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These timber pickets are described as traditional, enduring and functional. CCA H3.2 provides a peace of mind guarantee, or ACQ and LOSP options for those who prefer. H3.1: Timber used outdoors above ground, exposed to the weather – generally in non-structural applications; i.e. Features Price per metre H3.2 treated Not structural No 2 grade RS - Rough Sawn Sold per 6m Lengths Where To Use Fence rails Landscaping For use where H3.2 treated timber is required Questions? Decking Add to Wishlist. 2) H3.2 ACQ – Alkaline Copper Quaternary A pressure treatment that is relatively new for New Zealand. Read more Trellis Timber Batten. Useful because offcuts and shavings can be disposed normally. It should be used once timber has been machined/profiled to size. CCA oxide (copper 23–25%, chromium 38–45%, arsenic 30–37%), CCA salt (copper 23–25%, chromium 38–45%, arsenic 30–37%), Copper quaternary (copper 56–67%, DDAX 33–44%), Micronized copper quaternary (4) (copper 56–67%, DDAX 33–44%), Copper azole (copper 95.8–96.4%, azole 4.2–3.6%), Micronized copper azole (4) (copper 95.8–96.4%, azole 4.2–3.6%), Boron salts (0.4% retention) boric acid equivalent (BAE), H1.2 pink (1) end or face mark that is a permanent ink mark, an incised mark, a burnt mark or a plastic tag stapled to the timber – every stick of timber must be marked, propiconazole + tebuconazole + permethrin. Check out our wide range of structural timber from brands you know & trust. Generation 2 is proudly made in New Zealand by KLC Limited. Out of stock. 5 years for components that are easy to access and replace, such as interior finishing timber 2. Available in different … Updated versions of both of these standards are currently being prepared. Email * Phone * Message * E-Newsletter Signup. H3 Structural Treated Pine Description Sourced from leading manufacturers in Australia and globally ... Each piece of structural timber is treated for borers, termites and is able to be subjected to moderate wetting in a well ventilated area for up to 20 years. View Details Enquire. Treatment guarantee of 50 years protection, more than double other treatments. When specifying timber treatment, the most important requirement is that an appropriate treatment level is specified for the particular situation. H1.2 or H3.2 is required for enclosed framing under B2/AS1. Ask about our KLC range of FSC® Certified Products. H3.2. Quick view Auckland Closes in 5 hours. No Reserve. Can be used for framing or decking. No Reserve. Each code (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5) represents a different, required minimum preservative treatment. 300x50 H3.2 MG SG8 @ 6.0m Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name Douglas fir may be used untreated on low-risk buildings meeting the requirements of B2/AS1 paragraph Trellis timber is only sourced from renewable New Zealand Radiata Pine Plantations. If you have … This standard also specifies the minimum preservative treatment levels for given end uses. Micronised copper is a copper compound ground into particles that are 0.005–10 microns in size and suspended in water with the aid of a dispersant. Table 1 summarises the treatment options, and Table 2 gives the permitted end uses, primarily for radiata pine. H4. Generation 2 H3.2 is the best weatherboard timber solution for your new build or renovation. Generally used for fence posts and landscaping timbers. For some applications, NZS 3602:2003 lists a limited number of species that are considered durable enough to meet the requirements of the Building Code without the need for treatment. NZ grown Radiata pine. Timber Beam Start price. H3.1 is no longer an Acceptable Solution for solid structural framing. First Name * Last Name. Refer to NZS 3602:2003 for other framing choices, such as larch or macrocarpa. H3.2 is required to ensure long life and trouble free service. Visit us today for the widest range of Structural Timber products. The expected life depends on the location of the material or element in the building and its function. Choice of several styles (bevelback featured). Note that a higher treatment level (H4) is rec- ommended if the timber will be in close ground proximity (< 200 mm of finished ground level). Suitable for exposure to weather but not in-ground contact. The Building Code clause B2 Durability sets out minimum durability requirements for building materials and components. NZS 3640:2003 Chemical preservation of round and sawn timber, NZS 3602:2003 Timber and wood-based products for use in building, Timber use and preservative treatment standards, Production, storage, delivery and construction and in-use conditions that will prevent exposure to external or internal moisture or conditions that would allow the moisture content to exceed 18% at any time, High-temperature kiln-dried (KD) untreated radiata pine and other appearance grade timbers, Internal stair treads, risers and handrails, internal finishing timbers, furniture, Framing in a low-risk building and meeting the requirements of B2/AS1 paragraph, Timber with proven natural durability when exposed to the weather, Western red cedar, redwood, cypress species heartwood (macrocarpa), Weatherboards, door and window joinery, exterior trim timbers, Currently no H1.1 treated timber is produced.

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