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Your email address will not be published. Following the hearing, Degrafinried told your humble narrator that, to his own surprise, he’s now inclined to apply to keep the Public Works job full-time. A, San Franciscans also spurned the idea of putting garbage rates in the hands of the Board of Supervisors — instead of the body dominated by Nuru which recently upped our rates by more than 20 percent. Agree that the City should run garbage collection- it’s a public utility and should be municipalized! Learn more about us. Why are we paying taxes for nothing in return? “No disrespect to Willie Lewis Brown, Jr., but he would not reappoint commissioners, so he allowed them to stay on on a day-to-day basis; he could get rid of them.”. Joe trash is suppose to be run as a public utility and Nuru used his position in government to use that process as a weapon for his personal gain. Learn more about us. Known as “Mr… He’s not around anymore. Clean” conspired to jack up garbage rates — the rates everyone in the city pays. “Mohammed Nuru, a father of five, has been a dedicated public servant in San Francisco for decades. Required fields are marked *, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. Judge Kopp is our cranky local Noam Chomsky. And he had no problems rolling over his less bellicose and less connected equals like a large boulder. Prop. Pig stain on your fat chin To wit, while Nuru’s penthouse is isolated on the 16th story, other Public Works employees are several floors below. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. ), but with 5,000-plus regular readers in Feb. and only 600 donating, too many of you are still reading us for free. A certain degree of rancor and envy is to be expected during any office move or allocation of limited resources. What’s amazing is that it is so poorly run yet we can’t seem to change. started with longstanding Public Works boss Nuru in January being arrested by the FBI, the charging of a former community relations manager, the rates suggested by Public Works and Nuru. San Francisco Mayor London Breed said Nuru submitted his letter of resignation to the city administrator. And your office is important.”. That would be a good start. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The head of San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission, which oversees millions of dollars in city contracts, was charged with bribery Monday in an ongoing federal probe of corruption.General Manager Harlan Kelly was indicted for honest services wire fraud for allegedly accepting meals, cash and other gifts from a San Francisco construction company in The younger Nuru was further charged with shirking his duties and even sleeping at work — which may have been preferable to the additional allegations of verbally and physically harming children. “It was pretty well known that Mohammed tended to get what he wanted.”, It turns out you can’t fight City Hall even when you, If San Francisco’s City Family had its way, Nuru would, soon, be ensconced in the space colleagues bitterly referred to as “Mohammed’s Penthouse,” and still doing all the things that put him on the FBI’s radar prior to his. “Perhaps if we reassure him that the conference room directly adjacent is his and his and his alone, and that we can slip in a fifth chair for five people around … the rectangular table?”. I just want to know why we’re still paying for the parking meters? The numerous intercepted emails and phone calls produced within the affidavit would appear to tell a different story than the one you are presenting here of a peachy company taken advantage of by a corrupt system. It seemed clear where the supes wanted to go, though. That may have been a good idea during the Depression era, when scores of junk men roamed the city and engaged in turf wars to collect residents’ leavings. “Mohammed demanded it and Mohammed got it,” sums up a longtime colleague. And it only took 20 years. But since everyone gets in on it, no one squeals…..mutually assured destruction. We get plenty of shitty companies from AT&T, Comcast, PG&E, all brought to you by free and fair competition. “It was pretty well known that Mohammed tended to get what he wanted.”. San Francisco’s leaders fetishize the phrase “world-class city.” Proclaiming our mid-sized North American city to be “world-class” is a matter of the utmost importance; it’s a desire akin to the one Kasper Gutman held for the Maltese Falcon. The charges are part of a widening public corruption scandal in San Francisco. It remains to be seen if he will sit in the penthouse that was created to fulfill another man’s desires. Quoting from wikipedia: “Loosely based on George Orwell’s political fable Animal Farm, the album’s lyrics describe various classes in society as different kinds of animals: the predatory dogs, the despotic ruthless pigs, and the “mindless and unquestioning herd” of sheep. Great investigative work Joe. Nuru had his allies at City Hall. That said, glad it’s not run by the city. And as long as this is the original writer’s typo and not yours, it really needs to be a song: “his and his and his alone”. Supervisor Matt Haney took things further. still around. Joe – The BIG Q is whether or not the FBI got enough solid evidence on enough people to convince them to testify against others, thereby digging out more of the rats. Every business should have been furloughed with full pay, but SF has no way of providing that kind of support. Supervisor Aaron Peskin noted that fully one-half of the higher-ups on the Public Works organization chart were “acting” directors (not even including Degrafinried, who also meets this criteria). Keeping local journalism alive is so simple –. Before joining Public Works, he served the city through his years-long service at a nonprofit. Everyone else, however, is still around. The company formerly known as “Norcal Waste Systems” also had the neat new name “Recology,” which implies a nobler destiny for San Franciscans’ curbside waste than merely dumping it into a hole. I don’t mind a parasite; I object to a cut-rate one. I’m so tired of the amount of brazen, blatant corruption in SF city government. During lean times, “if there are a bunch of burnt-out pixels do you think the city will maintain it in a timely manner?” asks one future office denizen here. San Jose, a bigger city than San Francisco only spends 4.3 billion dollars a year. I don’t know of any way to justify that. It is common knowledge and practice in order to get something done you have to play the corrupt city scam or else! CONNECT WITH US. There may be a few more shoes to drop in short order: His judgment cometh, and that right soon. A onto the ballot. Longtime planners and building inspectors with deep institutional memories say they’re being told that, due to limited space in the new office, they’ll be limited to two bankers’ boxes of materials apiece. Saying ‘Keep on digging’ I don’t expect a project like this to be micromanaged from the top, but where was the comptroller on this (or the mayor, for that matter)? His work is horrible with even basic spelling mistakes. Director of Public Works, Mohammed Nuru. But, in case you missed it, it started with longstanding Public Works boss Nuru in January being arrested by the FBI and charged with longstanding public corruption. If San Francisco’s City Family had its way, Nuru would, soon, be ensconced in the space colleagues bitterly referred to as “Mohammed’s Penthouse,” and still doing all the things that put him on the FBI’s radar prior to his Jan. 21 arrest. Ha, ha, charade you are “If Mohammed was involved, things had to go his way.”. I introduced myself and explained my reason for being there. Learn More{{/message}}. San Franciscans voted down measure A because Recology is a good company that does good work and we didn’t want a shitty company lowballing them out of business. In voting down Prop. SF is a city with a world class Nomenklatura. imangine having to properly remove all of s f waste an deal with recycling, politics, policy, an the public. Great reporting as always, Joe. Almost all city staff on a paid one year break now “because of Covid”, with no pay cuts, no layoffs, while hundreds of businesses have gone under. San Francisco's Director of Public Works Mohammed Nuru, 58, and Lefty O’Doul’s owner Nick Bovis, 57, were charged in a criminal complaint with honest services wire fraud in … in my opinion they are a cut above the usn an cdc. But it makes far less sense now. Elections, as they say, have consequences. This was not the development everyone has been waiting for with bated breath — though it was hardly unpredictable. Fellow city employees sure knew this. But the brazenness of the alleged scheme to hike up garbage rates surprised even him. But the cost of doing corruption? Steve Bullock stand behind him. it is what in the end lead to the failure of the USSR, the GDR, etc.. Not that SF and Cal politicians are commies, they are certainly not, but the structure is almost identical. And they were adhered to — to many of his colleagues’ chagrin. He had strong opinions about the quality of his office.”. And the requirement to buy the processing facility seemed expensive to voters. That’s what happened in 2012, when former supervisor, state senator and retired judge Quentin Kopp pushed Proposition A onto the ballot, which would’ve undone Recology’s Charter-enshrined monopoly and re-established competitive bidding. There are non-profit tsars (who oversee sprawling clusters of non-profits) -raking in our tax dollars for thinly disguised money schemes across the southeastern side of the city and in Chinatown, etc. San Francisco Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru, Lefty O'Doul's owner arrested by FBI on corruption charges “My concern is that it’s a lot easier to manipulate ‘acting’ people than permanent,” Peskin said. And, oddly, the departments housed within this tower are neither contiguous nor self-contained. Last week, Nuru’s interim successor, Alaric Degrafinried, stood and addressed a Board of Supervisors committee about the practices of his predecessor. ProVen, which has worked on a number of large public projects including one at the Bay Bridge toll plaza, has reportedly received $25 million in payments from the City of San Francisco … 20160805 1500Mission StackingStudy Draft by Joe Eskenazi on Scribd, Earlier designs for 49 S. Van Ness did not all have an ‘executive floor.’, soooooo don’t think he’s going to go for the lounge based meeting. That said there is plenty more to chase at DPW: defective sidewalks installed by payola contractors, the useless “pumper” trucks paid to “vacuum” sewers, tree planting and trimming that is anything but… and then there’s the SFMTA, a motherload of shade. Impressed that Mission Local is doing the best reporting on Nuru’s web. Kopp is anything but a naif. He was, purportedly, rushed into this position without completing the requisite exams and paperwork required of youth workers due to pressure regarding the timing of pushing through those garbage rate increases. I was hoping that Walter Wong’s ensnarement might afford investigators a nexus between Planning and the corrupt nonprofit housing operations. I would be knock-me-over-with-a-feather surprised.”. “What good reason is there for somebody to oversee their staff from a couple of flights away?” asks a veteran city employee rhetorically. Essentially, that really is what he was arrested for. And nobody did anything. Keeping local journalism alive is so simple — Read it, pay for it. As far as I recall, June 2012’s Prop A was poorly written and that’s why it wasn’t supported. Much of the layout of the building, which will house hundreds of employees and serve legions of public visitors daily, is essentially his doing. We could probably make do with a lot less public-sector employees. Joe your implications that it’s Recology which is corrupt and profiting is incorrect. When asked if his successors on the Board might want to revisit this fight, Kopp replied “I’m sure they would, if they had any guts. It’s like a really well run government organization while having good customer service. Earthquakes, volcanoes…, Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”. Gotta’ love the term: Community Relations Manager. The size of the External Affairs/PR Department is a prime example. Measure A was asking people who have to deal with the planning department, the MTA and City Tow, PG&E, and the SFPUC to give up the one city wide organization that didn’t fuck them over with insane fees and insane amounts of bureaucracy. Joe I will try to get that material and read it. We are a cosmic joke. Arrest the mayor……. Take down the whole machine he represents, I’ve got your back, but Recology’s actins are a symptom of this corruption, a response to it, not the cause. Employees tasked with serving the public say they will be on floors not served by public elevators. Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. It remains to be seen if he will change the system that was created to serve another man’s needs. With your head down in the pig bin Kopp had enough funds to push Prop. Thanks for the article…all of the front line workers at DBI have been complaining about the new floor plan for years now…,and it all fell on deaf ears. Former Recology Group and Government Community Relations Manager Paul Frederick Giusti, 64, of … I’m still having him help me with [one project], but other than those two, we’re limiting the damage…”). And just a wee bit elder. Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. San Francisco City administrator Naomi Kelly is the unnamed “senior official” who alerted federal agents this week that Public Works Director Mohammed Nuru … whenever i get in trouble i say i was a garbageman an they let me go. From the beginning people thought it was ridiculous.”. Nuru wasn’t simply given this plum space. While Recology leadership definitely exploited corruption in the system to extract rate hikes, they have no other way to do it because that’s how business is done in SF. .. And what neighborhood had at least 6 fecal deposits in an 8 block stretch? At the same time, the building features a gorgeous, grand atrium and, inside the South Van Ness entrance, an eight-foot curved LED screen in lieu of a simple sign. Nuru, who had no problems leaning on his City Hall connections to bulldoze even his ostensible equals, was surrounded by pliant Public Works deputies. Shouldn’t you be with your staff? It will soon house workers from Public Works, the Department of Building Inspection, the Planning Department, and several other permit-granting city agencies. Almost a joker There was some worry that Waste Management would underbid Recology and takeover the garbage racket at the expense of R’s high trash diversion rate. Someone had to sign off on these upgrades. Former public works boss Mohammed Nuru, who for 20 years served as the right arm of five mayors until his, The grand office that Nuru never had the chance to move into. The city is, now, taking frantic action to cleanse itself of Nuru’s legacy, at least superficially. There has to be some reason why this enormous nonprofit apparatus is maintained, as delivering positive outcomes in their stated area of practice can’t be one of them. “Mohammed placed a very high value on being in that topmost space,” said one city higher-up. They saw Nuru’s behavior in this matter as a vulgar display of power, but a typical one. But if San Francisco had less public-sector employees, how could we keep spending 12 billion dollars a year, with so little to show for it ? The nonprofits associated with the progressives in the CCHO and HSN have insinuated themselves into the development process as recipients of both legally specified exactions as well as off-the-books extortion as we saw with 1979 Mission. “It … Ha, ha, charade you are Forty years of darkness! 1 of 2 Mohammed Nuru, deputy director for Operations at San Francisco's Department of Public Works, talks to the media at the news conference in Hunter's Point. Quentin Kopp and the progressive BoS teaming up to combat SF corruption would be akin to the scenario surmised by Messrs Stantz, Spengler, Zeddemore, and Venkman: “Fire and brimstone, coming down from the skies! “It was big, but it wasn’t grand,” the mover and shaker continues, describing Nuru’s third-floor space in City Hall. Photo by Lola M. Chavez San Francisco’s leaders fetishize the phrase “world-class city.” Proclaiming our mid-sized North American city to be “world-class” is a matter of the utmost importance; it’s a desire akin to the one Kasper Gutman held for the Maltese Falcon. Before joining Public Works, he served the City through his … For a city that fancies itself an example to other municipalities, it’s disgusting. The further down the organization chart the more hardworking most of the staff is. Former public works boss Mohammed Nuru, who for 20 years served as the right arm of five mayors until his January arrest on federal fraud charges, never had the office he felt was his due.

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