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I have a dry area on the corner of my property that was over grown with Juniper bushes. Native to Siberia, Mongolia. Don’t know if my blog address will automatically post with this comment but you can google it if you want to see….. look for Do you give them the pods or do you have to crush them so the chickens can get to the peas?, The Siberian Peashrub - Prepared Bloggers. Although Russian peasants have survived on these in the past, we find them too small to use in our diet. I’m still working on getting the numbers of my super worms up, so I can begin to feed them to the ducks and chickens.Tammy, I read up to 36% protein at this link:, Tammy, our minds are in sync:). I wasn’t impressed. The Siberian Pea Shrub (Caragana arborescen) is a permaculture plant that provides a lot of function stacking. The seeds serve as valuable food for Where yours all planted in the same area? Siberian peashrub grows in forest understories, edge habitats, and open, … The leaves can be used for dying my wool to a lovely azure color. Keeping the deer from eating it all would be my problem… even in the chicken yard. Growing 6-12′ tall with an equal spread, the Siberian Peashrub is large enough to serve as a buffer between us and the road. If you haven’t already be sure to check out the aquaponic forums at Tons of info about aquaponics. C. boisii and C. fruticosa are closely related to this species and can probably be used similarly. , I am really excited about the aquaponics possibilities. I think I’ve found the perfect plant.What do you think? Your email address will not be published. I saw lots of stuff I’d like to plant. They are currently (May/June) in flower in the British Isles so look out for the yellow flowers. Let us know how they like ’em. Very winter hardy. Growing 6-12′ tall with an equal spread, the Siberian Peashrub is large enough to serve as a buffer between us and the road. Contributed By: USDA NRCS National Plant Data Center. Could you make a separate category (Plant Profiles or something) so they can be found more easily later? Prized for its light green, ferny-like foliage and bright yellow spring flowers. The plant has thorns, its flowers are yellow, and leaves are dark green. amzn_assoc_default_category = "Books"; Paid Endorsement Disclosure: I may receive commissions/revenue from affiliates or advertisers for endorsements, recommendations, and/or links to products or services from this blog. Seems to me that anything called Siberian anything would do well wintering over in Michigan. I had reached the same conclusion about growing Siberian Pea Shrub for chicken feed. It might be possible to breed a peashrub that has seeds with a pleasant taste but to my knowledge it hasn’t been done yet. The sunroom would be waaay cool and more efficient than my plan of growing stuff in the basement. I found Wedel’s Nursery in Kalamazoo has them. My goal is to develop a model homestead that is efficient, sustainable and easy for me to maintain as I advance in years and cope with diminishing physical strength. They are a fast growing plant and can provide a windbreak in a relatively short amount of time. Bitter? *(I have planted Russian sage, which have grown and bloomed impressively over the past 5 years but also send out shoots that are ‘invasive’ and messy… good for raising bees so they have something close by to forage, and is deer and drought-resistent, BUT it’s a mess! Which brings us to the second problem, privacy. redowskii; Caragana sibirica; Robinia altagana var. The leaves are alternate, three to five inches long, with each leaf composed of eight to twelve oval leaflets. A bland flavour, it is best used in spicy dishes. I’ll be hopping over for a look. Before you plant this you might see this:’s considered “invasive” in some places… and could be quite a pain in the end. My suggestion is to experiment and see what works. Medicinal. As for the Black Soldier Fly that Kathrin mentioned about, I would love to try those but when I was further investigating them for aquaponic gardening too, it sounded like to me they arent native to our weather zone of 5 (here anyway). I began this blog as a way to explore smarter, labor saving ways to accomplish ordinary homesteading chores, adjust to living on a fixed income, preserve health and well-being, and to encourage others like myself who are entering retirement years. They have a website, if you’d like to see what they offer.

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