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You can also customise your favourite settings for different activities and easily switch between them on the camera, never missing any exciting moment. ... item 4 Kandao Qoocam 8K 360 Pocket Camera #238758 - Kandao Qoocam 8K 360 Pocket Camera #238758. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is the run and gun 360 camera I’ve been asking for for years. $999.95. Good price for the features. Hyperlapse: capture a stabilized time lapse. Just don’t want to screw up and not do my photos justice. They may kill a Z1 with this one as it is more resolution for almost half price. The 360 digicam was launched in November 2019 and is accessible for buy now. The QooCam 8K is a market disruptor and may represent the start of a new generation of 8K 360 cameras. Go to QooCam Studio for the full-featured editing tools. Kandao QooCam 8K 360-degree camera is now available for pre-order on the Kandao website for 599 Euros (approximately $660). It also has support for 12-bit DNG Raw, DNG8 Raw Burst mode, and Realtime Raw+, which can stack an 8-shot DNG raw burst and convert it to 16bit DNG output within the camera, which can then be stitched in the mobile or desktop app. Thanks Michael! Let’s hope I’m wrong, but the delay really does cause Kandao to lose significant December sales to competitors. Maybe they will need some kind of condensation absorbent, kind of like in some dive cases. Check back here for my hands-on video. Should have went with the Theta. Terms and Conditions apply. PayPal error (10002) on checkout. That’s why VR180 is dead at the moment. The weight is 243g, a bit heavier than gopro fusion, I’ll just hold on and wait on Insta360’s response – something’s on the way surely…. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg, Please enter your email address below to sign up for product news, promotions, updates and events, Please enter your UK postcode or select different country above, Kandao QooCam 8K Selfie Stick for QooCam 8K 360 Pocket Camera, Kandao QooCam 8K 360 Pocket Camera. Same here!! According to the promo teaser the device looks a bit like an Insta360 One X. Over 3000 subscribers! I changed my mind. Tags: 360-degree, kandao View Comments (44) We want these 3D videos we take now on our AR glasses in the future. “QooCamStudio” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified. Support for this product is horrible! Although it costs more than most other 360 cameras, it will deliver professional quality video at a consumer price, and is therefore a very good value at that price. Hey Mic, I thought I posted this question earlier but can’t find it now…. 1 – Take a DNG8 photo. The lights in the tunnel also seem to show almost no chromatic aberration in most areas, although there are some areas that appear to have blooming. Hmm those sound like professional specs. That is the highest resolution, highest frame rate, and highest bit depth slow motion for consumer 360 cameras. View our PayPal Credit FAQs for more information. I’m going to bet an update to the Obsidian Go with slightly improved specs and a $999 price point to bring it closer to a mass market audience. I was hoping for 8K under $1200. They’re trying to do it before Christmas. Could you list your workflow from taking a DNG8 picture with the camera to the final product? הכירו את QooCam 8K, מצלמת ה- 8K 360 הקטנה ביותר בעולם שמרחיבה את היצירתיות שלכם עוד יותר. no really new info other than the price. The Z1 still has a larger sensor, but i think the Qoocam DNG8 will be as good as, if not better than Z1. It is not clear if this was due to some movement with the slow shutter speed, or if the camera applies aggressive noise reduction. 6-axis stabilization: the original Qoocam had one of the best stabilization for 360 cameras. You can easily trim, frame, apply filters, adjust playback speed and even add music. The QooCam 8K is a new 360 camera from the Chinese manufacturer Kandao. Qoocam 8K has the highest video resolution (7680 x 3840) out of any consumer 360 camera. That means that they used the sample audio and haven’t purchased the audio track! -should be able to get proper quality video into Premiere and use VR-reframe workflow? Hi Osvaldo. June 13, 2020 update: Express DNG8 and SuperHDR. The plastic accessory frame will not cause the Qoocam to overheat. All this time I have had the camera and I cannot use it. If Qoocam rejects the file, it’s probably because there has been a change in the filename, or the file is in a format other than JPG. This video from Kandao shows a demo of the latitude of a Qoocam 8k video. The Qoocam 8K can record while charging via USB. There’s no need to change any settings. Thank you very much Joe! Super HDR (see below):  In this mode, the Qoocam 8K takes three Express DNG8 photos (i.e., 24 Raw DNG photos, merged into three photos): one at -3EV, 0EV, and +2EV. After Ben Claremonte confirmed with Kandao that the 8k qoocam suffers from “Thermal Defocusing”, that is the nail in the coffin for this camera. Kinda weird since it’s an official promo. There is some luminance noise and some faint green and purple hues in what should be a white wall and ceiling. If it turns on, can you try connecting it to your PC or Mac via a USB Type C cable? Kandao QooCam 8K Value & Availability . I’m incredibly excited! Is it odd that you can hear the female voice of “Audio Jungle” in the background. Xphase has actively designed their system to keep people from using alternative workflows to their PanoManager app, which had SEVERE regressions in performance in their October releases. Watch my next video to see a glimpse of the new camera! I love the QooCam, but the photos taken with the new cam as shown in the video are not very convincing. It must instantly overheat, because everything i had was out of focus. Receive email updates when new articles are posted or choose a daily summary. Hi Mic … why will you wait to get your camera in December ..?? We are all waiting for a 3D capable cheap 8K camera! I’m deciding on my next camera purchase between the Qoocam and Z1 – right now leaning towards the Qoocam due to the fact that they’ve put so much effort into burst stacking. You can easily set up and livestream whatever is happening around you in 4K 360 and share with others. Able to capture stunning 8K 30fps and 4K 120fps footage thanks to a 1/1.7" sensor, QooCam 8K is the world’s first consumer 360º camera that achieves the APS-C level image quality. because there is no removable battery that is large enough. The era of relatively low cost “hi-res” photo-centric 360 cams has just started Kandao, Insta360, and Ricoh are the big players and have far more R&D and QC resources as well as established reliable supply chain than the kinds of Xphase. I would never buy a non-3D camera these days. Heya Mic, at your next opportunity can you try out the live streaming and let us know if the app allows streaming to business Facebook pages rather than only personal pages? Absolutely, we need to wait for real-world video, but I expect this will raise the bar considerably. I’ll be pre-ordering this one as soon as B&H has it. Able to capture stunning 8K 30fps and 4K 120fps footage thanks to a 1/1.7’’ sensor, QooCam 8K is the world’s first consumer 360° camera that achieves the APS-C level image quality. do have you any news in regards to the release of the qoocam 8k pro? Besides the 8K resolution, Kandao’s QooCam 8K can shoot 10-bit video. However, the original three Express DNG8 photos remain in the camera and can be merged using third party software. However, Qoocam 8K does not have built-in GPS therefore it will rely on a smartphone to provide the GPS metadata. With the discovery recently that even after supposedly adding “raw” support, the Xphase “pro” can only shoot JPEG, unless Kandao somehow really flubs a golden opportunity, it’ll be next to impossible for them NOT to wind up releasing what is going to prove to be a top choice. Great performance in low light. Sorry for the delayed reply. I was going to pull the trigger on the x phase but I just needed to get your input first. QooCam 8K makes 360-degree live streaming more affordable and accessible, supporting streaming to various platforms like YouTube or Facebook. I notice it says products, so more than one? Creative Video Productions Ltd acts as a broker and offers finance from a restricted range of finance providers. This link works: http://bit.ly/buyqoocam8k and you can get a free invisible selfie stick, plus you’ll support 360rumors at no cost to you! Couldn’t they just give you one to review while you are there … with them ..??!! There’s an ISO or IEC safety standard somewhere (I forget the exact one) that cites for certain equipment that no more than a certain temperature rise over ambient is allowed. Each lens can cover a maximum FOV of 200 degrees. Kandao is also working on a future version of the Qoocam 8K that will be oriented toward professional users. Slow motion video: Qoocam 8K can capture 4X slow motion at 3840 x 1920 @ 120fps, 10-bit. However, it is still as pocketable as a larger but thicker smartphone. Unfortunately I can no longer find the app note in question, so I can’t find the standard. -…, As I already own an insta360 X, I feel that the gopro max is not worth the update, even if there are good improvements. Still… this thing looks awesome! The top looks like the part of a ventilation system. Is there / will there be a no-stitch workflow route with premiere and VR reframe? KODAK PIXPRO ORBIT360 4K 360° VR Camera…. About an announcement to come? Yet, at this date, there are still no real product reviews. There is some noticeable glare in the kitchen lamps, and a little bit of luminance noise in the shaded areas. i want to buy the qoocam, but would wait if its released in the next few month. Hi Mic Thank you, what about still images can the desktop app do simple editing like brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness on photos without much hassle ? I wonder how long the camera will last under those extreme heat conditions? People with kids want to capture them in 3D now while they grow. Read more on https://www.cinema5D.com/qoocam-8k-the-worlds-smallest-8k-360-camera Kandao has launched the world's smallest 8K 360 camera. Executive Summary Specifications and Features (updated June 13, 2020) Express DNG8 and Super HDR (added June 13, 2020) Hands-on review DNG8 Workflow (added April 16, 2020) Sample video and sample photos (updated December 2, 2019) Qoocam 8K Pro Price availability; how to get a discount. – integrate the power connection into the tripod socket (pogo pins maybe?) Q shortcut button: this customizable button can access commonly used functions. Perfect for low light video. Do you know any 360vr video sales platform that works? In the event that additional checks are required you will be informed and dispatch time will be extended by the time taken to resolve any queries raised. more · QooCam 8K 360° 全景相機攝影機/ KanDao 看到科技. Kandao Qoocam 8K is the first 8K 360 camera for consumers. *Due to unforseen circumstances, on some occasions same day dispatch may not be possible. I use Kandao Raw+ to merge the DNG8 but then everything goes sideways from there, I’ve tried everything I can think of and I only get a black blob in equirectangular resolution when I try to stitch with Qoocam Studio when it decides not to call out an error about an “abnormal image”. If you have Photoshop Classic, you should learn how to use the 3D menu and its features as that makes removing the monopod/tripod from the nadir that much easier. They said I will get my cam this month (Nov 2019). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Moreover, Kandao’s CEO stated to me that it has the same detail and video quality as the highly regarded Kandao Obsidian R (which currently costs $4199) albeit in monoscopic 360 video only. Able to capture stunning 8K 30fps and 4K 120fps footage thanks to a 1/1.7’’ sensor, QooCam 8K is the world’s first consumer 360° camera that achieves the APS-C … Moreover, Kandao’s CEO stated to me that it has the same detail and video quality as the highly regarded Kandao Obsidian R (which currently costs $4199) albeit in monoscopic 360 video only. 8K RAW, 4L 120fps, larger sensor, better than expected. . For more information on shipping, please read our Delivery and Collection or please our Terms and Conditions, QooCam 8K - The World’s First Pocket 8K 360 Camera. I have a pre-order with B&H. $599.00. Yes they’re taking a risk there. Express DNG8 (see below):  Qoocam 8K can take a burst of 8 Raw DNG photos and stack them into a single 16-bit DNG photo with less noise and better shadow range. Qoocam 8K is also the first camera from Kandao to offer Super HDR for supported phones. But the stitching on the qoocam is likely better. Ricoh Theta V 4k 360 Spherical Camera. At just $589, it is the most affordable 8K 360 camera on the ... 【點我領萬元以上折價券】 360度4K全景攝影無需後製拼貼. Downside is they are using the qoocam name for this. Being a 360 camera, QooCam 8K has dual fish-eye lenses set up which enable filming in a spherical view. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. I wonder if the heat you mention will cause in issues when under water with the dive case? Side-by-side comparisons with shots taken with 4k or 5.7k 360-degree cameras would be helpful. In Realtime Raw+ mode, the camera captures a rapid burst of DNG photos, aligns and blends them algorithmically to get one 16bit DNG and JPG, resulting in less noise, higher dynamic range and no ghosts HDR photo. TW8 9EX. Probably means no new VR180 camera. This will leave you with two image collections. Since the preorder ends on December 10, has anyone heard if that’s about the date these will ship? Yes that’s a good point! Think maybe you should let people know about this??? For dynamic range I’m not sure which one has wider dynamic range. I can’t remember why I skipped the original Qoocam, but unless I see some really nasty surprise in DNG8 or RAW+ samples, I’m definitely buying this. The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). – Since it supports an external battery pack, how about a selfie stick, with a battery inside it (think flashlight tube, put a few 18650’s in it). Kandao’s pre-order is now working. Copyright © 1986 - 2020 | CVP Group E&OE - 04/12/2020 5:18 pmSubject to status. QooCam 8K Specs, Features, Camera Details, Performance, Design, Price. Xphase will definitely have higher resolution. Enough guessing. (possibly even using the selfie stick as a way to dissipate heat, to stop any condensation (fogging) inside the housing), Thanks Art! Thank you for your good work and review! Message to Kandao: please lend Mic Ty, and some of his 360-camera pro colleagues, working versions of your Qoocam 8k 360 camera for independent review. We actively monitor the prices offered by our competitors daily and adjust our own pricing accordingly. With 2.4" touchscreen, QooCam 8K is small enough to fit in your pocket and also powerful enough to live stream and share your best moments anywhere anytime. Hey pepegot1! Shipping starts December 12 (right after the end of the pre-order period which is Dec. 11). Here the Fun takes advantage of the work already done with Kandao’s other 360 cameras, like the QooCam 8K. keeping fingers crossed for gps and at least 6k sequence photos. With 2.4" touchscreen, QooCam 8K is … Come and discuss the latest 360° cameras or show us how you've been using yours.Press J to jump to the feed. Ricoh Theta Z1 360 Degree Spherical Camera with…. I think alot of people have been waiting for a 360 camera that allows that feature wirelessly (without having to involve a laptop and all sorts of other nonsense) for a while now. Yes Qoocam will have a waterproof dive case, but I’m not sure when exactly. I will find the precise weight but it seemed a little heavier than theta z1, which is itself already heavy. The recommended retail price of the QooCam 8K is $599. The 360 camera was launched in November 2019 and is available for purchase now. I will be posting a hands-on review as soon as I receive my camera, which Kandao said they would send by the end of November 2019. The wait will be worth it! Hi Bruce! Who will do the stitching? Meet QooCam 8K, the smallest 8K 360 camera in the world that extends your creativity even further.Able to capture stunning 8K 30fps and 4K 120fps footage thanks to a 1/1.7’’ sensor, QooCam 8K is the world’s first consumer 360° camera that achieves the APS-C level image quality. – how will be the quality of the final results (photos? Here’s the workflow. The Kandao cam seems to be a better choice at this price range. , Hi Maha! I’m having issues stitching my DNG8 images from my Qoocam 8K. How much bandwidth or connection speed would it take to stream full 8k 360-degree video? If you are approved for a credit limit with PayPal Credit and use it for future purchases, the interest rate for those purchases won’t be more than 19.9% and may be even lower. For instance, in the sample shot where two women are at a table, the adjacent menu is not really legible. Xphase will definitely have higher resolution. We stock a wide variety of spare parts from manufacturers such as Canon, Sony, Nikon, ARRI, RED and just about everyone else. I wonder if it’s just grammatical error, or they really have more than one product being launched?

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