crab claw cinders

If already 50% STR and 50% DEX, increases by 10%. - Renamed Ring of the Exalted to Rainbow Ring. - Added armor to Champion's Pact offerings. - Aldrich's Sapphire: Restores 20% of max FP on a successful critical hit. The claw will open and make it … you can also use fresh steamed crab meat • to 2 of fresh Portobello mushrooms • butter (you want to give the mushrooms a bit of a butter flavor, with the seasonings.) - Primordial Titanite is dropped from bosses, with varying drop chances based on the difficulty of the boss. - Beast Cutter now uses Titanite for reinforcement. $64.99 $ 64. - Cathedral Knight Greatsword now uses Titanite for reinforcement. - Sage's Crystal Staff: added Crystallization WA - Boosts magic damage from sorceries by 50% but you are rendered vunerable, reducing absorption by 100%. - Reduces Curse resist by 10% on proc. - Ring of Wisdom: Increases max FP by 5%, reduces spell FP consumption by 10% and grants 1 attunement slot. - Changed the Witchtree Limb to use the Greataxe animations. - Twin Princes' Greatsword now only appears in Ludleth's offerings after the Twin Princes have been defeated. - Fixed the new covenants not adding their effects. - Increased spear/pike damage range and adjusted scaling spread. - Reduced stamina recovery debuff of Runic Seal to -15, - Reduced stamina recovery debuff of Greatwood Remnants to -15. - Rearchitectured the way the NG+, 1 time spawns and warps are handled to match FROM's method. Melt lard in a pot and heat until hot. - Deep Acursed (excluding unique) now respawn. - Increased max held for arrows/bolts to 250. - Reduced stamina and poise damage of the Halberd category. (It is now a non-scaling item, so having the infusions doesn't work well). - Yhorm is now vunerable to the Storm Ruler again, but the % damage is half of vanilla. - Fixed Holy Flame punch not dealing damage. - Changed shield stability, the initial stability on shields is now. - Cinder is a new covenant item for the Chaos Servants (previously Pact of Chaos). - Removed three of the Harald Knights in the Ringed City Streets. Catacombs of Carthus is no longer a starting warp, Defeating the Curse-rotted Greatwood and lighting the Pit of Hollows bonfire will unlock the Catacombs of Carthus warp. - Hostile NPCs (including vanilla) now drop their weapon/item and reinforcement materials. - Moved some enemies into Eclipse only spawning. - Great Swamp Ring: Grants 7.5% boost to the power of Pyromancies. - Ring of the Evil Eye: Grants 5% HP on enemy kills. [Dragon Form should now be a viable alternative to armor. - Boosts Dark damage by 5% on proc. - T-Posing objects in Undead Settlement should no longer occur. - Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring: Grants 10% boost to the power of Sorceries but reduces max HP by 25%. - Lifehunt Scythe animation is now 100% faster. - Added Morric, the Fallen Knight: drops Hammer of Carim, - Added Tomb Raider Dyfan: drops Bone Rapier. Stacks. - Applies 10 HP loss every second on initial proc. - Adjusted the amount of inflict for the status aux infusions (and other sources). - Added Band of Darkness: Boosts dark defence by 50. - Changed Orb of Judgment damage to 100. - Holy Moonlight Greatsword is now just part of the base Moonlight Greatsword when infused to Holy (it switches to that model). - Many of the items at the bonfire shop now unlock based on Ashes rather than boss kills. - Reduced the physical absorption of ultra heavy armor sets slightly. - For Dark Pyromancies, they ascend at 80 FTH. - Reduced the base Curse resist of enemies down to 25% of their original value. - Added flames to the Ring of Demons cosmetic look. - Added Giant Crab Arm. - Adds effect: recover X% FP on hit. - Added Thrall Harpe. - Reverted boss absorption back to vanilla values. - Renamed World Ascetic to Profane Ascetic. - Removed the one-time crow trades. - Cursed Pellet: Grant 10 FP every 5 seconds but also reduce HP by 25 every 5 seconds for 180 seconds. Stir together corn flour, pepper and salt in a bowl; beat together eggs and milk in a bowl until blended. - Primordial Titanite can be purchased from the bonfire after defeating the Soul of Cinder. - Removed the bonus from wearing a set of armor. Even smaller crab claws will need to be cracked since the shell on the claw is thicker than on the other legs. Heavy is now for making weapons into strength weapons, rather than for empowering Strength weapons. - Moved Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +0 to Grand Archives. - Changed the icons for the rolling rings. - Boss absorption values have been adjusted, mainly to reduce spell burst. ], [Weapons have had their damage and scaling adjusted to account for the weight of the weapon. - Increased the base damage multiplier of their respective for Magic, Fire, Lightning and Dark infusions. - Priscilla's Scythe now correctly inflicts self-bleed. - Added Ring of the Fanatic: Take on the apperance of a phantom belonging to the Mound-makers. - Fixed Soul of the Dark Sun giving endless souls. - Crown of the Great Lord: grants 25% damage and 25% absorption. - Soul of Champion Gundyr: Reduces Weapon Art FP cost by 25% for 60 seconds. - Wood Grain Ring: Reduces weapon stamina consumption by 25%. - You must collect and turn in the Giant's Coal before you can use these infusions. - Boosts Fire damage and INT/FTH scaling. - Divine Spear Fragment: Costs 50 FP to use. - Added Scythe of Want. - Nightmare of X: this item spawns X boss with big buffs and new minions, but multiplies the soul reward by 10, permits the dropping of numerous Shards of Ascension, and increases the Awestone drop amount. [The aim is to tone down the upper damage of spellcasting, which made bosses too trival.]. - Reduced the drop rate of covenant material that drops from the specific enemies to 5%. See pages that link to and include this page. Also, buy your claw cracker from us. - Soul of the Nameless King no longer transfuses into Lightning Storm and Dragon's Grasp, - Soul of Aldrich no longer transfuses into Surging Deep, Cascading and Writhing Deep, - Soul of the Twin Princes no longer transfuses into Blinding Light, - Soul of High Lord Wolnir no longer transfuses into Dark Dance, Recollection, Dark Inferno and Fool's Flame, - Soul of the Deacons no longer transfuses into Yearning Dregs, Dreg Torrent and Dreg Hail, - Soul of Midir no longer transfuses into Repel and Anguished Dregs, - Soul of Freide no longer transfuses into Mournful Flames, - Soul of the Deacons now transfuses into Anguished Dregs, - Soul of High Lord Wolnir now transfuses into Mournful Flames. - Added the Gwyndolin's Set. X depends on weapon type. - Improved the effectiveness of the Lucky infusion. - Replenishment: Heals 300 HP over 60 seconds. Added infusion gems to various ash unlocks and vendors, Fixed Ancient Dragon Halberd item location, Fixed Great Lightning Spear item location, Added infusions for Executioner's Greatsword, Changed numerous armor effects into armor set effects. - Fixed Poison/Frost ammunition using old SpEffects. - None of the classes start with rings anymore. - The old damage boost for cost increase rings, such as Dusk Crown Ring, are now FP cost reduction rings. - Saint Set now grants grants 1 FP per second (was 0.25% per second). - Floating Chaos: damage to 100 (per bullet). Increased the Angel Pilgrims damage in the Dreg Heap. Added 0.5 hit record. - Londor Tincture: Boosts all defences by 30. - Added the Corvian Knight Helmet. - Increased the defences of summons so they last longer. In general, enemies have more HP and deal more damage, but no longer get increases in absorption or defence. Fades player body. - Moved Water Reserve bonfire back to original location. - Lightning Blade: Adds 40 Lightning damage. - Ring of the Exalted is now obtainable on NG+ again. - [Head] Effect: boosts Item Discovery by 30. - Ring of Adversity: grants 4 FP every second but wearer loses 1% HP a second. - [Head] Effect: increases stamina recovery by 15. - Fixed Dreams not allowing Nightmares to override them. - Ring of Champions now cycles through the colors of the rainbow. - Receive the Scorched Contract from Iudex Gundyr and activate it to start the challenge. - Added Fire Seeds to various item locations. - Added Fire Seed reinforcement material, used to reinforce Pyromancy Flames. STR, DEX, INT, FTH) is now linearly increased via leveling (i.e. - Dragonslayer Greatarrow: 120 Physical Damage, - Dragonslayer Lightning Arrow: 120 Lightning Damage, - Onislayer Greatarrow: 110 Physical Damage. A pair of crab claws fashioned from - Fixed a bad localization entry for Spiked Mace. - Dream/Nightmare shop no longer sells the items without the boss kills when in NG+. - Covenant items now drop for client players in multiplayer. Sold by the Shrine Handmaid in Untended Graves. - Ashen Estus Flask now boosts damage by 10% for 10 (+0) to 30 (+10) seconds. - Ancient Dragon Halberd, Storm Curved Sword and Dragon Tooth now have scaling once more. - Slowed the Lightning Spear cast animation. - Ring of Catastrophe: Grants 5 FP every second but reduces health by 1% every second. - Increased the HP regen effects on shields/shield infusions. - Changed damage of Gnaw to 150 and bleed inflict to 70, - Changed damage of Dorhys' Gnawing to 200 and bleed inflict to 90, - Changed damage of Ravenous Gnawing to 250 and bleed inflict to 110, - Changed damage of Voracious Gnawing to 300 and bleed inflict to 130, - Changed damage of Great Pursuing Soul to 180, - Changed damage of Great Soul Dregs to 300. This restores the ability to progress his quest through buying out his spells. - Lightning: reduces enemy poise by 25 for 15 seconds on hit. - Deep Ring: Grants 7.5% boost to the power of Dark spells. - Reverted the stamina cost of numerous movesets back to vanilla. Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. One extra is added for each NG+ cycle, up to 5 extra. - Reduced the power of the Impact weapon skill. - You can toggle Scorched Contract mode by using the Nullification Wavier to disable it, and the Scorched Contract to enable it. - Charred Bone: Grants 25% boost to the power of Pyromancies but increases spell FP cost by 50%. - Added Murky Finger, making you a murkman. - Increased the damage of Seeds of Chaos to 100, - Increased the damage of Homing Soulmass to 100, - Increased the damage of Crystal Homing Soulmass to 150, - Increased the damage of Affinity to 150. - Removed two Serpent-men near Great Belfry. - Added infusion gems to various mob drops. - Fixed new armor not display correctly in the loadscreen. It is folded under its body, and may not be visible at all unless the crab is turned over. Soul of the Old Demon King now transfuses into Seething Chaos rather than Chaos Bed Vestiges, Soul of the Demon Prince now transfuses into Chaos Bed Vestiges rather than Seething Chaos, Karla now sells Dark Edge, Pursuing Soul, Great Pursuing Soul and Abyssal Burst, Braille Divine Tome of Carim now unlocks Way of White Corona, Deep Braille Divine Tome now unlocks Ravenous Gnawing. - Floating Chaos: Damage -> 150 per bullet, Poise -> 2. - Removed Irithyll of the Boreal Valley bonfire. - Crystal Chime: added Crystallization WA, boosts miracle damage by 20%, but increases FP costs by 20%. Removed stamina degen effect from gauntlets and helms of armors affected by it, Increased Tears of Denial FTH requirement. Maine Lobster Now - Alaskan Red King Crab Claws (2LBS) 2 Pound (Pack of 1) 3.8 out of 5 stars 8. Lasts 60 seconds. - Renamed Inscribed Rune to Mercenary Ring. - Cleric now starts with Way of White Corona. - Mound-makers: Vertebra Shackles are now spent via a separate transposition menu with the Sacrifical Altar. Many weapons sold by the Shrine Handmaid are now sold by him. - [Head] Effect: reduces FP consumption from weapon skills by 15%. Increased bonus to 10. - Increased the damage dealt by Boreal Outrider Knights. - [Hands] Effect: Grants 2 HP per second. - Frost: reduces enemy absorption by 20% whilst active, and reduces stamina recovery by 10. - Renamed Follower Torch to Torch. - Boss souls are no longer sold by the Shrine Handmaid. - Pontiff Sulyvahn: Reduces base Magic defence by 100%. - Ring of Calamity: Boosts all damage by 20% but reduces health by 1% every second. - Added corpse to mimic room, holds 1 Ember. - Increased the effect of cast speed on animations heavily. - Reverted change to Midir's weak spot multiplier. Crabs can be found in all oceans. Buffed the base rings to compensate for this. - Reduced Wolnir's Holy Sword DEX requirement to 10, - Reduced Havel's Ring equip load bonus to 30%. It is now limited to offensive magic and dark sorceries. - Adjusted stamina costs of various greatarrows. - Increased the HP of most bosses. - Added Rotten Talisman. - Increased the FP rate for FP recovery rings. - Fixed bad itemlot category for Hollow Soldiers dropping Birch Crossbows. - [Head] Effect: Boosts lightning damage by 5%. - Chaos Servants: Cinder is now spent via a separate transposition menu with Cornyx. Purchased from the Shrine Handmaid. - Reduced the Catarina deflection to 25 (from 100). Sold by Vinheim Scholars. - Profane Ascetic has been removed. - Hidden Blessings now have a max held of 5. - Holy infusion now prevents skeleton revival. - Boosts Dark damage by 25% on initial proc. - Dragon Form now grants more absorption and prevents staggering. - The Nestling will now exchange Undead Bone Shards for Cinders. As soon as you smell the crab meat, put off the heat and take the crab out. Stacks. - Renamed Crown of the Great Lord to Crown of the Forgotten Lord. - Adjusted enemy HP to account for the different levels of damage output a player has during their playthrough. - Moved the bonfire to the central platform in the centre of the area. - Added 4 Black Knights in the Firelink Shrine area. Dropped by the Fire Keeper. - Bountiful Sunlight: Heals 360 HP over 120 seconds. - Reduced item discovery boosting weapons to +50. - Added Ring of Catastrophe: Grants 2% FP every second but reduces health by 1% every second. - Aldrich's Sapphire: grants 100% FP on a successful critical hit. - Fixed some infusion reinforcement paths costing less shards. My 80 year old mother who loves crab cakes said it was the best she had ever eaten. - Acid Surge now reduces enemy absorption by 50% whilst they are within the cloud. - Leonhard Set now increases Intelligence. - Ring of Londor will no longer cancel the buff when switching weapons. - Increaed Frost aux from infusion and for weapons with innate Frost aux. - Oozing Pellet: Grant 1% FP every second for 300 seconds. Stacks with itself. - Added 8 Giant Serpent-man to gauntlet area. - NG+ treasures should no longer re-appear on area reload. - Sun Princess Ring: Grants 0.5% HP every second. - Added sorcery: Soul Focus - hold to exchange 1% HP for 1% FP - Sold by Orbeck, - Added miracle: Inner Fervor - hold to exchange 1% HP for 1% FP - Transpose Rosaria Soul, - Added sorcery: Crystal Storm - summon forth a storm of crystals - Transpose Oceiros Soul, - Added sorcery: Soul Wave - fire soul wave that pierces through enemies - Treasure in Irithyll Dungeon, - Added sorcery: Shockwave - fire soulmass that knocks down enemies - Sold by Orbeck, - Added sorcery: Soul Geyser - fire soulmasses that split into more upon impact, striking the enemy repeatedly - Treasure in Irithyll, - Added sorcery: Climax - fire powerful soul dreg, removes 20% of caster HP. - Greatwood Remnants: increases evasion costs by 25%, - Carthus Bloodring: increases evasion costs by 50%, - Carthus Milkring: reduces evasion costs by 10%, - Cursed Ring of Evasion: reduces evasion costs by 25%. Terms of Service - what you can, what you should not etc. - Slowed down the regular bow and greatbow animation speed to 1.5 (from 2). - Great Soul Arrow is now Scattered Soul Arrow, emits a scattering of soul arrows upon cast. - Aldrich's Sapphire: Restores 25% of max FP on a successful critical hit. - Reduced souls from Hollows in High Wall of Lothric to 50. - Rock Lizards now only drop Dragon Scales. - The poise icon and value in the menu has been restored. Usually they have a very hard exoskeleton. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License - Old Pygmy Brooch: Boosts weapon/shield stability by 5%. - Perseverance now lasts 15 seconds but only reduces stamina recovery by 5. No longer scales sorceries on FTH. - Wolf Ring: Grants 10% attack boost as long as attacking persists. - Added Lothric Castle warp: commune with the estus soup in the area below the Farron Keep tower. Now closer to vanilla, with spells generally being ~10% or so more powerful than vanilla. - Yhorm now has new after-effects on his moves, making his fight a bit more interesting. - Reduced total poise for armor sets in the heavy tier and above. Exactly the same as the Pyromancy Flame, but uses no model, allowing for 'hand' casted magic. - Added Serpentine Twindaggers. - Shield infusions now scale on reinforcement level. Use the crab mallet to gently hit the knife until it is halfway through the claw. Sold by Greirat after sending him to Irithyll. - When self-inflicted, deals 0.25% damage per second to self. - Obsidian Greatsword now has the Abyssal Fire WA, which is like its special attack in DS1. - Adjusted the Spell Buff of all spell tools. - Removed the 100% Awestone drops from hostile NPCs and mimics. - Young Grass Dew: Costs 50 FP to use. - Darkmoon Ring: Grants 3 FP every second. - All of the following rings are dropped by empowered enemies in NG+1/+2/+3 respectively. # Increased Abyss Watchers HP to 3000 [6000]. Found in the Dreg Heap. - Reduces absorption by 5% on proc. - Fixed two Mimic itemlots not having flags. A flat meat tenderizer—one solid whack and the claw cracks open enough to pull apart—works as well. Found in a chest in Lothric Castle. - Dark: Grants additional HP recovery on hit. - Added Scythe of Nahr Alma. - Knight Slayer's Ring: Enemies lose 25 poise when hit for 15 seconds. Fixed issue with Bleed armor effect affecting rolls. - Reduced Poison damage from Farron/Toxic swamp. Added + versions. - Sister Friede: Reduces base Dark defence by 100%. - Judicators now drop Titanite Slab as their one time drops. - Added Soldier's Nook bonfire to the area with the anvil. - Removed Tailbone Sword (Drake Sword now exists and there are new options for non-scaling dragon weapons. - Replenishment now heals 10 HP per second for 60 seconds. - Adjust spell damage, reducing the highest base damage to 300, and adjust the intermediate spells for this new max. - Changed the cast speed change to only increase the speed by 50% at 99. - Great Heal: Heals 250 HP over 10 seconds. - Reduced Hidden Weapon duration to 120 seconds. For exact details, read the wiki and check the changelogs between versions. - Crystal Magic Weapon: adds 80 Magic damage. - Cleric's Candlestick: adjusted Enchanted/Holy infusions, - Demon's Scar: adjusted Enchanted/Holy infusions, - Golden Ritual Spear: adjusted Enchanted/Holy infusions. - Demons can now drop Fire Seed [Chance: 50%]. - Fixed the respawning mimic in High Wall of Lothric. - Soul of High Lord Wolnir can now transfuse into Fool's Flame. First, beat the eggs, buttermilk, and about a half tablespoon of creole seasoning. - Needle of Eternal Agony: inflicts Curse. - Ring of Wisdom +1 is now gated behind the Cinders of a Lord requirement properly. - Beasthunter Saif increases critical hit chance by 5%. - Greatwood Remnants: Increases absorption by 10% but reduces stamina recovery by 5. - Boosted the early area scaling for damage, so early enemies pose a little bit more of a threat. See all reviews. - Fixed Dark Drangleic Sword using wrong Material Set ID. - Deacons of the Deep: Killing enemies applies a 15 second debuff on the player, reducing elemental absorption by 100%. 0 in cart. - Normal Deacons no longer inflict Curse. - Fixed Great Soul Dregs not using the correct reqs. - Fire: adds X damage DOT on hit, lasting 5 seconds. - Ritual Spear Fragment is usable anywhere. - Heavenly Relief: boosts equipment load by 25% and reveals signs without ember for 60 seconds. - Renamed Endless Quiver to Bountiful Quiver. - Added Emblem of Thorns: adds 30 flat physical damage. You have poise passively, with an increased ratio during attacks. - Increased status aux gained from Luck for weapons with innate aux effects. Ingredients. Exactly the same as the Sorcerer's Staff, but uses no model, allowing for 'hand' casted magic. - Sunlight Spear: shifted damage to the projectile from the melee part. Something does not work as expected? - Velka's Rapier now has boosted base damage with its Dark infusion. - Added Dragon Cultist Xeric: drops Staff of Serpents, - Added Corrupted Knight Lloyd: drops Four Knights Hammer. - Mask of the Mother will no longer add HP when toggled on and off. This is to differentiate the spell tools more for Dark spells. - NPCs will now emote when the player dies. - Increased the HP of many enemies. - Old Pygmy Brooch: Increases shield stability by 10%. - Dark staves, chimes, talismans and flames require Abyssal Fragments. - Added Eccentric Archibald: drops Tonitrus, - Added the Forlorn: drops Twinspears of the Forlon, - Added Jailer Eileen: drops Blades of Mercy, - Added Ollis the Merciless: drops the Bloodletter, - Added Vileblood Annalise: drops Chikage. - Tonitrus now uses Titanite for reinforcement. This is match enemy durability with player power better. Found in a chest in Irithyll. - Sword of Awoval is now transfused from Soul of Aldrich. - Increased the amount healed by the various Healing miracles. Fixed Dark Pyromancy Flame effect not actually working, Fixed Curse-rotted Greatwood not taking extra damage on sac destruction, Fixed Outrider Knight Set instantly killing enemies, Covetous Silver Serpent Ring adjusted to 30%. - Added three Hollow Soldiers to starting rampart after first bonfire. - Added one-way warp point between Undead Settlement and Catacombs of Carthus. - Golem Axe: now deals abnormally high poise damage for its tier. - Magic: absorbs X FP on hit. These are found as 58 new treasures in NG+1. - Added the Ancient King Set. Sold by Spears of the Church. Sold by Patches. - Dung Pie: deals 20 HP damage per second for 300 seconds. - Ring of the Sun's First Born: Grants 12.5% boost to the power of Miracles. - Reduced the power of the Soul of Cinder. Adjusted amount of emitted bullets. - Adds effect: recover X% HP on hit. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License - Curse-rotted Greatwood sacs now deal vanilla % to boss. - Tomb of the High Lord bonfire should now always be available, not just after High Lord Wolnir is defeated. - Nahr Alma: reduces absorption by 100%, adds awestone roll at 2.5% chance. Thanks to CodeZeta for the design document. - Ringed Knights now drop Filianore's Spear Ornament more commonly. Reduced absorption from Greatwood Remnants accessory and made movement slower. - Insanity Catalyst: removed passive effect, added Insanity WA, boosts damage by 30% but removes 5% HP per second. Poise Health is only restored after. - Curse of Vulnerability now prevents estus flask usage. - Executioner's Greatsword now restores 20 FP on kill. - Moved the Dragon Chaser's Ashes into the area unlocked after you beat the Nameless King. - Increased the absorption of some of the ultra-heavy armor. - Magic Moonlight Greatsword now uses the Old Moonlight VFX. Adjusted boss resist values. - Added 2 Lothric Knights in the Tower on the Wall area in the High Wall of Lothric. Equip Load, - Red Tearstone Ring now boosts damage by 25%, - Lloyd's Sword Ring now boosts damage by 15%, - Pontiff's Right Eye now boosts damage by 15%, - Iron Grain Ring now boosts damage by 10%, - Elder Dragoncrest Ring now boosts damage by 10%, - Ring of Disparity now boosts damage by 10%, - Ring of the Sun now boosts damage by 10%, - Ring of Alacrity now grants 50 Casting Speed, - Vanquisher Ring now reduces weapon stamina consumption by 15%, - Celestial Ring now grants 2% FP every second, - Ring of Catastrophe now boosts damage by 15%, - Ring of Adversity now grants 2% FP every second, - Ring of Constitution now grants 15% max HP, - Ring of Fortitude now grants 15% max Stamina, - Wood Grain Ring now boosts damage by 5%, - Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring now boosts damage by 5%, - Ring of the Sun's First Born now boosts damage by 5%, - Dusk Crown Ring now boosts damage by 10%, - Unholy Remains now boosts damage by 10%, - Tome of Sunlight now boosts damage by 10%, - Ring of Wisdom now extends spell duration by 25%, - Ring of Londor now grants 2 attunement slots, - Symbol of the Penitent now boosts Stamina by 15%, - Runic Seal now slows movement severely to prevent staggering, - Greatwood Remnants now boosts absorption and weighs 10 units. - Bluemoon Greatsword now uses Titanite for reinforcement. - Paired Spear running/rolling attacks no longer do higher than normal damage. - Shards of Ascension now only drop from some bosses. - Black Witch Veil now grants 1 FP per second (was 0.25%). Doesn't affect damage. The amount dropped has also been adjusted. - High Lord Wolnir: Reduces base Bleed resist by 100%. - Increased the drop rate of Dragon Scales from Wyverns to 50% in Archdragon Peak, - Cleric starts with Lightning Bolt rather than Heal, - Pyromancer now starts with Singe alongside Fireball. Next, mix about a half a tablespoon of creole seasoning in the corn flour or bread crumbs.

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