wood strips between concrete slabs

Concrete expands and contracts depending on the temperature so using a hard substance will cause further cracking, expansion joints are critical between slabs. Retrofits for plumbing or mechanical changes later can be difficult and costly. Shop Trim-A-Slab 1.25-in x 0.75-in x 25-ft three quarter-in Grey 25 foot Polyvinyl Concrete Expansion Joints in the Concrete Expansion Joints department at Lowe's.com. Your problem is … Experienced professionals pay close attention to managing moisture and minimizing wood floor expansion and contraction when preparing to install hardwood floors on concrete slabs. You might assume that once you have removed the old wood from the concrete there won’t be anything to hold the new wood in place. He used 4000 PSI concrete that is 4 inches thick and every 10 feet or so he used 2x4 pressure treated wood as the control/expansion joints. This helps prevent cracks and buckling. In warm, humid areas, however, even decay-resistant wood that's been sealed may rot. Wear eye protection while removing the old strips. Your … 6 in. The "expansion joints" are there to keep the concrete slabs from breaking when they expand from warmer weather and push against each other. Between the compression created by … Purchase some redwood or other fine-grained lumber like teak that's naturally resistant to rot. Snohomish County PUD shares five smart ways to find joy in the season that use less electricity. Proper installations include the use … You might consider using knee pads for comfort. Cut the foam backer rod to length with scissors. SlabGasket is… Designed to replace rotten or missing wood expansion joints in driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks. Cut the strips of wood to fit each of the gaps making sure the shape of the strips is wider at the top than at the bottom. The purpose of an expansion joint is to allow the concrete slab to expand and contract with temperatures changes, without cracking the slab. Trim-A-Slab is a product made from exterior-grade materials designed to replace rotten or missing wood often found in driveways and sidewalks over 5 years old. SlabGasket is produced in 50′ rolls, and is sold by the foot. Cut the wood to length, and starting at one end begin driving the strip into the crevice using a wood block between the divider strip and the hammer. When our concrete steps were poured a few years ago, the contractor did not put an expandable joint between the bottom step and the concrete sidewalk slab. Start at one end of the wooden joint. For tips from James and Morris Carey, visit their Web site at www.onthehouse.com or call the listener hotline at 800-737-2474. Clean any remaining wood chips, soil and concrete debris that remain in the gap with a shop vacuum or other vacuum cleaner. Q: What is the best way to install a wood floor over a concrete slab?. It offers many advantages over the tube-dispensed gooey stuff that has been about the only option available for years. The options are: Replace the wood with wood; Use a Joint Sealer; With either option, try and pick a time of the year when it is colder. Because you live in the Oakland hills, you have clay soil. The spacers helped break up the concrete into smaller slabs that were less likely to crack. If you were present when your patio was being poured, you may have noticed that there were evenly spaced rows of nails partially driven into both sides of the wood dividers. This wood was used during the slab construction, and is part of the ‘formwork’ used to define the size and shape of the slab. Clear, dry redwood should be used. Leave about a quarter-inch of the nail sticking out of the concrete. A: Howard Brickman responds: Concrete is a good substrate for installing wood flooring if proper precautions are taken to ensure that excessive moisture conditions are detected prior to installation,and controlled during the life of the floor. Clay expands when it gets wet and shrinks when it dries. Remove the old wood strip with a hammer and chisel. The new wood strips are held by the irregular shape of the recess in the concrete. Air, dirt, asphalt soaked fiberboard, or wood, all will do the same thing: Give the concrete a place to expand TO. Do the same for the gaps between the concrete slabs, but stop filling the gaps about 2 inches from the top of the slabs. To make the wood dividers last as long as possible, be sure to rub a couple of coats of clear wood preservative onto all six sides of every strip. The dividers are put in place when the concrete is wet. Wood dividers in a concrete sidewalk, driveway or patio aren't just decorative; they serve an important function. Calculate an average width. Large Sample Concrete Expansion Joint Pack Trim-A-Slab is a product made from exterior-grade Trim-A-Slab is a product made from exterior-grade materials designed to replace rotten or missing wood often found in driveways and sidewalks over 5-years old. An excellent groundcover plant, this variety forms a flat, dense carpet of glossy chartreuse leaves. Once the material is dry, the more elastic wood strips compress as the concrete expands and contract with the temperature changes. They put a base of rocks and then used wire mesh before they poured the new concrete. Expansion joints should be the first joints planned and installed fo… Use the electric sander (or an electric planer or a small table saw) to mill the replacement dividers so they are approximately 1/16 to 3/32 of an inch wider than the average width of the divider cavity. Don’t worry about the nails though. As the wood is driven into the concrete cavity the sides of the strip adjacent to the concrete are torn upward. Thank you for your information on the concrete gasket, I have been trying different products and it is always very difficult to replace the expansion joints on the concrete because normally they are different in size and wood or other products requiere a lot of work. I just had a contractor install a new concrete patio and driveway and it looks like they did a good job. Insert the flat tip of a digging bar between the lower edge of the wood and the ground. Furring Strips Furring is wood strips attached to a concrete wall and used as a base for nailing up wall coverings, such as drywall. SlabGasket is the perfect and cost effective replacement solution for rotten or missing wood. Even if your home was built on a concrete slab, you can still enjoy the beauty and charm of hardwood floors. Concrete slab floors do require that all subgrade utility rough ins be completed before the slab is poured and be accurately located. Try to accomplish most of these chores, but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get them all done. Follow this process and your new replacement dividers will outlast the originals. The Willamette Valley of Oregon has a reputation for the red wine, but there are other success stories in the area. Wipe off the excess to prevent a sticky mess. Everett Bible Baptist Church hosts Trees of Christmas, with music, narration and special treats for the family. And that’s all there is to it. The cut nail has a square, tapered shape with a square tip. No special technique is required. The nails are used to “key” into the concrete to hold the dividers in place. On the House: Restoring Concrete Patio Dividers, Home Repair Tutor: Concrete Expansion Joints: Keep them Watertight and Crack Resistant, Inspectapedia: How to Seal Cracks in Concrete Floors & Walls, Transitioning From Laminate Flooring to Linoleum, How to Fix the Threshold From Laminate to Carpet. Expansion joints, also known as isolation joints, completely separate two sections of concrete slab. Fill the gap with backer rod until it is within 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the top of the space. O'Donahue holds a Master of Science in geology from the University of Arizona, and has worked in the oil industry since 1982. Oh, and don’t forget eye protection. Don’t cut them completely away. You’ll need a hammer, a wood chisel and a hand saw, maybe a pair of side-cutters, a small vacuum and an electric sander or an electric planer or a small table saw (these can be rented) and a small block of soft scrap wood about 12 inches long. Even when the concrete is in excellent condition, it's hard to make an acceptable-looking repair. Not just clear, but clear and dry. Try not to dull the chisel by driving the sharpened end into the concrete. First, use the hammer and chisel to remove the old wood strips. Used in residential, commercial, and institutional applications. 6917) are made from resilient wood fibers to prevent damage during expansion and contraction of concrete. If the dividers are original, there may have been nails driven through the dividers to hold them more securely. Trim-A-Slab is a replacement for rotted and old wood typically found between slabs in driveways and sidewalks. Measure the width of the gap at several spots with a ruler or tape measure. Not so. There is a crack between the step and slab. During divider replacement the nail keying technique cannot be used. Because drying shrinkage takes place over a long period, lengthy delays would be required between casting of adjacent bays to gain much benefit from checkerboarding. The listings include museum exhibitions, gallery shows, fairs and festivals and calls for artists. Between the compression created by installing a slightly oversized piece of wood and the upward angle of the torn sides of the wood you’ll have a tight fit. When it comes to expansion joint repair Trim-A-Slab has the best products available.

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