ragnarok online archer lvl guide

Okay at level 75+ due to the Novus on the map. Requires an entrance quest. Roda Frog - Best map is 3 West of Prontera. Accuracy and damage is increased by the same stat (DEX), allowing all attacks to connect and deal a lot of damage. It’s easy to play just click and wait. Marduk Only one simple step. Good for level 65+. INT:9 5. Dimensional Gorge - 1 East from Morroc, then talk to the NPC immediately inside. Requires 5 total quests to gain access, all linked in the guide. You can use this leveling on both servers. Orc Warrior, Orc Lady Rogue Farmer Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in RevoClassic & Re:Start. Metaling - 1 North of Lighthalzen is the best map. Great for Biochemist, Professor, Sniper, Ninja, Soul Linker. Why? This makes Archers able to exploit elemental advantages easily. Skel Worker Starting Build 1. Pecopeco, Snake But there are also new players or we usually known as newbie who played the game but they don't know where to start. Majoruros - Glast Heim, 3 maps past Stings. THESE ARE MY OPIONS/SUGGESTIONS! Range enables archers to defeat stationary or slow-moving opponents that are stronger than they are … Great for Acolyte or Priest, with a good card drop from Evil Druids. These are suggestions - some may be too hard for you, and some may be too easy. Level 1+. Petites - Several maps. Ragnarok Online Thief, Assassin and Rogue Leveling Guide ok, for all you budding sins out there (or are still lost since playing beta 1) this one is for you. The walkways are tight, the best method is mobbing and killing with AoE magic. Geographers - Best map is 1 North from Einbroch. i’ve been playing since the glory days of open beta 2 (i know its not that long), but i have an idea of where to lvl up my thief>sin, etc. Pupa - 1 North from Geffen. Amatsu Dungeon - Quest required to enter. 3. South East warp is to Clocks, good for magic and ranged level 60+. Anolians - 1 East from Alligators or 1 level past Stings. link or pm pls RO Acolyte Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start. This map also has Peco Peco Eggs, both are good for cards. Wolves - 2 South from Payon. Alternative method to instantly reach 3rd Job after Rebirth. Clock Glast Heim St. Abbey - Southern middle building in Glast Heim, or go through the South exit at the Churchyard. 40+. Guide from Novice to 1st job for Newbies *Black Party Version* Contents 1. Novice Ragnarok Online - You Must Read This. DashJuice. Biolabs - Requires an entrance quest. Archers are skilled with the bow and have the ability to accurately hit their targets from long distances. The Leveling Guide: This guide will have the places to hunt, and the monsters to kill based on your class and level. The only other weapon an Archer can equip is a dagger (typically used to save arrows). Easily mob-able. Rocker - 1 West, 1 South of Prontera. Good for Hydra cards. High Orcs - Middle West warp from Orc Dungeon entrance. Hi, I’m ICE from youtube Kamonway. Level 3 is good at level 65+. Medusa - West exit in Comodo. 110% x 2 3 . Archer Class Leveling Guide!~ - posted in Archer Class: Hii there! Party highly recommended. Good for level 25+. Porcellio - 1 South, 1 East and 2 East from Einbroch. Skill Build. Where to Level (Archer) 6. Anolion in Comodo Beach Archer Solo Leveling Guide Ragnarok Online Admin September 12, 2017. Re: Help Leveling Guide For Classic 99/50 « Reply #2 on: Mar 06, 2016, 01:38 am » GH is the best place for 80+ either raydrics or stings, so you farm rares as you level up. So you’ve decided to play the Archer in Ragnarok Mobile. September 09, 2017. Archer Job Level 21+ Payon Field 10. Level 1 is good for soloing, level 2 is fine for mobbing, Level 3 is highly recommended for leveling with a party, but is solo-able by ME priests with instant cast. I finally decided to work out a guide! Great for 85+. Snake Head Hat VS Sidewinder Card: Which is better? Once you reach Job Level 21 wherein you already have Level 10 Double Strafe, Level 5 Owl’s Eye and Vulture’s Eye. Watch out for Lady Tanee. Wootan Fighter Good at 85+. Ragnarok Leveling Guide 80 – 99. Ragnarok Online PH Beta started on June 20, 2017 and many played the game especially old Ragnarok players. Unlike other classes, Archer starts with their awakening weapon, which is a Greatbow and can also unlock awakening skills before level 56. Can be solo'ed or done with a party. Follow by Email Get all latest content delivered straight to your inbox. This is how it works - you may be able to kill 5x as many of monster A with 1/3 the exp of one monster B, in the same amount of time it takes you to kill that one monster B. These will assist just like ants. Unlike other classes, Archer starts with their awakening weapon, which is a Greatbow and can also unlock awakening skills before level 56. Geographer Another option again, like the Mage leveling spots, would be EGGYRAS. STR:1 2. Manuk Field - 1 North from Manuk. Good at level 70+ though you may have difficulties with Mobsters until 80+. If you have save enough, and your Ragnarok archer could already equip the bow, buy the next bow that does more damage. Best for level 90+. First map is Punks, good for melee level 60+. Good at 55+. Stalactic Golem - North exit in Comodo. Good at level 65+. Penomena - Clock Tower, center-top warp, then South West warp. With that said, here is the guide: 1. Level50 Hunter ADL Guide Ragnarok Mobile (Stats, Equips, Skill, Farming Spots, Leveling Spot) - Duration: 8:05. Prontera Field Rocker Watch out for Harpies. Good for 45+. Double Strafe consumes 12 SP regardless of skill level. Payon Dungeon - This is good for Acolytes, as soon as you get Heal use it on the undeads. go payon 2 right portal.. or toyfactory. btw what server is that? My gameplay moments in Ragnarok. Medusa, Hey man, make a Wizard guide! Feedback. Einbroch Dungeon - Pitman, Venomous, Noxious, watch out for Ungoliant and traps. You’ll want to prioritize these Board quests first over the red Main Quests! Attacking remotely, Archer can attack and replace the element of his attack by changing the Arrow type. Drops a great card, good for 35+. Good at level 55+. Savage - 2 South, 2 West from Prontera. Note: Kill everything for the best zeny-making. Community please give input, suggestions, etc! Level 90+ is best. Go farm Rockers! Slot equipment can’t buy from NPC. Job Path 6. Party recommended for level 1 and 3. Yoyo Great for both base and job exp, level 90+. Recommended 70+. Repeatable Quest. Good at 85+. RO Assassin Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start, RO Archer Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start, RO Swordman Leveling Guide : Revo-Classic & Re:Start, Assassin Double Critical Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in RevoClassic&Ro Exe, Knight Critical Guide, Stat Skill Equipment in RevoClassic&Ro Exe, Trapper Hunter Guide: The Bomberman in RO. Best for AD Biochemist or Beast Strafe Sniper since they can 1-shot, otherwise it will fully heal itself. it can be solo-ble, but its always nice to have AN AB / Friend with you! Requiem Level 2 and 3 are both suitable for 75+. Good for level 20+. Poporing - Several maps, use RMS to find the best for you. Wind Ghosts - Southeastern building at Glast Heim ( looks like an entrance to an underground area ). Niflheim Field 02 Heildalf The Guidesmith 216,352 views Prontera Field Mandragora From this point you can either keep leveling with Eden Board Quests or start doing Gramps. Dryads - 1 North from Comodo through Stalactic map, East exit. Penomena Clock Tower - Walk straight up from the spawn in Aldebaran. I will be your guide with leveling strategies in Revo-Classic Ragnarok Online especially if you hate crowded places like me. Note: Pinguiculas are easy and can be done at 75+. It adds up to more exp per hour. Recommended level 55+. Bad job exp. Good from level 70+. Using bows and arrows is one of the advantages of using Archer. 85+. Orc Lady - Outside Orc Dungeon. Petite ... Embark on the Job Change Quest for Archers in "Ragnarok Online" with this helpful guide. Kokomo Beach - 2 East ( through Tharas ), 1 South from Comodo. Ragnarok Money Making Guide#1 : Old Blue Box Quest. Good at 55+. Mummy The Archer class uses a crossbow as their primary weapon and a Ra’ghon as their secondary weapon, which is an arm guard. « Reply #1 on: Jul 10, 2012, 06:00 pm » I don't know much about this but, based on what I read, traps are the new dps to lv. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Recommended level 75+. In Ragnarok Online. Level 1 can be done solo with a Wizard. Community please give input, suggestions, etc! These are aggressive, will hide, and will mob you easily. Moscovia Dungeon - Requires Finding the Moving Island quest to enter. Creamy - 2 West of Prontera. Level 85+. Toy Factory - Both levels, but 2 has more mobs. I’m going to translate all the skills one by one. All levels are good from 85+. ... keep in mind that your Job Level as a Novice should be 10. Leveling Archer Archer is a job that is very adept at using arrows. Good for 25+. Level 4 good at 70+. If that's the case, go somewhere easier / harder respectively. This is a Archer Job Quest Guide of Ragnarok Online. Of course, you should to look up the dungeon or monster before you go there if you haven't been there before. ATK 1 . Ragnarok Money Making Guide#3 : Slot Equipment and Where to find them. Lunatic - Highest spawn is 2 North from Prontera ( go through the Castle and WoE map ). Juperos - Level 1 or 2 recommended for 85+. It is made based on a Server with a starting area, however it should fit any low to mid rate servers. Good at level 20+. Moscovia Dungeon - Finding the Moving Island is the entrance quest. Introduction 2. Re: Archer/Hunter Level/Equip/Stat Guide for renewal? Watch out for Osiris. ... Special Archer skill that can only be learned after Job Lv.30 by completing a quest. Recommended level 80+. Watch out for Dragonfly. Go here once you have enough hit for Myst Case, good for making zeny. The former page was structured more for pre-renewal. Abyss Dungeon - Requires items to open the portal. Ragnarok Leveling Guide 70 – 80. Dark Frame Petite Minorous Wraith Dancing Dragon Clock Stalactic Golem Marduk High Orc , Orc Villege. It’s fixed EXP and move spawn point of monster. THESE ARE MY OPIONS/SUGGESTIONS! Repeatable Quest. Party is very highly recommended, with both magic and melee. join parties. Advantage of Archer is high damage and long-range attack. Damage versatility with the use of elementalarrows but gear dependent, and end game gears are expensive Arrow Storm (Dex/Vit/Luk/Agi) Best build for GvG due to AOE of Arrow Storm DPS – ADL The Stats AGI 119DEX 119LUK - the… Level 4 for Phen, Marc, and Swordfish, all good cards. Pyramids - Warper or 1 North West from Morroc. Party is very much recommended for level 3. 1. Hill Winds - Several maps, best is 1 South, 1 North East from Ice Dungeon entrance. Good for Mages and Archers. Repeatable Quest. Just keep the bow [4] and invest with composite bow, cross bow or gakkung. Here is some tips on how to level up in Ragnarok PH until level 45 Do Novice Training Grounds until Job lvl 10 for 1st class job change. These are places suitable for level 85 til 99: Ice Dungeon - Level 2 or 3. Minorous and Pasana are best for melee and magic, Anubis best for TU / ME or magic. 1 Background 2 Job Change Quest 3 Notable Archers 4 Races 5 Armor 6 Weapons 7 Abilities 7.1 Ragnarok Online 7.2 Ragnarok Online II 8 Advanced Jobs 8.1 Ragnarok Online 8.2 Ragnarok Online II 9 Media No data yet. This comprehensive ADL build guide is part of a series that will cover everything you need to know to advance through archer's tree work. Good for level 45+. Peco Peco - 3 South from Prontera - go through the Eastern bottom warp on the second map. AGI:9 3. Sphinx - Warper or 1 West from Morroc. Talk to the man on the dock in Eastern Hugel. I hope my guide helps you with your future archer… Recommended mobbing and killing with a Wizard. 120% x 2 4 . Ragnarok Online Beginner’s Guide by dobby. However, this map requires high-tier gears. They by far have the highest Exp to Hp ratio. Argiope Level 35+ ( or whenever you can hit them ). Parasites - 1 East from Comodo through Tharas, South exit, then North West exit at Alligators. Water armor necessary for Waterball. Gravity. Start off in-game 5. This comprehensive ADL build guide is part of a series that will cover everything you need to know for progressing through the Archer job tree. Brasilis Field - North portal in Brasilis city. Ragnarok Leveling Guide 60 – 70. 12+. Level 3 is good for zeny but light on exp at 85+. Level 25+, also Savage Babes on this map for additional easy exp. Kiel Hyre Dungeon - (has two parts to the quest: Part 1 and Part 2 - Requires an entrance quest. Archer is from Payon city. Keep leveling in Glast Heim St. Abbey until you reach base level 85, you can repeat both quests from step 3 as many times as you wish. Good at level 75+. Watch out for Gryphons. Build for High Damage Double Strafe 1 (Lvl 2) Owl's Eye 10 (Lvl 12) (Max) Vulture's Eye 5 (Lvl 17) Double Strafe 10 (Lvl 26) (Max) Vulture's Eye 10 (Lvl 31) (Max) Improve Concentration 10 (Lvl 41) (Max) Optional Arrow Shower 9 (Lvl … Myst Case Once you collect enough trunks you can pass the test and become an archer. Hode - 2 South, 1 East of Morroc. Kill everything, bring lots of flywings. Minorous 85+. Kill everything on level 1, recommended for level 12+. Great for mobbing. Your source for the lifestyle news. First, it's the exp per hour that's most important, not exp per monster. Research before exploring: Thor's Dungeon - 1 North, 1 West, 1 North from Veins ( make sure you're on Veins Field 3! These are good for about 40+. Invest with bows first. Turtle Dungeon Outside - You can easily get mobbed here. This page lists recommended leveling spots, with the maps and monsters associated with them. Leveling spots are optimized by only killing monsters that do not have an EXP penalty at the character's current level. So if you are one of the newbie or beginners in Ragnarok PH, reading this leveling guide will help you level up fast easily. Mob and kill with a claymore until you're ranger. Archer class is the fastest leveling class in Ro. Tamruan - Ayothaya Dungeon level 2. It drops from monsters and random…. Need to Level up Fast? Good as soon as you can hit them, about level 45+. Do the quests in Training Grounds - Brude Quest(kill 1 Poring), Swordsman NPC(kill 2 picky), Mage NPC (kill 5 Lunatics), Thief NPC(kill 5 Willows), Merchant NPC (sell loots 300zenny)(Tip: get Merchant skill book for overcharge lvl 10) Easy Money Making 11. Ragnarok online mobile archer leveling guide Continue. Ninetails - 2 South, 1 West from Payon. Requires an entrance quest, and you must be in a party of at least 2 people to enter the map. After your first job change, you can continue doing quests as they give lots of EXP or grind on Rockers, Willows and Wormtails. VIT:1 4. I finally decided to work out a guide! Only a few exceptions exist, such as Acolyte Heal-bombing, and Archers and Mages sniping im… Priority Equipment 12. Dimensional Gorge - 1 East from Morroc, then talk to the NPC immediately inside. The ability to change the element of their weapon quickly by changing their arrow type. Great at 90+. Louyang Dungeon - North West exit from Louyang, then around the "back" of the ruins in the West. Muka, Savage Repeatable Quest. People have recently pm-ing me on how I constantly level my different dancer(s), gypsy(s), and wanderer(s)! These are best for ranged or Mage classes. LUK:1 Good card, though the map may be full. Archer lvl1-40 Recommend Skill Build Job 1-5 Double … You will most likely have to stay in … Evil Druid, Dark Frame Archers are experts at long-range combat with Bows and Arrows. Cursed Abbey - 1 South of Veins, talk to the NPC at the dock in the South. Good at 60+. Attacking remotely, Archer can attack and replace the element of his attack by … Pick up both 85-114 Gramps quests and complete them. A Short Guide to effective leveling for Archers going Hunter The Archer Guide. Level 5 recommended level 80+, watch out for Pharaoh. Level 4, good for mobbing. Partying 8. Ragnarok RE:START & RevoClassic Leveling Guide, Ragnarok Blacksmith Battlesmith Butcher Guide. Level 3 is restricted to level 95+ non-trans and 90+ Transcendant. I’d like to start off with Hunter Skills since I’m now a lvl 71 sniper. Level 40+. Wild Rose Kobold - 2 West, or 2 West 1 South from Geffen. Mobbing with an Assassin is best. Level 1 is good for soloing, level 2 is fine for mobbing, Level 3 is highly recommended for leveling with a party, but is solo-able by ME priests with instant cast. Congratulations on … You’ll unlock the Message Board Questsat Level 15. This is old school build. Watch out for Constants, as they self-destruct. Earth Petites are 2 North, 1 East from Geffen. In these boxes, I’ll put info that you’ll likely be referring to (or discovering) while leveling up your Archer. Repeatable Quest on level 2. Demon Pungus - 1 South, 1 West, 1 North from Yuno. The Archer is the ranged attacker, using bows to deal physical damage while not actually being in melee combat. Horn, Wolf Stings - Warp to Glast Heim Churchyard, go through the West exit, then teleport to the top right exit. Good for 35+. Good for soloing at 85+. You simply have to start the quest at Payon Archer Village by talking to the Archer Guildsman and she will tell you to collect trunks. Recommended level 80+ for either map. Why Cyfar is valuable? Clock Tower F4 Repeatable Quest. Fastest way to get job 50, Marc and Swordfish Grand Peco - 2 North, 1 West from Aldebaran. You gain rested EXP in these areas! You can switch element of your weapon with arrows. Ragnarok Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, based on the manga Ragnarok written by Myung-Jin Lee. Smokie - 2 East of Payon. Elder Willow Level 1 is good for soloing, level 2 is fine for mobbing, Level 3 is highly recommended for leveling with a party, but is solo-able by ME priests with instant cast. Just be patient. Base level 99 and Job level 70 for Transcendent 2nd Classes. Ragnarok Online: the game 40 million people play Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. Payon Cave 1, Thara Frog DEX:9 6. You simply have to start the quest at Payon Archer Village by talking to the Archer Guildsman and she will tell you to collect trunks. lvl 10-20 spores payon 1 right portal theres alot of recruting parties there. Watch out for Gargoyles if you can't flee or kill them. Groves - 1 South, 1 West, 1 North from Hugel. Good for zeny. Mobsters are good for zeny. Leveling Spots Guide (Level 1–100) for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love In Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love, you’ll want to level up your character as fast as possible to become an insane farming machine , or be powerful enough to take down all foes in PvP and War of Emperium. Archer is from Payon city. Start at level 45, then go to the next level around 55. These will mob if they see one attacking you, watch out for Sonic Blow. Repeatable Quest. If you need to know how to access a certain town or dungeon here’s a link to my Map Access Guide. Recommended Skill Build Guide for Archer / Hunter Many of you asking me to translate the archer/hunter/sniper skill descriptions. Level 1 for 45+, level 2 for 60+. Nifflheim - 1 West from Nifflheim city is recommended for 85+ with a party. Magma Dungeon - Level 1 is best for magic users, level 2 is best for melee but magic can be used as well. How to Complete the Archer Job Change Quest. Prontera Culvert Dun2 Skill Debates 10. Ragnarok Online - Archer/Hunter FAQ ... Types of Archers/Hunters 4. Prontera Culvert - Volunteer in the North West building in Prontera. Caramel, Stainer it can be … Stalactic Golem Ranger known for having a high DPS as well as wide range of skill for every kind of environment. Good for mobbing with Assassin, useful card drop. Visit our main page for more demos. Be careful around the Vitata until around level 30. Archer Class Leveling Guide!~ - posted in Archer Class: Hii there! Swordman Leveling Guide Ragnarok Online. Thara Frog - 1 East from Comodo, in the cave. Mi Gao - 1 South from Louyang. Best at 85+. Good at 85+. Pictures Skill Information I may add a section for hunters later, but I will need to do a little more research to accurately give info. Sunken Ship - Various monsters here, just stay on level 1. Alligators - 1 East from Comodo through the Thara map and through the South East exit, or even better Dungeons -> Kokomo Beach then north. Using bows and arrows is one of the advantages of using Archer. Swordman Ragnarok Online. Level 55+. Level 1 is good for Acolytes once you get Pneuma, and level 2 is good for everyone else. Glast Heim 2F Niflheim Field 02 Anolion in Clock Tower Anolion in Comodo Beach RE:START and RevoClassic are not limit EXP and item drop by character level. 2 West from the city is recommended for soloing at 85+. Baphomet Jr Last but not least of these reminders, always logout at a sanctuary. 85+. lvl 30-40 elder willows,horns. Good for level 15+. Great at level 75+. Good at level 85+. Just for comparison Rockers provide a … Umbala Dungeon - North warp at Umbala city. Leveling Archer Archer is a job that is very adept at using arrows. Ragnarok Money Making Guide#2 : 4 Reason Why you should have Merchant. Odin's Temple - Fields 2 and 3 for parties. Stat Uses 9. Great for 90+. September 11, 2017. Also kill the Dragontails, and watch out for Eddga though you should be able to kill him. Sandman - 2 South, 2 East from Morroc. Renewal leveling is more universal and does not necessarily need to be divided up by each class. These are places suitable for level 1-45: Anthell - Ant Eggs to begin with, then the various ants. Ice Dungeon - Level 1 recommended, level 45+. So you decided to play Archer in Ragnarok Mobile. Things that I will be adding soon. This map has Rockers as well. Job level 50 for 1st Classes/Transcendent 1st Classes. Additional Party-Recommended, High-level Dungeons, Volunteer in the North West building in Prontera, https://wiki.talonro.com/index.php?title=Leveling_Guide&oldid=7369. Dancing Dragon The only other weapon an Archer can equip is a dagger (typically used to save arrows). Good from level 45+, and Orc Babies from 60+. Recommended level 70+. This is a Archer Job Quest Guide of Ragnarok Online. Biblian Dungeon - Level 3 for Obeaunes, good for level 45+. lvl 40-50 orc village?? Bathory Skill Level . That, combined with stat distribution … Good for level 1+, does not attack unless it transforms into a Creamy. Alarms - Clock Tower, middle-top warp on the first level, then top center warp. Goblin - 1 South, or 1 South 1 East from Orc Dungeon. They give 112 Base Exp and 89 Job Exp per kill and they only have 500 Hp. Geffenia - Do the Sign Quest to be able to access it anytime, or ask someone to open the portal, located directly South of the spawn in Geffen city. 2. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Tank recommended for lower levels, good at 40+ otherwise. Best for soloing with Claymore traps. Welcome to my Ranger Guide on Nova RO About myself: I've been playing on Renewal as a Ranger for a quite long time, but every RO is different on how you will gearing and here's what I know about Ranger: Ranger is a 3rd class job, from novice -> archer -> hunter -> high novice -> high archer -> sniper -> ranger. Recommended for level 12+. Repeatable Quest. Second, you need to use your own judgement based on your resources and skill. The Sharpshooters The Builds 2 Types of Rangers ADL (Agi/Dex/Luk) Highest DPS of the 3 builds. Great for 25+, and also for the card and Silk Robes. Archer Solo Leveling Guide Ragnarok Online. Leaf Cat - Warp to Ayothaya Dungeon, or go through the East exit from Ayothaya. Ragnarok … Good around level 45+. lvl 1-10 novice grounds join parties. ADL Archer Guide (Beginner) 10 Oct 2019. Good at level 70+. 85+. September 12, 2017. Sea-Otters - 1 East from Seals. It’s noted by the moon icon on the right side of your EXP bar. This map has Frilldora and the MvP Phreeoni on it, so bring flywings. 130% x 2 5 . Drops - Several maps, best map is 1 North from Morroc. These can hit you pretty hard with Mammonite, so a tank is recommended until you can survive it. Good for 30+. The Archer has the least complicated set of skills for first jobs as well. Always remember to advance your class when you are at the appropriate Base and Job level, those are: Job level 10 for Novice/High Novice.

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