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Hector, I notice a Miami phone number, but yet you live in Salinas year round. There is a good size grocery store on 2nd street one block from the beach. So, the amenities and infrastructure are about what can be expected for a city this size. Best of luck! I can be reached at [email protected]. We live in Grand Forks so you are not too far away and understand the comparisons in weather etc. I enjoyed reading your post. The weather is hot and sunny virtually every day! I am interested in knowing how long, when, is the off season. You have begun the process of changing your booking information or adding extras. But if my agenda were to enjoy resort-style amenities—restaurants, cafés, nightlife, groomed beaches, and an active real estate market— then Salinas is … Thanks for the alternative view of Salinas, Hector! It was the site of the ISA World Junior Surfing Games Ecuadorin 200… The water continues to be warm (think Florida, not Brazil water temperatures). If you’re looking for a serene, tropical paradise where you can lie undisturbed on the beach and enjoy the scenery year-round, this isn’t it. From fundamental issues such as a good restaurant service that allows to discover the typical flavors of the land, to services such as arranging excursions and transfers to the main points of interest and airports, entertainment shows or sports activities along with health and wellness.Â. Also, my last trip, I stayed in Chipipe, a suburb of Salinas, and loved it. Playa Las Salinas. I need an Implant thus looking for a good Dentist and also a nice, simple place to stay for the 3 months. It’s also popular among newlyweds and could be equated to a Hawaiian honeymoon for an American couple. I would like to talk further with you by email if you don’t mind. We are going to Salinas for a month starting Jan. 8 2015. Not crowded but not full. Salinas is like any other beach town, crowded in vacation times and quite during off season. What I find particularly amusing is that some of the same folks that proclaim Salinas’ weather as “depressing” often talk up Cuenca as “eternal spring-like weather” when it rains often and is frequently upper 60’s by day and can be in the 40’s at night. It is March 24 and the temps have been mid-80s and blue sky all week, with lows in 70s at night. No-hype updates & resource guides., Hello Ed. Property Type Condominium. Contrast that with the famed Punta del Este in Uruguay someday when you get a chance. Listing Type Residential Lease. ). The beach is gorgeous (yes a bit busier on weekends and holidays) and filled with families having fun and enjoying each others company (something we sorely miss in North America). Very adventurous and travel smart. Condos for Rent in Salinas, Ecuador has more than 70 condos for rent in Salinas, San Lorenzo, Chipipe and surroundings. Search for real estate and find the latest listings of Ecuador Property for rent. The food is good and comparable to other places throughout Ecuador, in which I have traveled for 4 months combined in 3 visiits, as well as being comparable to prices in all of Latin countries (and I’ve visited them all) from Mexico south to here. Do you accept these cookies and the personal data processing it entails? So, that’s Salinas, Ecuador in the peak season. Luxury Salinas Beach Rental Luxury Salinas Beach Rental. Adventure companies offer skydiving and parasailing. The westernmost city on mainland Ecuador, Salinas is an important tourist center. What I did was for the first 3 days I spent it with my family saying hello, etc. But, thanks for the interest. can only tell you, I was in Ecuador,two years ago and going to retire their for 6months, We include maps, photos, and videos to help you get a feel for each beach and nearby beach … Land April 18 2014. Things must be changing in Salinas since you were last here in the off season. We are in our 50’s, live in Florida, northwest, but ready to make a move! And the weather. I am intersted in more information and buying a place there to retire to how is the medical care and would i be able to move there and live there year round not being a citizen of ecuador. My wife and I have been to Salinas several times in the past few years. Do you need help? The most important thing that hasn’t been mentioned is health care in Salinas…..what about it?? Many of the top destinations are in nearby Latin America. Please let me know by e-mail how to get in touch with you. The crowded, bustling beach is virtually empty, and the place turns into a ghost town. Mar y Grill is excellent. I am on a plane going to Quito as I type this. This often comes as quite a shock to unsuspecting tourists, many of whom have gone so far as to describe the scene as “depressing.”. I have no comment on the weather except to say that I live in Vancouver, B.C. Inflatables and advertisements are everywhere, and virtually every exposed surface in town has someone’s logo plastered on it. George, there are several options for living in Ecuador. Hi David Willson Need to be back in California first week of August. Hint hint E-mail for all of the above is: [email protected] Excuse the connotation, but I also ride and train horses. after that I got lost, and boy did I have a great time. Any suggestions? The only flaw I found is that the vendors recognized you as a tourist they kept trying to sell you things relentlessly, from clothing, food, eye wear, souvenirs, tattoos, candy, etc. Playas/General Villamil Beach. This oceanfront property with bay, city, beach and ocean views is situated in the coastal region of Ecuador. And dirty. What’s the off-season like? Marcos pizza is NY style and great. The southern half comprises Chipipe Beach. Richard. Thanks, Peter. Any suggestions on best location and an agent ?p. The nearest major airport is José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (GYE / SEGU). other than that, awesome. Hope this helps, and have a great time in Ecuador. During the peak season, the tourist area is patrolled by a whole battalion of police officers and private security guards. This is our 4th year of staying in Salinas a month or two. It is the seat of the canton that bears its name. Shut one eye and this is an increadable place… Open the other and you could be in Lagos Nigeria. Hector is totally biased being a real estate person from Salinas. What town do you reccomend? I will be there from Feb to May. Thanks Tom for taking the time to comment about your discoveries of Salinas! Keep in mind that Ecuador’s coast is mostly undeveloped. Click here to get access to the free report. I really enjoyed reading your response about Salinas. I have been to Salinas 10 TIMES and am going back again this winter. Here, I met Mike Sager who happened to be playing in the band. We did not notice any lack of vendors or many businesses that were shuttered for the season. Hi Gina, me too! My wife and I are currently in Ecuador just north of Montanita in a private rental home on the beach, we too are from B.C Nelson, people here are very nice, no one bothers you like in mexico, weather has been awesome, this is our first time in south america, been every where in Mexico, and feel safer here,not many english speaking people here but we are going to visit Salinas tomorrow. Is travel within the country safe? Its a beautiful country with mostly very nice people. I live in Kelowna and am very familiar with Vancouver. Discover a selection of 54 vacation rentals in Salinas Beach that are perfect for your trip. When was this article updated? We did a complete renovation, new everything, with a total cost of about 10% of the price for the same unit in Hawaii. I don’t know anyone there and I’m trying to meet people and have some sort of a support system in place. Over 100 countries..looking for a safe place to live. But it’s only a great deal if you’re prepared to deal with overcrowded beaches, underwhelming food options, and nothing but tumbleweeds blowing down the street in the off-season. We really liked Salinas because of the large number of EXPATs and English speaking establishments. Barceló Hotel Group has taken the lead on creating a concept of the all-inclusive holiday concept in Playa Salinas with a top hotel that has become a benchmark for tourism in the area. Great place, special people and now soon to be our home. We purchased a condo this year, 1600 sq.ft. Thanks Daniel for taking the time to comment and give a first-hand report from Salinas! Period. I have been at low season and found it quite lovely and peaceful and the weather very enjoyable. The area right around Jefferson is usually not favored by Expats, but a location close enough can be found to suit most everyone. Salinas is noisy and busy over the New Years holiday and car alarms constantly go off so I recommend staying in SALINAS if you are going at high season. Check out our Ecuador page and our post on Salinas. The beautiful weather of the busy season is replaced by chilly temperatures, and the sky is overcast almost every day. Playa Las Salinas had a long causeway lined with restaurants and hotels that was reminiscent of South Beach in Miami, although not as nice. Ecuador doesn’t have a singl tourist season, it has 2, one could argue 3. Okay, granted this one is technically by the … Between 1517 and 1638, the island was under Portuguese rule. I went there once and that was enough! Although the backstreets look more ‘down-and-out’ than a playground for wealthy Ecuadorians, Salinas is one of the smarter beach towns and certainly the biggest resort town on the south coast. Does anybody know what are good areas to purchase a home? Believe what he says with a grain of salt! LOVE ECUADOR THE AMERICAN DREAM! The beach is divided in half by a jetty, which houses the Salinas Yacht Club. New data shows where U.S. expats are residing all across the globe. ✔ Are you sure you want to exit? Bonus: Learn how Salinas compares to other places in the tropics in our 50 page report. I recommend anyone that wants to live in Ecuador start off in Salinas and visit the surrounding areas (like Playas, Montanita, Ayanque, etc.) mentioned in the less than flattering article above. Hi Robert, I am from the east bay and I am retiring to Salinas. We find the lifestyle and availability of fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood to be the major factor for us. There are many things you could say about Salinas, Ecuador. Before it was finished I had an offer for $3500.00 per month for a 6 month period and turned it down. These cookies are necessary to ensure the basic functioning of our website as well as providing assistance with regards to safety, in compliance with the applicable regulation. From June to October, humpback whales from the Arctic establish their home in Ecuadorian waters, with the waters of Salinas being a privileged place to follow in this transit to warmer areas. I suppose that is a subjective thing, but really, the temperature is rarely above 90 or below 65 (at night). Salinas is a really great deal. How does that work… one of my concerns is communication back to US. Your observations are correct for the most part, but the off season actually is becoming a “bit more traveled” by locals and the influx of foreigners. I would love any information that anyone who is in Salinas can provide. Anyway, the reason for this post is to let the followers know that we have made the decision to move to Ecuador before the end of the year. Here are the world's top banking jurisdictions. Beds/Baths 4/3. Also, my last trip, I stayed in San Lorenzo , a suburb of Salinas, and loved it. I am planning a trip to Salinas, first week of Dec fore approx 15 days. Instant Download. Playas is filled with history, on the south coast of … There isn’t even a decent supermarket in Salinas, as the nearest one is 10 minutes away in La Libertad. I purchased a condo on the penthouse floor in San Lorenzo in 2012. are happy to converse, give directions and tell you how to enjoy their little paradise!. No Spam. When you are in Salinas tried to learn more about the town, the Malecon is not only Salinas. What an incredible trip that was, I stood at Canoa, Bahia de Caraquez, Manta, Puerto Lopez, Montańitas, Punta Blanca, Ballenitas, etc.

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