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Getting conflicting info – Thanks in advance for thoughts. (See below for a shopping list and tools. You might try using another brand of grout or a new container in case yours has gone bad. You can install directly to the floor. These membranes have undergone particular tests and met certain criteria. It allows the tile layer to move independently of the subfloor, so expansion and contraction caused by moisture and thermal gradients won't cause the grout or … If I install hardibacker over thinset, and then the tile, the top step finished height will be much higher than the other steps. We also have a video on How to Tile a Bathroom Floor that demonstrates several methods of cutting tile around openings. When it comes to recommendations, and what’s best for your unique home, we recommend submitting questions to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show. Since I’d never heard of an underlayment over “concrete” in conjunction with ceramic/porcelain and mortar installation – I’ve started to research and found that in Multi-Family Dwellings soundproofing ‘can be’ required. Our roof deck was recently replaced and now there is only the roof membrane. Hello, Repeat the process for the other half of the piece. They’ve been scientifically tested in what they can handle and how much they can handle. My question is , should I remove the vinyl flooring prior to installing the membrane? If someone responds to a question that was posed in another comment, it will appear on the date the response was posted, not as a drop down from the previous comment. Can i fasten backer board over the tung and grove floor or do i have to add plywood first.I want to keep the new tile as flush as i can with the other floors. All rights reserved. And if the floor will get wet for prolonged periods, it’s a good idea to install a waterproofing membrane. Of course, the contractor wanted to get started right away. Used cement board. Currently it has vinyl flooring throughout.I have been advised to use an uncoupled membrane. Grout should adhere well to both the tile and cement backer board without an adhesive. I have a house that the builder put particle board in all areas except wet areas there they used plywood, now I want to use ceramic tile in all areas how can I do this without pulling the particle board? Maybe this is late, but since the expert hasn’t responded, I thought I would jump in. T he 1st crack appeared 3wks after installation. it is a wood subfloor .do i still have to use cement backerboard . 3. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows a foolproof way to build a leak-free shower. • Only when the user applies force to remove or repair the tile, the membrane, mortar, and tile all come up intact. The floor is concrete but i did put down a plywood subfloor, just around the bar area, as i thought this would help level off the floor a bit, as the concrete floor underneath is a bit uneven. I would rather not pull the hardwood so would I just put down plywood subfloor then the ditra. The membrane has a wax-paper backing that will not stick to the adhesive. Can i put plywood right on top of the floor joists? Made of lightweight polyethylene, the membrane is only 1/8” thick and can be cut easily with a utility knife. Join us to get great money-saving tips, cool ideas, and valuable advice from home improvement expert Don Vandervort! Please let me know. Rather than using cement boards (CBUs), the favored method is to use an uncoupling membrane. In all cases, use a membrane under the tile. 2. For example, if the tile is a 12- x 12-inch format, the membrane … Note the order and direction in which each piece will be laid. Thanks for sharing your situation. To anyone watching the video: Step four, above, when you apply the thin set with the notched trowel, you should use the trowel to create parallel lines, not curvy. Oct 1, 2020 - We love a beautiful tiled floor! Item #848787 Model #KEBA100/125/10M Install a layer of ThermoSphere membrane and seal all edges and penetrations with ThermoSphere waterproofing solution to create a totally waterproof subfloor. Now, two months after the installation, and after having submitted a tile sample, the Condo Mgmt now informs me that a ‘soundproofing underlayment’ is required. Is it ok? Take care! The second best approach would be to apply a layer of plywood over the solid wood flooring followed by cement backer board then tile. Principal Author(s): Mark Whatley, Seth Harrison. It is also the thinnest, ideal for use where you don’t want height buildup. I’m converting a 2 1/2 car garage into a large rec room. The floor joists are 2×7, 14′ unsupported span, 16″ apart. Schluter-Ditra Tile Underlayment is a polyethylene membrane that replaces 1/2″ cement backer board when applying tile over a plywood subfloor.

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