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Small groups and fun descent followed by a tasty meal. The South trail is wide, smooth and straight – perfect for descent. Rocky Mountain Foothills and City Helicopter Tours Calgary Alberta Canada L R HELICOPTERS provide a range of tours for your enjoyment. I therefore decided to go for an objective at a lower elevation, and settled on Haig Lake. Ongoing snow melt on Mount Haig fed a couple of waterfalls. It’s a great view which you don’t get on the South trail. I answered "Weather is good". Between that map and the maps in my guidebooks I had a pretty good idea of where to go. Matthew Clay Home; Activities PAGE 4: HIDE PAGE 4SHOW/HIDE PIC 1After a long walk in forest, I came out near French Glacier. Looking at North. The trail starts on the north side of Maude Brook immediately before it plunges into Turbine Canyon. The tour of the Haig Glacier involves a 90-minute loop that begins as you head west into the Rocky Mountains, a truly amazing view in itself. The athletes ran and hiked the grueling 18km up to the Beckie Scott High Performance Centre at the Haig Glacier, while their gear and skis were helicoptered up. haig glacier The Haig Glacier sits between the French and Robertson Glaciers. PAGE 2: HIDE PAGE 2SHOW/HIDE PIC 1This hike is not difficult, rather long flat walk for 8km to Haig Glacier. Rain started to fall as I arrived, but it wasn’t heavy. Show less. The trail is primarily used for hiking and horses and is best used from May until October. A short hike to a tiny blue lake in the Castle Wilderness, with a return via Haig Ridge. Head up the left side of slope towards the couloir/French Glacier. It’s also the hiking trail to Haig Lake. Be careful not to fall because I couldn't see the bottom. They meet up directly with each other on the lake shore, so this allows for a loop route. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Most days we just worked on … In terms of distance and risk exposure, you’ll likely want to access this glacier the same way as you do for the French—in a clockwise direction, after turning left beyond the BCA Beacon park, and the trees, onto the much smaller trail. This trail looks like it follows a cutline – it’s perfectly straight for most of its course. Once on the Haig Glacier… It's like 10m at least what I could see. At the bend, there’s additional hiking trail signage. After about 1h 10m of hiking I reached the lake. Roping up here is the safe way to go but you will notice almost no evidence of cravasses the whole way up to the top of the ice field which is the Haig glacier. If you like winter fun but not crowds, I suggest Castle’s snowshoe & dinner date nights. ( Log Out /  All equipment must be contained in two bags, one … Both pictures, by Gillean, were taken from slabs just above the flats at the foot of the glacier. Hike back down for lunch, stretch, take a nap, read, short (optional) hike or strength, … Although I like mountains and I like winter, I don’t like crowds, so downhill skiing never became a major interest. As you head higher into the moraines, you’ll gain view of the pass that leads onto the Haig Glacier. I haven’t gone there too much lately. Mount Haig Lake Trail is a 4.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada that features a lake and is rated as moderate. July 2, 2019. Tony Daffern. PAGE 12: HIDE PAGE 12SHOW/HIDE PIC 1Here I am at the Haig Glacier. Last three weeks, the weather's been super nice. Ask Haig B about Glacier Martial. I have learned, though, that there are decent hiking objectives in the area. But yes, we did look back to enjoy the stunning view. Joey Ambrosi describes some in his Southern Rockies Trail Guide, and Andrew Nugara’s More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies 3rd ed. I had a chance to sit for a time and have a sandwich. Haig Glacier Equipment list Due to extreme variance in the weather conditions on the Haig Glacier, the following personal equipment items are mandatory. On a beautiful sunny day on the Haig in 2017, Kevin Sandau takes a ski with fellow athlete Gareth Williams. Two pictures shows the glacial recession of the Haig Glacier between 1982 and 1998. This hike is not difficult, rather long flat walk for 8km to Haig Glacier. Really there was one place that was hard and rest was pretty easy hills. This is the Clinch Traverse ski run and it’s the path followed by the Haig Lake North trail. I returned via the South trail, which directly joins the North. Paradise Lake sits under Mount Haig’s east face and ridge. Somebody left a pole, I'm assuming it indicates the border of Alberta and British Columbia. Show more. Haig Glacier. Portions of the Haig Glacier do extend into British Columbia, but the majority of the glacier … PAGE 11: HIDE PAGE 11SHOW/HIDE PIC 1Cracks here and there. Prep/Comp Team - Haig Glacier Annabel Hagen, Alex Muromcew and Coach Ben have just returned from a massive week of on snow and dry-land volume training at the Haig Glacier. There are 5 glaciers around this area. some friends while camping at Castle River Bridge. Some of the terrain below the chairlift was actually kind of tricky, but that added some interest to the trip. PAGE 8: HIDE PAGE 8SHOW/HIDE PIC 1This is where Haig and French Glacier meet. PAGE 10: HIDE PAGE 10SHOW/HIDE PIC 1Look how deep the glacier is. Many skiers want to be on the glacier as early as … They show the retreat of the foot of the Haig Glacier between 1982 and 1998. Change ), "The Promised Land" (The Ptolemy Plateau). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ( Log Out /  I may have been wrong about this part of the  trail being inaccessible, but I didn’t want to go all the way down and have to climb back up. The 5km (3 mile) trail is a difficult climb across glacial moraines, but it provides some spectacular views of the trail into the campground as well as the glacier … Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. As always, the Haig camp is an adventure in every way. From here you can descend the same way or traverse over to the Sir Douglas Robertson col pick your way up and over and drop down and out the Robertson glacier … These are the two mountains that host the ski resort. PAGE 6: HIDE PAGE 6SHOW/HIDE PIC 1This is French Glacier. Click on the pictures below to access full-sized images. Haig Glacier–Summer XC Ski Camp w World Cup skier Matt Liebsch June 18th-23rd ~ for Masters, Seniors and Juniors ~ Join coach and World Cup athlete Matt Liebsch for a week of hiking and summer skiing on Haig Glacier … My last glimpse of blue sky for the day. The Glacier is one of the biggest in Canada. Looks dirty. Initially the trail ascends through forest, but within 2.0 km, it emerges onto a terminal moraine of Haig Glacier… I’d recommend doing it this way because the North trail is a little rougher (better for ascent than descent), and because before it arrives at the lake it brings you to a high-point which looks down into the cirque holding Haig Lake. Haig Glacier Retreat. The Mangin Glacier (wholly in Alberta) and the adjoining glaciers of Petain, Castelnau, Elk and Nivelle (these four glaciers are wholly in British Columbia) provide the largest, near continuous, sheet of glacier ice in the Kananaskis area, but the Haig Glacier is the most extensive singularly named glacier in K-country. Distance: 4.9 km one-way to the lake, 9.8 km loop with return via the ridge (quite a coincidence) Total Ascent: 575 m to the lake, 807 m if returning by climbing the ridge Elevation of Objective: 1838 m Total Time: 1h 14m one-way to the lake, 3h 23m for loop route with return via Haig … I ascended via the North trail and descended via the South. If you are up … *Due to the fact that I wandered around en route, these figures may vary from the most direct route. Hike back down for lunch, stretch, take a nap, read, short (optional) hike or strength, … Haig Glacier–Summer XC Ski Camp w World Cup skier Matt Liebsch June 21st-26th ~ for Masters, Seniors and Juniors ~ Join coach and World Cup athlete Matt Liebsch for a week of hiking and summer skiing on Haig Glacier … . I found the hiking to be fairly pleasant. Both athletes put in 30 hours of training in one week that included on snow technical and tactical training, strength training at base camp, running, ski walking, and hiking. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from April until October. Living off the grid, spending time with many teams, living above tree line and hiking to a glacier as a daily commute, avoiding ever … Mar 1, 2009. I hiked 2 of them, French Glacier and Haig Glacier. The groomed trail is about 4km in length because it runs up and down the glacier. An enjoyable rainy day hike to a picturesque lake. The second trip is to Haig Glacier (3.0 km), where Canadian ski teams train during the summer months. Hagi Glacier locates in Kananaskis Country about 40km south of Canmore. 2 Thank Haig B . As you reach Bragg Creek via Red Wood Meadows, just … The High Rockies Trail… My original intent had been to ascend Mount Haig, then return via a loop route that tagged Gravenstaffel Peak. Walking on snow or ice is always dangerous, but nothing happened to me that day. I drove to Castle Mountain Ski Resort and parked in the main lot. •The daily routine includes: early breakfast, hike 45 minutes up to the glacier, ski on fresh piston-bulley tracks until noon. ( Log Out /  You can see some snow, that is part of French Glacier. •The daily routine includes: early breakfast, hike 45 minutes up to the glacier, ski on fresh piston-bulley tracks until noon. I wish I’d seen your post first with the suggestion to start with the North trail. Nobody else was up there and it was very tranquil. It seemed to me that the route was leading me directly towards a totally fenced off area. Head up the pass. The signage for Haig Lake directs you down Haig Way, a street which eventually takes a sharp bend and turns into Huckleberry Lane. Really there was one place that was hard and rest was pretty easy hills. You can see some snow, that is part of French Glacier. PAGE 14: HIDE PAGE 14SHOW/HIDE PIC 1The first speaking test I had in ESL (English for Second Language), the instructor asked me "How are you today?" The only complicating feature during my trip was some construction that caused me a little confusion during my return trip. There are 2 trails heading to Haig Lake, one designated North and the other South. Castle Mountain Ski Resort is the closest downhill ski area to Lethbridge. I was pleased to see that the resort website has started promoting hiking on their premises as a summer activity. Location: Kananaskis Country (Highway 742). Accurate Mountain Heights. I had to walk on snow where I knew it was just a bridge over a crack. When I was a kid it was called Westcastle Ski Resort, and we’d have the occasional school ski trip there. Glacier Martial: Lovely hike to the glacier, once you get past the road - See 3,124 traveler reviews, 2,329 candid photos, and great deals for Ushuaia, Argentina, at Tripadvisor. Haig Lake sits under the sheer northeast face of Mount Haig, in the deepest part of the valley separating that peak from Gravenstaffel Peak. I also had to jump over another crack. Thank you for your patience while we retrieve your images. Couldn't find the way around. This hike turned out to be one of my favorit hike of all the time. Right there I would have seen very clear signs directing me to the various available trails. The daily routine includes: early breakfast, hike 45 minutes up to the glacier, ski on fresh piston-bulley tracks until noon. Our gear, including our sleeping bags, clothing, skis and poles are … While at the Turbine Canyon Campground I would highly recommend visiting the Haig Glacier. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hike back down for lunch, stretch, take a nap, read, short (optional) hike or strength, … There were dense, heavy clouds rolling in and bringing rain, so the top of the mountain was obscured. Once we gained the east ridge we enjoyed a carpet of Glacier Lilies and more great views down the West Castle valley towards Lys Ridge. The summit of Mount Haig … Jon groomed the glacier at night. We just did this loop with the boys and Every now and then I could hear rocks crashing down the cliff face as erosion continued its work. This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor … Access to the trail is reasonably straightforward. Hiking … Glacier Lilies with Barnaby Ridge in the distance seen from Haig… Here is our selection of some of the best larch hikes. Athletes who ski at the glacier enjoy both moon-like scenery where the camp buildings are located, as well as skiing in all kinds of condtions on the glacier itself, which is about a 45 minute hike uphill from … It was fun. PAGE 13: HIDE PAGE 13SHOW/HIDE PIC 1Hagi Glacier 360 degree view. Two trails to Haig Lake are featured on their map. Once I was back to the ski runs, I followed the signage heading down but ended up deviating before the bottom because of some construction. Length 7.9 mi Elevation gain 2,312 ft Route type Out & Back. ( Log Out /  I therefore crossed over to the area beneath the Huckleberry chairlift and followed it down. As the forest breaks, you’ll gain view of the hole-in-the-wall couloir. PAGE 7: HIDE PAGE 7SHOW/HIDE PIC 1Towards the sky where Haig Glacier is and that was where I was going. Here and there I stopped to check out streams or interesting rocks, and the views of Mount Haig’s northeast face slowly improved. includes several good scrambling objectives. Haig Glacier | 2006-09-02 This hike is not difficult, rather long flat walk for 8km to Haig Glacier. The 8.2-mile round trip Harding Icefield Trail is a spectacular day hike leaving from the Exit Glacier Area.Starting on the valley floor, the trail winds through cottonwood and alder forests, … Another little stream and waterfall. The other staffer will hike an hour up to the lip of the glacier with the skiers, snowmobile to the ski track, check equipment, and begin grooming. Further climbing and westward traversing lead to a wide path with a hiking trail sign perched high above it on a tree. PAGE 5: HIDE PAGE 5SHOW/HIDE PIC 1Another beautiful day to hike. The Haig glacier is situated in Kananaskis country an hour drive from Canmore plus a three-hour hike from the trailhead. It's covered by rocks and dirt. The athletes rose early to … PAGE 9: HIDE PAGE 9SHOW/HIDE PIC 1It was cool around here, I didn't have to deal with heat. Unfortunately, the forecast called for rain and possible thundershowers. June 23, 2019. The trail marker for Haig Lake, perched very far above trail. I learned that some effort had been put into signage and trail-markers, too. I meandered around until I found the start of the trail, but on my return I discovered that the easiest thing to do would have been to walk right into the main area of the resort (between the ski lodge and the rental shack). The North trail sets off up a ski run, so the climbing is a little steep at first, Signs and trail markers direct you slightly left, eventually crossing another run. PAGE 3: HIDE PAGE 3SHOW/HIDE PIC 1There supposed to be a unmaintained trail, but I couldn't find it, so I just walked along French Creek which eventually lead to French Glacier. From the stunning views of cityscapes to mountain peaks and … This is the Cinch Traverse ski run, which brings skiers down from the valley. PAGE 15: HIDE PAGE 15SHOW/HIDE PIC 1My foot prints and only mine. For the dare devils, you can try jumping over the canyon at the head, it's about couple meters wide but a slip and fall is fatal!Add another steep 3Km to visist Haig Glacier and the Canadian National Ski team …

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