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Savory and Sweet: Quinoa

This is the second of a three-part collaboration with Cybelle Codish and Taryn Bickley.  For the first part, click here.  For the third part, click here. Quinoa, for those of you not familiar with it, is an ancient grain (well, pseudocereal, to be exact) from South America.  Pronounced “KEEN-wa”, it’s a rare plant source of […]

Nonfat Soft Gingersnap Cookies

I’m finally back in my own home, after an extended weekend of gloriously sunny and humid Florida weather.  Everyone down there thought I was crazy, but I luxuriated in the sun and the thick air until I began sweating – and I’m not one who sweats easily.  Oh, I miss getting slapped in the face […]

My Old Kentucky Pie

No Kentucky Derby party would be complete without a certain signature dessert.  It’s a pie, full of chocolate chips and walnuts, with a slightly boozy Bourbon flavor to its creamy chess filling underneath that singular crackly top, all encased in a buttery crust that has just enough salt to keep things interesting. But I’m not […]

Chewy Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies

Here, we have a plate of cookies. And here, we have a second plate of cookies. Take a look at these two pictures.  The cookies look remarkably similar, don’t they?  Can you spot any major difference?  Because I can’t. To provide a little context, I had recently been struck with a severe longing for a […]

Oatmeal Bar Cookies

Ever since I can remember, the raisin has been my sneaky dessert nemesis.  On more than one occasion, little Younger Self bit into what she thought was a perfectly normal chocolate chip cookie, only to be horrified to taste the squidgy, sticky goo of a raisin.  (I guess I still do that on occasion; but […]


Sometimes, despite my best intentions, little things in my life get put on extended hold.  Take, for example, the bag of buckeye centers that had been happily taking up space in my freezer for well over a month. I had previously been merely aware of the existence of buckeyes, and knew of the delights inherent […]

Chocolate Tahini Sablés

I found myself the other day just a few ingredients shy of a dish that has been on my “to cook” list for some time now.  (Side note: said dish is supremely flavorful, and is now in the permanent file.)  As I walked to the store, my mind was buzzing, but not with visions of […]