing the filter. Remove all screws on cover and lift lid/handle out to inspect the wagon wheel shaped gasket. Will this affect the pool operation or some of the components of the sand filter? Can not find the part for intex. Three are shown in this picture. During normal filtration, on the “Filter” setting, water moves through the filter in one direction – top to bottom for sand filters, and bottom to top for DE filters. all other settings (back wash, rinse, recirculate, waste)but when I set it to filter, I get no flow. 99 “Recirculate” or “Bypass to Pool” – Although not used very often, this position allows the water to pass from the inlet of the head directly out of the outlet without entering the filter at all. The “Backwash” setting reverses the flow of water in and out of the filter tank. Hot Tub Covers & Year-Round Outdoor Spas – Cover Smart. This can be used when you wish to circulate chemicals but do not wish to filter. Haywards Vari-Flo XL multiport control valve is engineered for maximum flow at lower pressure drops is the choice in multiport valves. The pool pump should never be turned on when the MPV (pool guy shorthand) is in the ‘Closed” position, something could blow out! At the bottom of the filter you’ll find what look like spokes on a wagon-wheel axle – these are called laterals. Another use of the “Filter” setting is while vacuuming the pool of debris large enough for the filter or pump basket to remove. About 1/4 of the water drained before I discovered it, causing the water level to drop below the skimmer. Hi Marisela, it won’t hurt to backwash for longer than a minute, other than maybe lose another tbls of sand. You can place the filter multiport valve on CLOSED, just before opening, and close the other system valves (skimmer, main drain, return…), which can help for systems located several feet above the pool water level…. It will be positioned either on the top or sometimes on the side of the filter tank and have a locking lever that can be turned to any one of 6 positions. So, a “healthy” MPV won’t care but an older one may. Vacuuming pool with filter valve in "backwash" position. Most valve covers/body are notched to prevent backwards installation of the entire key assembly (handle, cover, rotor), but it is possible to put it on backwards with some valves. 273207. “Bypass to Waste” or “Waste” – When using this option the pool water will enter the inlet of the multiport head from the pump and proceed directly to the backwash port out of the system, without ever going through the filter tank itself. Is the MPV damaged? In many such cases, the “Recirculate” position will allow you to at least circulate and chlorinate the water, to prevent stagnation and algae, until the filter can be repaired or replaced. Another possibility is that there is something stuck inside the valve. CHECK THE WASTE SETTING – With the handle in what should be the “WASTE” position, turn on the … If you use a sand filter to maintain your above-ground or in-ground pool, you may have noticed that the handle on the multiport head has either 6 or 7 positions that the filter can be set to. what settings do i use for normal usage, and vacuuming? Hello, my multiport value does not have writing on the settings—instead there are three settings: full port 1, full port 2, and 1/2. It says it should be full of water when pump is on, but both filter and backwash settings empty the filter basket water. This may be why a “habit” of one direction is encouraged. My multi port valve when set to filter does not work. You will want to use the next setting if vacuuming dead algae, silty mud or flocculent treatments, or other such fine filter clogging material. There is an online valve on the waste port. 8. Price: $6.48. Keep swimming. Waste diverts the water pumped in from your pool from the filter and sends it directly out of the backwash hose, without even entering the filter tank. Obviously it needs to be open during backwash but when should it be closed? While taking care of a friend’s place while they were traveling, after performing a backwash and going back and forth with the handle, the valve started leaking to the waste port….because of wear and tear on the valve. Unless a specific maintenance task is underway, “filter” is the typical operating setting for an MPV. Filter Valve Position Labels. What purpose does it serve? So, shut the pump off, and open the air bleeder. Pool water always enters the valve thru the “PUMP” port, but depending on the handle position, the water enters the filter tank through the top bulkhead or bottom bulkhead. everything seems to work properly except for the backwash. This could be useful for certain instances such as vacuuming a pool that has a large amount of debris that you do not wish to gunk up the filter with – in this case the dirty water and junk is sent right out of the pool. You will notice that this position is not actually a position at all, but is a location in-between two positions – there is no groove to lock the handle in place. You can sometimes re-glue the rubber gasket back into the groove, or it is all split up and twisted, replace the spider gasket, with a new one, glue into place with silicone or superglue or gorilla glue, whatever really. I can’t tell you exactly how the ports line up in your valve in relation to the rotor, but what you say makes sense, I think? Filter. This is primarily what keeps water from leaking out the waste line. Backwash the pool for approximately 3-5 minutes or until the water, visible in the sight glass on the side of the Multiport valve becomes clear. Just don’t vacuum using backwash, or in other words, you can’t vacuum to waste with your system…. Hope this helps explain for you. Hi Paul, 33′ round is a big pool, and for that size, I would recommend a 24″ diameter sand filter. The “Winter” or Winterize setting is used when it’s time to close your pool for the season. Hi Paul, that’s correct, put it in an in-between position, which is what the winterize position does, it lifts the rotor/footpad/diverter off of the spider gasket. Vickie, sounds like you have checked the usual places, I would have recommended IntexCorp. After installation, we found the new MPV is for DE filter systems. The winter setting is not actually a slot, but a place that will hold the rotor (aka diverter) 1/4″ above the bottom of the valve, to allow for any ice expansion inside the valve. light rust can be sanded and then coated with a rustoleum paint or something. Essentially water runs through the filter cleaning it and exits the backwash port – some backwash ports are equipped with a clear adaptor to allow the operator to see the color of the water being backwashed out. This is simply a notch on the multiport head that is cut only half as deep as the other settings and is supposed to relieve the tension that is on the internal spring and prolong the life of the spring while the filter sits inactive over winter months. Our pool has a Triton II TR60 sand filter system with a SM10-3 multiport valve. Item No. Just pushing down on the handle tends to flush the debris out, in those lucky cases. Note: if the handle still has tension and is not ‘floppy’, the spring may be oK. You can buy gaskets or go-kits for the particular starite valve, and can also buy the entire ‘key assembly’, or the entire valve if needed, but you may need no parts at all, Sometimes just resetting the gasket stops small multiport leaks, and sometimes, esp. again everything works fine expect the backwash. Multiport valves, also used on DE filters, typically have 6 positions but can have from 4-8 and are set to “filter” mode most of the time. We have a Spa Boost port with a threaded plug in it. “Backwash” – This is used to clean the filter once it is dirty and will not hold any more debris. Hey Davy, When set in this position on the selector the water comes into the “inlet” directly from the pump via plumbing, or a high pressure hose on an above-ground pool. If your swimming pool has either a sand filter or a D.E. One more TIP: Be sure to always shut off the pump before turning the MPV handle. 1 1/2” Filter Control Valve Owner’s Manual Model: SP0710XR50 (DE Filters) TURN OFF PUMP BEFORE CHANGING VALVE POSITION FUNCTIONS OF VALVE POSITIONS VALVE SETTING FLOW DIRECTION THROUGH VALVE FILTER PUMP - BOTTOM - THROUGH FILTER - TOP - RETURN For normal filtration and vacuuming pool through filter. Product Title Pool Sand Filter with 6 Position Valve Blue 2.6" Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $761.99 $ 761 . Hi Mike, that is a puzzler! It could also be used to stop water flow into the tank for filters that are below water level. There are no leaves or debris in the water or skimmer basket so I wonder if there are leaves blocking the filters near the motor. Did you dissassemble the valve recently, and put the ‘key assy’ back inside the housing incorrectly? Pentair Pool. On the filter valve setting, the pump forces water from the pool through the filter media, and back out the return port back to the pool. You may need to pry gently, and just pull the whole assembly (key assembly) out of the valve body. Leave the filter shut off for about 10 minutes before going back to “filter” – by doing this extra step you prevent a small puff of sand that may otherwise go into the pool. “Filter” – This setting is the most obvious, since it is the one that the filter operates in 99% of the time. When backwashing it is recommended to do so for about 1 to 1 ½ minutes to minimize water loss, and maximize filter cleaning. The other common instance in which you would use the “Waste” setting is when you are vacuuming debris that is too fine for the filter media to capture. Multiport Valves - Pool Filter Backwash Valves - In The Swim When using this setting, water will still exit the backwash port of the head – run for 30-45 seconds, no more. You could install some threaded slice valves and some hose adapters, or the Hayward SP0729 one on each hose, if the plug idea does not work too well for you. Multiport valves are available in top mount design with flange attachment for sand filters, and in a side mounted design with bulkhead unions, for sand and DE filters. we have a 32x16x52 size pool. An overnight storm blew a deck umbrella into the filter knocking the handle halfway between the rinse and filter setting. Otherwise, your pump may have ‘lost prime’, and needs to be refilled with water and restarted perhaps. Very frustrating. If isolated to one spot, you can also scrape/paint and then cover with a piece of sheet metal, with rounded beveled edges, duct taped to the wall. “Winterize” – Not all filters are equipped with this position. WASTE - By-passes the filter for draining or lowering pool water level and for vacuuming heavy debris directly to waster line. 4.) Filter Valve Position Label Item Number: 273207. Can’t sleep searching andnherebis my answer. Like many pool owners you are probably pretty familiar with the “filter” and “backwash” positions, but you may wonder why you would even use the other positions. Most of the water is being filtered, but when water is leaking into the waste port, it could also leak into the return port. Can you please tell me why? Hi Laura, no you cannot use a different valve. Not doing this often results in a blown spider gasket (named this because of its shape) internal to the multiport, which means that the filter will continuously send water out the backwash port, even when set on “filter”. CLOSED - Shuts off the flow from the pump to the filter. Took the handle off old unit and installed on newer unit. Hi, to lower the water level, from too much rain, you can use Backwash setting. If top mount valve, check for something lodged inside the standpipe perhaps? If it does not leak when the valve is in the filter position, you can leave the valve open all the time. is it critical to remove rust before installing liner????? A close up bird’s eye view of a Hayward Multiport valve -Positions are in ORANGE. My pool pump has only four settings: Rinse, Backwash, Winterize and Filter. If just for a few seconds, likely no problem will occur. When a pool is vacuumed with the sand filter valve in the "filter" position, the dirt and debris that passes through the pump ends up inside the filter on top of the bed of sand which is where you want it. If you have ever vacuumed your pool spotlessly, and then after backwashing, sent a cloud of dirty water shooting into the pool, we have an app for that – the “Rinse” setting on a multiport valve. Any suggestions ? “Closed” – This option is pretty much self-explanatory. My new 6 way valve for above ground pool, intex pump 14″ sand filter is stuck and we can not move it. 15-20 seconds is all that is needed to re-set and rinse a filter sand bed. Actually there should be a caveat here, because the MPV Pentair sells for the Quad DE filters (261055) are the same configuration (top in bottom out) as Triton sand filters and will work on either. I brought the water level back up and the pump seems to be working, but the filter is leaking out of the waste port when the filter is running. And if you close the valve in front of the pump basket, or plug the skimmer pipe, it should stop water flow and just spill a small amount when opening the pump basket. Then you can inspect the gasket, especially next to the waste port. water is being backwashed slowly as i can see it comeing out of waste pipe. The top … So, although you can do it, I would stick with Hayward, and not convert to Intex, if you want my opinion. Multiports are full featured, but may require Multiport Valve repairs from time to time. Backwash a filter when the pressure gauge reads 7-9 psi above the clean operating pressure. From there this position sends the water inside the filter to a diffuser which “rains” the water down onto the surface of the sand bed. The MPV doesn’t have a WASTE setting. Backwashing too early and often can and will actually decrease filtering efficiency and end up giving you cloudier water! Water exits the tank and re-enters the valve in the center bottom, from the standpipe connected to the laterals. Pull off the 6 bolts and pull out the ‘key assy’ to see if you can spot something inside of the valve. This allows space for any water trapped inside the valve to expand into ice during winter, without cracking the valve body. Filter Valve Position Label. Details: Pentair Pool Item Number 273207 Used On Pentair PacFab Top Mount and Side Mount Multiports. 7.) thank you in advance. Water will flow from the pool and spa to the pump, through a filter and back out to the pool and spa. OLd filter head started leaking. Welcome Back, Students! Replacement 6 way multi-port valve for POOLINE sand filters **This will ONLY fit these Pooline Filter Models** Fits Pooline sand filter model 11400, 11500 & 11600 This does NOT fit Intex, Hayward, Pentair sand filters 6 position control valve - Includes sight glass to … View Full Size In Stock. Pool Valve Settings. Otherwise, this is a very good little pump for my 5,000 gal ATG pool. What will happen if the valve is in the winter position and the pump is turned back on? What are the settings available on most filters? The “Closed” position is sometimes used when blowing out suction lines during winterization, to direct air flow back to the pool. Not all manufacturers feel the need to make this setting and intend for you to use the “closed” position. The “Recirculate” setting is another bypass setting like “Waste”, where the water does not enter the filter tank at all. Hi, what setting should the pump be on when I open the filter basket closest to the pump? Just opened and the circulator is “weak” – flow is just not strong. “Recirculate” is also used when adding Alum or other flocculents to improve water clarity. This leads to lost water, pressure and filter efficiency. If the pump is turned on while in Winter position, I’m not sure what would happen. after backwashing, it’s just a small stick or leaf stuck between the gasket and the diverter/rotor. See details - Genuine Replacement Hayward Sand Filter Valve Label Plate Sticker SPX0715G See all 4 brand new listings Hi Dean, multiport valves are specific to the filter model, and type (sand or DE) and are not generally interchangeable, with some exception. Since this water is lost it should be used sparingly. 2" DE Filter Valve for use on 261152; View More Details Price: $6.66. Hi Katina, I would guess that the rotor (aka diverter) was not replaced in the same position to the lid, so that backwash is not fully backwashing. Or, you’ll have to run the pump twice as long, and replace the sand twice as often, and use more chemicals…. The Pentair 262506 Top Mount Multiport Valve has 1.5" plumbing size and has six different positions you can select. Then inspect the spider gasket, it is likely twisted or torn around the edges of the waste port, or may be worn down flat. ... the spa would drain back into the pool when the pool pump is turned off. There may be some variations such as the type of valve used (Ball valve, or 3-way valve) and the actual plumbed position of the valve. there is no pressure and no water in the sight glass. After the water enters the MPV it makes a quick U-turn, and exits the valve out of the “RETURN” port, returning to the pool unfiltered. Since everything else works, I don’t think the sand is bad or calcified. We have a full selection of multiport valve parts, and filter valve rebuild kits, containing gaskets, o-rings and seals. 2.) The best use of the “Recirculate” position is when your pool filter is broken, leaking or otherwise cannot be used. Hi Paul, that’s not actually a multiport valve, well it is – but not what we normally call a multiport. I have a Hayward VariFlow XL multi-function. It seems that our valve label is reversed, Filter = Backwash… So when trying to figure out other settings – I am assuming I don’t actually use a “slot” for winter – it will be the space in between Rinse & Filter – or when labeled with my new labels – between Waste & Closed – would that be correct?? “Rinse” – This is often a setting many people do not use and are not sure what it is used for. Not a good way, the better way is to fix the spider gasket or other internal problems. Valve Position Label works with the SP0715,SP0716 2" Vari-Flo Valves. In normal operation, water should be drawn in from the pool, but not from the spa. You can plug the waste line temporarily to stop the leaking until you repair, use a threaded SP1022C type plug with o-ring. By rotating Valves 4 and 5 fully clockwise, water flows through Valve 4 to Valves 5 and 6. First off, it is very important to shut off the pump completely every time BEFORE moving the handle on the multiport head.

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