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Dr. Guedhami’s research interests are international, covering corporate governance, privatization, national culture, and corporate social responsibility. Most Downloaded Journal of Corporate Finance Articles The most downloaded articles from Journal of Corporate Finance in the last 90 days. Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting / Revista Española de Financiación y … The mediating role of corporate social responsibility on the relationship between governance and tax avoidance: UK common law versus French civil law. CiteScore: 3.8 ℹ CiteScore: 2019: 3.8 CiteScore measures the average citations received per peer-reviewed document published in this title. The basic principle of the sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility … Corporate Social Responsibility as an Obligation According to J. Ivancevich, P. Lorenzi, S. Skinner, and P. Crosby (1997), corporate social responsibility as a social … Corporate social responsibility extent and quality: evidence from Jordan Belal Fayez Omar, Hani Alkayed. Specifically, I conduct an event study around the announcement of corporate news related to environment for all US publicly traded companies from 1980 to 2009. Social capital, trust, and firm performance: The value of corporate social responsibility during the financial crisis. European Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Research Vol.5 No.4, pp.43-53, April 2017 corporate social … Since Bowen’s (1953) book on the social responsibilities of businesses, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been a hot topic both in business and academic environments. Abstract In this paper, we investigate whether superior performance on corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies leads to better access to finance. Corporate social responsibility and financial performance: a meta-analysis. Abstract This literature overview focuses on the latest results of academic research on the performance of socially responsible investments and the links between … Finance is grease to the economy. The possibilities and limitations regarding the use of impact evaluation in corporate social responsibility programs in Latin America Yanina Kowszyk, Frank Vanclay. The study, published in the Journal of Corporate Finance, found that focusing on CSR strategies imposes costs on firms in the form of foregone … Academic journal article Journal of Finance, Accounting and Management. This paper discusses the transmission mechanisms between finance and sustainability. Strategic Management Journal … His research focuses on budget rules, corporate social responsibility, corporate political spending, and the effectiveness of campaign finance laws. Bhandari, A., & Javakhadze, D. (2017). This study examines whether shareholders are sensitive to corporations' environmental footprint. Corporate social responsibility and capital allocation efficiency. Indeed, Tirole (2001, p. 4) defines corporate … In the corporate finance tradition, starting with Berle and Means (1932), corporations should generally be run to maximize shareholder value. A mediating role of social capital between corporate social responsibility and corporate reputation: Perception of local university on CSR of KHNP Journal of … The relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance is reexamined using a new methodology, improved technique, and industry-specific control groups… … I analyze the informational value of corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosures in the presence of bad news (i.e., financial restatements). Corporate social responsibility is an entire set of policies, practices and programs that are integrated into business operations supply chain and decision making processes throughout the company and usually include issues related to business ethics, community investment… We find that … Corporate Social Responsibility as an Employee Governance Tool: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment, Strategic Management Journal, 38(2): 163-183. Milyo, the author of numerous articles in scholarly journals such as the American Economics Review , the Journal of Politics , and the Election Law Journal … Since the 1960s, corporate social responsibility (hereafter CSR) has become an important issue not only for business but in the theory and practice of law, accounting, finance … in finance from HEC Montreal in 1998 and received his Ph.D. in finance from Laval University in 2003. Journal of Finance, 72 (4), 1785- … “Corporate social responsibility, credit rating, and private debt contracting: New evidence from syndicated loan market,” Review of Quantitative Finance and … In order to remedy this problem, the following definition is presented: corporate social responsibility is a business system that enables the production and … Social responsibility accounting - sometimes referred to as sustainability accounting or corporate social responsibility accounting - is the concept of integrating nonfinancial measures into financial reporting. This study finds that the relationship between corporate social responsibility and corporate … In keeping with the view that environmental corporate social responsibility … Corporate governance is closely related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), a company’s commitment to not only shareholders, but also stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, and communities. … Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an evolving concept that reflects various views and approaches regarding corporate relationships with … The publication costs for Asian Journal of Sustainability and Social Responsibility are covered by the Sustainability Management Research Institute (Inha University, … I do … (2014). Dr. Guedhami earned his M.Sc. CiteScore values are … Journal of Corporate Finance, … Social Responsibility Journal… An competitive markets the cost-benefit analysis regarding positive financial outcomes upon implementing a CSR-based strategy, can be examined with Corporate Social Responsibility in European Banks . Although social responsibility accounting and reporting aren't mandatory for U.S. businesses, companies do at times report on social … to 2016 to empirically test the impact of corporate social responsibility on corporate performance. This study aims to examine the extent and quality of corporate social responsibility … This study examines the impact of chief executive officer (CEO) ability on firms’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance. Wang, MB, Qiu, C, Kong, DM (2011) Corporate social responsibility, investor behaviors, and stock market returns: Evidence from a natural experiment in China. His areas of interest include corporate finance, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and mutual funds. He has published articles in all the leading finance journals, including the Journal of Finance, the Journal … Therefore, we assume that it may affect corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the sustainability of economic development too. Journal …

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