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Directed by James Villemaire. For Roux and his team, they’re looking at local varieties of the fruit and asking growers to focus on developing these further. 1 /1 Bananas could face extinction due to spread of deadly fungus Bananas could face extinction due to spread of deadly fungus One of the world's most-loved fruits is once again under threat Among these, the most common subgroup is the Cavendish banana (Musa acuminata Cavendish Subgroup), which accounts for around 47 percent of global production. However, in the 1950s, a condition known as Fusarium wilt or Panama disease started wiping out banana plantations in Latin America, the world’s major banana-producing region at the time. Are bananas going extinct? Farmers have tried to contain the pathogen by destroying crops, quarantining farms, and diligently cleaning farm equipment and the people working there. Be the first to contribute! 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Again.Bananas as we know them today are a completely different species than the bananas we were eating 50 years ago, something that is due to the extinction of the former type.In … Curb cravings with fruit: Eat natural sugars to break bad food habits and wean yourself off added sugars, Studies look into the benefits of blueberries for heart disease, diabetes prevention, Vitamin-rich pineapple fruit hosts a variety of health benefits that make it a REAL superfood, Turn any meat or dairy dish into a healthy plant-based alternative, Need something to finish a recipe? As of now, there is no evidence that bananas are going extinct. It’s extremely unlikely that BANANAS will go extinct, because there are many many kinds of bananas that grow in many many different places. But it turns out we might need to stock up as our favourite yellow fruit might be in serious danger of going extinct. That year, it was declared commercially extinct due to the Panama disease, a fungal disease that started out from Central America and quickly spread … The current plight of the banana has a familiar historical arc. Here are 5 reasons to eat tempeh instead, Gut in a pickle? August 14, 2019 | 11:55am | Updated August 14, 2019 | 3:20pm. TR4 can lie dormant for years until it’s soaked up along with water through the plant’s roots, and then starves the banana of nutrients. Some local markets still sell varieties of banana not widely available globally. Because bananas are a fruit that so many people enjoy, it’s now in danger of being gone — forever. “With this kind of production system,” says Bebber, “you’re asking for trouble.”. Feds declared a national state of emergency, ordering farmers to quarantine plantations and destroy crops in the north, where the fungus was discovered. Before the mid-20th century, wild banana varieties existed aplenty, grown around the world, each with unique flavors, textures and colors. YouTuber arrested after nearly naked, pregnant girlfriend dies in livestream, ‘RHONJ’ star Margaret Josephs shares her favorite holiday style hack. Your Ad Choices Will bananas go extinct? The current predicament that banana growers face is eerily similar to that of the subgroup’s predecessor, the Gros Michel, or “Big Mike.” Before the Cavendish cultivar, people all over the world enjoyed the large, creamy and sweet banana. (Related: Bananas now on the brink of EXTINCTION. A new study has confirmed that bananas, the world’s favorite fruit, is in fact going extinct… The Cavendish banana, the world’s most popular edible variety, is about to go extinct due to a fungal threat. In 2020, China is the first consumer in the world and ranks thirteenth among the largest producers and exporters of coffee. Cavendish clones and T4. © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Bananas fighting deadly fungus in global crisis amid terrible 2020, Worried about returning to work? “What we’re having is an almost apocalyptic scenario where we’ll probably lose Cavendish [the most widely cultivated banana] as well,” Sarah Gurr, Exeter University’s chair in food security, told Wired. This story has been shared 153,235 times. Terms of Use When I ask people, most seem to think bananas grow on trees. “Extinction is a really powerful word,” she says. The yellow delight that goes back around 10,000 years was was apparently a blend of the wild Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana species of banana. It’s one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world — humans consume 100 billion bananas every year — and the most commonly referenced fruit in music. Maybe. Privacy Notice Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, Your California Privacy Rights How do I deal with my vindictive new boss? A Daily Mail report reveals that the fungal disease Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. The strain gets into the stem and cuts off its water supply, killing the plant over time. It’s one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world — humans consume 100 billion bananas every year — and the most commonly referenced fruit in music. Unfortunately, as nature has demonstrated time and again, the lack of genetic variance does a species no favors, and the once-hardy Cavendish is now being threatened by its own plague. The new strain of Panama disease has spread to Australia, East Africa and even Asia, including China, India and Taiwan. Called Gros Michel, they were tastier, bigger and more resilient than the bananas found in supermarkets worldwide today. You might not be able to find a bunch to keep in the kitchen. 160,799, This story has been shared 153,235 times. Here's the important lesson we can learn from the near-death of the popular fruit. We've received your submission. According to the BBC, a wild banana that may hold the key to protecting the world’s edible banana crop has been added to the extinction list. Those are the bananas everybody should be worried about. Here’s how to improve gut health with quick pickling, Harissa is a versatile spice that’s packed with a lot of health benefits, Kale is a nutrient-dense superfood because of these 7 health benefits, Add gooseberries to your diet to keep metabolic syndrome at bay, These 5 nutritious foods can help fight inflammation, Eat your sprouts: They’re packed with 100 healthy enzymes your body needs, Battle of the citrus fruits: Comparing the health benefits of lemons and limes. Bananas (Are Going Extinct) (2020) Plot. Because bananas are a fruit that so many people enjoy, it’s now in danger of being gone — forever. It’s also at the mercy of two plant pathogens, which are already scavenging their way through monoculture plantations of the fruit, leaving nothing in their wake. cubense (better known as Panama disease) has already spread across several continents such as Asia and Africa.But experts stress that if it hits South America, the most commonly sold strain of banana will become extinct as a result. Ugandans, for example, are estimated to spend a third to half their food money on bananas. “I think there is a crisis in our food system, and I think the [Cavendish] banana is a good example of the way that crisis is manifesting itself.”, Tagged Under: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. April 8, 2020 ... November 28, 2020; It Just Got Harder To Go To Key West, High Speed Train To Connect MCO & WDW, Dublin Airport Used As Loophole During Ireland Lockdown November 28, 2020… Bananas are in danger after a new spread of Panama disease. Here's what you may find, Doctors beg men not to masturbate with banana peels, Tennis player defends asking ball girl to peel banana, 'Gaspipe' mobster's prison release shot down amid COVID-19, Le Creuset takes up to 50 percent off cookware for Cyber Week sale, Dawn Levy is helping NY Post readers stay cozy with an exclusive sale, 18 Christmas face masks to get you in the holiday spirit for 2020, Asus VivoBook 15 laptop discounted for special Amazon deal, These bestselling vibration plates are an extra 15% off—and Amazon reviewers love them. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! 03/13/2020 / By Ralph Flores. Bebber predicts a “rapid spread” throughout Latin America. Bananas. Banana, fruit of the genus Musa, one of the most important fruit crops of the world. Randy Ploetz, a professor of plant pathology at the University of Florida, has conducted extensive … In recent years, the risk of infection from black sigatoka has increased by as much as 50 percent in some areas. In short, no the banana more generally is not going extinct. This contagion, Fusarium Wilt Tropical Race 4 (TR4), may cause a mass extinction. Scientists say it’s a wake-up call for the modern farm industry. Another fungal disease plaguing bananas today is the black sigatoka, a leaf spot disease that can significantly reduce fruit yields. While bananas grown in infected soil are not unsafe for humans to eat, banana plants that … Gros Michel, often known as "Big Mike", is an export cultivar of banana and was, until the 1950s, the main variety grown. America's favorite fruit could go extinct. Though they’re not going to become extinct either, they’re threatened by a long list of diseases and pests, with names like banana Xanthomonas wilt, burrowing nematodes, and black Sigatoka. 153,235, © 2020 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved Published Fri, Apr 19 2019 9:53 AM EDT. Over 1,000 varieties of bananas are grown and consumed all over the world. Image source: Sotheby's/Wikimedia. This story has been shared 423,526 times. photo: ... Are potatoes going extinct? Is Cash Going Extinct? The disease spreads in the soil, easily transmitted via tractor tires, work boots and replanted specimens. Your toddler may be on an artificial banana-flavored food instead. In response, breeders developed a cultivar that was almost completely resistant to Panama disease: the Cavendish banana. “We are in danger, with so much of the market taken up by this one subgroup,” explained Nicolas Roux, a scientist at Bioversity International in France, in an article on Live Science. If measures are not taken to reduce CO2 emissions, coffee could be completely extinct by 2080. All types of bananas are not in danger of going extinct in the near future. This tragic scenario could soon be … Did bananas ever go extinct? Showing all 0 items Jump to: Summaries. But for now, the spread of the disease could mean the end of bananas as we know them. July 23, 2020 The contagion begins its sweep, commuting with workers from farm to farm. 423,526, This story has been shared 160,799 times. The father of our preferred banana. But for Sanderson-Bellamy, she believes that now is a good time to look at changing how people grow bananas. In the United Kingdom, one in four pieces of fruit consumed is a banana and, on average, each Briton eats 10 kg of bananas per year; in the United States, that’s 12 kg, or up to 100 bananas. Since Cavendish bananas are grown asexually, that is, by cutting off plant stems and replanting them to grow on their own, this means that the new Panama disease can affect swaths of banana plants that lack resistance to the pathogen. “For Western countries, the vast majority of the bananas we eat are from the same Cavendish subgroup,” added Roux. Imagine a world with no bananas: no banana for breakfast smoothies, no peanut butter and banana sandwiches at lunch and no banana splits for dessert. The truth, however, is that some species facing the gravest and most-immediate risk are not animals but plants. A virulent strain of a banana-destroying fungus that has threatened banana crops in East and Southeast Asia is making its way around the globe and has scientists warning of the fruit’s extinction. Why bananas as we know them might go extinct (again) But the Cavendish unfortunately has its own weaknesses -- most prominently susceptibility to a disease called Black Sigatoka . Those were being wiped out by — you guessed it — a proto-strain of the Fusarium fungus. Considering the infection can go undetected for some time, it’s difficult to know how widespread it is already. Why was Kristen Stewart the only guest at Chanel’s runway show? The disease was first discovered in Taiwan in 1989, followed by other Western Hemisphere Cavendish banana producers such as Lebanon, Israel, India and Australia. Waitress gets $2K tip — but restaurant refuses to give her a cent, Waitress takes home $2K tip after claiming she was stiffed by restaurant, 11-year-old dies after shooting himself during Zoom class, Popular host out at ESPN after network 'blindsided' him, 5 MTA high-rollers busted for allegedly raking in OT while bowling, running a 5K. Bananas, avocados, and other beloved foods that may go extinct soon When someone mentions the word "extinction," dinosaurs and dodo birds likely come to mind. In the 1990s, a new strain of Panama disease, called Tropical Race 4, started killing bananas. Home Tips and Tricks Is Cash Going Extinct? None of it worked: In 1997, a TR4 outbreak hit Australia’s Northern Territory, and the fungus has since spread north to Queensland. Even worse, the pathogen thrives in monoculture farming, or growing single species across vast areas. At the time, the Cavendish was the only type of banana formidable enough to replace the prior reigning champion banana, the Gros Michel. Since then, the Cavendish banana has grown to be the most widely exported and among the most commonly consumed cultivars worldwide. Basically: bananas are the bomb. Commercially extinct? It’s worth noting, however, that other varieties of bananas are grown in other parts of the world, with some being resistant to Panama disease altogether. It seems like a local problem at first, but eventually crosses borders and oceans to engulf the whole world. A deadly fungus that plagued banana plantations in Southeast Asia for 30 years has made the inevitable leap to Latin America, where much of the world’s bananas are grown. Thanks for contacting us. bananas, Cavendish bananas, extinction, food supply, Fresh, fruits, Fusarium wilt, harvest, monoculture, organics, Panama disease, Plants, 1,000 varieties of bananas are grown and consumed, wiping out banana plantations in Latin America. The Colombian Agricultural Institute confirmed on Aug. 8 that it had found a strain of the Fusarium oxysporum fungus, called Tropical Race 4 (TR4). Experts fear that if Panama disease reaches South America, where most Cavendish bananas are grown, it could be the end of the beloved yellow fruit that people enjoy the world over. ), “It’s been 70 years [since the first fusarium wilt outbreak] and we still haven’t come up with a new variety that could tick all these boxes,” she added. You probably take bananas for granted. This story has been shared 160,799 times. One of the world’s most popular fruits may go extinct -- yet again. Unfortunately, Cavendish bananas are about to go extinct. The result, published in PLOS Pathogens, reveal that Tropical Race 4 (TR4) is a … A deadly fungus that has tormented banana farms in Southeast Asia for nearly three decades, has landed in Latin America—and it could mean extinction. There won’t be so many bananas in the grocery store. Some scientists are looking to gene-editing as a potential solution, or cross-breeding with other bananas to produce a more robust fruit. There’s a reason why people “go bananas” and not any other fruit. This tragic scenario could soon be a reality. But the Cavendish banana’s claim to being almost wholly resistant to Panama disease would only last until the turn of the century. Imagine a world with no bananas: no banana for breakfast smoothies, no peanut butter and banana sandwiches at lunch and no banana splits for dessert. Scientists are trying to genetically modify the fruit to save it. Here's something to make you go ape — bananas may go extinct. The banana is grown in the tropics, and, though it is most widely consumed in those regions, it is valued worldwide for its flavor, nutritional value, and availability throughout the year. “When you have monoculture, you just have this endless amount of food for the pest — it’s like a 24-hour buffet,” explained Angelina Sanderson-Bellamy, an ecologist at the University of Cardiff in Wales. A new study has confirmed that bananas, the world's favorite fruit, is in fact going extinct. Not all bananas are going “extinct”; one specific cultivar is at risk of no longer remaining commercially viable. Your California Privacy Rights – Bananas: Believe it or not, bananas are man made. Sitemap Are Cavendish bananas in danger of going extinct? But as industrialized agriculture boomed in the early 1900s, only the strongest and most prominent type was selected for the purpose global banana domination — the Cavendish banana. There’s a reason why people “go bananas” and not any other fruit. by joeheg April 8, 2020. Though they’re not going to become extinct either, they’re threatened by a long list of diseases and pests, with names like banana Xanthomonas wilt, burrowing nematodes, and black Sigatoka. With Carly Sadolf, Kristen Elyse Suarez. Before 1960, your grandparents and great-grandparents were eating better bananas. Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Plot Summary submission guide. This story has been shared 423,526 times. “Once it’s in a country it’s very hard to get rid of it,” added Dan Bebber, a bio-sciences lecturer at Exeter. The physical properties of the Gros Michel make it an excellent export produce; its thick peel makes it resilient to bruising during transport and the …

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