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The national framework is recognised across Australia and helps students to move easily between the various education and training sectors and employment. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE PRELIMINARY HSC & THE HSC 1. Learning at our school; HSC and Preliminary Year 11; HSIE; HSIE. It is a document intended to clearly depict each Department's Assessment Policy regarding: • Components … Table of Contents . Unless … As well as assessing whether you are satisfactory, VET courses assess your competency towards a Level II Certificate. TASK TOPIC FORMAT OUTCOMES DUE WEIGH T 1 Practical Report Experimental Design Report . It is therefore very important that you start strongly in the Preliminary HSC courses in order for you to establish a foundation for meeting the outcomes and assessment requirements of the HSC course. This is an 'on- farm', environment-oriented course. NESA – COMPULSORY REQUIREMENTS Students must undertake a program of study which consists of a minimum of: 12 units of Preliminary Courses 10 units of Higher School Certificate Courses Both the Preliminary course … It is expected that all students will apply themselves with diligence and sustained effort to the set tasks and experiences provided in the course … It is a document intended to clearly depict each Department's Assessment Policy regarding: • Components … 1. These courses each have a specific workplace … The assessment procedure is devised to: (i) Provide teachers … Accumulation ("building up" of the HSC over up to 5 years) - possibility of part-time school, part time workforce, part-time other training/education (eg TAFE, other vocational courses accredited by Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board). Review and update Preliminary HSC Monitoring Folders, assessment schedule and Assessment Policy for the following year; Preliminary … COURSE DESCRIPTION BOOKLET . In order to achieve an HSC, students will be required to satisfactorily complete a minimum of: 12 units of Preliminary courses and 10 units of Higher School Certificate courses Both your Preliminary course pattern and your HSC course pattern must include: at least 6 units of NESA Developed courses at least … The HSC examination is indep endent of the competency base assessment requirements for A SQF qualifications. PRELIMINARY HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE COURSE ASSESSMENT . THE AUSTRALIAN TERTIARY ADMISSION RANK (ATAR) The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (formerly University Admissions Index – UAI) is a number between 0.00 and 99.95 with increments of … HSC Assessment Calendar and Student Planner 3 19 20 21 FACULTY SUBJECT English English Advanced 24 English Standard 26 English Studies 28 … the course developed or endorsed by the NESA; and 1.3.2. applied. Students have to complete 120 hours (roughly equivalent to three terms) of a subject at Preliminary prior to attempting that subject at HSC level. The content in each course for the Higher School Certificate is divided into a Preliminary and Higher School Certificate course. themselves with diligence and … PICNIC POINT HIGH SCHOOL PRELIMINARY CERTIFICATE ASSESSMENT GUIDE “The Higher School Certificate will be awarded by NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) to students who have participated in and completed courses of studies set by NESA. Additionally, each student will … School Certificate Templates Design school certificates that recognize and commemorate contribution and accomplishments in different subjects and activities. … Course Completion Requirements 3 . 2 units= 4 hours per week (approximately 120 hours per year) = 100 marks . 2020 . The Higher … STRUCTURE OF THE HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE The award of the Higher School Certificate is made at the end of at least two years of study. INFORMATION FOR PARENTS & STUDENTS. It is optional for students of 240 hour VET courses and intended for ATAR purposes … PRELIMINARY HSC & HIGHER SCHOOL CERTIFICATE COURSE INFORMATION HANDBOOK 2016 - 2017. The Higher School Certificate The Higher School Certificate (HSC) is the highest educational award in New South Wales schools. The Preliminary course incorporates the study of the interactions between the components of agricultural production, marketing and management, while giving consideration to the issue of sustainability of the farming system. PRELIMINARY & HSC TIMELINE: TERM: ACTION: TERM 4 School. The award of the HSC will be based on the Higher School Certificate examinations and school based assessment in each course. Mathematics Preliminary Standard 35 2U (BDC) Yes A Maths Mrs. Simbolon Mathematics Standard 1 36 2U (BDC) Yes B Maths Mrs Simbolon Modern History 37 2U (BDC) Yes A History Mr. Haynes Music 1 38 2U (BDC) Yes A CAPA Mrs Jameson Numeracy 51 2U (BEC) No Maths Mrs. Simbolon PD / Health / PE 39 2U (BDC) Yes A PD/H/PE Mr. Murie Photography, Video & Digital Imaging 52 2U (BEC) No CAPA Mrs … The Each one is targeted at a different level and B1 Business Preliminary is the first of these exams. Students must complete the preliminary HSC satisfactorily as the prerequisite for entry into the HSC course. TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction 1 General Information for Students 1 Selecting Courses 2 T5 Shared Curriculum Program 3 Pathways to the HSC 4 Record of School Achievement (RoSA) 4 Requirements for the Award of a Higher School Certificate (HSC) 5 What are Units? Students who fail to complete Work Placement will not receive an HSC credential in the VET course.

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