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Les différentes expériences tant littéraires que plasticiennes de 1966 marquent la véritable amorce de la trajectoire fulgurante de l'artiste. Smithson (1938-73) came of age in the 1960s when a flurry of knotty movements, ideas and adherences were gaining purchase – minimalism, land art, psychogeography, site-specific art, video art and more. Afterward, Smithson donated the piece to the university, requesting that nothing be altered or removed from the work. 56, No. Amie Tullius. Although published posthumously, Smithson and Sky completed the editing of the text together and Smithson provided all the illustrations. He was fascinated by concepts of duality, entropy, and questions of how we might find our place in the world. Robert Smithson SELECTED INTERVIEWS WITH ROBERT SMITHSON Entropy Made Visible (1973) Interview with Alison Sky On Site #4, 1973. In 1980, museums around the world exhibited Robert Smithson Sculpture, which included large photographs of the Partially Buried Woodshed. Robert Smithson (January 2, 1938 — July 20, 1973) was an American artist who used photography in rel a tion to sculpture and land art.Smithson was born in Passaic, New Jersey and early on lived mostly in Rutherford. Smithson's sculptures of the mid 1960s maintain a strong resemblance to the Minimalist installations of Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt, and Robert Morris. While he is most recognized for his earthworks, Smithson also created a large body of work that explored a variety of themes dealing with the post-industrial landscape, entropy, and paradox. Robert Smithson (January 2, 1938 – July 20, 1973) was an American artist known for sculpture and land art who often used drawing and photography in relation to the spatial arts. The latter quickly usurps the former as I realize today is September 25th, a day I’ve waited for my entire life (metaphorically speaking) and actually bee… Working with unconventional materials including soil, rocks, disused industrial sites, and language, the artist explored the metaphorical qualities inherent in geological formations and the process of entropy. A pivotal figure in the evolution of post-war sculpture, Robert Smithson created iconic Land art that radically changed prevailing ideas about the making and viewing of art. As I wrote above, this project exit project will motivates Robert Smithson to realize a similar operation, this time with mud instead of asphalt and architecture in the place of the earth. (61) Robert Smithson, « Entropy made visible », The writings …, op. Nancy Holt, whom Smithson married in 1963, often accompanied him on these trips. Travailler dans un environnement naturel ne signifie pas ipso facto faire du land art, comme on a trop souvent tendance à le croire aujourd'hui. ... Smithson was also fascinated by entropy — a concept about decay that gained increased prominence during the middle part of the 20th century. 9, May 1981.Published in Arts Magazine, New York, Vol. Robert Smithson on Google; Robert Smithson at MoMA; Robert Smithson at Art Story; Robert Smithson was born in 1938 in Passaic, New Jersey and died in a plane crash while flying over one of his earthworks to examine it in 1973.His father, Irving, worked for Auto-Lite, a company that dealt in car parts, but later went into real estate, and then into banking. Made with 6650 tons of black basalt rock and earth, the jetty would stretch 1500 feet straight out into the lake, then curl around itself, an elegant fiddlehead of mud, salt crystals, rocks, and water. It was perceived to be in the remote “middle of nowhere” far from the center of the art world — New York City. 56, No. Lors d’un voyage au Yucatán, pour visiter les constructions Mayas, l’artiste Robert Smithson centre son regard sur l’Hotel Palenque, une reflexion autour d’une architecture anonyme, des modes de construction et de l’action du temps. ICe >;<18x 110It21', ENTROPY ANDTHE NEW MONUMENTS (1966) On nsmg to my feet.anc p

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