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Five Minute Photo Shoot: Panko-Fried Eggs and Soldiers

A little post-election night breakfast while getting to work: fried eggs, arugula, and soldiers for dipping. I’ve taken to frying eggs over some toasted panko, an idea picked up from the Zuni Café cookbook.  Your eggs get all crunchy and amazing.  Couldn’t be easier, either: pan over medium-high heat, olive oil, panko, stir until just […]

My Favorite Banana Bread

A banana bread muffin, split, toasted under a broiler, with fancy butter and a cup of tea.  This is a breakfast for a gray, rainy day, one that never manages to crawl above the mid-40’s in temperature.  Three months from now, these temperatures will feel positively quaint. Ugh. PrintMy Favorite Banana Bread Yield: one 9 […]

Savory and Sweet: Quinoa

This is the second of a three-part collaboration with Cybelle Codish and Taryn Bickley.  For the first part, click here.  For the third part, click here. Quinoa, for those of you not familiar with it, is an ancient grain (well, pseudocereal, to be exact) from South America.  Pronounced “KEEN-wa”, it’s a rare plant source of […]

Energy Bars

There’s something incredibly appealing about the whole idea of an energy bar: it’s a discrete unit of food, carefully packaged in its own colorful wrapper, just the right size for a snack or, with a piece of fruit, breakfast or a light lunch.  It’s like a little food present, just for you. There are also, of […]

A Proper Irish Fry-Up

When I was in design school, I was lucky enough to spend a semester studying in and traveling around Ireland.  Eleven of us traipsed the whole of the isle, from Dublin to Sligo, from Cork to Belfast, and many places in between.  Each town of course had its own unique charms: Ballyvaughn, which had no […]

Five Minute Photo Shoot: Scrambled Eggs

Turns out these are really fun!  It takes the pressure off having to write a recipe down, or come up with flowery prose.  It’s just a photo.  Full stop.  I love it. This is what I had for breakfast today, with the added surprise bonus of a boyfriend working from home: eggs, softly scrambled in […]