where to buy elk meat near me

You can select your preferred combination pack based on preferred protein (there’s one for venison lovers, for example) or cooking method (there’s a package for grilling). ", Best Family-Sized: Broken Arrow Ranch at brokenarrowranch.com, "Combination packs designed to provide enough meat to prepare several family-sized meals. Elk has more protein and less cholesterol than beef, pork and even chicken. AND you can now have elk meat at prices much better than virtually every supplier out there! just close. Fossil Farms partners with over 200 small family farmers to offer a large assortment of animal proteins. Occasionally, we source from New Zealand. Elk farms in Minnesota and all across the United States are working to grow sufficient numbers of elk to create a consistent supply of elk meat … Restaurants are starting to feature elk meat as main courses due to consumers requesting meats low in fats, and high in protein. ", Best Bison: Omaha Steaks at omahasteaks.com, "High-end, grass-fed bison filet mignon and ribeye steaks. We take pride in providing our customers with great products and service — our meats are cut on demand to fulfill customer’s requests and … ", Best Prepared Selection: iGourmet at igourmet.com, "Prepared sausages take the guesswork out of cooking game. When you do something as long as we’ve been doing it, chances … Whatever quantity you want, we will meet your requirements. Elk meat can be used to create many tasty dishes. ", Best Game Birds: Cavendish Game Birds at cavendishgamebirds.com, "Specializes in uniquely bred, meatier whole quail.". Montana Elk Company's Elk meat is delicious, tender dark-red meat – full of flavor, high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol. Cavendish Game Birds supplies many high-end restaurants around the country with its specially bred quail and pheasant. Whatever the event, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter, we provide the amount of meat you require. We select the best pieces from the best animals. Sale price: $49.99. Sort By. Winter hours (October to April) Wednesday to Sunday 10 am to 5 pm With vast selections of buffalo meat, bison meat, wild boar, and elk, Northfork has delicious meat for every need and occasion at affordable prices! You can purchase the meat snack sticks in packs of six, and they’re also available in special gift sets—perfect for any hunters in your life. 555555. Regular price: $99.99. The company sells a wide variety of wild game and exotic meats in numerous different cuts. NO WAITING FOR THE HUNTING SEASON! Cloud, MN, MN Offerings: Elk Meat Products Jerry’s Cub Foods Elk River, MN Offerings: Elk … ", Best Sampler Packs: Cabela’s at cabelas.com, "Find your favorite game meat with a steak sampler. This meat is sometimes a little hard to find if you are not a hunter. Federally approved, of course. Best Gourmet: D'Artagnan at dartagnan.com, Best for Fast, Free Delivery: Farm Foods at farmfoodsmarket.com, "Shop by farm source, so you know exactly where your meat comes from. Cabela’s makes it easy to try and find your favorite flavors with its selection of game steak samplers. Fossil Farms promises farmed animals are never given antibiotics, steroids, or hormones. Once a diet of our native Americans , now part of our healthy lean diet. With over 20 years of experience selling game meat, we select the best animals and the best pieces to meet all desires and requirements. We offer a beautiful selection of game meats (bizon, wild boar, deer and elk). The starter pack includes alligator tenderloin, squab, duck burgers, venison or bison steak, ostrich steaks, and elk or venison medallions. Welcome to Brady's Meat & Deli. Welcome to our Farm. US Wellness Meats’ Ground Elk 90% + lean Ground Elk offers a leaner alternative as a mild-flavored protein. Their meat and game section features several types of beef, pork, lamb, rabbit, venison, bison, and wild boar. wishlist; Whole Elk Tenderloin Packages $129.95. Originally an ostrich farm, Fossil Farms offers a wide variety of products in its catalog, including bison, venison, and wild boar.

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