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The best yellow sunflower on the market to grow. Superior service, consistent quality and constant communication are the core of our business. If there is one series that I hear discussed time and time again, it is the tried and true ProCut® series of sunflowers. Many sunflowers are bred to be male sterile, or pollen-free, to hel Avg. The single stemmed plants produce pollen-free, 3 to 4” flowers. Avg. ProCut Orange Sunflower is a pollenless variety, which means it won’t drop pollen on your table or furniture once cut and placed into a vase. Product Description: Pollenless, single-stem beauties. It also mixes very nicely with blue and purple flowers. This pollen-free single stemmed series was bred especially for the cut flower market and makes a great addition to any garden! Pollenless. Sunflower 'Pro Cut White Nite' Helianthus annuus An exciting new addition to the Pro Cut line, ‘White Nite’ produces tall ivory-petaled flowers with chocolatey brown centers. We believe that ProCut® Orange DMR is the best choice available against sunflower downy mildew. Blooms in 65-85 days from sowing, depending on weather. This reliable single-stemmed variety is pollenless and bred for commercial cut flower production. … Dark central cones offer wonderful contrast. $4.25. The 3 in. Pollenless. The latest addition to the colorful ProCut sunflower series, ‘ProCut Plum’ flowers dazzle with plum petals circling a black eye. Excellent for cutting be it in mass commercial production or in the border at home. Ideal for cutting and enjoying indoors. Jan 2, 2019 - is the original source for the world's best ornamental sunflower seeds for the home gardener and professional cut flower grower featuring ProCut Orange, unique bouquet types, and miniature pot varieties and giant hybrids. ProCut® Orange DMR has the same orange petals, a dark center, and is pollenless on a single stem plant. We operate Edgebrook Farm Seed, specializing in cut flowers, vegetables, herb and plants. Pollenless. $10.85. Packet: 50 seeds. ProCut sunflower series seeds grow some of summer's most astonishing, vigorous, and timeless blooms. These are the classic sunflower color which are single stem and pollenless and make a large 6 flower head with orange petals and a dark brown center. Forget Sunrich Orange and Vincents Choice, this truly is the best of the best with its incredibly deep orange petals and almost black centre. Dos Gringos is an innovative contract grower, hand-made bouquet assembler and shipper of unique fresh-cut flowers, foliage, and botanicals. This variety is also downy-mildew resistant. Daylength neutral. Nov 4, 2018 - Choose from over 50 options! Flowers are upward facing and of the highest quality. The single stemmed plants produce pollen-free, 3 to 4" flowers. All other traits are like the original 'Sunrich Orange'. golden orange, pollenless flowers have dark brown centers and bloom atop single stalks growing 5 ft. to 6 ft. tall. Product Information. Ht. 60–72". ProCut® Red-Now Available. to 4 in. Pro-Cut Orange Sunflower. Pollenless. Amaranthus hanging mix R 65.00. ProCut® Orange DMR is a breeding breakthrough in ornamental sunflowers that has tested resistant to most of the known races of downy mildew in major sunflower growing areas of the world! Tall, 5-6 foot plants produce strong-stemmed flowers 4-6 … We believe that ProCut® Orange DMR is the number one choice against sunflower downy mildew. Up for sale is one pack of 25 ProCut Orange Sunflower seeds. ProCut Gold Lite Sunflower is a hybrid sunflower variety with vibrant, gold petals and a light-colored center. These easy-to-grow, single-stem sunflowers are pollenless to prevent the inconvenience of pollen shed when the wonderful cut flowers are brought indoors. 4–6" blooms. 60–72". Day length neutral. Sunflower, Procut Plum Hybrid Short Description. Category: Seeds. In the sunflower trial at Johnny’s, we’re very excited to share this new introduction in the ProCut Sunflower series. We aim to be different by design. PROCUT® ORANGE EXCEL. Clear yellow-orange, six-inch, fully double flowers look for all the world like super-sized chrysanthemums, perched atop plants reaching 4-5 feet in height . 60–72". BUNCH OF 5Golden yellow 3-4" flowers with dark brown centers. Perfect on its own or try with ProCut® Horizon for a contrast of the two. Jan 15, 2020 - Improved earliness in the classic orange sunflower. ProCut® Orange - (F1) Sunflower Seed | Johnny's Selected Seeds. SKU. You can strike gold with ProCut® Gold Lite DMR Sunflower seeds! Saved by Alan. ProCut® Orange DMR has the same familiar orange petals, a dark center, and is pollen less on a single stem plant. Home SUNFLOWER ProCut® Orange Excel Sunflower seed - Territorial Seed Company. Apr 7, 2018 - Stems Flower Farm is inspired by the likes of Floret and Sarah Raven. Even earlier than ProCut Orange by 5-7 days. Pro Cut varieties are choice selections for large scale sunflower production, where they can be used for both wholesale and retail markets. Sunflower Procut Orange. Packet: 50 seeds. This is similar to our ProCut Orange Sunflower, but with a light center instead of the dark center. Singular new plum shade is an outstanding addition to sunflower color spectrum. Direct-seeding can be easily done with a walk-behind planter like our Hoss Garden Seeder. Packet: 50 seeds. Related products. An excellent choice for large scale sunflower production, the Pro Cut series can be used for both wholesale and retail markets. Single stem. 420 seeds/oz. With its golden flowers and green centre disc, ProCut® Gold Lite DMR makes a refreshing change from the traditional sunflower. The gold petals are overlapping, which makes a beautiful, full bloom for cut flowers. Ht. ProCut® Orange - (F1) Sunflower Seed | Johnny's Selected Seeds. Single stem. Tall, with strong stems. Single stem. Blooms 5 days earlier than Pro Cut Orange! SEED. Only 50-60 days to flower. 4–6" blooms. Produces cleaner crops with less chemical use. 4–6" blooms. PROCUT® ORANGE EXCEL. Tall, with strong stems. Sunflower Procut brilliance quantity. Plants are day length neutral and bloom just 50 to 55 days after sowing. procutorange . Full Description. 100% guaranteed. Suitable for sowing and growing spring to … 50 – 65 days. A superior sunflowers for making cut-flower bouquets. Order our ProCut® Orange Excel sunflower seeds today to grow these tall, single-stemmed plants. The post harvest performance is very reliable. Follow us. Details:Plant type: annualHeight: 60 … Tall Orange Sun - Sunflower JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Intense orange in colour. $10.85. Amaranthus Coral Fountains R 65.00. I’ve heard from several people that the first ProCut® Orange is one of the favorites for strength of stem and brightness of the … Deep orange petals w/dark brown disk. We are a small family farm located outside of Cookstown, Ontario. 420 seeds/oz. We strive each day to make the flower-buying experience productive and profitable for every customer. Color revolution in sunflower land! Jun 25, 2020 - Tall, with strong stems. Helianthus annuus. Procut Orange Hybrid makes a Sunny statement in gardens and cut-flower arrangements. It gives a great return by having a high preportion of usable plants per square metre. Strong stalks hold large 3 to 4 inch blooms that are pollen-free so they won't make a mess of your arrangements. Orange petals and a dark disc. Thin seedlings to no more than 5 … A sunny addition to gardens and cut flower arrangements. ProCut Orange Excel. Orange Hobbit Orange Hobbit with its intense orange flowers and dark disc make this traditional looking sunflower 100 seeds Buy Now From £ 6.00 ProCut® Orange Excel ProCut® Orange Excel is in a league of its own! ProC ut sunflower seeds are hardy outdoor favorites for growing unique, vivid color in either a decorative planter or lining the back of the garden. Perfect for arrangements with a long vase life. ProCut Orange DMR. Life cycle: Annual Light preferences: Full sun Sowing time: September – January Plant spacing: 10-20cm Planting tip: Direct seed – cover seed with 1cm soil and keep moist till seeds germinate Very uniform to come into flower 120-180cm ProCut Orange Hybrid Sunflower Seed Top Choice for Cut Flowers. Single stem. In the sunflower trial at Johnny’s, ProCut 'Orange Excel' produced professional-quality blooms at just 50–55 days from sowing — 5–7 days earlier than standard ProCut 'Orange.’ For first-to-market, professional-quality sunflowers, we encourage you to try ProCut 'Orange Excel.' Select a complement of colors from the ProCut Series Sunflowers: solid petal colors from lemon to orange to deepest red, or bicolors. 420 seeds/oz. 3- to 4-in. Avg. Procut® Red is a breeding breakthrough – the sunflower world’s first single head sunflower with deep burgundy colored petals! ProCut sunflowers are quickly becoming an essential cut flower for the home gardener and market grower alike. Day length neutral.Color: Golden orange petals with dark brown diskAnnual SHIPPING Seed Untreated 1,000 Seeds: We have ordered m R 65.00. Color: Golden orange petals with dark brown disk Annual Soil temperature: 70 - 75 ProCut Lemon Sunflower can be direct-seeded or transplanted. We ship seed anywhere in Canada ONLY and live plants locally. 500 Seeds. Add to basket. Add to basket. resistant to Downy Mildew. Ht. Photo courtesy of Google. From branching and single stem to dwarf and perennial varieties, we have sunflower seeds for everyone. F1 Hybrid Series. People also love these ideas All Flowers Dried Flowers Fresh Flowers Summer Flowers Pretty Flowers Wedding Flowers Orange Sunflowers Types Of Sunflowers Succession Planting. ... Sunflower Procut Orange; Adene's Flower Farm is based in the beautiful Wolseley, Western Cape. Producing huge blooms on single stalks, ProCuts were developed by the sunflower breeders at Sunflower Selections and are available in a wide range of colors including white, blush, deep red, and even green. ProCut® Sunflowers. 6. We offer .99 cents combined shipping on An excellent choice for large scale sunflower production, the Pro Cut series can be used for both wholesale and retail markets.

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