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Strawbalsamic, and the Cocktails It Hath Wrought

A few weeks ago, I posted a salad recipe that I had developed for a client.  That recipe, as so many of my recipes often do, involved the use of a Very Special Ingredient: Strawberry White Balsamic Vinegar.  Or, as it’s now commonly referred to ’round these parts, “strawbalsamic”. ™. That vinegar is so smooth […]

Strawberry, Watermelon, & Arugula Salad with Cardamom-Candied Pistachios

Recently, a dinner party client requested a strawberry salad for the meal I was cooking for him.  And I don’t know the last time you searched for “strawberry salad”, but 99.99% of the recipes out there involve two things: 1. Spinach 2. Poppy seeds Not that there’s a thing in the world wrong with a good […]

Recent Food

I made some food recently.  Maybe you’d like to see it? This was a smoked duck and soba noodle soup, made with an ultra-reduced rabbit and pork stock, and garnished with a heavy hand of cilantro and green onions.  AKA: stuff I had sitting around in the fridge (one of the perks of my job). […]

Good Hope Rusks: the Official Launch

I know it’s probably dreadfully boring, and I promise this isn’t going to become a blog about rusks.  But I thought I’d share photos from the Official Launch of Good Hope Rusks last Sunday at Dose Market, just in case some of you were interested.  Hope you don’t mind. Did I mention you can now […]

An Introduction, and My First Giveaway!

You guys!  I’ve been working on something which, clearly, has not been this site.  And I’m not the slightest bit sorry, either. I’ve been starting a new business! (Yes, again.  Remember the first one?) Introducing Good Hope Rusks, my updated take on a traditional South African rusk. What’s a rusk?  It’s a crunchy, baked biscuit, […]

Salsa Verde

This sauce is something I mentioned in passing ages ago, but I assume nobody took much notice of it then.  And honestly, I almost forgot about it myself. Flipping through my omnibus notebook now and then, I’d notice the quickly scribbled recipe – a vague list of ingredients, really – and remember how good it […]

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Some scenes from my wild New Year’s Eve, pleasantly spent at home in the company of a slightly under-the-weather boyfriend.  I lit candles, and put on a dress and heels, because it just isn’t New Year’s without some fancy-pants luxury.  He put on a suit, bless’im. First, a Sazerac… …which went nicely with the requisite […]

Fennel and Beet Relish, with Salmon

My oh my, I haven’t given you all a recipe in ages, have I?  Poor darlings, here you go. Over dinner the other night, I helped a dear friend brainstorm ideas for her family’s Christmas feast.  They planned on salmon, but needed ideas for something festive to dress it up.  Fennel immediately sprung to mind, […]

My Favorite Banana Bread

A banana bread muffin, split, toasted under a broiler, with fancy butter and a cup of tea.  This is a breakfast for a gray, rainy day, one that never manages to crawl above the mid-40’s in temperature.  Three months from now, these temperatures will feel positively quaint. Ugh. PrintMy Favorite Banana Bread Yield: one 9 […]

New Orleans, Part I: IFBC

Well.  That was certainly a trip. I’m back home, after eleven days in New Orleans.  It’s not a very long time on paper, but time can be quite subjective, especially when returning to one’s hometown after a long absence. The first weekend was spent attending the International Food Blogger Conference, or, affectionately, IFBC NOLA, at […]