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Cauliflower, Sausage, and Crawfish Soup

Fall, amirite? Seriously, though, let’s never speak of the weather again. Here are some phrases you won’t see me using on this site (and if I do, you are please requested to reprimand me): 1.  “nip in the air” 2.  “crunch of leaves” (that goes double if used in conjunction with the word “underfoot”) 3. […]

Red Pumpkin Tahini Soup

Show of hands: who has a half-full (or empty) jar of tahini banging around the fridge? I thought so. I managed to accumulate three (three!), and I’m sick of looking at them.  Here’s a recipe that accomplishes three goals: 1.  It isn’t hummus. 2.  It uses up tahini. 3.  It’s frickin’ awesome. Warmly spiced, slightly […]


  Pretty much everywhere, it’s gonna be hot.  For now, at least. How about some gazpacho while the heat lasts? But let’s do it properly.  Please, please, please, do not just cram some tomatoes, red onion, and bell pepper in a blender and hit “go”.  You might as well blend up a jar of salsa. […]

Roasted Eggplant Soup

Sometimes, one is faced with a dental emergency. And in such dire times, there are many foods that simply will not compute: things crunchy, chewy, sticky, crumbly, grainy, seedy, with skins, or anything that requires the generally under-appreciated act of chewing.  With teeth. One’s usual diet is immediately pitched off the rails, replaced by, essentially, anything […]

Avgolemono: Greek Rice and Lemon Soup

Originally, I intended to make this a Five Minute Photo Shoot, which explains the lack of “in progress” pictures.  But this dish was so fantastic, I simply had to share the recipe. This thick Greek soup is quite simple, and shockingly good from a very few ingredients.  This, for better or worse, is one of […]

Buttermilk Mushroom Soup

I’m not a big fan of cold weather, or Winter in general.  It’s endless months of frozen toes, fingers stiff with cold, the shock of crawling reluctantly from a warm bed, bright red noses that won’t stop running.  But despite the physical discomforts, I can find spots of cheer: tiny sparkling holiday lights everywhere, the rush […]