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... A simple description would suffice, as long as it pushes the players to the limits of their characters whether it … He has been shown to treat the Mighty Nein with respect and generosity and has proved on several occasions that he sticks to his word. Like all genasi manifestations they can be manifested by experienced genasi who have a different primary manifestation but have trained themselves otherwise or have acquired the manifestation as a result of hidden ancestry or environmental conditions. [2] Jun 1, 2018 - Explore Dallas Hoffman's board "Water Genasi Tempest Cleric", followed by 132 people on Pinterest. Another common subject of worship, Istishia, besides drawing attention due to his status as a primordial, was also appealing to water genasi due to his flexible nature and message of overcoming obstacles over time. A water genasi, are one of five most common subraces or "manifestations" within the genasirace. Flowing seaweed-textured hair, blue-green skin with soft scales, and webbed feet and hands are common traits of the sea kings. Some examples of these features are: 1. lightly scaled skin 2. clammy flesh 3. blue-green skin or hair 4. large blue-black eyes 5. webbed hands and feet Water genasi feel that they are unique and superior to the Humans who bore them. Genasi are often defined by their elemental heritage in matters of personality; Fire Genasi are hot-tempered and aggressive, while Water Genasi are passive and calm. Genasi usually take or receive a name belonging to the culture of their mortal parent, so a genasi born of a genie and an elf would likely receive an elvish name. Water genasi szuldar were often bright blue in color and most of the race is bald, though there are exceptions. At times they were like terrible storms, fierce and destructive, but most often they presented a tranquil appearance despite whatever emotions run underneath their quiet surface. Description of Genasi 5th Edition D&D. Water genasi take pride in their special abilities and can be boastful if in the right mood. The water unfreezes in 1 hour. and. The Gentleman runs his operations in Zadas… Watersoul Genasi gain a +1 bonus to AC Watersoul Genasi can walk on water as though it were solid land. Genasi inherit something from both sides of their dual nature. These individuals typically favored cold weather and enjoyed swimming beside seals and other similar creatures in arctic waters. Homeland(s) Genasi Water Genasi get along well with Merfolk, and Earth Genasi are friend… And it has subraces which are storm soul Genasi, Water Genasi, Earth Genasi, Air Gensai, and Fire Genasi etc. Accordingly, they rarely live in the same communities and none have been known to marry. If you don't mind lagging offensively, the Water Genasi can still do fine, and the Water Genasi's innate spellcasting is better than the Air Genasi… Aglarond, Chessenta, the Dragon Coast, Sembia, and the Vilhon Reach[4] Alignment Because of their varied origins, water genasi may be of any Human stock. Every single one of them claims to be noble, which has left their actual royal lineages a complete mess. See more ideas about character portraits, fantasy characters, character art. A rare few are born of outsider servants of the evil water goddess Umberlee (although it is not known why these matings eventually produce water genasi instead of tieflings). The Water Genasi gets a Wisdom bonus and better racial traits in general, but Dexterity is more important for the Monk. [9], Odd as it may seem, few water genasi enjoyed the presence of other water genasi, as it made them feel less unique and special. Watersoul Genasi are naturally adept with the Water element. General Information Played a fire genasi before, but looking at the rest of the gang, they seem to be much weaker by comparison. They have little or no interest in others of their kind - since they can wander both the lands and the seas, they feel there is room enough in the world that water genasi need not crowd ea… Like all genasi, the exact appearance of a windsoul genasi varies from individual to individual but all windsoul genasi have szuldar, typically light blue in col… Only in large communities of aquatic elves are two or more water genasi likely to spend much time together. Average height and. [10] Compared with other genasi, water genasi were often slightly more durable, but also less strong. Most water genasi spellcasters were clerics or druids and relatively few had the talent for sorcery. [9] A great deal of this superiority complex comes from water genasi's ability to live both on land and in water, which gave them edge over most other races. And after that, in the 4th edition, the Genasi appears in the year 2009, in the Monster Manual 2. Outsider Physical Description, Alignment, and Religion. Most water genasi had no particular bent in alignment, preferring to avoid extremes,[9] though like all genasi they were drawn towards chaos. Water genasi szuldar were often bright blue in color and most of the race is bald, though there are exceptions. Tag(s) [ FRPG:10]. For the many water genasi raised amongst aquatic elves, for instance, Deep Sashelas was a natural choice for worship. The Water Genasi can cast this spell 1/day as a spell-like ability. Nearly every water genasi can be traced back to a unique crossbreed between a water outsider and a Human. Water genasi usually leave their parents (real or adoptive) upon reaching maturity, taking to the open sea in order to explode, learn, and develop their own personality and place in the world. Water genasi look human except for one distinguishing feature related to their unusual ancestor. Humanoid The skin of the water genasi is usually sea-foam green or blue.A few oth… We all know what water feels like: wet. [13], Some evil water genasi worshiped Umberlee, who is said to have spawned a bloodline of water genasi herself, and these individuals can be the cruelest individuals of their race. Some pick a name later in life to reflect their elemental heritage however, names like 'Cinder', 'Gust', 'Flow', and 'Pebble'. He also makes a two-episode appearance on Shattered Crowns Season 2. Often multiclass with fighter, keeping their levels relatively even. Average weight They feel a kinship to other aquatic creatures, particularly tritons and water elementals, who can easily outswim the genasi. E'ar is a water Genasi with bright blue, watery hair, blue eyes, scaly skin, and pointy ears. Shop D&D Nolzur's Unpainted Minis: W5 Water Genasi Male Druid at Miniature Market. Physical Description: Their relationship with the seas is apparent to all who look upon the water genasi. [9] Some water genasi might also cause the water in the air around them to condense when afraid, another result of their elemental ancestry. 3e 1) You cause the water to form into simple shapes and animate at your direction. 2) You freeze the water, provided that there are no creatures in it. Size Water genasi have the best of both worlds. Water Genasi Racial Traits +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Strength: Water Genasi have a good metabolism and have a great strategic mind, they are however burdened with a weaker muscle structure than most other races. Most water genasi are descended from a water elemental outsider such as a marid (water genie) or triton. Few water genasi married other water genasi, making the variant one of the rarest genasi manifestations and many water genasi were actually the result of individuals whose parents were not water genasi but who had one or more distant ancestors who were. [6], Most genasi have a lifespan identical to that of humans. Size A water genasi is more likely to guard or support a person he respects and admires than to be a person who attracts or welcomes subordinates. Some examples of these features are: 1. charcoal gray skin 2. deep red skin 3. red or orange hair that waves like flames 4. eyes that glow when the genasi is angry 5. unusually warm skin 6. large red teeth 7. always smells like smoke Fire genasi are proud of their ancestry and consider themselves superior to normal Humans, although the smarter ones don't make a… Native The Water Genasi subrace was not included in the original NWN2, but has been added in the Mask of the Betrayer expansion. Often loners, they sometimes estabilish a home in a remote underwater cave, going for years without encoutering another intelligent being. Elemental Origin Your ancestors were native to the Elemental Chaos, so you are considered an elemental creature for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin. Water genasi Description Genasi are descended from elemental-related creatures, such as efreet, dao, djinn, jann, and marids, among others. [9], Water genasi had no common racial deity due to their varied origins but there were some tendencies amongst the subrace. It may have been a balancing issue, since acid is an underused damage type. Some find a quiet spot to call home, and others enjoy riding the currents for months, allowing the water to take them places hundreds of miles away. 1 Description 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Personality 2 Biography 2.1 Background 3 Character Information 3.1 Abilities 3.1.1 Water Genasi Traits 3.1.2 Monk Class Features Eustace is a water genasi monk. Water genasi tend to be neutral and therefore avoid extremes in politics, opinion, or career. 120 years[1] It can roil like an angry spirit, hiss as though it were a venomous viper, or lie smooth and serene on a sunny day. Because of their few numbers and varied origins water genasi before the Spellplague had no society or culture to call their own, though since many have become a part of genasi nations like Akanûl. Water genasi have no common history, although most of them are born in or near the Sea of the Fallen Stars. Like all genasi manifestations they can be manifested by experienced genasi who have a different primary manifestation but have trained themselves otherwise or have acquired the manifestation as a result of hidden ancestry or environmental conditions. Physical Description. The varied elements represented by this race are often most accepted in cultures that revere them. This lonely, isolationist behavior made most watersoul poor leaders. Water genasi look human except for one distinguishing feature related to their elemental ancestor. Personality [edit | edit source]. Each of the four fundamental elements had associated genasi, so the most common genasi were air genasi, earth genasi, fire genasi, and water genasi. Because their elemental forebear usually has no interest in them, water genasi are often abandoned by their Human parents and raised instead by aquatic creatures such aquatic elves, dolphins, locathah, merfolk, sahuagin, or even aboleths. Aquatic elves tell of a lost life of sea-elf planetouched descended from minions of Deep Sashelas, but these are not true water genasi, lacking a genasi's Human heritage. Water genasi,[1][6] also known as watersoul genasi,[7] were one of five most common subraces or "manifestations" within the genasi race. 4e [7], A few other, rarer, features were found amongst water genasi, such as lightly scaled skin, clammy flesh, blue-green hair, excessive perspiration, blue-black eyes, or a muffled voice that sounds as if drowned in water. "The content of this article is from Forgotten Realms Wiki. " Most genasi are descended from djinn genies, though other origins exist, and the touch of the elemental power of wind and air shapes the genasi physique. Her worshipers were commonly peace-loving beings, making them a favorite prey of the deity Malar. Subtype(s) Try intensifying narrative with water. Genasi is one of the player character races in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition introduced in the Forgotten Realms Player's Guide. “Move swift as the Wind and closely-formed as the Wood. Para-genasi were genasi who expressed a bloodline of two elements. Most water genasi were descended from marid genies, although a few have other origins, including some who were descended from the goddess Umberlee. See more ideas about fantasy characters, character art, rpg character. You instantaneously move or otherwise change the flow of the water … At best they tend to be selfish and at worst they tend to be tyrannical. The caster level for both of those spell-like abilities is equal to the Genasi total Hit Die. Average lifespan Appearance Wiki Le Monde des Royaumes Oubliés (French), Creatures with a challenge rating less than 1 (3e), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Water_genasi?oldid=595318. Life expectancy and ageing: the same as their base race. The water unfreezes in 1 hour. Water genasi are patient and slow to change, preferring to wear away opposition slowly, but are capable of great violence in extreme situations. Most … Physical Description Water genasi have pale greenish-blue skin and and greenish eyes and hair. Abilities adjustments will depend on base race. Genasi inherit something from both sides of their dual nature. Worshipers of the primordial were often mediators who intercede between groups who share the same water. Water genasi usually leave their parents upon reaching maturity, taking to the open sea in order to explore, learn and develop their own personality and place in the world. They resemble humans but have unusual skin color (red, green, blue, or gray), and there is something odd about them.

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