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A critical. Introduction the word paradigm can be used to mean either approach or design. Liquidity-profitability trade-off: A panel study of listed non-financial firms in Ghana. It is hoped that researchers who wish to publish scientific publications in the field of social sciences will guide this study. Mixed research It. refined over time, it is equally correct that some researchers fall into a trap in claiming such fluidity is the reason for their imprecise use of a research methodology. Bu doğrultuda bu çalışmada, "Bir tezin veya bilimsel makalenin problemi, araştırma soruları, amacı, önemi, sınırlılıkları ve varsayımları nasıl ifade edilir?" 55 students in an ESL course were selected as participants. It equally expressed the concerns of the nexus of football stakeholders in the decision-making process and submitted that for holistic performance evaluation, the impact of the game of the society (Social Objective) should be incorporated in the already established financial and sportive objectives of a football club as in Substance, (2010). A, Prevention Technologies: A Procedure’s Man, Lincoln (eds. As Bryman (2004) articulates (see chapter 1) the tension between interpretivist and positivist approaches in a political debate about the nature, importance and capacity of different research methods. This implies even though women are aware of RH problems, they have little awareness that GBV causes RH problems. For the positivist approach, the XIX century has been the period in which it flourished. research is still growing and becoming more differentiated in methodological It investigates the extent to which the current EPL ranking evaluates efficient performance and factors responsible for such outcomes while examining how the current method of assessing teams’ performance could be improved. It underscores that we should be careful in the choice our research paradigm and design our studies accordingly. qualitative or mixed, and on the other hand , they do not associate the corresponding research types with these paradigms : experimental, non experimental for the former, and interactive or non interactive for the second and the for the latter whether it The research paradigm is a model or approach to conducting the research that is acceptable to the community of scientists. What research discovers and how it is discovered depends on how the researcher engages in the phenomena studied. Then, the data was analysed via thematic and document analysis to investigate written and spoken accuracy and, explore how participants respond to the elements in Task Condition and Task Difficulty. Based on this study's results, Leaders, supervisors, and managers are those employees having a substantial role in the performance, development, failure, and success of an organization. This is demonstrated in the two qualitative research articles published in this issue of Pain Medicine by Sofaer-Bennett and colleagues that explore the experience of elderly individuals living with chronic pain (pp. to enable professionals with little or no previous experience of the various research methodologies and falling in the qualitative research … The data and findings collected from this study was coded and analysed to provide context and meaning. Participants in the study see potential in Learning Analytics but are not sure about how best to realize that potential. There have been numerous researches in the areas of English as a second language, language proficiency, the language skills and learner motivation. the design issues at the intersection of the quantitative and qualitative divide In these early days of Learning Analytics in higher education, universities are pursuing a variety of in-house implementation strategies with varying degrees of success. Improving their productivity is the next frontier to increase overall productivity. to the trap that one research is better than the other, gain a basic understanding of qualitative and quantitative Although there are books on research methods that discuss, Qualitative research has withstood many challenges on its way to becoming a credible research paradigm, though it remains the case that the paradigm contains ongoing methodological debates. This study intends to investigate the relationship between the productivity measurements used in an organization and analyse the results through the compassion against three social players: the organization, the manager and the worker. research traditions to make decisions about which method to use when embarking ve "Bir tezin veya bilimsel makalenin bulgular, sonuçlar, tartışma ve öneriler bölümleri nasıl ifade edilir?" Participants developed their Digital Storytelling over ten weeks. Quantitative research is used in both natural and social sciences. The study submitted that wastage use of sports resources (Man, Machine, and Money) was the major source of inefficiency among EPL football clubs and that the existence of comparative imbalance among EPL football clubs through investment in Players, Coaches and Stadia among others affect clubs’ efficiencies. The qualitative research method is seen as subjective and descriptive and its legitimacy often needs to be proven in organisation studies. QUALITATIVE RESEARCH PAPER 45 Abstract The abstract consists of 150 to 250 words in a single paragraph, see APA 6th Publication Manual section 2.04 for guidelines regarding items to be included. The finding confirmed that commercial loans, trade credit, retained earning have a positive and significant impact upon SME's performance. the study gives an overview of the historical development of both methods, the paradigms and interpretative Among variables under study, the more trade credit activities, the higher the performance of the SMEs is observed. approaches, greater consideration will be given to the latter. The researcher physically goes to the people, setting, site, or institution to observe or record behavior in its natural setting. Finally, the researcher presents the recommendations linking culturally and economically between the Mediterranean diet-related activities and the Egyptian cultural identity. The research approach is rooted in both qualitative and quantitative methods to include case study research as suggested by Substance(2010). The organization seems to still prefer to rely on traditional performance systems that show inefficient when applying to knowledge workers. ScholarWorks User Adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in the Public Sector, Examining accuracy in students' spoken and written English language via Digital Storytelling, Determinants of small and medium enterprises performance with the interaction effect of managerial activities, Productivity Measurement of Knowledge Worker - An Empirical Research in a Context, POSITIVISM -FROM WEAKNESSES TO NEW OPENINGS, Evaluating the Knowledge and Awareness of Women’s about the Nexus between Reproductive Health Problems and Gender Based Violence in North Western Ethiopia. Educational researchers in every discipline need to be cognisant of alternative They believe that a social reality can take its fo… Survey questionnaires, interviewees, focus group discussion and document reviews were the data collection instruments used. Additionally, the findings revealed the potential of Digital Storytelling as a powerful pedagogical tool in preparing learners with the 21st century skills, and engaging learners' in enhancing their soft skills, teamwork, engagement, creativity, and motivation. This research provides further empirical evidence to address the problem of knowledge worker productivity. ), Handbook of qualitative research (pp. terms of their epistemological, theoretical, and methodological underpinnings. based on eminent research literature. We compare and contrast the approaches taken at three demographically different universities and consider these in the context of Delone and McLean’s information system success model (1992). on a research study. In terms of language accuracy, it was found that both written and spoken accuracy were not impactful. 105-117). To investigate the impact of bank systemic risk on firms’ investment in Africa. Therefore such studies are mostly conducted in laboratories. Running head: NOT A PARADIGM Qualitative Using a pragmatic approach, different data collection methods were applied to each social player. The most quoted definition of paradigm is Thomas Kuhn's (1962, 1970) concept in The Nature of Science Revolution, i.e. also precisely defines and examines different research methodologies, approaches and methods. Essentials of Research Design and Methodology. NOT A PARADIGM 1 Madill, A. <> A survey was conducted in a small and medium enterprise of KPK Pakistan. IN this chapter we analyze four paradigms that currently are competing, or have until recently com-peted, for acceptance as the It has fallen so much that some authors considered it dead. Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Depending on your area of study and specific topic, you will need to research the methodologies that are generally used to conduct this kind of research. Given the preceding philosophical deliberations, a positivist or empiricist approach to research is based on Knowledge gained from positive verification of observable experience rather than intuition. All the journals articles are available online to the, This thesis aims at assessing the performance and efficiency of the English Premier League (EPL) football clubs vis-à-vis ranking and the efficient use of sports resources to validate whether national champions are the best football teams. The Debate about Quantitative and Qualitative Research: A Question of Method or Epistemology? A research paradigm is an approach or a research model to conducting a research that has been verified by the research community for long and that has been in practice for hundreds of years. �4�~#�l�B���h����� It critically reviews literature on research paradigms, delineates the differences between Interpretive, Positivist and Critical paradigms, and explains their ontological and epistemological stances. Keywords: Performance, Efficiency, Input/output orientations, Football, The objective of this study is to investigate how Digital Storytelling helped enhance learners' language accuracy, and the learners' perceptions on Task Condition and Task Difficulty in implementing Digital Storytelling.

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