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Shaw offers a variety of LVP to choose from. Can You Install LVP Flooring In A Bathroom? NOTE: You are leaving to visit a website … If so, what was your experience? More expensive than other types of luxury vinyl flooring. We’d be happy to hear from our readers. Description - Shaw's Pantheon HD Plus waterproof planks have all the bells and whistles. Over all the floor looked good when I finished but I’m still not happy with the tile pattern running off. (MAKE SURE IT HAS SET AND DRIED BEFORE YOU PUT FLOORING OVER IT.) Called and sent pictures. So far the diy installation has been awful. I’ve installed this vinyl plank flooring in a business on concrete. Simply ensure you fill in any gaps on your subfloors so that they don’t cause damage over time. Classico is similar in quality but offers more traditional wood-look flooring. Bought 60 sq. If you are going to do it yourself I would stay away from it. It cost me $22,000 and I thought I was getting top of the line Shaw flooring that was waterproof. Shaw Floors review from Monterey, California rated 2.3/5.0 with Images: Long story shortWe purchased our carpart 02-2017There was a stain on our carpet. We’re looking for a floor that will withstand dog scratches we have two Labs that live in our home and are very scared that waste our money by and final flooring what do you think. The Easy Street collection offers wide grain planks that come in darker shades of wood. Shaw flooring has been around since the 1950s and officially became Shaw Industries in 1951. You should never use an abrasive cleaning aid on your luxury vinyl flooring because it will scratch the surface of the vinyl or it can make it look dull. I am constantly cleaning the floors. We have only lived in this house for 3 months. Would have been better to get cheap floor like offices use. I have done this floor on my hands and knees and still turns out the same. Not sure if it was an install issue or plank issue waiting on a mediator to issue report. Removal of any carpets or underlayments will cost you approximately $0.01 per square foot in addition to installation. Wouldn’t recommend it. If you select low-grade vinyl flooring, it can get punctured easily by sharp objects. I have installed all types of shaw flooring. This flooring scratches so easily. I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!!!! The Floorte Valore flooring has a fold and tap lock feature that makes it easy to install. This will be especially helpful if you’re living in an apartment building on the top floor. Bought a sample box of Floorte Classico teak to test in our kitchen. For the World’s Fair LVP you can expect to pay around $1.50 per square foot of flooring. One of the advantages of Shaw luxury vinyl planks is that they’re easy to maintain. So if you’re thinking about buying this type of flooring take your time and don’t rush it. So if you have children or pets, Shaw LVP products will be the ideal choice for you because they’re non-toxic. Yes, Shaw vinyl flooring is safe because the LVP has a slip-resistant surface. We stopped installation today, one day into a 1600 sq. We have a dog and have had no scratches. I was freaking out after spending the money I did for the product and the installation! Very ANGRY! We built a new home in Gilbert, AZ and had the Shaw Floorte Luxury Plank Vinyl installed in the entire house, including the stairs. Shaw vinyl plank flooring is an excellent product. To clean your Shaw luxury vinyl plank flooring, you must use either a mild detergent or the Shaw cleaning spray. LVP isn’t slippery, so it’s a safer alternative to tiles. Best of luck to everyone. We are careful not to drag anything metal or heavy across the floor, just like we did when we had tile flooring. So if you want another product from Shaw that has the same high rankings but at an affordable price, then try Classico. You can’t refinish vinyl flooring, so you have to replace boards when they get damaged. Shaw is a popular flooring brand because they’ve been in the industry for many years and have an excellent reputation. This underlayment provides extra cushioning and also sound-deadening benefits so that your planks don’t make squeaking or creaking noises when you walk. Additionally, Shaw LVP is certified by FloorScore, which is an industry certification. I have a warrantee. Hi there, our home is being built now. Has Shaw addressed any of these complaints for resolution or evaluation of all these complaints? I have the same issues. THICKNESS: 5/16” WEAR LAYER: 12 MIL SQ FT PER CARTON: 18.91 WEIGHT: 31.98 LBS. I have called Jenae Brown who left message Shaw said no. People prefer to use vinyl planks for their bathrooms because these planks don’t have seams for water to seep through. This floor seems to only provide a false sense of security and cover up the damage it’s causing under the floor. Most of these luxury vinyl planks have either locking technology or are glue-down planks. The home was built about a year ago, they moved in 4 months ago and has gotten to the point where they have moved out of the home. I cannot not say anything good about this flooring. These Classico Shaw vinyl planks come in a variety of shades, and they have micro-beveled edges with a 12-mil wear layer. This is because Shaw luxury vinyl planks are durable, and there’s a wide selection of colors to pick from. It may be the flooring you need to add a modern touch to your home.

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